Essentially Egg. Part 25 of 39

Chapter 25

On the flight home on Sunday afternoon, I sat between Maureen and Mom and quietly spoke about the future as Ali dozed in my arms.

Mom said that she was going to push Dad into being in Fort Lauderdale by Easter and Maureen said that this would be a traditional weekend for Jordan and me to wed.

We batted it around a bit, and, between us, we thought about an Easter Sunday wedding, at the farm, with a big marquee set up. It would be kept quiet from the press, just for invited guests.

Moxie (Texas Belles #2)


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The sequel to Melanie Brown's Texas Belles is now on Kindle!


by Melanie Brown

Ayumi did it before, can she do it again?

Moxie on Kindle

She stayed in Japan after the breakup of her first J-Pop band, Texas Belles. The other American members went their own ways, some of them back to the states.

But no one in Japan ever knew Sam, the American bass-playing boy who joined his sister’s band and helped make them a hit. Sam is Ayumi now, as real as a girl can get. And she wants to keep doing what she does best.

The Novitiate by Angela Rasch from DopplerPress


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Tim is patiently waiting for his high school days to draw to a close. He can’t wait to go away to college, far from a dad who is disappointed with his son’s tiny frame. Tim is also unhappy with his body, for a much more shielded reason. Music provides the catalyst for lasting change.


The Sister Act by Melanie Brown on Kindle


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Brian never wanted to be a girl, but when you have an actress for an older sister, a HUGE resemblance to her, and then throw in an agent who would do pretty much anything to get a contract — it was better to go with the flow, wasn't it?

Or was that just a really good excuse?

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Blue Moon - Worldwide Kindle Sale!


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On the night of the Blue Moon, the Devil in Drag walks the Earth granting wishes and causing trouble.

Two young roommates deal with moonlight, music and magic in a gender-bending,
heart-stopping, romantic romp through Hollywood.

Blue Moon

Between Rolls


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Between Rolls
by LariUmbreon

A Baldur's Gate fan comic about a Goddess, Castina, trapped in a devotee's body after being captured and infected with the Mindflayer Tadpole. It's causing instabilities with her godlike powers to alter and shift people's bodies and genders. With the world at risk and her powers in flux, will she transcend to godhood again?

Essentially Egg. Part 24 of 39

Chapter 24

“We are the administrators of the Swan Club. It all started when a few of us got together, one evening, to watch your classical DVD. When it finished, we were all crying and felt as if we could tell each other what we had been holding back.”

The Faerie Blade: Chapter 12

Faerie Blade.png


Chapter 12: Kaelyn's Heart

Kaelyn was just trying to fill her belly, but she got a lot more than she bargained for when she decided to save the life of a Faerie.


I attempted to shake off my melancholy as I considered Vesha’s words. “I do not think that I would have the money for such finely made instruments,” I told her with a sad smile.

Essentially Egg. Part 22 of 39

Chapter 22

We all flew back on Sunday morning and my parents were treated to concert pianist class for the first time. On the way they told me that they wanted to join us when the band played in Florida on our next leg, which started in the following week.

Essentially Egg. Part 21 of 39

Chapter 21

Christmas Eve, the family sat in our lounge to watch it. I had put some serious money into the family coffers and Dad had bought a giant flat screen TV and sound bars.

That night, Jordan and I cuddled on one sofa with Ali on our laps. Jordan had finally admitted to his mother that we were a couple. She, surprisingly, was happy to go along with it, considering that many in the wide world thought we already were Ali’s parents.

He and I would be spending the night in the stable.

Essentially Egg. Part 20 of 39

Chapter 20

He turned to look at his wife. “Did you feel something, darling?”

“Of course, I did, you big lump. Not that you would notice without being told.” She came over to me and hugged me. “Thank you, I think my husband may be in for a torrid time, because now I’m able to stand up for myself. I know how I can get my way in future.”

“Go get him, girl,” I smiled.

She stepped back, now beside him, not behind as she had been before.

I turned to Kelly. “I think that it may be time we left for the hotel. It’s been a long day.”

Essentially Egg. Part 19 of 39

Chapter 19

I had tears in my eyes. When I looked around, Pet and the other girls who had seen it already were also glistening. Jordan sat with tears streaming down his face. He turned to me and buried his head into my shoulder. Pet had let go of my hand and was comforting a weeping Anton. Ian and Matty were wet-eyed. Abigail was rocking a weeping Matt.

Flora said, “I think it still has the power to heal.”

Essentially Egg. Part 18 of 39

Chapter 18

She dug into her bag, brought out six boxes, and then handed them out. When I opened mine, it was more than I could take in. It was a pendant, yes, but what a pendant! It was gold filigree with ‘Stable Sisters Rule’ in diamonds and emeralds.

This won’t be joining the one now resting in a drawer at home. It would be front and center most of the time. Almost in tears, we had group hugs and cheek kisses. We all put them on and carried on with our meal, ordering more coffees as the originals had gone cold.

Essentially Egg. Part 17 of 39

Chapter 17

We spent most of the afternoon discussing the songs we would be dropping and the ones that would make up the core of Sisters shows. Many staying were already classed as Pixie hits. We could build on that and cement the move with our next album.

We got the amps turned on and just played the things we liked for an hour or so. We then had a short discussion on why Josie left and the effect that had on all of us. The fact that she hadn’t been on stage for some months had helped lessen the damage to the band as a whole.

Essentially Egg. Part 16 of 39

Chapter 16

After Pet had taken a couple of bows and the crowd settled back in their seats, Richard took up the microphone. “Tonight, you have just heard one of the rising stars in classical music, but we now have another surprise for you. We have, not just one, but two rising stars for you, please welcome Miss Edweena Grosse.”

I went on stage and took my place alongside Pet. Then I smiled at the audience.

The Faerie Blade: Chapter 11

Faerie Blade.png


Chapter 11: Kaelyn Settles In

Kaelyn was just trying to fill her belly, but she got a lot more than she bargained for when she decided to save the life of a Faerie.


“What can we do?” I asked as I continued to gently stroke the owlet’s feathers and she nuzzled against my hand.

Essentially Egg. Part 15 of 39

Chapter 15

Richard came to the wings and escorted me to the center of the stage. I could see an audience of more than the dozen or so I had expected.

He went to the microphone, “Tonight we welcome Edweena as our pianist for the piano concerto, but now you will see the violinist in her.”

Stephanie, part 28

“Tonight, I’m gonna have myself a real good time…” The sound of singing comes from our living room, waking me from my dreamless slumber. However, it’s not Freddie Mercury’s flawless vocals that have woken me up, but rather, those of my girlfriend. “I feel light…”

“And the world,” I join in, earning a giggle from Kayla. “Is turning inside out…”
“And floating around,” we sing in perfect harmony. “In ecstasy, so
Don’t stop me now…
Don’t stop me, ‘cause I’m having a good time, having a good time!”

Essentially Egg. Part 14 of 39

Chapter 14

It had certainly been one busy day. I was ready to drop. After we had changed, though, we had a message that there was a private party that we were required to join. It turned out to be in one of the larger staterooms which Kelly had taken for the night.

Essentially Egg. Part 13 of 39

Chapter 13

Allan grinned. “That’s my girl. Make sure you take something to help you sleep tonight and tomorrow will be a good day. I’ll arrange for a nanny to come to the house this afternoon to look after Ali, to give you a little bit of free time.”


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