Bridesmaid Rehearsals: Part 6 - Reception Outfits

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Sophie’s leg was badly swollen and she couldn’t stand for long at all. Sophie was ok about it, the wedding was still a few days away and the doctor said it would soon be fine. Mum was angry I had caused it and completely ignored why I was rushing.

She didn’t really understand that I hadn’t wanted to attract any attention dressed the way I was, telling me I was being silly and not very sympathetic to my embarrassment.

I spent the day with Sophie watching tele. She said she enjoyed my company and I was happy to finally spend quality time without a dress or make up involved. Little did i know what was about to happen!

Mum came home ‘help me’ she yelled.

I got up from my spot on the sofa in the lounge and went to the front door. I was met with a huge amount of bags and mum standing behind them ‘please take them in to the lounge for me sweetie’ she said (sweetie!?)

Now indoors and all in the lounge she announced that she had just spent a good couple of hours picking outfits for Sophie to wear at her reception, after the ceremony, so she could change out of her wedding dress and have a proper dance. Sophie loved the idea and started looking through the bags.

‘I need to try these on’ she said, they all just look like bits of material and squares of satin like this and I can’t decide’.

‘Well you need to asap’ mum responded ‘I promised I would take anything you don’t want back tomorrow!’

Sophie stood, whimpered and then flopped back down ‘I can’t try anything on now’ she said ‘I can’t stand for more than a minute on this leg!’

They both looked at me together.

‘What about a good old fashion show?’ Mum asked!

‘Oh yes, lovely’ Sophie replied clapping!

‘Ok’ I said as I sat again ‘I’m happy to help you choose Soph’.

Then mum gathered up the bags and asked me to help her to the back room. I did.

We arranged the bags in order, there were 12 dresses, two ‘two piece’ outfits, a jumpsuit, a couple of pairs of trousers and a few tops in varying materials and colours.

‘Strip’ mum said.

‘What?’ I replied the blood draining from my face.

‘Well she can’t stand thanks to your rushing around and we need these clothes to be sorted into ‘keep’ and ‘take back’ tonight. Sophie can’t decided and we need someone to show her. I’m too big, you are the last option and I expect you to do as I say young man…lady!’


I stripped down to my boxers. Mum handed me a small bag, it contained a pair of black satin brazillian knickers and soft satin top I later learnt was a bralet. ‘Oh mum really!?’

‘Yes’ she said ‘model the trousers and one of the tops first please’. She disappeared back into the lounge.

Underwear on, reluctantly I slipped on the trousers. Soft and flared they were tight around my waist and bottom, not my usual fit, and actually felt ok. I picked the biggest and plainest top hoping she would love it and that would be the end of the fashion show. It was tight on me and I could see the bralet showing slightly through the material. Mainly black, the seams were edged in pink satin ribbon with a bright shiny disco ball pattern on the front with ‘party girl’ etched in feint pink lettering all over.

I skulked into the lounge. ‘Oh my’ Sophie proclaimed.

Mum quickly addressed the obvious issues with their new model (me!)

‘Ok, stand up straight please’ she walked out and came back with a pair of heels, ‘just 3 inch for this outfit’ she said.

Sophie quickly made her mind up. ‘Not trousers for my reception outfit mum, something more sexy for a party! But I would only know that having seen them worn so this might just work. Next!’ She yelled. I skulked back to the temporary dressing room.

Mum came with me and set aside the trousers, jumpsuit and one of the ‘two piece’ sets.

‘Put these on’ she said handing me a pair of black fishnet tights.

Sophie called, mum went away while I took the trousers and top off and returned just in time to see me slipping on the tights. ‘Ok’ she said ‘Sophie was a bit put off that you were just her brother in a girly outfit so I have agreed you may dress up a bit more with accessories to make the outfit look more authentic and the decision easier.

‘What do you mean?’ I asked.

A wig was presented to me, long black hair with a slight wave to it. Mum handed me a bag that contained a selection of makeup. ‘Shall I fix you up today? Or would you like to help yourself while I start dinner?’

I was starving so I said I would myself thinking I could get away with less if I did it myself.

I spent at least half hour sitting in just my new underwear and tights trying to put a bit of make up on, just enough to pass, but mum had other ideas. She came in saying dinner was in the oven and would be ready in an hour and we should aim to finish by then. She tutted at my make up attempt and added colour to my eyes, cheeks, black outline on my eyes and red lips with a top coat of gloss. ‘There’ she said ‘possibly the most glamorous you’ve ever been’ with a chuckle. I caught a glimpse of my reflection. I looked like a 70’s disco dancer all I needed was an outfit, that was next.

Mum held up the first dress for me, it was short (really short) and very silky material. Purple with silver diamonte straps that held it close to my body. The back was lose, draped, and the front tight on my chest. The material was stretchy and the hem of the skirt hugged my legs. It felt sexy and very revealing.

I walked into the lounge to show off my look to Sophie. She gushed at how sexy I looked and how wonderful the dress was. She admired my make up and said this was definitely a contender but she needed more to compare it with.

Still wearing the 3inch heels, I tentatively walked back to mum who was waiting in the next room, and the next dress.

Mum smiled as I walked back in to the room ‘now this one is really going to show off the girl in you!’

To be continued……

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That 'aha' moment

Dee Sylvan's picture

Titch is crossing that line in the sand where his protestations and plausible deniability go away. It is difficult to enjoy the sights, smells, and sensations of well-fitting, feminine clothes and pretend that you don't like them. Mom and Sophie realize things have changed and are helping Titch enjoy the fashion show without challenging him. :DD TAF