Tales of the Season: Charlene's Story - Chapter 14


Another BigCloset TopShelf story. Charlene's first 'Punishment' at the hands of Ms. J. Thompson.


Tales of the Season : Charlene's Story


Lisa Elizabeth

Chapter Fourteen

The First Days of ‘Little’ Charlene

The two students entered Charlene’s bedroom. Joan led Charlene to her vanity and had her sit facing the mirror. "There are a few things that need to be done here. We need to fix your hair and then redo your lipstick. I’m afraid the hairstyle Marie let you have is not acceptable for this punishment." Joan proceeded to show Charlene how to do her hair in high pigtails. She used two pink ribbons to hide the hair bands and to add to the childish appearance. She then had Charlene redo her pink ‘Cupid’s Bow’ lips. When that was completed, she led the new four-year-old over to her bed and the shelf of dolls that sat next to it. "You need to pick out your favorite dolly. Part of this is that you will carry your dolly everywhere for the time you are dressed like this. Tomorrow for lunch, remember your dolly as well or your time in this ‘reminder’ will most likely be extended."

Charlene looked over the shelf of dolls. She really hadn’t noticed what they looked like before now, she hadn’t spent much time alone in her bedroom to actually look over everything that was there. Joan sat quietly while Charlene looked over all her choices. "I never really had time to look at all these dolls before. I mean it was either dark or Marie was here getting me dressed. It has to be one of these two." Charlene held up two dolls about the size of a newborn baby. "I think I like the one with brown hair better. What do you think?" She asked holding the two dolls out for Joan’s inspection.

"It has to be YOUR favorite doll. I like them both. The brunette has a dress that is similar in color and style to the one you are wearing. It would be a good choice. Just be sure it is your favorite, Aunt Jane will ask you why it is your favorite doll and will expect an honest answer." Joan commented, "So what are you going to name her?"

Charlene placed the blonde-headed doll back on the shelf and looked at the one she was still holding. After a couple of moments thought she said, "Gretchen! Her name is Gretchen. She reminds me of a girl from my third grade class, so it will be easy to remember."

"Gretchen! A lovely name for a dolly." Jane’s voice came from the doorway. "I see you are teaching Charlene about the rules. I just stopped to inform you we are having a light tea at four o’clock. Do be sure our young Miss is on time."

"Yes, Aunt Jane." Came the reply from Joan. Jane turned and left the doorway, leaving the two girls alone again.

"Where did she come from? I mean I didn’t hear her come up the steps, did you?" Charlene asked Joan.

"Aunt Jane has a way of being where you least expect her. She ALWAYS manages to show up at the strangest times. That is one reason you need to be in character at all times. Dressed as you are, there are rules for your behavior and speech patterns. You have to follow them even when you think you are alone. As you can see Aunt Jane shows up at the most surprising times."

"No joke! She must have a transporter or something." Charlene said shaking her head.

"You would think so! But I haven’t seen the console around here." Joan giggled. "Time to show you the rest of what is required. Come along." Joan held out her hand. Charlene took Joan’s hand and followed her out of the bedroom.

They went downstairs, past the conservatory and the student study to a room Joan called the nursery. This was a nice large room with lots of windows showing the fields and pastures beyond Jane’s rose garden. It had a light and airy feeling when you walked into the room. The first thing Charlene noticed was all the furniture sized for someone very small. Like when she went to her brother’s kindergarten classroom on parent's conference day. There was only one adult sized chair in the room and it was an overstuffed armchair in one corner with a floor lamp next to it.

"This is the nursery. Today, you and I will be here until four o’clock. Part of that time I will be teaching you what is expected and the rest we will be doing exactly what is expected of you." Joan was instructing. "First lesson is you will always ask permission to do something. This includes going potty. If you don’t ask, I have to write down the infraction for Aunt Jane. If I don’t, I get to be your ‘playmate’ for the rest of your ‘reminder’ time. So please don’t get angry with me for writing down the things you do wrong, okay?"

Charlene nodded and asked. "I have to ask to go to the bathroom?"

"Yes, you do and you will refer to it as ‘the potty’! I will escort you to the door. It is assumed you are big enough to use the bathroom properly by yourself and not make a mess. You are only allowed to play games and do things a pre-school girl would do. We can play ‘Go Fish’, we can have a ‘Tea Party’, or I can read you a story from the selection of books by the chair. You currently are not dressed old enough to read on your own. There is also a collection of dolls and doll clothes in the cupboard, those are available to you also."

"So I have to act like a pre-schooler? That is so stupid!" Charlene asked.

"That may be, but it is the way Aunt Jane wants you to act in this situation. It is the proper way for you to act IF you had been a four-year-old girl. Your speech has to be that of a young child also. You may refer to me as ‘Aunty Joan’ for our time together. I need you to try to talk in your best ‘little girl’ voice the entire time we are here. Remember, Aunt Jane shows up at the strangest times…" Joan reminded Charlene.

"Little girl voice…Hmm…" Charlene tried to think how she could talk like a little girl. She finally decided that she could try to imitate the way her cousin, Lisa, talked. She was in first grade, hopefully that would be young enough for this…this ‘exercise’ in being a little girl. "How’s this sound Aunty Joan? Do I sound like a little girl?" Charlene squeaked a little on the last part of ‘little girl’.

Joan smiled. "Not bad. Just keep talking that way, it will eventually become more natural. That way you won’t mess up when Aunt Jane is around."

"So what now, Aunty Joan, I’m boring! " Charlene said with a sigh and plopped in one of the small chairs.

"Get up and straighten your petticoats! That will get you in trouble too!" Joan admonished. "I believe you meant you are bored…not boring. There are many things to do. We are going to tea with Aunt Jane at four, how about we have a ‘tea party’ so you learn how grown-ups have tea?"

Charlene thought about it for a moment. "How grown-ups have tea. Don’t you just drink it?"

Joan chuckled at that comment. "Just like a little girl! No my dear, there is a proper way one serves tea to guests. We shall have a tea party so you may play at something age appropriate and learn at the same time." Joan did her best imitation of Jane Thompson. "That way you can be just a little ahead of Aunt Jane, eh?"

"Oh! Okay!" Was the reply.

Joan directed Charlene in what to do and how to set up a small table for a Tea Party. They set the chairs and placed ‘Gretchen’ in one and Joan found another doll she named ‘Betty’ and placed her in another chair. They set out the tea service and napkins and then took their seats to begin.

"I’ll serve the tea so you can learn, then you can do the refills, okay?" Joan asked.

"Sure, that sounds like a …." Charlene remembered she was to use a ‘little girl’ voice. "Oh! That would be great Aunty Joan, I have never been to a tea party before." She put on a big smile.

"I was wondering if you would remember your voice. Very good, Charlene." Joan complimented Charlene.

Charlene smiled and the tea party began…

Joan stood and made introductions of everyone at the table and thanked them for coming to the party. She then proceeded to offer each guest tea, with their choice of cream, sugar or lemon. When all the guests had their tea, she offered each a plate of ‘scones’. When all was served, everyone started to eat her scones and drink the tea.

