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World of Zhor: The Lancer's Girlhood

World of Zhor: The Lancer's Girlhood

Picture1.pngEpisode I: The son turned daughter

She querously crushed her thighs together as she rode the palanquin home. Its rising and falling as it bore her, up and down with the steady yet still human steps, was awfully reminiscent of her bouncing girlishly on Hoel's twyll just hours before. Her cheeks flushed red, and her hands drew the curtain of the palanquin closed fretfully.

Molly by Angela Rasch on Kindle


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Pat, Sam, and Barbara form a highly malleable triangle. Fate steps in, and a small, not very happy boy becomes a pioneer. Will Pat even recognize himself when his destiny is complete?

A tale about deception in the 1950's advertising jungle. Imagine that!

by Angela Rasch
A DopplerPress Book
Molly by Angela Rasch

The Model Sister by Melanie Brown on Kindle


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Kirk let a little issue of being mistaken for a girl go a bit too far. Sure, he looked like his sister. A lot! And he could make money as a girl model. Bunches! But there were other problems.... Boys!


The Model Sister
by Melanie Brown
Sisters Book 2
Now on Kindle

Not Like Other Girls, Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - we meet Jordan, the non-binary twin and learn about their life (romantic and otherwise)
Jordan walked around the jobsite, looking for the electrical subcontractor. They were getting tired of this, to be honest. Every day, they’d find him placing bets on his phone while his guys were busy bullshitting or jerking off or doing anything but what they were paid to do - which was wire the fifth floor.

If they had their way, the guy and his crew would’ve been out the door three days ago, but…

Five Brides

Five Brides
A Vignette
By Maryanne Peters


Another day at the bridal boutique – right? A photo of six girls trying on bridal outfits, except that there was only three of us meant to be getting those special dresses. The other three were the grooms. The three tall “girls” are us – that is Quinn with his girl – the goth with the blue hair, me with the headband and Peyton the surfer with the blonde hair tied back.

Not Like Other Girls

This is the story of three siblings: Emily, a 23 year old transwoman estranged from her parents; her non-binary twin Jordan (they/them); and their older sister Stephanie, a cishet woman.
“Hey Matt. I'm gonna head out early,” Emily told her boss, “if that's OK.”

Love Story - Chapter 9.6

I was overwhelmed with sensations all over my body.

There was a pull on my scalp where my wife's hands were pulling my braids. My lips felt buttery and smooth and velvety from the lipstick. I could feel my wife's soft lips on mine, her tongue in my mouth, kissing me deeply, smearing my lipstick.

Most of all, my body was contracting pleasantly, an after effect of the waves of pleasure that had washed all over me, centered in my groin.

I had leaked - that's right, leaked cum, which was pooled beneath us, on the floor.

"Wow, honey", she smirked at me, "You really are a woman"

Seven Dresses - The Seventh Dress

Seven Dresses - The Seventh Dress

by Maeryn Lamonte
Copyright © 2023

Things are as good as she can hope at school, although home life is still difficult for Shelley. She's reached the age when she can start taking feminising hormones and thing change rapidly, with her body, with her boyfriend, with her father. A few more hurdles to leap.

Love Story - Chapter 9.5

Love Story - Chapter 9.4

The next morning, I woke up earlier than my wife. I had freshened up, put my hair in a messy high ponytail and then made us a pot of coffee. I sat on the couch, sipping from a cup. Waiting.

She eventually woke up and sauntered over to where I was sitting, "Last night was something magical. I didn't know we could do that"

"Mm-mmm, yes, it was great", I said, giving her a side ways glance. She was in her night wear, with bed head, hair tousled this way and that. She gave a yawn.

Love Story - Chapter 9.3

It was the weekend after our agreed on week was over. Every day of the next seven days and more, the cage on on me.

It was easy to clean, while still on. It wasn't visible from my trousers. It helped me tuck and get a smooth front. Best of all, it wasn't uncomfortable or painful during normal wear. It actually felt very secure.

But, every morning, it felt like my dick was in a very tight tube. I never could sleep in with the cage on. Every morning, I took a cold shower.

Love Story - Chapter 9.2

I was woken the next day, by the most excruciating erection I ever had. Or tried to have. I was still locked in the damn cage.

I looked around the room for the key. I searched the flat, but I couldn't find the key.

Finally, I went to wake my wife, to find her woken up, due to all the noise I may or may not have made. She smiled and it looked like she knew exactly what was going on with me.

