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The "Too Successful" Experiment

by Melanie Brown

All Those Things You Always Pined For - New Kindle Edition


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I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby

Adrenaline surged...daring every sensory organ in my body to absorb the tiniest nuances of my first day out in public dressed as a woman. I touched the velvety skin on my wife's arm. "I'm so lucky!"

"Lucky?" Nicole shook her head in obvious bewilderment. "You've always wanted to be a woman," she had accurately said nearly eight months ago.

All Those Things You Always Pined For on Kindle


All Those Things You Always Pined For

by Angela Rasch

WunderGirl ~ Chapter 1

Sam wants a summer job in the worst way. A poster attracts his attention with an offer that might be just that!
What started out as a way to avoid heavy labor turned into something very much else! Sam takes the first steps on what may be a journey that changes his life. Is getting a good start on his college fund worth it?




By Shauna

Copyright© 2020 Shauna J. Rousseau
All Rights Reserved.
(Cover image designed by Joyce Melton.)
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~ Day 0 ~


Diva Dismayed 14

Diva Dismayed: Chapter 14 – When is a date…
Sure enough, the following morning, after a somewhat restless night for me, we set off for my ex-fiancé’s house. On the well-tried principle that knowing I was well-dressed would bolster my confidence, I took longer than usual to get ready. It also served to delay the evil hour of an encounter which I didn’t relish in the least. I’d brought with me the dress I’d worn to my last medical appointment. It was my current favourite so I felt it was a good choice for today’s visit.

Diva Dismayed 13

Diva Dismayed: Chapter 13 – On the road again
Della’s ability to leave me speechless had proved second to none, once again! All I could utter by way of a response was a nervous laugh. I desperately needed to change the way this encounter looked like developing and fast. Searching around for a safe topic of conversation, I hit upon the previous night I’d spent going out. Accordingly I asked her if she ever attended the monthly dances and mentioned how much I’d enjoyed the one which Rachel and I had been to the evening before.

A Yank in British Fancy Dress

A Yank in fancy dress.pngPhoto credit Photo by Luke Stackpoole on Unsplash

Thanks to a few of our British sisters, I'm relatively certain that my British characters aren't speaking in American.

This is an account of an American's visit to London England an how he felt about attending a fancy dress party. Something he'd only experienced at Halloween and not since eighth grade. But then this wasn't like any Halloween party he'd ever been to.

Can you spell "Turn-About"?

Just Do What The Nice Man Says Honey

Just Do What The Nice Man Says Edited.jpg

Alex lives with his mother Julie and refuses to get a job or to help Julie pay the rent and household bills. When Julie sees pictures of Alex dressed as a girl she sees that Alex has potential for meaningful employment, even though Alex might not want the job.

I Was A Hero In Another World But My Dog-Girl Slave Swapped Places With Me And Now I Can’t Disobey Her

I Was A Hero In Another World But My Dog-Girl Slave Swapped Places With Me And Now I Can’t Disobey Her

The Hero From Another World was overpowered, moving faster and with more strength than anyone in the world, in ways that trivialized combat with enemies... but that doesn't mean he understood how to navigate a foreign culture, much less change the systems within in it he disapproved of.

After gaining the enmity of his former ally Lady Wren, he complains to his rather dumb but kind slave girl Sasha that he'd like to switch places with her and live her comparatively easy life. To his surprise, she does just that-- and it turns out she's not as dumb or as kind as the former Hero thought.

Despite her betrayal and intermittent cruelty, the former Hero becomes convinced to work with her to end slavery as a whole, and becomes enmeshed with a power struggle that lies beneath the surface of the kingdom... even as they struggle with their own identity in their new body and role.

Cover image created with Picrew’s “五百式立ち絵メーカー“!!

Diva Dismayed 4

Diva Dismayed: Chapter 4 – All girls together
Rachel’s apartment was small. In addition to the bedroom, it had only a single living space which served as sitting room, kitchen and diner. I was thankful to be able to flop down into one of the two easy chairs while she busied herself making us both a much needed coffee. I was almost shaking with the stress of all that had happened.

“You need to sit still and try to unwind” was her assessment. Empathetic as ever, she sensed how mentally exhausted I must be after everything I’d been through that day.

Twelve Nights

Twelve nights, they said. Only twelve nights for me to stand in for my sister. I only really had to worry about the nights they said. I’d laugh if it didn’t hurt so much in my shot wound and I don’t want to upset the police officer outside my hospital room. Only twelve nights, HA!

(Rewritten) Doom Valley Prep School: Chapter 45

Doom Valley Prep School
Chapter 45
New Problems

“Petra,” Ella called. “Come out from under the bed. What's wrong?”