Charlene thought it was very silly, but knew she had to play along or get a comment written down by Joan. After being asked to refill everyone’s cup and being admonished by Joan for not doing it properly, she was becoming frustrated and her temper was getting short.

"Charlene! This is the third time I have had to correct you on how to serve tea! What is wrong with you?" Joan asked, exasperation in her voice.

Charlene didn’t even try to use her ‘little girl’ voice. "This is really stupid. I mean there isn’t ANYONE in the whole world that does things this F***ing stupid!"

"Where did you learn to talk like that, young lady? Profanity is NOT allowed in this house and you know it! Now, I have to write down that you swore and didn’t use the proper voice during the tea party." Joan picked up the pad and pen on the table.

"I don’t care what you write down, I just feel so…so… so ridiculous sitting here in this dress and playing like I was four-years-old!" Charlene snapped back. She then crossed her arms in front of her and put on a big pout.

Joan actually giggled and then caught herself. "Unfortunately, you look like a little girl with that pout!"

"It’s not funny! I am not a little girl. You can’t make me be one either, so there." Charlene stuck out her tongue at Joan. All that did was cause Joan to break her ‘serious’ look and laugh aloud. "Ms. Jane said you wouldn’t laugh at me, stop it right now!"

"It’s very hard not to laugh when you stick your tongue out like that! That’s not fair!" Joan replied.

"Is too fair!"

"Is not!"

"Is too!"

"Is not!"

"Is too"

"GIRLS! Just exactly what is going on in here?" Jane Thompson said from the door.

Charlene pointed a finger at Joan. "She laughed at me and I told her it wasn’t fair that she did!" Charlene nodded her head and refolded her arms.

"Joan, please explain." Jane raised an eyebrow expectantly.

Joan explained how Charlene had tired of the tea party. She then broke character to express her displeasure and when she stuck out her tongue, it was more than Joan could take and she did in fact let out a laugh.

"I see. Charlene, is there a problem with following my orders that you are to act and play as a young child for two afternoons and evenings?" Jane asked moving her gaze from Joan to Charlene.

Charlene unfolded her arms. "I don’t see the point. I was never a little girl, how would I know or even like what little girls do?"

"I see. Let me put it to you this way. It is true you never lived as a young girl, this ‘exercise’ is to give you a chance to do just that. You are to live as a young girl would. From the experiences gathered from your time in this exercise, you will be able to develop into a lovely young woman, much like Joan." Jane stated. "The purpose is to expose you to those things you have not been exposed to before."

Charlene took a deep sigh. "I still don’t see the point. I’m not a girl! I mean, both of you know that, so like I said, I don’t see the point!"

"Very well. Until we have our tea, you will continue to play, as it is, in this scenario. If you still do not ‘see’ the point, maybe we will have to try something else." Jane Thompson then turned and left the room.

Joan looked at Charlene, a sad smile came to her face. "I do hope you see the point of this before we have tea this afternoon. Otherwise, I have no idea what Aunt Jane will do. I just know it will probably be something that will drive her point home with a sledgehammer! Shall we do something else?"

Charlene decided the best course was to fall back into her ‘little girl’ character and see what happened. Joan’s warning of Jane Thompson’s ability to drive home a point with a sledgehammer really didn’t worry her. How difficult could she make life here? She already had her dressed as a little girl, what more could she do?

She decided they should finish the tea party then play ‘Go Fish’. "Aunty Joan? I want to finish the tea party and then play ‘Go Fish!" She said in her best ‘little girl’ voice.

"Good! Shall we apologize to our guests for the delay?" Joan asked.

So they did the apologies to both ‘Gretchen’ and ‘Betty’ and continued to have a good time discussing fashions, makeup and the day’s news events. When they were finished discussing all the topics, they cleaned up the party and played the card game. Joan won.

"It’s almost time for our tea with Aunt Jane, you had better change Gretchen’s diaper." Joan mentioned.

"What? Why would I need to change her diaper?" Charlene asked.

"When you have your favorite dolly with you, she is like having your own baby. You need to care for her, change her diaper, hug her and feed her. All those things your mommy would do for you when you were little. Think of it as practice for when you grow up and become a mommy!" Joan said.

"Oh! I didn’t know. I thought I just had to take her everywhere as part of this exercise." Charlene replied, forgetting her little girl voice. "Another thing! You know I’ll never be a mommy, so what’s the point?"

"You broke character! You have to learn to stay in the role you are in at the time. Correct your voice!" Joan admonished as she wrote down the infraction. "You have to change your doll’s diaper before we go for tea."

Charlene was surprised by Joan’s response. It took her a moment to recover and then to go back to ‘little girl’ mode. "Sorry Aunty Joan. I didn’t think Gretchen needed changing, thank you for telling me."

Joan showed Charlene how to set up the changing table. She guided her through the proper way to change a diaper and then to hold her baby and praise her for being such a ‘big girl’ during the changing process. They put everything away and left the nursery to have tea with Jane Thompson.

Jane was already in the Parlor when Joan and Charlene entered. Charlene had one hand holding on to Joan and the other carried ‘Gretchen’. They both curtseyed and took their seats next to the small tea service set on a cart.

"Ah, right on time, girls, very good!" Jane praised. "Charlene, would you please pour?"

Charlene turned white. "Me pour? I… I mean… Yes Miss Jane!" The last part back in ‘little girl’ voice. Charlene did exactly as they had during the tea party in the nursery. She asked each person how they would like their tea, then poured and added the appropriate amount of lemon, sugar or cream. When she handed Jane her tea you could see her hands were visibly shaking, some of the tea spilled into the saucer. She did just fine with Joan and Marie though.

When she sat back down, Jane had a puzzled look on her face. "Is something wrong Miss Jane?" Charlene asked.

"Yes dear, are you not feeling well? You did not make a cup for yourself." Jane replied.

"Oh! I forgot!" Charlene’s face turned red as she got back up and made a cup of tea for herself. She placed it on the side of the tray and then offered everyone some fresh sugar cookies that Marie had just taken from the oven. Once everyone was served and gingerly munching on their cookies, Charlene sat down with her tea and cookies. ‘Damn! I can’t even serve tea correctly! We just had that party too! I guess I’ll have to pay more attention next time.’

"Joan dear, how has the afternoon with our young lass been going?" Jane asked.

Joan handed Jane the pad she had been writing things upon. "So far not too badly, Aunt Jane. After you stopped in for a visit, Charlene started to get into the spirit of the games."

"I see. It appears there were only three infractions so far this afternoon, plus the one, just now. I should tell you, Charlene, that if you gather ten infractions during the course of this ‘exercise’, your time as a little girl shall be extended by one full day. That rule applies to each set of instructions I give you. That way the rule never changes, it is a constant." Jane stated in full ‘Headmistress’ mode.

"Yes, Miss Jane." Came the meek little girl reply from Charlene.

The rest of the time was spent discussing the news, fashions and what Marie was making for dinner. Charlene even managed to refill Jane’s tea and deliver it without spilling any on the saucer. She did however have to ask what she wanted with her tea.

Jane made a note that Charlene needed to be reminded of the importance of remembering what her guests had while serving them tea. However, since she had only had one tea party experience before this, it might be best to let things develop over the next few days. ‘I’ll remind Joan about this faux pas.’

