The Patsy Project. Book 3. Positively Patsy Parts 9 & 10

Positively Patsy Part 9

When she hung up I stopped to think for a moment. She had rattled off a figure of twenty five million as if it was chump change. I picked up my phone again and rang Sarah. After telling her where I was and the task that Grog had set me, I asked her about the payouts from the tour and queried the number that Riordan had quoted. She told me that the tour was sold out for every show; so we had grossed one billion, two hundred and seventy five thousand dollars.

The Sister Act by Melanie Brown on Kindle


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Brian never wanted to be a girl, but when you have an actress for an older sister, a HUGE resemblance to her, and then throw in an agent who would do pretty much anything to get a contract — it was better to go with the flow, wasn't it?

Or was that just a really good excuse?

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The Novitiate by Angela Rasch from DopplerPress


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Tim is patiently waiting for his high school days to draw to a close. He can’t wait to go away to college, far from a dad who is disappointed with his son’s tiny frame. Tim is also unhappy with his body, for a much more shielded reason. Music provides the catalyst for lasting change.


Moxie (Texas Belles #2)


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The sequel to Melanie Brown's Texas Belles is now on Kindle!


by Melanie Brown

Ayumi did it before, can she do it again?

Moxie on Kindle

She stayed in Japan after the breakup of her first J-Pop band, Texas Belles. The other American members went their own ways, some of them back to the states.

But no one in Japan ever knew Sam, the American bass-playing boy who joined his sister’s band and helped make them a hit. Sam is Ayumi now, as real as a girl can get. And she wants to keep doing what she does best.

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On the night of the Blue Moon, the Devil in Drag walks the Earth granting wishes and causing trouble.

Two young roommates deal with moonlight, music and magic in a gender-bending,
heart-stopping, romantic romp through Hollywood.

Blue Moon

The Patsy Project. Book 3. Positively Patsy Parts 7 & 8

Positively Patsy Part 7

On the Wednesday evening there was a party, hosted by Annette and Maxine L’Estrange so, of course, all the girls had to look their best. We all were taken to the new building which was now fully equipped for the production of high fashion and cosmetics. The group now included Peggy, Marion, Libby and Janet as well as Angela and Mary. We were all stripped, provided with underwear, new make-up, shoes and evening dresses to die for.

The Patsy Project. Book 3. Positively Patsy Parts 5 & 6

Positively Patsy Part 5

When we went to get dressed for the first show on the Friday evening we found that Maxine had supplied us with outfits with a Japanese flavour. All the girls were in variations of the ‘Lolita’ fashion so loved by young Japanese girls, while the boys had button-to-the-shoulder tunics with dragons front and back. On any other day I would have thought it over the top but, having walked around Tokyo and seen what was being worn in the street, I was interested to see what the audience, and the media, thought of our gear.

The Patsy Project. Book 3. Positively Patsy Parts 3 & 4

Positively Patsy Part 3

We went back to the hotel and had dinner. In the evening we were sitting in the lounge when Grog came in with Peggy. He came over to me and asked if we could have a private conversation so we moved to a side room and sat around a table. He said that he had told Peggy about his plans for the final show and that she would support him afterwards.

The Patsy Project: Book 3. Positively Patsy Parts 1 & 2

Positively Patsy Part 1

I sat there at a table in a nightclub in Hanoi and the lass in front of me had just told me she may be Grogs daughter without knowing just what this may mean. Not wanting to alert Pietro to the ramifications of the situation I just laughed and said that I had heard about loving drink but that was a good one.

The Patsy Project. Book 2. Patsy Power Parts 43 & 44. Final

Patsy Power Part 43

We packed our bags and put them down in the foyer for the morning as it was to be an early start. After a good night’s sleep we were all up for breakfast at first light and, after brushing our teeth, gathered in the foyer with our overnight bags. We had a car to pick us up to go to the airport and, after the normal interminable wait in the departure lounge, we were heading west again.

The Patsy Project. Book 2. Patsy Power Parts 41 & 42

Patsy Power Part 41

Stephanie tinkled a little bell and a maid appeared from a side room. “Yvette, please go to my office and bring me back the new L’Estrange catalogue you will see on my desk.” Yvette did a little bob and went out the room. We all went and sat around a big boardroom table and Gerome offered refreshments. I was finding it all a bit odd but held my tongue.

The Patsy Project. Book 2. Patsy Power Parts 39 & 40

Patsy Power Part 39

On the Sunday we went for walks in the city parks but had to get a taxi when someone thought they knew me and was getting a bit too personal. Sunday evening we flew back to Nashville. It seemed that we were better off in a town where everyone knew us and let us be.

The Patsy Project. Book 2. Patsy Power Parts 37 & 38

Patsy Power Part 37

Mary pointed to her ID lanyard and Jenny laughed and said “I see now what has got the boss in a tizz. There are two, very high powered, ladies in with him and Angela. I’ll tell them you’re here.” She announced our arrival on the intercom and got a cheery “Send them through and see if you can rustle up some more coffee and biscuits, if you can.”

