The Ballet Game - Chapter 5

Jimmy attempts to recover from the night before, and manages to latch on to some degree of normalcy by the end of the school day.

The Ballet Game

Chapter 5

By Beffy Flowers

Jimmy woke with a start to find Mrs. Dale softly shaking his ankle. "Wake up Jimmy, you'll be late for school!" Once again, he had tossed the sheets off in his sleep and most of his white legs were in plain view on the bed. Mrs. Dale's hand slid down to his foot as she walked around towards one of the windows, rubbing the arch through his tights in a sign of gentle affection for the boy. "You're going to have to stay with the girls after school today while they take ballet class. I am picking you all up after work to do a little shopping."

Jimmy instinctively wanted to hide under the sheets as he had the previous morning, but decided that was silly. She had already seen him in this little outfit, and the light touch of her hand through the tights felt even more curious and compelling than the few steps he took through the deep carpet in tights last night. He felt no great surprise that this garment which had so intrigued him on the legs of all the girls at school for so long was just as evocative and tingly draped over his own body.

Mrs. Dale finished opening the window shades, smiled warmly at Jimmy, and left. He got up and smoothed his nightie down to cover as much of his thighs as possible, then followed her down into the kitchen.

This time, Jenny was already sitting at the table–she beamed at him as he walked in. "Good morning, bed-face! Did you sleep well?"

"Um, yeah, I guess so. Your bed is real nice, Jenny." he sat down and poured himself some cereal. He spilled a few flakes when he felt Jenny's feet clamp around his ankle under the table.

"How did you like wearing my tights to bed? Did you stay warm enough? Do you like them?" she whispered, her eyes agleam. Jimmy's face was reddening fast. "I love how they feel under the covers–smooth!" She punctuated this last comment by running a toe up his calf.

"They feel–good. I, um, I guess I like them" his voice soft and low. He flinched as her foot slid back down to his foot, tickling him. Jenny giggled as she withdrew.

"Jenny, Jimmy's going to have to tag along with you to ballet today, remember, so I want you to be nice to him and not tease him too much." Mrs. Dale walked around and put a hand on each of their shoulders. Jimmy's mind involuntarily focused on nightie straps, both his and Jenny's. "You've both been on such good behaviour so far, I hope you can keep it up the rest of the week!"

They finished eating breakfast in a jovial mood, talking about some of their teachers. When Jenny left to go up to her room, Jimmy couldn't help but look at her, so he masked his furtive glance by arising himself, beginning to clear the table. In an electric moment of deja-vu, he caught "her" taking a sidelong look at *his* legs from over her shoulder! Mrs. Dale startled him by grabbing the milk carton out of his hands to lighten her coffee. She seemed oblivious to what was going on.

As he walked up the stairs, still abit dazed by this secret chemistry, he heard Laura emerge from the family room, rushing through the kitchen. "Hey Jenn, I'm way late. Can you go grab me some pantyhose? Just toss them down the stairs and–oh, sorry Jimmy! From down here you looked just like Jenn from behind. Wow, nice legs!"

Laura's mock leer and winking eye brought renewed tingles to Jimmy, as well as a reaction from underneath his panties. He reached the top of the stairs, smoothing his nightie down self-consciously, and called back down "Um, yeah, Jenny asked me to wear her tights to bed last night." Laura nodded approvingly with a smile. "Uh, it sounds like she's taking a shower, so..."

"Oh, can you go get some for me, sweetie? I just got a run, and I am so late I'm going to change into them at school. Pretty please? They're in my top drawer. Grab any pair you can find in suntan!"

He found himself silently craving each assault on his masculinity as soon as it came at him, even as his resulting arousal became a liability. Jimmy hurried into her room and opened her dresser to find all manner of lacy underwear, bras, and similar garments. To one side was a jumble of tangled hosiery. Hands slightly trembling, he pulled out one leg of a pair of pantyhose, and had to unravel it from the others.

He'd seen pantyhose before, both on the legs of most of the women in his life and in his mother's laundry basket, but had not yet held a pair in his hands. It seemed like ages since he first walked into Jenny's room and picked up a pair of her underwear, though it had scarcely been a day and a half. He thought fleetingly of how different it was to actually hold (and wear) such things and not just admire them in a catalog.

But Laura was in a hurry. He stifled the urge to examine them more closely. He ran back to the top of the stairs, but Laura was fiddling around with her backpack in the kitchen, so he came bounding down to hand them to her.

"Oh, thank you so much, Jaybird! You're a huge help! These are perfect!" She took the hose in one hand, grabbed the back of his head with the other, and gave him a quick, firm kiss on the lips, her voice amplifying the "mwah" sound. With a wink, she stuffed the nylons into her bag and hurried out the door. Jimmy looked at her legs as she left, trying to see if he could spot the run in the stockings she was wearing, but she was gone too fast.

He went to his room and got his school clothes ready to put on. When he heard Jenny leave the bathroom, he went in with his clothes, reluctantly took off his tights, panties, and nightie, and got in the shower. He could still feel Laura's kiss on his lips, as well as Jenny's, and he found himself wondering about this family that did so much kissing as a matter of routine.

He emerged clean from the shower, got dressed, combed his hair, and then picked up the tights to see if a stain had set from last night's disaster. He panicked when he saw a little white mark, and tried to get it out with a damp washcloth. This made the front of the tights wet, and he couldn't tell if the stain was gone. So he blotted them with a dry towel, got dressed, scooped up the pink panties and nightie, and put everything under his pillow, hoping for the best.

A glance at the clock told him that he was now running late himself, so he hurriedly got his books together and joined Jenny on the way to Mrs. Dale's car for a ride to school. Jenny was in jeans and a t-shirt. The three of them chatted amiably during the ride, and Jimmy started to feel like a normal boy again.

School seemed to pass by quickly that day. Jimmy was not as taken by daydreams as he had been the day before. Perhaps the release he experienced last night was a blessing in disguise. He felt great, aced a pop quiz in math class, played with some friends during recess, and generally forgot all about the confusing tingles of the Dale household.

The tingles came back with a vengeance, however, when Jenny stopped by his locker after the last class and smiled, "Hey Jenny Two, ready for ballet?" A couple of girls turned their heads as they walked by, their faces looking puzzled, and Jimmy faked a laugh, hoping to pass it off as an inside joke.

Sensing Jimmy's embarassment, Jenny, blushed a little herself, "Sorry, I guess I should be more sensitive about your predicament. So you wanna follow me to ballet class? You can just sit in the corner and read or something." Jimmy was grateful for her understanding, and felt a surge of affection for her as he followed her through the school.

As they walked together, their shoulders brushing against each other, Jimmy soon found himself in gently aching anticipation of another night with the Dales. At the same time, he resolved to keep himself from getting as out-of-control excited as he had been late last night. With his mind so focused (and his shoulder lightly atingle), he was completely unprepared for what he was about to see in Jenny and Laura's ballet school.

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