Tea was finished and all the cups, saucers and plates returned to the tray. Jane excused the girls to return to the nursery until dinner was served. Once again Joan curtseyed, took Charlene’s hand and they left the Parlor to return to the nursery.

Charlene saw the bathroom as they passed and figured she should use it before going to the nursery. She pulled Joan to a stop in front of the door. Remembering her ‘little girl’ voice, she asked. "Aunty Joan, I need to go potty."

"Alright, I’ll wait right here for you." Joan let go of Charlene’s hand.

You would think that going to the bathroom would be a normal thing for someone fourteen years old. However, since Charlene had never worn so many petticoats and couldn’t even see where she was standing, let alone where to sit to use the potty. The process took a long time to complete. Then she had to reverse everything and rearrange all her petticoats, lay out the dress over them and then figured out how to wash her hands without dripping on the dress. When she finally emerged from the bathroom, she was exhausted! Just from going potty.

"Problems?" Joan asked.

"This dress! It’s next to impossible to rearrange it! I think it would be easier to just take it off!" Charlene replied.

"That would take longer! Believe me, I know!" Joan replied while taking Charlene’s hand and heading for the nursery.

The rest of the afternoon the girls spent playing with the dolls. Charlene had never played with them before so it was a learning experience. The strange part was that ‘Gretchen’ had similar outfits to all the ones that Charlene had changed in and out of over the last two days. Coincidence? Maybe! Charlene couldn’t be sure that somehow Jane Thompson knew she would pick that doll and made sure all the clothes matched!

Charlene remembered to feed, burp and change Gretchen just before they left for dinner. Feeling good about staying in character between tea and dinner, Charlene was actually skipping along next to Joan on their way to the dining room.

When they entered the dining room, Charlene looked around for a chair for Gretchen. The one Joan had used wasn’t there. She decided to play the part as far as she could and put on a great big exaggerated pout!

"Aunty Joan? I can’t find a chair for Gretchen! Where will she sit?" Charlene asked.

Joan looked around the room and nodded. She left the dining room and returned with a doll-sized chair for Gretchen. "This is located right off the hall in the closet. Whenever Marie doesn’t already have it in here for you, you will have to get it yourself."

"Thank you Aunty Joan. Gretchen thanks you too!" Charlene giggled.

Jane Thompson entered for dinner and bade the girls to sit. "So, girls, how is everyone?"

"Fine Aunt Jane" came from Joan.

"Okay, I guess." came from Charlene.

Jane raised an eyebrow. "Okay, you guess?"

Charlene knew the question was coming, after all, Jane Thompson didn’t like the common trivial answer, at least in the time Charlene had been in the house. "Well, Miss Jane, I was happy until we came into this room for dinner. When we got here I couldn’t find a chair for Gretchen, so I was sad. But, Aunty Joan fixed it! So now I’m kind of happy again!"

"Very well! Thank you Joan for correcting the problem. Shall we dine?" Jane returned to her normal self after that. The questions over dinner directed at Joan were items concerning news, fashion and school reports. When Charlene was asked a question it was about the color of her dress, her dolls and if she had fun playing in the nursery this afternoon. The strange part was that Charlene’s meal was already cut into bite sized pieces when it was served and she had a ‘sippy’ cup for her drink. It was obvious by the middle of the meal, Jane was going to enforce the ‘little girl’ status of Charlene.

‘Two can play this game.’ Charlene thought and decided she wasn’t going to eat her vegetables. This did not go unnoticed by the mistress of Season’s House.

"Charlene is there something wrong with the vegetables?" Jane inquired. "You haven’t touched them during the course of the meal."

"I don’t like them." came Charlene’s reply.

"You need to at try everything on your plate. Marie goes to a lot of trouble to choose and serve wonderful meals. It would be an insult to her if you didn’t eat some of everything on your plate." Jane replied.

"They’re yucky! ‘Cause they’re green." Charlene said.

"I see. Well! I guess I can only encourage you to eat your vegetables. I did promise you would not be harmed while you were here. I will repeat myself in that it would hurt Marie’s feelings if you didn’t at least try everything she made for dinner." Jane tried to be coaxing, realizing that Charlene was trying to ‘out play’ her.

Charlene used her unused fork and poked the pile of vegetables. She picked some up and looked at them, made a face and put them back on top of the pile. "I can’t! I’m very, very sorry Miss Marie but I can’t try those, ‘cause they’re still green!" she told Marie.

"Well Mon Petite, I am sorry too. You shall be missing out on something that is wonderful!" Marie stated as she cleared the plates from the table. Marie looked at Jane as she turned to leave for the kitchen. Jane gave her a small nod and smiled.

"Well, that was a wonderful meal. What do you girls have planned for this evening?" Jane asked folding her napkin.

"I thought Charlene and I could take a walk after dinner, then a game and finally I would read a story to her before she goes up for bed." Joan replied.

"Sounds wonderful, Joan. What do you think of the things Joan has planned for tonight, Charlene?" Jane turned to face Charlene.

"Oh! Umm… It sounds very nice! That is if Aunty Joan thinks it’s safe to go outside." Charlene replied in character. There was a touch of nervousness in her voice. The thought of Tom and his son seeing her dressed like a pre-schooler gave her second thoughts about the walk.

At this time, Marie entered the dining room with three desserts on a tray. She served a piece of chocolate cake to Jane, Joan and herself, then topped it off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Placing the tray on the side she seated herself and waited for Jane to start dessert.

Charlene sat there stunned. With surprise in her voice, she looked at Marie. "Don’t I get dessert?"

"You didn’t finish your dinner, young lady!" Came Jane’s curt reply. "Since you would not even try the food on your plate it must be assumed that you are sufficiently full and do not desire dessert!"

"But! But…but…" Charlene sputtered.

"But, nothing! If you do not eat your dinner, you will not get dessert!" Jane cut off Charlene’s response.

"Oh." Came the dejected reply. Charlene put on a big pout and then looked forlornly at Marie.

"That will not work with me, Cherie! I must agree with Miss Jane. You do not finish your dinner, there is no dessert for you." Marie told Charlene.

Charlene sat there watching everyone eat their dessert, she finally decided to ask if she could be excused. "May I be excused please?"

"No, you may not, until Joan is finished eating. Remember, you must be escorted everywhere while performing this learning experience. I will say, you have done well to stay in character for this meal, that makes me think you are learning something from all of this." Jane replied. "Well, that was delicious, Marie. If you will all excuse me, I have things to attend to." Jane rose to leave the room. "Oh, Charlene, it is your turn to help Marie clean up from dinner. You may break character for the time it takes to complete those duties." Jane stated and then left the dining room.

Charlene sat there stunned. ‘I am being treated just like I really was a pre-schooler!’ she thought.

While Charlene sat there pondering her situation, Marie and Joan finished their meals. "Charlene, Mon Petite, we need to clear the table so you can return to your lessons." Marie said softly.

Charlene startled back from her thoughts. "Oh! Okay, Marie. What would you like first?"

Charlene finished her cleanup of the dinner dishes with Marie and returned to the dining room to find Joan waiting for her. "All done?" Joan asked.