I was huddled in the corner of the Monster Under The Bed's room, clutching my knees to my still enormous chest. The Monster was patting my head with her trunk, making cooing sounds trying to calm me down. One of her long, multi-jointed arms took a cookie from a plate on her table and held it up to me. I didn't take it. I barely noticed it.

The Rise of Rapstar: Bad Badie Pt. 1

Brent Anderson in
The Rise of Rapstar: Bad Badie

My name is Brent ‘Badie’ Anderson, i’m a 18 year old high school dropout looking to make it. I live in a small house in Detroit with my mother, she always tells me i hang out with the wrong crowd and today more than ever i realized that.

Bouquet List

Tom, Dick and I, Harry had been best friends since primary school. How we had been teased for our names over the years. We stuck together through middle and high school. We hung out together. Got into trouble together. Somehow Tom always managed to extricate himself and I managed to shield Dick from the worst consequences. In high school we usually triple dated. We also stood together against the bullies. We were unfortunate in that we were considered to be “cute” in a girly way. Unfortunately that also invited some unwanted attention from the gay community. We weren’t. Gay that is.



Kirk and I were friends.  The only friends the two of us had.  There was my sis Liz and her BFF Ashley.  But hey, they're girls.  Can you be friends with girls who recognize cars only by their color?  No, you can't.

Take Your Daughter to Work Day

Of course it’d have to be on a “Take your daughter to work day” that we visit this factory. Of course, for me every day is “Take your daughter to work day.” I’m surrounded by small and big girls eager to ask me lots and lots of questions while my mother does what presidential candidates do. I hate having to participate in my mother’s campaigning but that’s Mother for you. Whatever can be useful not only can be used but MUST be used.


Homecoming. The most miserably cold and wet game yet. The sidelines churned to a sea of mud, and I had to go and slip.

Waving goodbye to the rest of the cheer squad, I snuck into the girls showers. I unpinned my muddy wig, and ran a hot shower.

Sudsing my sweaty, flattened hair, I heard a scream. Clearing my eyes, I saw that Brittany had come back, for some reason.

"I just ducked in here to grab a shower," I claimed, "I didn't think any girls were here."

(Rewritten) Doom Valley Prep School: Chapter 30

Author: Sorry about the delay, had some computer problems.

Doom Valley Prep School
Chapter 30
5 Minute Head Start

“Are you ready for your detention?” Naomi asked, trying not to speak so loudly it would attract Coach Angel Slayers attention, but still be heard over the sound of wood and metal hitting each other.


It seems that some schools have strict rules and give detention for numerous infractions, including tardiness and uniform specifications. Naturally, I couldn’t help but imagine what might happen if a student arrived for his first day, at just such a school, in a whirlwind of chaos, fateful decisions, and shenanigans.


By Mona Lisa

The Interpreter - Chapter 3

The Interpreter.jpg
Chapter Three – Pull Down Your Skirt, You Look Like a Slattern!

Having arrived in New York City it is not long before Yuri Godekin puts Valerie Sokolova to work springing her honey trap on a witless victim. Professor Mikhail Blavatsky is becoming more jealous of Valerie and bitter about the situation. Meanwhile the FBI are provided with some alarming intelligence by their MI6 counterparts.

Life As A Showgirl

I was in trouble big time. A first year college student that got arrested when trying to break in to a girlfriend’s house over the holidays. I was promptly bailed out, but my parents who lived in Las Vegas were flying in for the arraignment. I spoke to Mom over the phone offering no reason for my arrest after repeated attempts for her to understand what in the hell was I thinking. Since I was not forthcoming with any information she hung up on me, although I did find out she had an attorney post my bail.

Slipped Into A Bra

My wife was acting strange today, not real unusual but still quite noticeable. I guess you can refer to her as a free spirit. She plans well, but when any resistance is shown toward her plan or wishes she just steam rolls right over it. All during the day I was teased, kidded and handled at the most inopportune times. I had just emerged from the shower, a much needed one after mowing the front lawn and trimming the overgrown shrubs. I was clean considering the amount of water I used, it felt so good.

A Dress Dummy Replacement

Dress Dummy Replacement

As I entered the house Linda was still at her sewing machine working on another dress design. I was just getting home from work, two hours later than normal. I knew better than to bother her right now, her hobby means a lot to her. Especially since she now has somebody interested in her dress designs.

A New Look at Life

Due to a mail order mishap orchestrated by his sister, the pair of glasses Leighton receives are not the pair he ordered. Looks like if he wants something different, he's going to have to get a new job to pay for them. What could possibly go wrong?

