The Double Date

I could feel my stomach flip-flop. “No! Jacob, Why Me? Why does it have to be me?” I ask knowing that I would be disappointed in his answer. His plans always end up with the same result. He gets the girl and I get something broken. I’ve known the guy for 10 years. I was six when he and his family moved in next door. We both started out as average kids. He grew up handsome. I just grew… Kind-of.

The Double Date

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I could feel my stomach flip-flop. “No! Jacob, Why Me? Why does it have to be me?” I ask knowing that I would be disappointed in his answer. His plans always end up with the same result. He gets the girl and I get something broken. I’ve known the guy for 10 years. I was six when he and his family moved in next door. We both started out as average kids. He grew up handsome. I just grew… Kind-of.

“Oh, come off it Cammy,” he chides, the nickname was a joke that stuck. Street Fighter 3. I knew I was dead the moment I switched from Guile in a PvP. Everyone calls me Cam or Cammy. They still did even after I had my long blonde hair cut short three years ago. I blame Marissa, my sister, who just had to put my hair in braids. I’m not sure who actually calls me Cameron anymore. Jacob continues. “you say that as if you can get a date on your own?” I knew I had to wipe that stupid smirk on his face, but that would have to wait for later. “Besides, she tells me that she thinks you’re cute.”

“What do you think?”

“I think you and Rhianna could get along nicely.”

“Rhianna? Does that mean she’s given up on dating girls?”

Jacob brows push together. “What?”

“You are dense aren’t you?” A self satisfied grin comes off his face and beams across mine. “Didn’t think of everything this time around, did you? What happened Jacob, don’t you always have all the angles covered?” Jacob thought that getting a date with Cheyenne would be easy. She just asked him to find a date for her friend Rhianna and they’d double. I guess he didn’t know Rhianna’s preferences at the time Cheyenne raised the condition. I knew it, all the girls knew it.

“Well, we could still double, you could come in ‘drag’. You know, like those bad sitcoms?” he says laughing off the idea.

“You watch too many of those stupid movies. Besides you could get any girl you want. Why Cheyenne?”

“Because, I think she might be the one.” He says with a sadness that would make anyone’s heart ache. I’m not ‘anyone’. Just the one that seen him date all the wrong women. He loses interest in them quickly. None really shared his interests. The relationships were all doomed to failure from the start. He’d just date a girl because she was ‘hot’ and when that chilled, he’d find another ‘warm body’ that’s what all the girls say.

“The one, huh? And what makes you say that?” recounting just how many times he’s said that to me.

“What makes you so cynical?” His eyes looks hurt. I’m unmoved, I’ve been on the receiving end of Jacob’s fallout before. My nose is still crooked from the last scheme which lead to the fight at Roman’s. Jacob can’t fight worth a lick, but he can duck a punch remarkably well. Roman’s fist had to be stopped by something. I guess my nose was just conveniently placed. The girl with Roman didn’t know he had a violent temper. Jacob wanted to give her a live demonstration. I got a trip to the ER. Roman got a trip to the Police Station. Jacob got the girl. They dated for a few weeks, got bored of each other and parted as friends. Only Jacob.

He must have seen me rub my nose. “Oh, right. Sorry man. How was I suppose to know that you were standing behind me.”

“You mean other than you saying be sure to ‘back me up?’ Haven’t got a clue.”

“Why don’t you just have one of the girls that drip off of you date Rhianna?”

“Nah, they’d probably think I wanted to have them as my date rather than Cheyenne.” I shook my head. He might be right, but I’m not sure if I be any better as a double.

“I need someone that won’t be interested in dating me. Cheyenne mentioned that Rhianna did say you were cute ‘when you’re all cleaned up’.”

“Let me get this straight. You’ve decided that you want me in drag on a double date with you because ‘I wouldn’t be interested in dating you?’ How arrogant are you?”

He flashes a smile. I grumble.

“As much as I’d like to have my nose straighten by another one of your schemes, I’ll pass.”

Without batting an eye, “Would your sister do it?”

I respond on instinct. “No! And I’m not asking! It’s your scheme you can go ask her. Just leave me out of it.”


Marissa walked into our living room grinning from ear to ear. “Wow, I never figured you’d go for another one of Jacob’s stupid plans. I’d love to help with it. Are you sure you won’t get hurt again?”

I mute the TV. “What? I didn’t agree to anything.” I say in vain trying to keep her from meddling ”I think my last words to him was ‘leave me out of it.’” Marissa looks puzzled.

“Then why did he ask me to help you get ready for the date? He even gave me a box of stuff for you to wear.”

“Don’t know, and I really don’t care.” I unmute the TV and settle back on to the couch, hoping she’d stay out of it.

“So, you’re turning down a date with Rhianna Hobbs.” I mute the TV again and it’s my turn with the puzzled look.

“Why, what’s so special about Rhianna Hobbs? It’s not like she famous or anything.”