Charlene nodded her head. Joan reached out her hand and led Charlene back to the nursery. The rest of the evening Charlene seemed distracted while playing games or dolls. She really didn’t pay much attention to Joan when she was reading a bedtime story to her. Her thoughts were turned inward and she was going over all those things that led up to being here and being treated as a pre-school girl.

"…The End! Wasn’t that a nice story, Charlene?" Joan asked as she put away the book.

"Hmm? What? Oh! Yes it was very nice." Charlene wasn’t in character. She was still lost in her own thoughts about this entire situation.

"You haven’t been here all night, have you? You seem to be very far away from here, mentally." Joan observed.

"What? I do? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to… (Clears throat.)…Sorry Aunty Joan, I was thinking about something else." Charlene returned to her ‘little girl’ voice.

"I noticed! It is now bedtime for you, young lady. Come along, we need to say goodnight before we go upstairs." Joan took Charlene’s hand and they went to say goodnight to Jane.

After curtseying and saying goodnight the two students headed upstairs to Charlene’s bedroom. They found Marie humming to herself while she set out a nightgown and Charlene’s first change of clothes for the morning.

"Hi Marie! I have brought Charlene up for bed. You can drop the little girl act now. Once you are up here for the night, you are allowed to be your correct age again." Joan told Charlene.

Charlene looked suspiciously at Joan. She turned her gaze to Marie and asked, "Is that right Miss Marie? I really don’t want to get into more trouble!"

Marie laughed. "Oui, Cherie! Now that you are here we convert you back to a teenager! Now, I have your bath running, get out of those clothes and hang them up or the water will be cold when you get into it!"

Charlene took off the outrageous little girl dress and hung it up. She then removed the petticoats and hung them. She went into the bathroom and finished stripping, then gladly sank into the foaming suds of the tub.

Marie entered a few minutes later and dropped a pair of panties on the counter. "Enough relaxing, we must get you done and ready for bed! Ms. Jane will be up at eight o’clock to insure that you are changed from a little girl back to a teenager, ready for bed. Now wash and check your legs for hairs." Marie exited the bathroom.

‘Hurry, hurry, hurry! All I DO is hurry! I wonder if I will EVER get some time to be alone and just relax?’ Charlene thought as she checked her legs and underarms. A fast wash, drain the tub, rinse, dry, slip on the pink panties and bra, then out to a waiting Marie. There was a matching pink, waltz-length, satin nightgown hanging on the hook outside the bathroom, Charlene knew to just slip it on and not complain.

Marie instructed Charlene on how to redo her nails, both feet and hands. The color this time was a very soft pink that went well with her nightgown. After her nails were dry, she was told to moisturize her face and she would be done.

As Charlene was finishing moisturizing her face, Jane walked into the room. "Ah! I see you are back to normal for the evening. Have you ‘seen’ any of the reasons you are doing this two day exercise yet?" she asked.

"Well, I’m not sure. Joan explained it as a ‘crash course’ in girlhood. I guess that would be a fair assessment. I’m just not sure what I am supposed to learn from doing it!" came Charlene’s reply.

"I see! Maybe things will become more clear to you in the coming days. Your history indicates that you learn quickly, I expect you will see the reasons for my lessons eventually." Jane looked at her watch. "It is only five after, good! You have an hour and fifty-five minutes to work on your report. The deadline for you to turn it in still stands." Jane turned and left the room.

"My report….OH! My report!" Charlene grabbed the pink robe, thanked Marie for her help and headed for the student study room. She entered to find Joan busily writing her own report. She went to her computer, logged on and started to review the research she had found.

The time passed quickly and in what seemed only minutes, Joan was shaking Charlene’s shoulder to tell her it was time for bed. She saved her work, logged off, shut down everything, and headed for her bedroom. The day must have been more tiring than she thought for she fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.


Jane Thompson turned on the monitor in her bedroom. She had watched Charlene closely throughout the day and peeked in on the nursery a couple of times to see what was going on. Something about Charlene bothered her. ‘She is moving too fast. Thoughtfulness and long quiet periods are not usually something a new student expressed in their first week or two here. Best to turn on the light detectors…’ she flipped a few switches. If Charlene got up during the night and turned on a light, a flashing light and a buzzer would alert Jane.


Charlene had a fitful night. Every time she fell asleep, she would dream of being a girl. She had a dream of being at a school dance and being crowned ‘Queen’. The dress was the one she wore the last two mornings. In another she was dressed as a ‘schoolgirl’ and was being teased and bullied by older boys. The last one she remembered was being a pre-schooler only she was dressed up for a party and everyone was laughing because she was wearing a diaper!

"That’s it!" Charlene threw off the covers and headed for the bathroom. She went in and splashed cold water on her face, trying to shake herself out of the dreams. "I think I could handle the dreams if I just didn’t wake up with an erection every time!" she said to herself in the mirror. "Charlie, old boy, I don’t know what you have gotten into but it is definitely affecting you. But, what to do about it?" Staring at the mirror only confirmed that he looked more like Charlene than Charlie, now. Even in the sweat soaked nightgown, he looked like a girl. That was the disturbing part. Even without makeup, all he could see was the girl Jane Thompson told him he would become. Charlene stared at the mirror for a long time, then splashed some more cold water and tried to return to bed.


Jane woke to the buzzer. She saw the flashing light and jumped out of bed to view the happenings in Charlene’s room. "Everything looks alright so far." She reached for the volume control and turned it up all the way. "Have to wait and see."

Jane listened to the femininely clad boy talk to himself in the mirror. She had to chuckle a little when she realized he was having erotic dreams about his dressing as a girl. "Marie may be right! She is responding quickly to these first steps and the masquerade is having the desired effect already. We will just have to see how this weekend goes, she may be ready to venture out sooner than I planned!" Jane watched until Charlene turned off the light and returned to bed. When she heard a big sigh from the girl she turned down the volume and returned to her own bed. The rest of the night passed in peace.


Charlene lay in bed watching the clock. It is amazing how slowly time passes when your mind is running at light-speed. She couldn’t fall back asleep and was actually afraid the dreams would return, if she did. The clock moved so-o-o slowly. It seemed to take forever to go from two forty-five to three-fifteen. With the adrenaline in her system finally used up, she must have drifted back to sleep the next thing Charlene knew the radio turned on.

A soft female voice announced. "This is NPR’s Weekend Edition…"

Charlene opened her eyes. When she went to get out of bed, something wasn’t right. Once she was up and in the bathroom, she noticed the large, wet, sticky area on the front of her nightgown and in her panties. "DAMN! I thought I had slept without the stupid dreams." Charlene had had ‘wet dreams’ before but she had always awakened from the intensity of the experience. This time it happened and she never woke. While sitting there trying to think what to do, Marie entered the bedroom.

"Charlene, I am here to assist you." Marie said with way too much cheer in her voice.

Charlene quickly closed the door and leaned against it. She would be very embarrassed if Marie knew this had happened.

Marie went to place a clean bra and panty set on the bathroom counter. When she tried the door, it wouldn’t open! "Cherie, are you alright? Why are you holding the door shut?"

