Cold Comfort

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I have been thinking about my many friends here who have sacrificed so much, just for showing the world who they are — their deepest, truest selves. Thinking about how hard the holidays are for them. And this came to me. It’s dark, and I apologize for that.

Cold Comfort

Oh, there’s turkey in the oven
and Wild Turkey in the flask!
And there’s gravy and there’s stuffin’
You don’t even have to ask!

Oh please join us, if you’re able
And we’ll open up a cask,
Oh there’s room around the table,
If you’ll only wear your mask.

For it’s Christmas and we’re jolly
Uncle Andrew brought the tree,
There are garlands and there’s holly,
Oh you really have to see!

Oh we’ll hail you and wassail you,
But dad gave us one small task:
For its on a cross we’ll nail you
If you ever drop your mask.

Oh please join us, if you’re able
And we’ll open up a cask,
We’ll make room around the table,
But you have to wear your mask.

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Andrea Lena's picture

Just sigh.....


To be alive is to be vulnerable. Madeleine L'Engle
Love, Andrea Lena

Wear Your Mask

I was raised in a community of Scandinavians and Germans. We knew the line and walked it.

"Hunting accidents" were common.



Angela Rasch (Jill M I)


joannebarbarella's picture

No need to be specific.

Uncle Andrew

Robertlouis's picture

I know that it strays from your very powerful message, Emma, but in the UK nowadays, Uncle Andrew is just one of the less disparaging names applied to our paedophile prince of that name, dragged blinking into the light with the latest publication of Jeffrey Epstein’s lists of friends.

Despite the royal establishment’s best efforts to rehabilitate him, these latest revelations should surely finish him once and for all.

No innocent man pays a woman $12,000,000 to buy her silence, whether he’s a prince - or a former president.


The Cold Truth.

Sunflowerchan's picture

In less than two hundred words you have summoned up the darkness of the holiday. A true tour de force of your creative talent. Thank you dear Emma for this short, but lovely poem. I have found those who suffer the most in the holiday season, are often those who keep the spirit of the holiday closet to there soul. In that I mean, they understand the plight of those no so blessed and are more in touch with the Christ Child and the Holy Family, shivering in a animal hut on the wind swept streets of Bethaham. I close this review saying this, you are a treasure and you have unmatched skill in putting into words the true emotions of the human soul.

So dark!

Perhaps inapproriate after reading this, but I honestly wish you a Happy New Year.
PS. I hope you are not feeling overwhelmed by your New Year Challenge -- it's almost exhausting me, and I'm simply reading them without having to mark them too. Truly you have fashioned a rod for your own back.

You are an Angel Emma

Dee Sylvan's picture

It's darkest before the dawn. What are you so afraid of Andrew? What have I done to you?

Experiencing the darkest holiday season of my life has been liberating for me. Friends, true friends, and new friends have given me hope, to replace the darkness.

Emma, Jill, and Joanne have rallied the girls from around the world. This contest has been a blessing for me, and the comment incentive was also a stroke of genius. So many talented authors pouring out their hearts and souls is uplifting and electrifying to me.

So, bring it on 2024! Here I am, give me your best shot, because I am not going away. :DD TAF


Thank you, dear friends

Emma Anne Tate's picture

Thank you, 'Drea, Jill, Joanne, Robert, Rebecca, Dave, and Dee. You are all there when I'm laughing, but you stick around when this is all I can do. There are days when all of the pain -- not mine so much, but of all of our dear sisters -- just overwhelms me. When all I can hear is a voice that says, "I tell you that if [you] keep silent, the very stones will cry out."


Big hugs

Erisian's picture

-Offers big hug...and then another-

To quote U2:

Some days are sulky, some days have a grin
And some days have bouncers and won't let you in
Some days you hear a voice
Taking you to another place
Some days are better than others...

With all that you've written and done for BCTS, thank you for being a different voice that offers to take people here to other and better places... <3