She came to me and gave me a slow kiss, which made me curl my toes, "Frustrated much?"

Love Story - Chapter 9.1

The next day she teased me relentlessly.

I did not dignify her teasing my a reply, but the memory of last night bought an unexpected feeling of acceptance. It felt like for the first time I was in my body.

"Look at you squirm. Your face is all red. Looks like your face enjoyed it more than you did!", she teased.

I kept my focus on the coffee cup. It was an interesting cup. Plain, but interesting.

"You looked really feminine in pigtails. They suit you. You should wear pigtails more often than that boring ponytail"

Love Story - Chapter 9

"How does it feel to be a woman?"

It was a beautiful morning and we were sitting in the balcony, taking in the view with a cup of coffee.

She had been unusually quite. She's not a chatterbox, but she usually has something to say. If nothing else, she will drop a teasing remark or two.

So to bring her out of the flunk, I asked her, "How does it feel to be a woman?"

She seemed to register that I was talking and looked at me, "Hmmm, what was that?"

"Honey, how does it feel to be a woman? Or rather what's the difference between me and you?"

Diva Dismayed 3

Diva Dismayed: Chapter 3 – Out of the frying pan
It took some time and the application of several tissues before I regained any kind of composure. Rachel stood back to look me up and down and her conclusion was no doubt warranted “You’re a sight for sore eyes and no mistake.”

Love Story - Chapter 7

Next day was our weekly off.

After breakfast, we were getting ready to go shopping for weekly groceries.

Just as we got into the mall, she said, "Maybe you should have your ears pierced here at the shop, since we are here anyways"

I replied, "What's on your mind?"

"Like I said, I wouldn't mind if you wore earrings and had long hair. Come on, let's get it done already"

She grabbed me by my arm and led me to the piercing shop in the mall. The artist approached my wife, thinking she was the one who wanted the piercing.

Seven Years as a Wife Ch. 07

Mel finally realizes she is transgender.

It had been 3 months since that night when Mel uncovered the plot to steal the patient for the E.V. charger. Simon had talked to each member of the board privately and had held an extraordinary meeting and removed those plotting against him. The inventor had been given a guaranteed share of the profits and signed over the rights to the company.

Mel had done a lot of soul-searching in the following weeks and met Angie for advice.

Bouquet List

Tom, Dick and I, Harry had been best friends since primary school. How we had been teased for our names over the years. We stuck together through middle and high school. We hung out together. Got into trouble together. Somehow Tom always managed to extricate himself and I managed to shield Dick from the worst consequences. In high school we usually triple dated. We also stood together against the bullies. We were unfortunate in that we were considered to be “cute” in a girly way. Unfortunately that also invited some unwanted attention from the gay community. We weren’t. Gay that is.

The Suitcase - 7

Lisa learns the benefits of a good foundation. Blake joins a bowling team. Lisa's visit to work doesn't go so well. A surprise at home gets Lisa's attention. Lisa and Blake plan for the future. Lisa's expert knowledge of dresses opens the door to a new career opportunity.

A Young Girl's Wish

Raquel looks at her reflection in the full-length mirror mounted on the back of her bedroom door. It finally took her eighteen years to become how she felt inside herself. A smile appears on her cute youthful face.

“Are you ready to go yet, Raquel?” Larry comes walking out of the main bathroom, fully dressed.

“Yeah, I’m ready, sweetie.” Raquel turns around to look at her boyfriend.



Why did Commander Jvuznart always make him do the worst jobs, like replacing xenobiological specimens? It wasn’t his fault that Doctor Gralpuxt’s specimens expired. They should have had a failsafe on the specimen holding environmental controls. It wasn’t like he killed them on purpose when he shut off the lights along with the atmosphere generator and temperature controls, was it? These new specimens from the 3rd planet were so soft and needed just the right temperature and gas mix to live. Sheesh, how did they survive to make it this far? They were even fouling their own nest; give them another few hundred cycles, if that long, and they wouldn’t even be around, he was sure.

The Interpreter - Chapter 4

The Interpreter.jpg
Chapter Four – Toast and Marmalade

The Professor knows that Valerie is sitting on secret but remains infatuated with her. What will he do now that he has the tools to blackmail her? At the same time the FBI and MI6 are closing in our beautiful ingénue and Soviet spy. Can Yuri save Valerie and will he have to sacrifice himself to do so? Please heed the cautions.