"I.. I just… Marie, I don’t want you to see me like this! Just… just, I don’t know, but just leave me be for a few minutes… Please?" Charlene didn’t know what to do.

"Are you sick? Are you hurt? Open the door, Mon Petite, and let me help!" Marie pleaded through the closed door.

Marie thought for a moment. Then decided the only way to get Charlene’s attention was to use her ‘boy’ name. "CHARLES! Open the door! Please!"

Charlene startled at the sound of her real name. She automatically moved away from the door and allowed Marie to enter. She became very embarrassed and turned bright red when Marie started to check her over.

Marie was just making sure she was physically okay, when she saw the wet area of the nightgown. "Oh, Cherie! There is no reason to be upset! I know you are really a boy under all those frills. Many teenage boys have these, nocturnal emissions, while growing up. It is all part of the growing process! Now get out of those clothes and leave them on the sink, I will be back in to leave you clean lingerie and take care of the night dress!" Marie smiled as she started the shower and left the bathroom.

Charlene stood there confused. Marie had bustled in, checked to make sure she was okay, noticed the soaked area of the nightgown and then just passed it off as if it occurred to everyone! The main thing was, she didn’t laugh or make fun of Charlene. THAT is what made Charlene stand there and think for a moment. ‘If I had found someone in this predicament I would have teased them and held it over their head! Hmph! Being embarrassed was bad enough! Being laughed at or teased would have been worse!’

Charlene mulled things over in her mind for a little longer, then decided she had better get in the shower and get going. One thing she had learned, Ms. Jane Thompson was absolute death on being late! She didn’t want to do another report or worse for being late to breakfast.

The routine for the day was the same as the previous two. First breakfast with Jane asking questions about the news and other items of national interest, followed by more dressing and makeup practice.

The first two changes went faster with Charlene only showing up one or two minutes late. She was also getting better at making a circuit of the study with ‘Mr. Webster’ flattening her head.

The third change was a ‘school girl’ outfit. She wore a white blouse, short plaid skirt, white tights and ‘Mary Jane’ style shoes. Her makeup was light with the classic blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick. Her hair was pulled back into a high bouncy ponytail. When she entered Jane’s study she checked the ‘Minnie Mouse’ watch on her wrist, she was two minutes EARLY!! A quick walk around the study and she assumed the required position in front of Jane’s desk.

Jane had watched her during her time in the study. "Very good, Charlene! You not only made it here early, you completed the walk on the first try! As I said yesterday, I believe I can help you learn to be a better person. You learn very quickly!"

While Charlene curtseyed and said, ‘Thank You, Ms. Thompson’. The front door bell rang.

"Would you please answer that, Charlene? Marie is upstairs and I have papers to put away." Jane looked expectantly at Charlene. She smiled inwardly as she saw the girl pale.

Charlene went into ‘fight or flight’ mode when Jane asked her to answer the door. She stiffened up and decided she better answer the front door or something worse than two afternoons as a four-year-old would await her. "Yes, Ms. Thompson." Was her comment as she turned to see who was at the door? ‘I hope it’s just Tom asking her about something in the garden.’

Charlene’s hopes were dashed when she opened the door and there stood a nicely dressed lady carrying a baby. "May I help you?"

"Good morning! I am Melissa Hotchkiss and this is my daughter, Brandy! Jane Thompson asked us to come for brunch this morning. You are?" Melissa asked the stunned Charlene.

"Umm, I’m Charlene Hawkins, (curtsey), won’t you come in?" Charlene stepped back and let Melissa and Brandy in the house. She shut the door and turned to the unexpected guests, "I’ll ask Ms. Thompson where she would like to visit with you." Charlene walked to the study door and knocked.

"Charlene, I’m in here!" Jane’s voice came from behind the girl.

Charlene spun around and saw Jane seated ‘Oh so properly’, in the parlor. Momentarily stunned, she regained her composure and walked to the Parlor door. "Mrs. Hotchkiss and her daughter, Brandy are here."

"Show them in here please." Jane nodded toward the front door. After Charlene turned to invite the guests to join Jane, she smiled. ‘Perfect! Just a little off-balance. Just the way she needs to be at the moment. That school girl outfit is very appropriate too.’

Charlene escorted Melissa and her daughter into the parlor. She was thinking she should make some sort of introduction when Jane spoke.

"It was good of you to come Melissa! I see Brandy is growing very quickly! Have a seat, I’ll ring for Marie." Jane stood and offered a seat to her guest. She went to ring the bell for Marie and stopped. Looking at Charlene she said, "I temporarily forgot that Marie had been working with you this morning, Charlene. Would you please go upstairs and ask her to come down here? I would also like you to assist Marie, since I failed to give her adequate warning of Mrs. Hotchkiss’ arrival."

"Yes, Ms. Thompson." Charlene curtseyed and left to find Marie.

Charlene found Marie waiting for him in her bedroom. "Marie? Ms. Thompson asked me to help you because a Mrs. Hotchkiss and her daughter are here for a light brunch." ‘I think that’s right!’

"She brought Brandy! Wonderful, I’ll bet that little Petite Chou is growing like a weed! Come along, we’ll fix a quick tea and then I can put together a quick brunch for them." Marie shooed Charlene in front of her to the parlor. "Wait! I must see the Petite before I go to the kitchen, Nes Pas?" Marie whisked into the parlor.

Charlene waited in the hall. She could hear Marie cooing and praising the baby for growing so quickly. She sounded like a proud Aunt who hadn’t seen her niece in a long time. A few moments later, Marie hurried out of the room, "Come along, we have lots to do!" Charlene followed as quickly as she could behind Marie.

Once in the kitchen Marie took charge and efficiently put together a tray for tea. Charlene noticed it looked a lot like the tea party set in the nursery. When that was ready, she motioned to Charlene "Take this to the parlor, please. I have to get a light brunch together, when you are finished, please come back to help, Nes Pas?"

"Okay, Marie, be right back!" Charlene grabbed the tray and headed for the parlor.

Charlene walked carefully to the parlor and entered, watching to see where Brandy was located. Seeing she was still on her mother’s lap, she set the tray on the small table next to Jane. "Will there be anything else, Ms. Thompson?"

"Yes, Charlene, please pour." Jane stated and returned to her conversation with Melissa.

‘Please pour? Oh SH**! I mean shoot! I mean…I don’t know what I mean. Think, Charlene, just like the tea party you had yesterday. Just do it the same way Joan showed you…’ went through Charlene’s mind in half a second.

Charlene proceeded to ask Mrs. Hotchkiss her preference and prepared the cup. Melissa indicated she should place it on the table out of reach of Brandy. She then asked Ms. Thompson her preference and prepared her cup, handing it to her without spilling any this time. ‘I should have remembered what she took from yesterday!’ Charlene told herself. When she went to offer the plate of pastries that Marie had put together, Jane stopped her.

"Charlene, I’ll take care of the pastries, thank you for pouring the tea. Would you please take Brandy to the nursery until we come for her? I am afraid Melissa will never get to drink her tea with Brandy in her lap. You had best take the diaper bag with you" Jane raised an eyebrow as a challenge to Charlene.

