Tommy, the Flower Girl Part 1

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Once upon a time in a small town, there lived a 10-year-old boy named Tommy. He was an adventurous, energetic boy who loved climbing trees and playing soccer with his friends. One sunny afternoon, his aunt, Sarah, announced that she was getting married. Everyone in the family was excited, especially Tommy, who loved weddings for the cake and the delicious food.

As the big day approached, Tommy's aunt, Sarah, was busy making all the arrangements. She had chosen her 4-year-old niece, Marcy, to be the flower girl at the wedding. Marcy was thrilled about the idea of scattering flower petals down the aisle, but a few days before the wedding, she came down with a bad case of the flu and couldn't attend the wedding. The family was worried about who would take over as the flower girl. Tommy's mom, Emily, had an idea. She looked at Tommy and said, "Tommy, I think you could fill in for Marcy as the flower girl. You're small enough to fit into Marcy's dress, and you'd look adorable scattering flowers down the aisle."

Tommy's eyes widened in shock. "Me? But I'm not a girl, and I'm definitely not a toddler!" he protested, crossing his arms defiantly. His little sister, Lily, who was only 8 years old, but a few inches taller than him, chimed in stifling a giggle, "Come on, Tommy! It'll be so much fun! You'll get to wear a pretty dress and everyone will think you're super cute. Plus, you'll be helping Aunt Sarah by making sure there are flowers at her wedding."

Tommy wasn't convinced. "I don't want to be cute," he moaned, but his mother and sister kept persuading him, giggling at the idea and trying to convince him that it would be a great adventure. "Come on, Tommy, it's just for one day," Lily chimed in, her eyes wide with excitement. "You'll be like a knight in shining armor, but in a beautiful dress instead!" Tommy couldn't help but chuckle a bit at Lily's comparison. "I don't know about that, Lily. I'll feel very silly." Emily put a hand on Tommy's shoulder, speaking in an encouraging tone. "You'll be the most dashing flower girl anyone has ever seen. And I promise nobody will laugh at you. Think about the memories we'll make together. It's not every day a big brother gets to be a flower girl at a wedding!"

Finally, Tommy agreed, partly because he didn't want to let his aunt down and partly because he was curious about what it would be like to be a flower girl. "Fine," he said with a sigh, "I'll do it, but only for Aunt Sarah and only if you promise not to tell anyone at school about this." Lily and Emily exchanged mischievous glances before nodding in agreement. "Deal," they said in unison, causing Tommy to shake his head in amusement

Tommy's mom beamed with excitement and quickly hugged Tommy. "That's the spirit, Tommy! You'll be the best flower girl ever, I promise." Lily clapped her hands and jumped up and down. "Yay, this is going to be so much fun! We'll make you look so pretty, Tommy!" Tommy rolled his eyes but couldn't help but crack a smile at his sister's enthusiasm. "Okay, okay, but I better look fabulous if I'm doing this," he said, trying to maintain a hint of reluctance in his voice. As they continued to discuss the plans for the wedding, Tommy began to warm up a little to the idea, realizing that this unexpected opportunity might just turn out to be a lot of fun after all.

After reluctantly agreeing to fill in as the flower girl, the next day, the family gathered in Aunt Sarah's living room, where Sarah brought out Marcy's flower girl dress. It was a beautiful white dress adorned with delicate lace and ribbons, and Tommy couldn't help but be impressed by how lovely it was, especially on a girl, not him. "Wow, that is a really nice dress," he admitted, running his fingers over the soft fabric, "perhaps just not for me," he said trying to back out of it, realizing just how girly he would look.

"No quitting now, honey," his mom said taking the dress from him. "Come on, let's try it on." Emily and Lily began to fuss over Tommy, carefully helping him into the dress and adjusting the ribbons and flowers that adorned it. Despite his initial hesitation, Tommy couldn't deny that the dress made him feel a little special, and he couldn't help but twirl around a little, causing Lily to giggle. "See, Tommy, you look amazing!" She exclaimed, clapping her hands.