The Mermaid and the Witch

There once was a man who loved to swim. Whenever he could, he frolicked all day in the waves. When he was working, he pined for the siren song of the sea.

Luckily, the man had a lovely witch of a wife who could help him with his passion. She gave him a spell that granted him gills, with the warning that he must never use it for more than a sun's trek across the sky.

One Too Many

One too Many
A Short Story
By Maryanne Peters

Even with the curtains drawn in a vain attempt to help me cope, it seemed that the room was in direct sunlight, or that I was in a Nazi interrogation room facing a searchlight I kept my eyes open as only slits, or was it the one ton block sitting on my head that was keeping them mainly closed?

A Glimpse Of Nylon Stocking - Chapter 3

A Glimpse of Stocking Closet.jpg
Chapter Three – Where’s Julian?

Donald takes on a case that leads him to discover Julian's secret life and Donald and Julie finally meet, although not under the the circumstances that either of them expected. The outcome is a revelation to them both and they are both surprised at what happens afterwards. Final chapter.

Orpheus Ascending

Orpheus Ascending
By Ellie Dauber
Copyright 2000

Author’s Note: Except for the TG element near the end, this is a straightforward retelling of the Greek myth.

* * * * *

Now would I tell the tale of Orpheus and Eurydice, a sad tale of death and longing and of a fate most strange and yet most fitting.

Mark and Mary

Mark and Mary
A Short Story from Times Past
By Maryanne Peters

It came from one of those misunderstandings that you hear about, but it was to shape our family in a most unusual way.

Widower Marek Janski stood in the queue in Ellis Island, and with him were his two sons Pavel and Radek. His English had been improved on the trip over, but he was still feeling his way. He knew to say his surname first.

A Coy Pond and a Couple of Trees Part 4 (The End)

A Coy Pond and a Couple of Trees Part 4 (The End)
By Sabrina G. Langton


Author's Note: Thank you for making it to the end. One door closes and another one opens, and we find Bryson's plan all coming together. I hope YOU like it...



Bryson was lying on the bed watching me get dressed. The 'Personal Shopper' found me a beautiful dark blue dress with polka dots. It had a little black belt and it went perfectly with my heels. I hadn't worn my own clothes all week. I was thinking everyone had better taste than me.

The Substitute Housewife Part 1

I suppose this is all my own doing really. I had been working as Mr. Owen’s assistant for 6 months now. I loved the job he was a nice guy. Very generous to his staff and if the company was doing well we all got bonuses. Yes, Owen tech was going places. My dream of buying a narrow boat and living free on the canals of Britain could be realized before I was too old to enjoy it.


Parker looks at her reflection in the full-length mirror on the back of her closet door. She couldn’t believe her parents had accepted that she had wanted to be a girl since she was little. True, she has to see a counselor about how she feels. But she didn’t mind.

The counselor she has been seeing wants to see how she looked as a girl today. Her friend Tony was coming to pick her up to take her. He stood by her when she came to him about how she was.

“Parker, Tony is here to pick you up.” Mary sticks her head into her daughter’s bedroom.

Comfort Women - Chapter 4

Comfort Women Edited.jpg
Chapter Four – Just Another Comfort Woman

The experiment has produced a surprising result: the four strongest men have feminised the two weakest who now live full time as Comfort Women. But Colonel Flagg wants to introduce a new dynamic into the study which is likely to cause catastrophic results. Will Bill Brody defend the honour of his personal Comfort Woman Samantha Steele when the other men demand their fair share of her charms?

You're My Wife Now

This story has forced fem, sex and violence.

I knew I shouldn’t have listened to Barry. I had been listening to him all my life. That’s why I get expelled. That’s why after 10 years of trouble with the police my family booted me out. None of them wanted anything to do with me.

Soixante-Trois Airlines: Sophie, part 13

“Umf,” Sophie grunted as her eyes slowly opened and she found herself in an unfamiliar bed in an unfamiliar room. “He- hello?”

“Ah, bonjour!” The familiar voice of Sophie’s roommate replied with an excited squeak that made Sophie wince.

“Not so loud, please!” Sophie groaned as the throbbing in her head intensified. “What time is it, anyway?”

“Time for you to be getting out of bed,” Francine replied in an authoritative voice. “Today is a big day!”

Joining The Coven


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