"I’d be happy to do that for you, Mrs. Hotchkiss." Charlene pasted a smile on her face to cover the genuine fear inside. She picked up Brandy and the diaper bag. She received instructions from Melissa on where to find her bottle, diaper, wipes and a pacifier, if needed, and then left for the nursery.

"Let’s go see if we can find ‘Aunty Joan’ on our way, shall we?" Charlene automatically slipped into her ‘little girl’ voice to speak to Brandy. Charlene went to the kitchen to tell Marie of her new duties, then went to look for Joan.

They looked in the conservatory, library and student study area. Joan wasn’t there. A check of the rose garden and finally a trip up the steps to check her room, still no Joan!

"Well, I don’t know about you, Brandy, but I am getting tired of walking all over the house looking for Aunty Joan. I guess we should go to the nursery." All that got, was a gurgle and a little laugh out of Brandy.

Charlene took Brandy to the nursery; she was trying to figure out what to do with her when she started fussing a little. "What’s wrong? Let’s see in the bag." Charlene took out the bottle and held it up to Brandy. A smile and excited movements greeted her action. "Must be hungry. Let’s see if I can remember how to do this! I did feed my little brother a few times, you can’t be much different." Charlene talked to Brandy while she sat in the overstuffed chair and positioned her for feeding.


"Melissa, I would like to thank you for coming over on such short notice! I believe, Brandy will be just the person to teach Charlene the value of her lessons." Jane told her guest.

"I am happy to bring her, she likes visiting here, always someone to fuss over her, whether it is you and Marie or one of the students, she is always happy when we leave here. I take it Darla is away?" Melissa responded.

"Yes, off visiting her brother, Kenneth, before returning to school in a few weeks. I am certain she will be upset, not being here to see Brandy. She did take a shine to that little one, didn’t she?" Jane responded smiling.

"Jane, after what Bill told me you did for him, well, I can only say that I am happy to help in any way I can." Melissa took Jane’s hand in hers.

"That was fourteen years ago, dear. He has made it on his own since then. Rising to be a very young plant manager at twenty-seven is no small accomplishment!" Jane replied.

"I know, when he was transferred to Providence he was so excited about being able to see you and Marie again, goodness, he babbled for days about how I would just love this place. Now that we have Brandy, he finds every excuse in the world to come down here and visit." Melissa replied.

Jane smiled a genuine happy smile. Bill and Melissa had been regular visitors for the past year. When he had been transferred here, he had told Melissa all about Jane’s school and the good she did. Nothing like living with a success story to color your activities in a positive light. "Shall we check in on Charlene? I am certain she has figured out by now she is alone with Brandy. I sent Joan out on an ecological survey near the lake, she should be gone for another hour. Let’s go into the study where we can observe, okay?"

"Sure! I think it is so neat that we can help teach a young person something positive!" Melissa replied and rose to follow Jane.


Charlene finished feeding Brandy. She placed the bottle on the side and looked back at the baby nestled in her arm. "What do we do now, huh? Your full and being very good, maybe I could read you a story?" Charlene looked through the books in the rack next to the chair. She had just picked one to read when Brandy started getting fussy.

"What’s wrong? Oh! You can’t tell me, can you? Let’s see…" Charlene rearranged Brandy onto her knee and started bouncing her a little and singing ‘Pony Boy, Pony Boy…Won’t you be my Pony Boy.’ After that part she stopped and looked at Brandy. "Wait! You’re not a boy!" She restarted the song only replacing words, ‘Pony Girl…’ as the modification.

Brandy had started laughing at being bounced on Charlene’s knee. After a couple of minutes of that she got this funny look on her face, wrinkled up her nose and burped up all over her dress and the skirt of Charlene’s outfit. She smiled after that, feeling much better for having expelled the offending gas.

Charlene was shocked. She didn’t remember her brother throwing up all over her clothes. It smelled like sour milk. On the plus side, Brandy seemed happier, acting like this was something she did every day! "Oh sh.. shoot! How do I clean this up?" Charlene took Brandy over to the diaper bag. There was a package of wipes inside, she took one out and cleaned up Brandy, then a second to clean her skirt. She was surprised when it wiped up clean from the plaid material. "Well! That wasn’t too bad to clean up, was it?" she asked Brandy. All she got back was a gurgle.

Charlene decided the best thing to do was to read Brandy a story. The two went back to the large chair, sat and looked over the selections on the shelf again. Charlene chose the story ‘A Day In The Life Of Murphy’ to read to Brandy. Brandy didn’t complain so Charlene started to read…


Jane and Melissa entered the study. Jane went to a shelving unit and opened a door, revealing a monitor, which she turned on. From a switch panel below, she selected ‘nursery’ and then the two ladies sat to watch what was happening.

They saw Charlene playing with Brandy, then watched her feed Brandy. When she started bouncing Brandy on her knee, Melissa spoke. "She should have ‘burped’ her first! She’s in for a surprise!"

"I thought this might happen dear, Charlene has been, shall we say, reluctant to play her part as a young girl during her ‘punishment’ for being tardy. Had she paid more attention and truly gotten into the spirit of the game, she would have known to ‘Burp’ the baby before continuing her play." Jane replied with a grin.

The pair watched as Brandy laughed and then ‘burped’ all over herself and Charlene. The look on Charlene’s face was perfect! The way she cleaned up everything garnered some points with Jane, since she did not come crying for help with this unforeseen situation. When they returned to the chair and Charlene started reading, they took a moment to sip some of their tea.

"Looks like she handled that fairly well! You said she really wasn’t into the spirit of the game?" Melissa asked.

"She does have a younger brother. I believe that would explain some of her ability. Her lack of knowing to burp the baby indicates she never actually took care of her brother as an infant, but some items did enter her realm of experience." Jane replied looking over Charlene’s folder.

"So-o.. the purpose of our visit today, is what?" Melissa asked.

Jane let out a small laugh. "The purpose of your visit is so Marie and I could see Brandy! The fact that I am trying to teach Charlene a lesson while you are here is secondary to that. I do not get to see my god-children often enough with so many scattered around the country, having Brandy here, reminds me of all of the others."

Marie came in with a tray of food and placed it next to Jane. "How is our Charlene doing with my Pauvre Petite?"

"Not as bad as I had feared, Marie. Although it is good, I told you what I planned. The extra ‘Scotchgard’ on her clothing proved a wise decision on your part." Jane replied with a smile.

"But, of course! I knew she was not enjoying her trip into little girl-dom. It was only natural that Brandy would make some sort of mess. La babe’ are like that, n’est pas?" Marie replied.


Charlene was reading to Brandy and Brandy seemed to be enjoying the story about the dog named ‘Murphy-stop-that’. She was almost finished with the book when Brandy got quiet. Charlene stopped reading and looked at Brandy. Brandy seemed in a little discomfort, then started making little grunting noises and squirming around. This lasted a few minutes and then she returned to her happy self, laughing, gurgling and trying to grab Charlene’s hair. Charlene was just about to finish reading the story when this ‘aroma’ rose from Brandy.

"Oh Brandy! You just pooped your diaper, didn’t you! God, that smells bad." Charlene looked at the smiling little face. "How can you be so happy when you smell so bad!"