As he stood in front of the large mirror they'd put up, he couldn't help but feel a bit silly as his aunt adjusted the white frilly dress that had originally been intended for his 4-year-old cousin, Marcy. The dress was a bit snug, but it fit surprisingly well, much to everyone's relief. As if wearing a dress wasn't enough, Tommy's mom also brought out a pair of lacy, frilly underwear to go with the dress. Tommy's eyes widened in disbelief. "I have to wear these?" he exclaimed, feeling a wave of embarrassment wash over him. His mom nodded with a smile. "Of course, Tommy. It's all part of the flower girl outfit. You'll look so cute in them!" Tommy groaned but reluctantly agreed, realizing that he had already committed to the role and there was no getting out of it now. Besides, he didn't want to let his aunt down, or so he told himself. He tried to convince himself that it was all in good fun, even though he was feeling more and more apprehensive about the whole thing.

Then, to his absolute shock, his mom mentioned that Marcy, being still in diapers, would have worn a diaper under the dress. "So, you'll need to wear one too, otherwise these pretty panties won't fit well," she said with a sympathetic smile. Tommy's jaw dropped. "A diaper? No way! I draw the line at wearing a diaper," he protested vehemently, feeling a mix of embarrassment and disbelief at the thought. His mom and sister tried to reassure him that it would be fine and that no one would notice. After much coaxing and reassurance, Tommy reluctantly relented, feeling a bit defeated but still determined to make the best of the situation. "We'll need to see the dress with everything on under it," his aunt stated. And so, once the dress was removed, his mother took Tommy to the bathroom. Very reluctantly he dropped his boxers and let his mom put the diaper on him. It was one of Marcy's that had girlish designs on it. She powdered him and carefully closed the tapes, so it fit nice and snug.


"Not so bad, is it?" she asked. Tommy waddled around a bit getting used to the feel of the thick diaper. "I feel like an idiot," he said tearing up a bit. "His mother enveloped him in a big hug. "You're not an idiot, honey. I think you're very brave that you'd do this for your aunt." She hugged him for a minute and then helped him step into the frilly panties and lacy slip. She guided him back to the living room where they helped him back into 'his' dress. His sister gigled a bit as he waddled to the stool. His aunt and mother started fussing over him again and seeing if the dress needed any small alterations.

Meanwhile Tommy really had to go to the bathroom and started to squirm to the annoyance of his aunt. "Oh, stop fidgetting, you don't want to get poked with a needle, do you?" she scolded him. His mother, noticing what was going on, whispered in his ear, "It's okay, honey, just use your diapy." Tommy got eyes as saucers, but was trapped and a few minutes later his squirming stopped. His mom smiled and whispered to him that she'd change him when they were ready. Lily overheard and had to hold her hand over her mouth to hold back her laughter. A stern look from her mother made sure she remembered to support and not make fun of her brother, but she couldn't help but find it very funny seeing her big brother in this predicament.

As they finished getting Tommy ready, Sarah emerged from the other room with a small wicker basket filled with flower petals. "You look absolutely precious, Tommy," she said, her eyes sparkling with gratitude. "Thank you so much for doing this for me." Tommy felt very shy but also a bit pride his aunt's words. "Of course, Aunt Sarah. I'm happy to help," he said, straightening his posture as he posed with the wicker basket. His mother quickly snapped a picture. "Mom," Tommy whined. "Oh, come on, baby, it's just to remember this happy occasion." "I hope to forget it as soon as possible," Tommy said under his breath.

They helped him back out of the dress and his mother took him to the bathroom. She changed him out of his wet diaper and whiped him clean. Then she let him get dressed in his regular clothes, hearing a sigh of relief escape Tommy's mouth. They said their goodbeys and his mother chuckled as Tommy raced to the car, eager to get as far away from the dress as possible.

After the dress fitting, as they got home, Tommy's mom sat him down for a serious talk. "Tommy," she began, "I know this whole flower girl thing is a bit unusual for you, but I really appreciate you stepping in to help your aunt. I know it's a big ask, but I think it's important to be open to new experiences, even if they seem a bit strange at first." Tommy nodded, understanding the sentiment behind his mom's words. He knew she was trying to help him feel more at ease with the upcoming role at the wedding. "And there's one more thing," his mom continued. "I think it might be a good idea for you to try wearing a diaper for a little while before the wedding. That way, you can get a bit accustomed to the feeling, and it might help you be more at ease on the big day." Tommy's eyes widened in surprise. "Wearing a diaper before the wedding? But Mom, that's so embarrassing!" he exclaimed, feeling a rush of apprehension at the thought.

