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And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda

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Eric Bogle - The Band Played Waltzing Matilda - YouTube

And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda" is a song written by Scottish-born
Australian singer-songwriter Eric Bogle in 1971. The song describes war as futile
and ...

How To Create a Linking Title Page and Link Chapters Together in a Series or Serial


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To link chapters together, you need to create a Title Page for a series or serial. Use the|++Organizer| link at the top of the screen. After you have saved it, you can link it to your Author Page with the |Outline| tab. Open Outline and search for your Author Name in the rolldown. Then Save again.

Selling fiction on Amazon.

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I've read some blogs on Bigcloset lately about selling your book on Amazon and Kindle. My question, does it actually work? As in does it actually make money? I'm not talking about a payment of 100-200USD once in a blue moon, I'm asking if it's enough for someone to live in conditions that can be described as middle class in a city like, say, Boston for half a year.

What are the pros and cons or special considerations for selling in such a place?

Dear Diary-Life's Changes Happen And Now I Know Why

I understand that my body is changing. I did not ask for it to change, it is happening anyways. My testosterone levels have been dropping for about ten years now (I'll be 57 in 2 months) and that is normal. But since my wife died 7 years ago I have not slept well. I usually get 3-5 hrs of sleep, in the past few months it's more like 3-6 hrs. Rarely do I sleep more than 6 hrs. I recently investigated the causes of low testosterone in men and found that age 40+ the levels decrease, this is natural.

The risks of being "retconned" ...

Considering the ongoing interest in comics (and the number of comic retcon stories that were posted on BigCloset some months back), I offer this single strip from Evil, Inc., a comic about a corporation run by super villains. This particular strip is part of a series exploring the work of Divided Way, a charity for super villains who have fallen on hard times.

Hope you enjoy!



A scrap of writing from my virtual attic

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Have you ever found an unfinished piece of writing--one you did weeks, months or even years before--and said to yourself, "Did I write this? I didn't know I could write this well!" That happened to me recently, when I came across an old story excerpt that seemed too good to have come from me.

2012 One Winter's Eve Story Contest Results

The 2012 One Winter's Eve Story Contest is over.

But who won?

and what happened after the contest was over?

2012 One Winter's Eve
Story Contest Results

by Sephrena Lynn Miller

No Copyright Intended © 2013

Sussex Border Stories

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Once more I have been asked about the list of characters in my stories, so for my small but select and appreciated band of readers I have put together a list of most of the characters in my stories set around the Surrey-Sussex border. I will do my best to top it up, and it is not in alphabetical order, more in clusters of associated people. I have also added a reading order as per one request. Note that most of the books except 'The Job' are available on Kindle via Amazon. Follow the link on the BCTS home page and search for "Sussex Border Stories"

The Twisted Universe Rules


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Twisted: The Twisted Universe takes place in a future world which contains special individuals who are known as ‘twisted’, each one having undergone a unique ‘twist’ usually during their teenage years.

50 years earlier a Canadian explorer named John Kinkaide was in Antarctica and became infected with a new virus which became known as the Antarctic Flu or the Kinkaide Virus after its first victim. The virus spread over North America killing 60% of the people infected by it. Over 2 million people died from infections before the vaccine was found and the virus was stopped.

Stuck inside immobile with the sheath-dress blues again

There was a certain amount schadenfreude mixed in with fascination when I read this story on a blogsite.

I don't have the blogsters permission for the link, but I've never heard of a blogger refusing traffic.


Think Small - The Scale of the Universe

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The First Annual (And perhaps the Last) February Music Motif Challenge

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February Music Motif Challenge

Welcome to the First Annual February Music Motif Challenge. This year’s theme (and likely for years to come) is "I Enjoy Being a Girl." Variations on that theme might include any permutation thereof, including I enjoy being a close approximation of a girl, I enjoyed being a girl, but no longer, I am about to enjoy being a girl for the first time, and for all of you forced femme aficionados, I don't enjoy this at all, can I go now? Rather than award one single winner, owing to fairness, civility and an inability to get an auditor to certify our bogus results, we have given every entry its own unique award to recognize its ....uniqueness. Without further ado, we now present the Entrants, in no particular order other than from top to bottom, here are the "Winners" of the First Annual February Music Motif Challenge. Jill made me do it...honest...I didn't want to...okay...I did, but she was really mean...okay she was okay, but I thought she might be mean...never mind.

Coming soon... and already here

Hi folks, it's me again.

In between trying to do this course - which I should say is like swimming uphill through treacle - I have been feverishly writing a story I have mentioned to others is on the way.

It's called The Cliffside Heroine and is about a boy whose twin sister and her two friends decide to dress up. Things go horribly wrong and he ends up...

Well, you'll just have to wait and see, won't you.


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The Years of Rice and Salt

I just finished an excellent book that I think many people here would appreciate, it even has transgender elements. :) Purchases through the Amazon link below earn BC about 5% but I bought mine at the local Barnes and Noble. It's a good book. It made me think of Aardvark on Kryptonian Steroids.
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