“No, but her dad is Harvey Hobbs.” I’m already irritated at how Marissa is beating around the bush.

“Okay, whose Harvey Hobbs?”

An even wider grin grows on her face. “President of ONI Financial. Ring a bell?”

“Nope, so the girl is probably loaded, what do I care?”

“Where’s your summer internship? You know, the one you kept bragging about that would get you into Baxter University in two years?”

“ONI… Shit!”

“Think her daddy would have something to say about your internship?”

I settle down quickly. “Why would he care. I mean if he such a big shot then he wouldn’t care. And besides, wouldn’t it be worse if I pretended to be a girl to date the president’s daughter? That’s gotta sound way worse. People are going to think that the only reason I got the internship was by dating the president’s daughter. I may as well kiss that internship goodbye; it would be tainted.”

“I guess you’re right.” Her face darkens just a bit. “There’s something more to this story. I’m almost afraid to ask.”

“What’s your angle sis? The truth. You were never this interested in my love life.”

“What makes you say that?” she asks, baiting me.

“Fine.” I unmute the TV and settle back into the couch.

Jacob walks into the living room, I knew I should have lock the front door. “Hey, why aren’t you trying on the stuff I gave to Marissa?”

“Because I didn’t agree to anything and you lied to my sister about it. Care to go for strike three?”

“Come on man! You’ve got to help me with this.” I flip the channels again hoping for something to watch. “Dude, can you just have my back for once?”

“I’ve always had your back!!!”

“Then why stop now?”

“Go home, Jacob.”

I see Jacob glance at his watch then plops himself down on the love seat. My phone on the coffee table rings. ‘Unknown caller’ I look over at Jacob wondering if he has one more trick up his sleeve. I answer my phone.

“Cammy! It’s good to hear your voice, I’m so relieved that Jacob gave Cheyenne the right number. She filled me in on the plan this morning. I’m so glad you’re coming out, we’re going to have so much fun. I can’t wait. See you tomorrow night?”

“Ummm.” I look up at a grinning Jacob.

“Oh no… You’re not having second thoughts are you? I know how hard it can be to step out of the closet, but I think if you gave it a chance, you might enjoy yourself.”

“Out of what closet? It’s perfectly natural for a guy to go out with a girl, you know.”

“Oh Cammy, you had me going there. I’ll see you tomorrow night. Bye!”

“So, you going to stand her up?” Jacob smiles grows wider.

“No.” I say dejected.

“See you tomorrow night. Oh and try not to look prettier than Cheyenne.” The smile turns to a smirk as he walks out our front door.

I sit there smoldering. ‘Try not to look prettier than Cheyenne, huh?”

I walk up the stairs to Marissa’s room give a sigh and knock on her door. She has everything laid out for me. “Checkmate?” she says as I push her door open.

“How did you know I’d do it?”

“Cause your not a jerk and you hate the idea of people thinking that you could be one.” I walk over and sit on her bed. “As character flaws go, that’s not a bad one.” She says while looking for jewelry to match.

I look over at the clothes laid out on the bed. “Jeans, a tanktop, moto-jacket and boots? That’s what he gave you for me to wear for my ‘date’? I’ve got that stuff in my own closet. He really doesn’t want me to outshine Cheyenne.”

“Outshine Cheyenne? What, were you expecting a skin tight dress, heels and a blonde wig? You know, Rhianna doesn’t date ‘barbie dolls’. Besides, it’s a great outfit for you for a first date.”

“Did he say where we were going for the date?”

“I think he said dinner at Gables and then the rest of the night at Storm. You’re all 16 so there’s no way you are going to a bar. Storm’s an underage club, just soda & fruit juices, arcade, and music.”

“Dinner at Gables? That’s going to really hurt my wallet. Especially, if I’m paying for mine and Rhianna.”

“You could go dutch.”

“Or we could stick Jacob with the bill. See, I can be a jerk.”

Marissa give me a derisive look. “No, you can’t.”

“Ugh fine… Now, let’s do something about this outfit. Maybe we should ‘barbie’ it up a bit.”

“Why would you want to do that? Are you trying to ruin your date?”

“No, I just don’t want to give the wrong impression.”

“By what, being too girly for her? Come on Cammy, who are you trying to fool?”

“Nobody, besides Jacob, ummm… he asked me specifically, not ‘to look prettier than Cheyenne’.”

“Ohhh, sounds like someone’s jealous.”

“Of Jacob? Of course not.”

She passes me a look. “‘Green with envy’ and wicked? That’s new coming from you. I like it. What did you have in mind?”


“Cam, don’t you think that’s a bit overboard? I mean why are you trying to turn her off?” I walk into Marisssa’s room, my new blonde tresses fall off my shoulder and brush my cheek. After calling in a few favors of my own, I think it turned out well.

“Too much?”

“I’ll say. How on earth did you get your hair like that?” The favor I was referring to was having extensions knitted into my own hair. It looked pretty good from what I saw of it. Sarah’s a wiz when it comes to hair and makeup. “Is there something you want to tell me?”