Charlene thought about taking Brandy back to her mother for the diaper change. She rose to do that and stopped before picking up the diaper bag. "If I take you back to your Mom for your diaper change, Ms. Thompson will probably make me change you in front of her and your Mom. Just to prove some point to me! I think I am better off changing you here where no one can see me do it. At least you won’t yell at me if I do something wrong!"

Charlene then set about trying to change Brandy’s diaper. She laid Brandy on the floor and set up the changing table, then placed what she thought were required items on the table from the diaper bag. Next she placed Brandy on the table, on her back, legs kicking and arms waving all over the place.

"Not too bad so far!" Charlene told Brandy. "Now, if you cooperate a little, maybe we can accomplish this!"

Anyone that has had small children knows that they are the least cooperative when you need them to be cooperative! Brandy was no exception! It seemed like changing a diaper was a game to her. She wriggled, squirmed, and made little shrieking noises while laughing and sticking her fist in her mouth. Charlene was having a difficult time keeping her skirt up and getting her panties and plastic pants down. Once that was finally accomplished, she undid the tabs on the disposable diaper.


Jane, Melissa and Marie watched Charlene trying to change the diaper on Brandy. "So far, not too bad." Jane mused.

They watched Charlene open the diaper and try to figure out how to remove it and clean up Brandy at the same time. That’s when they saw Charlene gag from the smell of the diaper. They were small gags to start with, but every time she tried to remove the diaper, she would gag again.

"I should go help her." Melissa stated as she headed for the door.

"No! Melissa let me go! This is one of those things I think I need to drive home a little harder than you could." Jane rose and left the room headed for the nursery.


Jane walked down the hall finalizing what to do when she entered the nursery. Just before reaching the door, she nodded to herself as the appropriate plan settled into her mind.

"Charlene? Brunch is served, we would like you to bring Brandy to the parlor for a light snack." Jane stated as she entered the nursery.

The scene that appeared before her was comical, in a sense, Jane had to stifle a laugh over how it looked to her. There was Brandy, on the changing table, kicking and waving her arms, while Charlene was desperately trying to grab both of her legs. The dirty diaper lay open on the table with Charlene gagging every few seconds from the odor. Charlene had a wipe in one hand and it looked like she could use two or three more hands in order to accomplish the diaper change on Brandy.

Jane walked towards Charlene and decided the best way to handle this was to ‘coach’ Charlene through the process. "Charlene! Breathe through your mouth, not your nose!"

Startled, Charlene turned her head to see Jane standing there. ‘When did SHE walk in!’ "Yes, Ms. Thompson." Came the automatic reply. Charlene started breathing through her mouth and found that the gagging eased up a lot. After a few seconds she looked back at Jane while still trying to hold on to a wriggling Brandy with one hand.

"Are you better now?" Jane asked.

"Yes, I am, thank you." Charlene replied.

"Now, take both of her legs and hold them with one hand… Now use the wipe to clean her up… Very good… Then put on the new diaper and put her back together." Jane instructed and watched Charlene complete each task. It took a few minutes longer than if Jane had done it herself, but that was not the point of this exercise. "Well done! Just like when you changed and took care of ‘Gretchen’ yesterday, wouldn’t you agree" Jane said with a raised eyebrow.

Charlene picked up Brandy, turned to face Jane Thompson and nodded. "Except for the smell." Charlene started placing things back into the diaper bag while Jane watched. She wasn’t quite finished when she stood up straight and looked at Jane. "You KNEW this would happen, didn’t you?" Charlene accused.

Jane smiled a knowing smile at Charlene. "When you are asked to care for a small child, would you not agree that knowing how to entertain, feed and change a diaper are most likely skills that one should know?"

"And what better way to learn them, than to experience them yourself." Charlene finished the thought.

"Just so! Now, Marie has a light brunch ready, if you would finish putting things into the diaper bag, we will meet you in the dining room, I believe Brandy will be more comfortable there." Jane left Charlene to tend to Brandy and the diaper bag.

The rest of the visit went smoothly. Melissa took charge of Brandy when Charlene returned to the dining room. The brunch was the closest thing to a ‘casual’ meal that Charlene had partaken in since arriving at this place. Somehow, Joan had magically reappeared from wherever she was and Marie spent most of her time fussing over Brandy. Jane Thompson, even took a turn at feeding Brandy her bottle, then ‘oh so perfectly’ placed a cloth on her shoulder and ‘burped’ the little girl.

Whatever else happened, Brandy had a smile for anyone that would hold her. When Melissa and Brandy were ready to leave, Brandy reached out to Charlene to hold her one more time. Charlene took her, gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Brandy seemed satisfied with that, and wanted to return to her mother.

Marie helped Melissa carry out Brandy and some of her items. When all the good byes were done, Jane turned to the two girls. "Joan? Is the survey, I asked you to complete finished?"

"Yes, Aunt Jane. Ready to be written up in report form." Replied Joan.

"Charlene? You still have a report to finish, I believe?" Jane asked the newer student.

"Yes, Ms. Thompson. I have quite a lot to do yet." Charlene replied.

"Very well! Lunch will be a little late today. We have just had a light snack, I want both of you to go to the study and work on your reports. We will dine at one-thirty." Jane instructed, back in ‘headmistress’ mode.

Both girls acknowledged Jane and left for the student study room. On the way, Charlene asked Joan.

"Where were you all morning? I ended up with Brandy all by myself!" Charlene stated.

"I was out doing a botanical survey by the lake. You got to play with Brandy? Lucky girl! She is a really good baby." Joan replied.

"Yea! If you call throwing up on me and then just about losing my breakfast while changing her diaper a ‘good’ baby!" Charlene complained.

Joan laughed a little at the comment from Charlene. "Maybe you should be a little more involved and cheerful when you are made to be ‘little’ today. If I remember, some of those things that we did should have helped you get through taking care of Brandy."

"Ms. Thompson already drove THAT point home!" Charlene shook her head slowly. "She didn’t say it directly, I knew what she meant. If I would just DO as she instructs, things would go a lot easier on me. I guess this is one of those ‘sledgehammers’ you told me about."

"Pretty soft for a ‘sledgehammer’, but it did drive home her point!" Joan replied knowingly.

"YOU didn’t have to deal with Brandy’s diaper!" Charlene replied.


The girls set about working on their assignments until twelve forty-five. Marie shaking her shoulder interrupted Charlene’s concentration. "Mon Petite! It is time for you to change clothes. We have just enough time to transform you before lunch."

Charlene let out a big sigh. "I have so-o-o much to do here! Okay, Marie, let me save and shutdown everything." Charlene saved her work, shutdown and covered the computer, waved to Joan and followed Marie upstairs to her room.

This afternoon’s outfit was similar to yesterday’s, only in White. The petticoats held the skirt almost horizontal with frills and lace everywhere you looked. Charlene was sure that the sash was twice as wide as the last dress and the bow seemed larger too! When she looked in the mirror, she was a vision of lace and satin. The two pigtails had long white ribbon bows on them that perfectly matched her dress. Her makeup was different also, more china-doll in appearance with bright rounded blush and perfect ‘cupid-bow’ lips in a candy red color. In truth, Charlene thought she looked a lot like an antique doll her mother had in a display case at home.

