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Holiday riddle/story/quote challenge

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Do you have a humorous holiday riddle, story or quote? Post what you have and let’s see if anyone can guess your riddle or enjoy your sentiment, one liner or observation. It’s the season for reason. Who wants to play? Here are a few examples to get us started.

Here’s a Jeopardy format holiday riddle:

Q: Name two gifts that have great value but cost nothing.
A: What are Acceptance and Understanding?


The only blind person at Christmastime is he who has not Christmas in his heart. - Helen Keller

Did anyone catch the license plate of that storm?

*From The Diaries of Calamity Catt (Cuz my crazy middle aged human is having hot flashes atm): Catnip date* - Returned to human's domcile amid a rather humbling array of piles of future scratching posts and wood chips dotting those wide, black sidewalks that they drive those funny metal potential litter boxes on. Saw many of my favorite tall climbing apparatus that give me access to my afternoon tweety snacks looking more like snapped toothpicks. Even saw one taking a break leaning on the human dwelling next to my human's. Hmmmm. Might have to check out that one later.

Time for a giggle

Maybe someone needs a giggle....

A guy walks into a bar and asks the bartender, "Do you serve ducks here?"

"Yes, we do. We have several ducks who are good customers," says the bartender.

The guy reaches across the bar, grabs the bartender by his string tie and slaps him several times before running out of the bar screaming.

The bartender recovers his composure and wonders, "What was that about?"

A while later another guy comes in and asks the bartender the same question. "Do you serve ducks here?"

Hopefully this will brighten y’all’s day...

Just wanted to share something funny that happened to me early this morning, now I will admit at the time I was not amused in the least, but afterwards... It’s pretty funny.

My exciting adventure that happened this morning... At 3 flipping AM... Taz, the cat, decided that he desperately wanted to get up on the counter in the bathroom... We leave the toilet lid up and the seat down...

The Family Girl #086: A Shameless Halloween Advert

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Blog #86: A Shameless Halloween Advert

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Hello, everyone. Some of the older hands here in BCTS probably know me, but I’m sure most of the others don’t. That’s no wonder, since I haven’t been posting in a long, long while here. But I have something new. Finally.

more silliness

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They say that to be forewarned is to be forearmed. But if you're four-armed, doesn't that make you some kind of mutant?

Can a bald man ever have a bad hair day?

Can a blind person ever see the light?

Can a deaf woman hear the news?

Proof carrots are good for you: Have you ever seen a blind rabbit?

Proof rabbit's feet are lucky: I've never seen a 3-legged rabbit.

Why is acting the only entertainment where breaking a leg is actually a good thing?

R.I.P June Foray.

June Foray, the voice of many cartoon characters including The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, has passed away at the age of 99, just two months short of her 100th Birthday.

She brought a lot of laughs and fun to a lot of people, adults and kids alike and will truly be missed.

God Bless and keep you, June Foray. You will be missed and thank you for all you gave us.

Catherine Linda Michel

Daily Silliness

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1) You know, it's often said that almost EVERYTHING tastes like chicken. If that's truly the case, one has to wonder: Just WHAT does chicken taste like? I mean, you could say it tasted like itself, but that's a poor point of reference, in my opinion, to have something defined recursively like that.

2) Mathematical Proof that Women Are Evil:

OK, most people know that to acquire a good woman takes both time and money. In other words, woman is a PRODUCT of time and money, or mathematically:


A joke...

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Once upon a time, a mason decided to build himself a house. He set about buying the bricks, the mortar, and all the necessities he thought he would need, then set to work.

The mason toiled night and day on his manse, making sure everything was just right. Finally, after over a month, his dream home was finished and ready for him to move in to.

As he was cleaning up from the construction, he happened to see a lone brick just hiding in the grass. Being meticulous, he thought he had purchased just enough bricks to finish the house, and was surprised to find one left over.

Figure this out (If you can...)

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Once upon a time, three traveling salesmen were walking along a long stretch of road, trying (in vain) to peddle their wares. As the sun began to set, the weary salesmen began to look for a place to rest for the night, when they stumbled upon a hotel.

"How much for a room?" they asked the owner.

"Thirty dollars a night," he replied.

So the salesmen each handed the owner a ten and took the key.

A short time later, the owner had a change of heart. It looks like the salesmen are down on their luck. I'll give them $5 back.

Two of the ABSOLUTE WORST Jokes ever


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Once upon a time, an Egyptian soldier robbed a Pharaoh's tomb to help feed his large family. A search party was quickly formed, and the best general in the army was sent to apprehend the thief. Knowing this, the soldier decided he would be safe in a nearby ziggurat -- a holy temple. Unfortunately, the ziggurat was quite cold, so the soldier decided to build a small fire to warm himself. Alas, there was no where for the smoke to go, and the soldier ran out of the ziggurat choking and sputtering -- right into the hands of the waiting general.

Funny Joke

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I was reading through my comments today on my parable, "True Riches", and something AuPreviner said resonated with me, and reminded me of this joke, which I'm sharing...

Q: What do you get when you play a country song backwards?

A: Sober and pardoned / paroled, plus you get your wife back, your house back, your truck back, your dog back...