His mom placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. "I promise it's just to help you feel more comfortable, and it's only temporary until the wedding. It's all part of getting into the flower girl spirit, and I know you can handle it." Reluctantly, Tommy agreed, feeling a mix of reservation and determination to make the best of the situation. As his mom led him to his room to change him into a diaper again, Tommy's heart was pounding with a mix of embarrassment and uncertainty. He couldn't believe he was about to go through with this, but he also knew that he had agreed to try it and didn't want to let his mom down.

Once in his room, his mom laid out everything they needed on his bed – the same diapers as before, wipes, and the powder. Tommy fidgeted nervously, feeling a rush of apprehension as he glanced at the unfamiliar items. "Okay, Tommy," his mom said with a gentle smile, "let's get you ready. It's important to make sure you're comfortable. I promise this will only be for a little while." With a deep breath, Tommy reluctantly nodded, trying to muster up some courage for what was about to happen. His mom carefully unfolded one of the diapers and gestured for him to lie down. As he did, he couldn't help but feel a wave of self-consciousness wash over him. As his mom skillfully fastened the diaper around him, Tommy squirmed a bit, feeling incredibly awkward about the whole situation. However, his mom spoke soothingly to him, reassuring him that it was all part of the process and that it would be okay. Once the diaper was secured, Tommy stood up and waddled around a bit like before.

"See," his mother said, "You'll need to get accustomed to walking around in your diaper, so you'll not fall over at the wedding." My diaper, Tommy sighed in thought, how much worse could this get? Then he tried to pull his pants back on, only to realize that they were too tight to fit comfortably over the bulk of the diaper. He felt a pang of frustration, wondering how he was going to face anyone like this. At that moment, his giggling sister, Lily, peeked her head into the room. "What's taking so long, Tommy? Can I come in?" she asked, trying to stifle her laughter. Tommy sighed in exasperation, feeling utterly mortified by the whole situation. "My pants don't fit over this stupid diaper," he muttered, feeling a bit defeated.

"Your diapers, aren't stupid," his mother corrected him. "They're there to help you get through the wedding without accidents." His mother probably thought about him falling over but to him and also Lily, an 'accident' had a totally different meaning. Lily's eyes widened with amusement as she let out a giggle again, seeing her big brother trying to pull his jeans over his thick diaper. But then, with a glint in her eyes, she brightened up with an idea. "Wait here, Tommy! I have just the thing!" she exclaimed, disappearing from the doorway. A few moments later, Lily returned, holding up an old dress of hers that she had outgrown. "You can wear this instead of your pants! It's perfect for a flower girl like you," she said, beaming with mischief.

Tommy's jaw dropped at the sheer absurdity of the situation. "I can't wear that!" he yelled. "Stop screaming," his mother said. "You're sister is very kind to let you wear her old dress. Besides you'll be wearing a dress at the wedding and this is the perfect opportunity for you to practice wearing one. "Why would I need to practice wearing a dress?" - "Because you'll feel much more at ease on the big day when you're accustomed to it," his mother explained with a tone that stopped any further arguing from his part. "And you don't want to go round the house with your diaper on show for everyone, now will you?" she added. "No, I guess not," Tommy replied defeated. "I can't believe I'm doing this," he muttered, taking the dress from Lily and slipping it on over his head.


As he looked at himself in the mirror, he couldn't help but cringe at the sight. The dress was a bit too short and looked rather silly, but at that moment, he realized that sometimes, embracing the unexpected and finding humor in the most unusual situations was the best way to face challenges. At least it did cover up the diaper, but only barely. Tommy followed his mom out of the room, feeling self-conscious at every step he took and he wondered in fear about what else the flower girl adventure might bring.