Lunch was a normal affair at Season’s House. Joan was quizzed on her study topics and the latest fashion trends, while Charlene was asked if she thought her dress was pretty, or if she felt ‘Gretchen’ was behaving. She was never asked about her studies or the day’s current events. Jane specifically treated Charlene as a pre-schooler at all times.

This second afternoon in the nursery went a little faster than the day before. Charlene decided to actually ‘be’ a little girl for the afternoon and see if Ms. Thompson was right about all she could learn from the ‘experience’.

Charlene made sure to feed, burp and change Gretchen three or four times. On one change, after a Tea Party, Charlene looked through all the doll clothes and found a dress that was identical to the white confection she currently wore. This only added confirmation to her thought that Jane Thompson was somehow ‘psychic’. Charlene now believed that Jane knew she would pick out Gretchen, and made sure the doll had matching outfits.

Dinner was a repeat of lunch. Charlene was once again quizzed on her dress and doll. How her day went, what games she played, that sort of thing.

Jane finally decided to ask a loaded question and see what Charlene’s response would be. "Charlene! I must ask one more question. Did you have fun, today?"

Charlene sat perfectly still for a moment. ‘Fun! Did I have fun today? Hmm…’ After what seemed an eternity to Jane Thompson, Charlene finally spoke. "Yes, I did, Miss Jane. Aunty Joan has played a lot of games with me and she told me I took really good care of Gretchen today! Just like I was a real mommy! I think all I have done today will help me when I grow up!"

"Very good! I see that you are finally into the sprit of this exercise. I also noticed you ate your vegetables tonight. I believe Marie has a wonderful dessert for us." Jane stated.

Marie brought out a cheesecake with raspberries on it. There was a piece for Charlene too. When dinner was completed, it was Joan’s turn to help with dishes. Charlene sat and waited while Joan helped Marie clear the table and dried the pots and pans. When finished, Joan came and took Charlene’s hand, commented on her being a ‘good girl’ and headed back to the nursery.

In a repeat of the previous night, Joan and Charlene played board games, card games and Joan read a bedtime story to Charlene just before taking her to her room at eight o’clock. Charlene let out a big sigh after Joan had let go of her hand in her room.

"What was that sigh about Cherie?" Marie asked.

"Hmm? Oh, I’m just glad my two days of being a pre-schooler are over, Marie. I mean today was better than yesterday, but I think I want to ‘grow up’ and do things for people my own age." Charlene replied.

"Now THAT, I understand!" Joan stated knowingly. "I’ll see you in the study room when you are finished changing, Charlene. See you later, Tante Marie!" Joan said as she rose and left the room.

"Marie smiled warmly at Charlene. "Mon Petite! You just may be learning something about completing your studies here with Miss Jane. When I first met you, I knew you were a quick learner! Now! The sooner you change, the sooner you can get to your studies! Nes Pas?"

Charlene smiled, then blushed a little at the compliment. "Okay Marie, would you mind untying the bow. It really is a lovely dress and I don’t want to damage it while undressing."

Between the two of them, they managed to get Charlene out of the white confection she had been wearing all afternoon and evening. There was an audible sigh of relief from the bathroom after the ‘china doll’ makeup was removed and Charlene could see her own face once again.

Back into a more ‘normal’ outfit for the rest of the evening, Charlene thanked Marie and headed for the study.

Once again, ten o’clock came quickly and Charlene shutdown everything and headed up to prepare for bed. 'Tonight had gone quickly! I may even make that deadline’, she thought as she headed out the door. ‘I have eleven pages written and more than enough material for the final six. I just need another couple of hours and it should be done!’ Charlene was so engrossed in trying to figure out how long it would take her to finish her report she walked right in to Joan.

"Hey! Watch where… Oh! Joan! I… I… I’m sorry! I didn’t realize…" Charlene stammered.

Joan regained her balance and smoothed her skirt. "It’s okay. I didn’t always watch where I was going when I was new here either. I just stopped to say goodnight!"

"Hmm.. Okay. Umm… Good night! … Joan." Charlene was rattled from bumping into Joan and then starting to yell at her for being in the way. ‘Before now, I would have yelled at her and then pushed her so she would have fallen over! Something’s different!’

Charlene entered her bedroom, completed her nightly ritual and presented herself to Marie for anything she may have missed.

"Very good Mon Petite! You learn quickly! I have brought a glass of warm milk to help you sleep. I thought I heard a cry from your room last night, no?" Marie handed Charlene the glass.

Surprise came to Charlene’s face. "You.. You heard me? How could you have heard me?"

Marie laughed a little. "My room is right above yours. I do not hear much, but I am a light sleeper and when you cried out from a night terror, it awakened me. I also know you went into the bathroom because I heard the ‘clunk’ of the water pipes when you turned them off! I have lived in this house many years, Cherie, I know all her sounds! Now, drink up, the warm milk will help you rest tonight!"

Charlene drank the milk. ‘Just like my grandmother would do after a nightmare.’ went through Charlene’s mind.


Jane turned on the monitor and set the light detectors for the second night in a row. "Ever since Michael, I am more nervous about my boys. However, I do not believe I can be too careful when a young life is being rebuilt!" She watched Marie give Charlene a glass of milk. "Always the Mother Hen…" A warm smile crossed her face.

Jane finished her evening ritual, turned off the monitor and went to bed.


"Whoa!" Charlene sat bolt upright in bed. Her breathing was fast and shallow, eyes wide open, fully dilated. She looked around the dimly lit room, realized where she was and took a deep breath, calming herself that it was only a nightmare. She went to get out of bed to wash her face and calm herself. While moving her legs, she noticed a cold sensation. "SH**! DA**! Not again!"

Going into the bathroom, she turned on the light. Checking the front of her nightgown and panties confirmed her fears, another ‘wet dream’. "DA** it! What is happening to me? Now I’m dreaming about being a mother and breast feeding ‘Brandy’ as my own child! Charlene looked in the mirror. "Charlie, you have to calm yourself!" he spoke to the feminine reflection in the bathroom mirror. "You don’t look like a ‘Charlie’ do you? Even this nightgown causes goose bumps! I think they really are trying to change me, but I don’t know what direction to go…"

Charlene washed her face again with cold water, letting some of it drip onto the bodice of her nightgown. She shook her head and dried her face, took a drink of water and proceeded to change out of her nightgown. She placed the items in the sink with some cold water to soak, then padded back into the bedroom to find another nightgown.

She found a yellow satin gown with matching panties, slipped it on and went back to bed. Sleep did not come quickly for the second night in a row to the crossdressed teen.


Jane watched as Charlene studied her predicament and the sensuality of her situation. Jane smiled as she saw Charlene debating with herself about the validity of her dreams. "Another benefit to having a visit from Brandy and Melissa. You are so-o correct, Charlene! You no longer ‘look’ like a ‘Charles’. By Wednesday afternoon, all traces of Charles will vanish until you have learned what you need to learn!"

Jane saw that Charlene had found another nightgown. She reset the light detectors, turned off the monitor and went back to bed.


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