Difference between an Optimist, a Pessimist, and a Realist

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OK, try this one on for size:

In a room, on a bar, sits an ice cold cup of soda, half full.

An Optimist walks in, sees it, and thinks, "Aah. The glass is half-full. It has the potential to be quite refreshing."
A Pessimist walks in, sees it, and thinks, "Rats. The glass is half-empty. There's not enough in it to quench my thirst."
A REALIST walks in, takes one look at the glass, and screams out, "OK, who's the wise guy that drank half my pop?"

Used car salesmen

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Was reminded of something that happened to me several years ago and thought I would share it here.

So the girl friend and I were driving down this street when she saw an older XJ6 jaguar in this small used car lot's back lot. Already knowing how much she loved the thought of owning one of those I turned around and went back to talk to them about buying it.

You Might Be A Trans...

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Leila and I were talking last night, and we were discussing what would have happened if Jeff Foxworthy had been transgendered.
Here's some of what we came up with:

And now, without further ado, Ms. Jethrene Foxx, with another installment of "You might Be A Trans Person If..."

If you've ever given makeup advice to a woman, you might be a trans...

If your family didn't know your birth name until you were 27...

If you own a cigarette lighter, and you don't smoke...

Sorta funny I thought I'd share.

I just thought I'd share this. Now I've been singing and playing guitar around my area for the past year but tonight I decided to try something different. I decided to try my hand at stand up, because in my transition there has been some funny instances happen. While I'm not nervous singing and playing guitar at all anymore, tonight I was terrified, I honestly was nervous enough I forgot about 5 minutes of material I had planned but everyone thought it was hilarious anyway. I hope you all get a good giggle at this, I figure it never hurts to share a bit of laughter.

Just say no to drugs

I've seen the word drug used as the past tense of drag in several stories in BC, and it jars me everytime. I know that most (some) dictionaries list it as accepted as well as dragged, but in my area it is definitively s sign of lower educational achievement. It makes me think the character saying the words should be saying "youse guys" and "learnt" as a synonym for taught.

Just wanted to get that off my chest (feeble as it is).


Spelling Checkers o__0

Of all the satiric poems that point out the limitations of spell check software (and volunteer editors, for that matter), this one is the best I’ve seen. Sum tang two reed four yore con sit ration bee four righting Amy sing to pub lash.

Awake at three a.m.

Awake at three in the morning. It's a contradiction of human existence, I guess.

I'm awake right now because I was having a weird dream. In the dream, Mel Brooks asks what if Buddha had been a nice Jewish boy from Queens?

Siddhartha the Buddha, or as his mother called him, Siddhartha the Bum.

She says to him, Sid, Sid, why don't you get a job? Your brother Marty has a nice job on Wall Street and what are you doing? Sitting under a tree eating plums!

I woke up laughing.

I tried to go back to sleep but Mrs. Gautama kept talking.

Interesting idea

Ran across this little tidbit

It occurs to me that a similar situation could occur with somebody crossdressing at a prom. With many possible outcomes. Some bad for our protagonist, some very silly and many others in-between.

Since I have too many story ideas already, I thought I'd throw it out here for someone else to be inspired by.

Times, they are a-changing

This morning's news from Big Closet members is very uplifting but when I checked Facebook a friend had posted an old downbeat joke. In the mood of the day I decided to update the joke and here it is:-

A group of Hell's Angels in South Carolina are riding east on 378 when they see a girl about to jump off the Pee Dee River Bridge, so they stop. George, their leader, a big burly man, gets off his Harley, walks through the group of gawkers, past the State Trooper, who is trying to talk her down off the railing, and says,

Cuteness overload

When the human world gets to be too much for me (which is most of the time, these days), I watch this:

Twenty minutes of pure bliss and contentment. Not a word is spoken, and yet they manage to say it all. If only I’d had parents like these? When my father gave me a licking, it never looked like this. If mom had this sort of patience and affection?

My eternal thanks to the clever folks who write video download software… :}

Found My Brain But can’t find my Sanity,


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Well got the house all unpacked and most of everything put away. Maiha and Sam stopped by the new digs to help out. Thankfully they knew where they packed my brains. It seems the girls thought it would be funny to put them in a box marked Yard Tools. That box wound up in the guest bedroom behind the door. Now if they could only find where I packed my sanity I might just be able to get back to writing.

Help! some one packed away my brain!

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Well I finally got into my new home. Very little problems with the move. Now I only have to deal with finding where everything is packed. At this point I think someone packed up my mind and I am drowning in a Sea of BOXES. If anyone has seen my mind and know what box it is in PLEASE tell this poor author where it is at. The good news is now that the move is over I should be posting new chapters here shortly.

Things I think about when falling asleep...

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It was the summer of 1940. In order to celebrate the progress made in Spain under Fascism, Francisco Franco decided to hold a grand exposition in Madrid, that would be as big and impressive as any world's fair, but it would be an all-Spanish affair, highlighting progress and prosperity and culture from every city and province.

But the dictator's timetable for the construction and opening of his exposition was hopelessly optimistic, and rumors began circulating of workers dying on the job, and that some of the pavilions seemed like they wouldn't hold together for the two months that the thing was supposed to last. The Department of Public Safety got wind of these rumors, and they sent a building inspector down to the exposition grounds to see what was going on.


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