A redux of a very requested oldie of mine. It's basically the exact same story, but rebuilt from the ground up.

S(m)ister Wife Part 2

This story contains forced fem and sex

The next time I woke it was in response to a catheter being pulled out of me. My throat was dry and the horror of what had happened returned.

"What are you doing now?"

"Aww. Don't worry. You had that in so you didn't wet the bed. I just need to fit this on you." Carol said.

I looked down as I felt her fiddling with my penis. It was dragged between my empty ball sack, then I felt a tug and heard a click.

My cock stayed between my legs.

"What have you done to me?" I croaked.

The Mermaid and the Witch

There once was a man who loved to swim. Whenever he could, he frolicked all day in the waves. When he was working, he pined for the siren song of the sea.

Luckily, the man had a lovely witch of a wife who could help him with his passion. She gave him a spell that granted him gills, with the warning that he must never use it for more than a sun's trek across the sky.

(Rewritten) Doom Valley Prep School: Chapter 24

Doom Valley Prep School
Chapter 24

Calci and I were working on our anti-mind control potion again. Like the other day the first half of the class had been a lecture on various alchemicals and how they interact with each other. Professor Pyrotechny was still smoking from adding dragons bile to cockatrice venom. The clockwork teacher been demonstrating why reading the instructions was extremely important, and how two seemingly harmless ingredients could have a very volatile reaction.

(Rewritten) Doom Valley Prep School: Chapter 23

Doom Valley Prep School
Chapter 23

Lady Plague sat on the throne of mithril and emerald green spider silk, that filled one entire side of her office, staring down at Blood Wing, Micheal and myself with her pitch black eyes. The dragon skull on her golden sceptre seemed to be growling at us.

Pink Sails

Simon was excited to leave his birth planet behind.
All it took was to hire onto a merchant ship - the Golden Swan - as a lowly shipboy.
Traversing the sea of stars had been a dream of his since being little.
But it might turn into a nightmare as the merchant ship spots a pursuer with Pink Sails.
Pirates are hunting the Golden Swan and there is nothing Simon can do.

Gender Change Required

We had just been assigned a new supervisor at work, her name was Kelly Walker. She was transferred here from the main office. Our old supervisor had retired, having recently achieved twenty five years with the company. We all wondered what Ms. Walker was like, an inquiry to a few employees we dealt with at the main office yielded very little information on her. They did tell us she was in her late twenties, and had progressed up from a new hire to supervisor level in less than eight months.

(Rewritten) Doom Valley Prep School: Chapter 20

Doom Valley Prep School
Chapter 20
Not a Damsel in Distress

Leaving magic class, I was grateful that none of my classmates followed me to subterfuge. Having to face anyone who'd seen me naked so soon after it happened, would have been unbearable. There was one teeny tiny problem however, I had to walk the hallways by myself, and who knew what Micheal or his friend Victor would do.

(Rewritten) Doom Valley Prep School: Chapter 19

Doom Valley Prep School
Chapter 19
I Wish I Was Dead

The next morning, I was once again forced to sit still as my friends taught me how to put on makeup. “Why do I need to do this again? I don't look that bad,” I said.

I really did look good. I'd gotten a good nights sleep, and I was learning how to comb my hair so it wasn't tangled, or looked like I'd slept in it. And with my new, unwanted, assets, most people wouldn't be looking at my face.

(Rewritten) Doom Valley Prep School: Chapter 18

Doom Valley Prep School
Chapter 18
Fate's Chew Toy

“So... Petra, will you be keeping the new body?” Clarice asked, looking a tad envious.

Slumped in my seat, I was busy stuffing food into my face. Being killed and resurrected over twenty times had made me work up an appetite. The new proportions probably didn't help matters either. It felt like I was sitting on balloons, and I missed being able to see my feet.

[FW] A Mean Appletini

Detective Colton O'Hara has tracked a suspected Fashion Witch to a local strip club.
As he closes in, Colton spots the perfect opportunity to take her down. By any means possible.
But maybe everything fits too neatly together and Colton finds out why one should never underestimate a Fashion Witch.

(Rewritten) Doom Valley Prep School: Chapter 17

Doom Valley Prep School
Chapter 17
Things Get Worse

I was only a little late getting to Potions class, but it was humiliating having everyone stare at me and my new body as I handed over the note and went to sit beside Calci. I'd gone from being a fairly normal boy, on the smaller side, to a small girl, and now I was a bouncy, buxom girl. If I saw a girl looking like me, I wouldn't have been able to take my eyes off of her.

Being attracted to my own reflection wasn't something I was used to.


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