As Tommy and his family settled in to watch a movie together after the diaper experience, Tommy couldn't shake off the feeling of wearing something unfamiliar and the nervousness that came with it. Despite his efforts to relax and enjoy the movie, he found it difficult to concentrate on the plot as he fidgeted in his seat. As the movie progressed, Tommy began to feel the familiar sensation of needing to use the bathroom. He shifted in his seat, hoping the feeling would pass, but it only grew stronger. Reluctant to interrupt the movie or draw attention to his predicament, he hesitated to ask if they could pause for a bathroom break. Unfortunately, as the minutes passed, Tommy's efforts to hold it in became increasingly futile. He squirmed in his seat, hoping against hope that he could make it to the end of the movie without any incident. However, the pressure became too much for him to bear, and to his dismay, he realized that he had had an accident in his diaper.

A wave of embarrassment washed over him as he felt his cheeks flush with heat. He hoped that no one had noticed, but the telltale warmth and the discomfort of the wet diaper made it clear that the accident hadn't gone unnoticed. Tommy's mom, sensing his distress, leaned over and whispered, "Tommy, it's okay. accidents happen. Let's take care of this after the movie, and then we can watch another one." Relieved that his mom was understanding, Tommy relaxed a bit as he watched the rest of the movie. The whole time he kept getting distracted by the warm and comfy feeling of his wet diaper.

When the movie was over his mom announced someone needed a change before they started the next one, causing a giggle from his sister. Tommy blushed and followed her to his room. As she removed the wet diaper and changed him into a fresh one, he couldn't help but feel a mix of embarrassment and frustration. However, his mom's reassuring words and understanding helped him feel a bit better about the situation. Returning to the living room, Tommy found that his family members were supportive and nonjudgmental, and they quickly continued watching the next movie as if nothing had happened. Even though he was still a bit embarrassed, Tommy felt grateful for his family's understanding and support during the unexpected mishap. As the movie came to an end, Tommy realized that despite the embarrassment of the accident, he had learned an important lesson about facing unforeseen challenges with grace and finding comfort in the support of loved ones. He knew that he could handle whatever life threw at him, and that he was surrounded by people who would stand by him, no matter what.

After the movie, as the evening drew to a close, Tommy's mom noticed that he seemed a bit subdued after the incident with the diaper. Sensing her son's unease, she decided to take a few extra moments to make sure he felt comforted and reassured before bedtime. So, as the family prepared for the night, Emily approached him with a gentle smile. "Tommy, I know today has been a bit unusual, but I want you to know that accidents happen, and it's okay. You've been so brave, and I'm proud of you for handling everything so well," she said, her eyes reflecting warmth and understanding. Tommy nodded, feeling a mix of relief and gratitude at his mom's comforting words. "Thanks, Mom. I'm sorry about the accident," he murmured, feeling a bit sheepish. His mom hugged him gently, offering reassurance. "There's nothing to be sorry about, Tommy. I'm just glad you're okay. Remember, accidents happen and you were wearing your diaper, so it's not a poblem," she said, her tone filled with empathy.

After the reassuring embrace, Tommy's mom led him to his room and helped him get ready for bed. She tucked him in with his favorite stuffie and sat down beside him, smoothing back his hair and offering a few words of encouragement. "Remember, tomorrow is a new day, and I'm always here for you. You're such a caring and brave young man, and I know you can handle anything that comes your way. I love you, Tommy," she said, planting a gentle kiss on his forehead. As Tommy's mom switched off the light and closed the door, Tommy felt a sense of warmth and comfort wash over him. Despite the unexpected challenges of the day, he knew that he was surrounded by love and support, and that he could face whatever came his way with courage and resilience. As he drifted off to sleep, he felt a sense of peace and gratitude for his family's understanding and encouragement. He knew that he could always rely on their unwavering support, no matter what challenges lay ahead.

[Story written with the help of AI - images created with an AI art generator]

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summer camp

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i enjoyed summer camp and i hope this one turns out just as good


Thank you! It's going to be a short story, this one.


Why not his sister?

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I'm confused why Tommy was asked to replace Marcy if his sister is 2 years younger than him and presumably closer to Marcy's age and clothing size.


Hi, although younger she's a bit bigger than her brother.