The Patsy Project. Book 2. Patsy Power Parts 35 & 36

Patsy Power Part 35

On Monday we all went our separate ways. Joanne and Minh went back to Nashville with the band; Julia went home; Riordan and Nina left for Riordans’ house; Tom and the crew in the trucks and the buses left for Nashville by road; Angela and Mary and I went into the head office as Simon wanted to talk with me.

The Patsy Project. Book 2. Patsy Power Parts 33 & 34

Patsy Power Part 33

“I think I have heard of them “I said, “Aren’t they a heavy metal band from the UK?” Jake nodded his head, “Yes, if Carl was still here he would be on his knees right now as Grog is his hero.” “Grog?” I asked, “I thought he was teetotal.” Jake laughed and said “No, I mean the nuggetty guy talking to Jock. His name is Greg Goggins and he has been known as Grog forever. He was rather attached to drink in his youth but has tried every drug known to man. It’s said he is totally clean now.”

The Patsy Project. Book 2. Patsy Power Parts 31 & 32

Patsy Power Part 31

Friday morning we dressed in casual clothing and went out to the care home. As well Joanne, Minh, Nina, Riordan, Julia and me, we had been joined by Jake and Angela. We had our acoustic guitars with us but left them in the bus as we visited the premises. Riordan and Julia were welcomed as old friends and they introduced the rest of us.

Making Beautiful Music

Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash

Making Beautiful Music


It's about the oldest continuous memory I've got. Sure, I can remember flashes of stuff like a toy or an animal at the zoo, but this memory is like a movie. I'm standing with my sister in the wings of a stage in a theatre, watching the empty stage as the audience waits for the performance to begin. A spotlight comes on and my parents walk on stage. Dad is in a tux, as an adult I would say he was resplendent in a tux but I was only about six at the time and such words were not in my vocabulary. He was just my father and he was smiling, doing what he loved to do most - make music with my mother.

The Patsy Project. Book 2. Patsy Power Parts 29 and 30

Patsy Power Part 29

Back at the hotel most of us found the lounge and coffee machine. I was sitting with Joanne, Nina and Riordan when the CEOs’ wife came over to thank us for the experience tonight and say that she was looking forward to the full concert on Friday evening. She said that she, and her husband, needed to go shopping on Friday.

The Big Break, Chapter 14 (Final)

The New Year and New Directions

In the New Year we started January the first a bit slowly, having had our usual two New Years’ parties in this neck of the woods. I had taken Fiona to the border where I saw Jerry, a guy I had gone to school with, and said hello to him, much to his surprise.



Chapter 1

Andy knew things weren’t going well for his best friend, but he wasn’t ready for the phone call he received late that night. He was doing a bit of work on his computer, alright, gaming, when his phone buzzed. He didn’t think the spammers would be calling at 1:00 AM, but you never could tell.

It wasn’t spam, it was his high school buddy, Benny (Beniamino) Fiorito. “Hey Benny, what’s up? Isn’t it a bit late to be calling?”

The Big Break, Chapter 13

Christmas at Home

In the morning we went down to the dining room and were having breakfast when one of the staff came over and told us that there were a lot of ‘young people’ outside the hotel and wondered if they should call the police.

The Patsy Project. Book 2. Patsy Power Parts 27 and 28

Patsy Power Part 27

I went to find the band and Riordan went to find hers while Angela went off to call Sarah at home. I found Carl and the boy’s playing cards in the hotel lounge, pulled up a chair and asked them for their attention. “Just a few minutes ago” I started, “Riordan proposed a scenario where ‘Amazon’ almost doubles in size and ‘The Party’ disappears altogether. “

The Patsy Project. Book 2. Patsy Power Parts 25 and 26

Patsy Power Part 25

On the flight to San Francisco I sat next to Riordan. “How do you like being an Amazon” she asked. I said that it was a different feeling but I was sure I could get used to it if I had to.

We arrived at the hotel to find that the rest of the ‘Party’ crew had already checked in. Our concerts started on Tuesday and ran until Thursday then the ‘Party’ flew to Long Beach for a weekend performance at the dance festival before a week in Los Angeles for performances on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The Big Break, Chapter 11

Sydney Showdown

Faith rushed over to him saying “Oh Stevie, you’re back!” and enveloped him in a huge hug. I must admit that they had gone to town on him; his hair was a very feminine cut and he obviously was wearing shapewear as he looked every inch a girl.

The Patsy Project, Book 2. Patsy Power Parts 23 and 24

Patsy Power Part 23

We went back down to the changing room and Angela came up and said,” we have just decided that there will not be a usual type of break between sets. With these numbers a stadium audience is always on the move in and out of the auditorium so we will do a five minute break between sets. I have organised a curtained area for you behind the PA speakers for you to change. “

The Big Break, Chapter 10

Who is That Girl

Saturday morning saw us all at the local pop radio station in our street clothes. Faith was now clinging to Steve like she didn’t want him to get away again. Of course the subject of the book came up after we had said how happy we were to be here and that the crowd last night was fantastic.