“Nah. It’s just temporary.”

“Temporary is a wig, this is a bit much. And who did your makeup? I was supposed to help you with that?”


“Barton? Cheyenne’s sister?”

“Yup! That’s the one.”

“How? I mean why? Are you sure you don’t have something to tell me?”

“No, so where’s the dress?”

“Oh, I’ve got a better idea for what you can wear, Cammy. But, why go through all this trouble? Why are you really trying so hard to turn off Rhianna?”

Marissa pulls out a gold foil dress that she says is a sheath dress. “Since I don’t fit in this I’d love for you to wear it.”

I study the dress on the hanger wondering just how I would fit into such an outfit. I wriggle into the tight dress and it barely zips closed. I’m breathing shallow, but it looks like it will hold.

“Here.” She hands me a pair of flat sandals. “There is no way you’re going to be able to walk in heels.”

“Thanks.” A knock on our front door. Marissa looks out her bedroom window to our driveway.

“They’re here. This should be fun. Wait up here until I tell you to come down.” Marissa giggles. I give the bottom of my dress a tug so it just ends just above my knees.

“Cammy? Are you ready up there?” I hear my sister call from downstairs. I check myself in her floor length mirror and give my hair a toss, finger combing it. I’d take a deep breath, but I can’t in this dress. It’s pretty sturdy for a really delicate looking dress. I grab the small clutch and try to make my way down the stair. Marissa is grinning like she can barely contain herself. Rhianna’s eyes are as wide as… Jacob’s. Cheyenne’s eyes are narrow as a razor’s edge. I could see she’s already fuming. I think she realized what happened to her extensions. I did give Sarah enough money to replace them. Well that and I think Jacob is drooling.

“Are you all ready to go?” I coo softly to the trio. The room is silent.

Rhianna walks over to me. Jacob started to do the same, but he must have seen her make the first move. “Cammy, is that you?”

I look down at my chest, “Mostly.” She gives me a smile and shakes her head containing a giggle.

“Jacob, what’s going on here?” Rhianna asks. Jacobs eyes are glued on me. So are Cheyenne’s though I’m pretty sure she’s thinking ‘I’m going to rip her hair out.’, he’s thinking ‘I’d like to watch.’ “Jacob?”

“Ummm. I gave… Cammy, what happened to the outfit I brought over?”

“I decided to wear this instead, you like?” I gush.

Jacob swallows hard. He’s choosing his words carefully.

Before he can form another coherent thought, Rhianna cuts him off. “Well I wasn’t expecting you to… Cammy, You look nice, actually.” she says warmly.

“So, where are we headed? Jacob here was a bit light on the details.”

“You’re right Cammy, I am feeling a bit lightheaded. Just give me a minute.” That earned an eye roll from Cheyenne and a giggle from Marissa and Rhianna.


Dinner was interesting. Cheyenne and Jacob took turns stealing glances at me. Rhianna tried to keep the conversation light.

Interestingly enough Jacob took care of the bill. Cheyenne excused herself from the table dragging Rhianna with her. Rhianna tried to grab my hand to take me with her but a quick look from Cheyenne left her hand retreating from mine. That left me alone with Jacob.

“Cammy, would you tone it down a bit?”

“Tone what down Jacob?” I ask softly as I slowly unravel one of the after dinner mints and place it on my tongue.

“What’s going on with you? You’ve been weird since this evening got started.”

“Me? You’re the one drooling all over me. This was your stupid idea remember. To get a date with Cheyenne. How’s that going by the way?”

“My date is fine. Cheyenne’s fine.”

“Then you haven’t noticed the looks she’s been giving me all night.”

“You’re being paranoid. Everything is fine. Rhianna seems to like you.”

“That’s the one thing I didn’t want to come out of this night.”

“Is that why you look like every guy’s ‘wet dream’?”

“Don’t be crass.” I chide.

“The outfit I brought to you was supposed to keep Cheyenne from being self-conscious. You blew that out of the water with that outfit.”

“Well excuse me for wanting to look nice for my date.”

“Bull. You’re going out of your way to make sure Rhianna isn’t interested. Well Cammy, it looks like it’s backfiring.”

“Well I think I have to deal with her later. And what do you care, you’ve never been interested in my love life!”

“Would you keep it down.”

“Why? Afraid I’d make a scene?”

“Quit being hysterical.” Just then the waiter passes Jacob a note. He reads it and give me an odd look.

I already know what the note says. Cheyenne wrote it a week ago when she and Sarah agreed to my plan. Cheyenne was supposed to give it to the waiter to pass to Jacob.

We really hope you give Cammy a chance. She’s wanted an evening alone with you for so long. We’re rooting for the two of you!

He stands from his chair and walks over to me. “Was this your plan?”

I smile. “You say that like I can’t get a date on my own.”

“You could have just asked.”

“No, this was much more fun.” I say with a wicked grin.

He leans in for a kiss. I let him.

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