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Hidden deep inside the 5’10” rock and roll goddess with the dirty blonde hair was an eighteen year old high school senior named Terry Nelson. Tonight he was disguised as Tasha, who's heavily styled punk hair cut was sprayed with bright red highlights. Tasha’s creative eye makeup and pouty, red lips contrasted sharply against her pale skin.

This was Terry’s first time dressed as Tasha playing in front of a full house of crazed Wildcat fans. With his stomach churning, he quivered with excitement and shook with fear.

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A Night at Magee's: Face the Music

This is the second of three stories about Magee’s, a neighborhood bar with a most unusual owner. When Jim and Don decide to steal a valuable display item, they find out just how unusual.

This story is a .pdf file -- which has been attached, sorry -- to allow for the experimental formatting. Story #3 gets posted after I see at least three comments.

And, in response to someone's question, Magee's is not an open universe. Sorry.

Hit'n those notes... Chapter 2

Author retains all rights to this original work of fiction.

Tuesday, March 27th 6:44 AM
I entered the conference room dressed business casual – what I was wearing wasn’t my first choice, but I was too tired to fight clothing choices at 5:30 AM. My nerves were certainly trying to get the better of me, but my biggest problem was not getting enough sleep. I slept like a rock, just didn’t get enough of it. Without some strong coffee, I was going to crash and crash hard.


Ethan couldn’t believe how he looked in the full-size mirror he was standing in front of. He was wearing a custom-made spandex leotard suit that had holographic flames on it. A matching tailcoat and three-inch heel court shoes and fishnet stockings.

He couldn’t believe how the prosthetic breast and padding gave him a nice female figure. His short hair had been replaced with a wig that was long and orange. The hair of the wig was full and came four inches past his shoulder. The make-up on his face was tasteful and artfully done.

Hit'n those notes... Chapter 1

Author retains all rights to this original work of fiction.

March 15th 9:18 PM
“…I think I'm ready now... Intoxicate me now with your lovin' now... I think I'm ready now...,” I sang into faded silence.

To the Matt Part 32- Finale


After the movie hoopla started to give way, Taylor started her surgical internship. She shadowed her mentor for months before she built up her confidence to perform on her own. It took her a while to get into the groove of things but once she saw that she could do it and do it well she was a natural at it.

To the Matt Part 31

The penultimate story part. Taylor's news hits hard. The families enjoy the holidays then come together for Taylor's final match. She starts a new chapter in life now that wrestling is off the table.

To the Matt Part 26

A thank you to WendyJean for a resolving a plot point that led to a resolution to an earlier plot point. As much as I try to make the story about Taylor and her life in wrestling, little things get stuck in my head making me write all of these other subplots off of the main plot. It's getting long-winded but the end is looming. I am debating a return to Massachusetts to resolve yet another plot point but it could be a seperate story since timing conflicts with my original idea for what is going on.

To the Matt Part 24 that warning about this being the last part of the story barring an unforseen plot twist? It happened. At least one more part as I truly have run out of steam so two parts at the maximum with the last part likely being short.

To the Matt Part 23

Special thanks to LookingGlass for the unintentional inspiration for Mack's family. It's tough to have a story involving pro wrestling without the inclusion of characters from a nation famous for its pro wrestlers. Unless by some unforseen plot twist, this is the penultimate chapter.



I curtsey for the audience as the thunder of their applause breaks over me, a pounding, re-echoing surf so deep you could drown in it. I keep a bright, happy, grateful smile fixed on my face as I do so. I'm Ireland's sweetheart after all, the songbird of Kerry. My shows are sold out, my albums top the bestseller lists ,I'll be appearing at the Abbey Theatre as Kathleen Ni Houlihan at this year's festival and I'm tipped to be the next Rose of Tralee.

Corey's Last Concert

It’s 1981, and Corey Glynn has spent the past two years portraying junior high cheerleader Bonnie Bright, with great success: hit records, a movie series, national concert tours, and lots of Disney merchandise featuring the Bonnie character.

But Corey knows that there are changes occurring which mean that the end is coming soon.

To the Matt Part 22

Changes are made in the family and Taylor deals with the lives of others while she reluctantly takes the championship belt until she finds the perfect way of losing it while making it look like it was a natural part of the story. This is a transitional part where the family starts to go beyond just Taylor's issues and builds on their own lives. There's only so much you can say about a wrestler's life without it becoming redundant and boring. Wrestling is repetitive, but drama around their lives isn't (unless you are on a reality show that is!)


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