The Patsy Project, Book 2. Patsy Power Parts 21 and 22

Patsy Power Part 21

Riordan then saw Angela looking at us so she beckoned her over. “Angela” she said “I know that Patsy and her band have to fly to Atlanta tomorrow morning; when does ‘Amazon’ fly to Miami, I know the first show is Thursday?” Angela said they were scheduled out on Monday so Riordan said “I want to reschedule to Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning and I want access to the K Beat studio with Chris here so that the whole band can see some video and audio; it may take some hours to watch.”

The Big Break, Chapter 9

Back Home Again

For the Friday show we had asked that all three bands get full use of the lighting effects, rather than saving them for us. We let Shamble have some of the pyrotechnics as these could be recharged in the break. The stadium was at near capacity and it lifted everyone, the locals outdoing themselves and they were followed by a totally recharged Shamble.

The Patsy Project, Book 2. Patsy Power Parts 19 and 20

Patsy Power Part 19

Peter laughed and said “There are no limits to this girl; I would not be surprised at anything she gets up to.” He went on “She wrote and produced that advert in two weeks at one tenth of the cost of my usual advertising people. The folk set was perfect for our launch of the new look dealership, yet I was blown away the other night by both halves of the concert. “

The Big Break, Chapter 8

Big Changes

This threw Tess into a frenzy of activity. Our last show was at the end of August and Felicity had stopped booking us to give us a bit of a break before heading to South Africa. Charlie and Tess moved mountains to get her in for the SRS in early September so that she could be fully recovered before we left.

The Patsy Project, Book 2. Patsy Power Parts 17 and 18

Patsy Power Part 17

After dinner we made our way to the theatre, entering though the back as there was a crowd at the front. When we got in Lucy came up said she had the arm bands for us all but a little surprise for Riordan and the rest of the band. We went to their dressing room and she showed us a set of stage gear for them that it was similar to the biker grunge they had been wearing but no longer grunge, or even biker.

A New Life-Kelly's Revenge Chapter 6

“Ow! Ow! Ow!” Kelly moves slowly as she follows behind Victoria.

They just came back from the doctor’s office that Kelly had an appointment with. Since she was playing a lot of female parts and passing herself off as a woman. She decided to have some sort of surgery to make it easier for her to tuck and pass as a woman.

The Big Break, Chapter 7

All right. I know that I listed the previous post of this story as the final chapter. It was - then. I also thought that it finished in a bit of a rush so here goes with more from Susie and the band. Marianne G

Part 7 The Story Continues

The Patsy Project, Book 2. Patsy Power Parts 15 and 16

Patsy Power Part 15

When we finished I looked out at the small audience. The ‘Amazon’ crew were standing there open mouthed with all of the girls with tears streaming down their faces. Simon was smiling and Pierre, from the music store said “If I had not seen this with my own eyes I would never have believed it. I have to say that ‘Amazon’ has been reborn!”

The Patsy Project, Book 2. Patsy Power Parts 13 & 14

Patsy Power Part 13

Monday morning found us being asked by the publicist to front up to a local radio station in the morning, an afternoon TV chat show and an evening TV chat show with another channel so we had to get our flight altered to Tuesday. The Tuesday flight got us to Cincinnati in the afternoon and Billy picked us up.

The Patsy Project Book 2. Patsy Power Part 11 & 12

Patsy Power Part 11

She went on to tell us that when the band was young, Ashley and Georgina were into drink but then gravitated to weed, on to cocaine and was now dabbling with heroin. She, and the rest of the band, were clean and intended to stay that way.

The Big Break, Chapter 6

The Tour Proceeds To the Conclusion

The first set of gigs went well; we travelled to the venue in the bus, did our show, and came back again. Cambridge was full of drunken students and Colchester was full of drunken soldiers but the others were good. It was when we went up to Birmingham that things went strange.

The Patsy Project Book 2. Patsy Power Part 9 & 10

Patsy Power Part 9

We were all sweaty when we walked off the stage, shedding our mics, buds and instruments. The buds really worked well as I could hear quite well straight after the show. We all gave the boys a hug and I told Jake that they were awesome.

The Big Break, Chapter 5

Saturday Sensation

Next morning we all slept in. After I had showered and shaved I opted for my black jeans with the boots and a black tee shirt. I would have not picked the tee shirt if I actually was a girl as it showed the outline of my corset at the bust line and I got a lot of interested looks from all of the fellows. Lesley told me I was brazen and Tess said I was hot. Sven and his band had already eaten their breakfast and left, as they had a gig in Holland tonight. That was, I thought a real slice of good luck. The sisters were happier about that as well.

The Winemaker


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Statue 2.jpg

The Winemaker

by Theresa Black

Copyright 2020

'Mihi nomen est Calpurnia Valeria, sed cum ego natus eram dicitur Sextus, sexta vivum puerum parentes mei, et in tantum puer.' ('My name is Calpurnia Valeria, but when I was born I was called Sextus, the sixth living child of my parents and the only boy.')

I read the neat Latin script on the roll of parchment a second time. No, there was no mistake, it said 'puer' (boy) not 'puella' (girl), and 'Sextus' not 'Sexta'.


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