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Kelsey pt 14 *** A kymmie verse story*****

Kelsey part 14

“Hun, this smells great.” He said as he sat down. They all dug in. Brook noticed that all seven Shelties where laying in a row. Maxie seemed to fall asleep, she just laid on her side and crashed.

Finding Zoey - Part 3

Finding Zoey – Part 3

By Katherine Day
(Copyright 2019)
(A sequel to a 2018 story about a boy who finds joy in being a pretty girl and the twists and turns that feature his new adventure.)


Doom Valley Prep School 12

Tired, hungry, bashed up, soaking wet, with a hole in the back of my nightgown and one side badly scorched, I finally made it to the girls dorms.

“What happened to you?” Ella asked when I gratefully slipped into our room.

I ignored her question and asked my own, “Why does our school have a hallway full of sharks that shoot freaking fire from their eyes?”

“I think they're used to encourage the swim team,” she replied. “Did you fall in?”

Doom Valley Prep School 11

As the goblin camp stormed through the caverns towards me, I heard Reginald running in his heavy armour.

“Petra, where are you? Has a goblin attacked you?” he shouted.

If I could have moved my arms, I would have slapped my head in disgust. He still thought I was a harmless victim. If he ran away now, he might be able to slip away or get under cover where he'd have a chance of holding them off. But if he was going to go looking for the innocent 'maiden' to save, he was a dead man. Biting my lip I silently willed the idiot to start running.

Angela's Legacy Chapter 4

“And I am back with groceries!” Angela said cheerfully as she walked into the room. I had resumed my original position on the bed and Meredith was pretending to be busy with her phone, acting like she hadn’t just forced me to lick her feet for the last hour. I kind of wanted to say something to Angela, in fact I was pretty sure I could have, but I just didn’t want to. I was tired, I was hungry, my body felt like it had been hit by a truck. I just wanted to lay here on the bed and drift off to sleep. “Wake up over there or it’s going to feel worse later!”

Allison's Test: Chapter 6

“Angela, Angela stop!” I gasped, gently pushing her off of me. “What are you doing?!”

“I…I thought-“ She started to say, but Brianna appeared in the doorway, a bath towel folded around her head and a look of concern painted on her face.

“Is everything okay?” She asked.

“Uh…yeah,” I said. “Everything is uh…fine…”

Brianna looked from me, to Angela, and then back. She frowned a bit and then shrugged.

The Curious Boy - Part 1

Tom was sitting on his bed when he heard his mother leaving the driveway with the family car. He knew he was alone. His sister was at school. He was home sick with the flue and was curious to go through his sister's things, especially since she seemed so against him doing that. She had told him time and time again: If I catch you in there Tom you'll regret it.

Woodcrest #3: Finding Audrey Chapter 5

I hovered my mouse over the ‘call’ button for a good minute before I finally closed my eyes, sighed, and worked up the nerve to click. It took a second for my laptop to register what I’d done but soon enough the familiar ringtone broke through and I could see the word ‘connecting’ on the screen. I waited for ten, twenty seconds thinking they weren’t going to pick up. I think I was hoping they weren’t going to pick up; my parents were never pleasant to talk to and even less so since I’d unexpectedly changed my major.

Woodcrest #3: Finding Audrey Chapter 4

“I’m afraid there’s really nothing we can do for you,” Sherry, the financial aid officer told me, closing my folder and pushing it back across her desk toward me. “The best I can do is give you until the end of this week to come up with the money.”

“It’s a lot of money,” I said, quietly protesting.

“Well college is expensive,” Sherry said. “And this is only a fraction of your actual tuition; your financial aid helped out quite a bit.”

Allison's Test: Chapter 4

“I’m sorry Ma’am,” The voice on the other end of the phone said. “We can’t accommodate a transgender individual at our shelter. While I’m sure he’s a great…person, we can’t house him with the women.”

“You can’t house her with the men either!” I said angrily. “Do you know what could happen?”

“Did you try the shelter over on Bradbury?” The woman asked. I wanted to jump through the phone and strangle her.

“Of course I tried them,” I snapped. “They said the exact same thing and this is INSANE! You can’t just turn people away! Hello? Hello?!”

Woodcrest #3: Finding Audrey Chapter 2

“Someone get Audrey a pair of sweats!” I shouted as I ran upstairs. Our war with Tri-Pi had apparently escalated for some reason. I rushed into our room and threw on a pair of gray GAT sweatpants and a tight blue GAT top with the sorority letters written across the chest. I loved these shirts, they really made my boobs perk up.

I ran back downstairs found everyone else dressed the same, including Audrey who looked very, very confused.

Woodcrest #2: Dramatic Aspirations Epilogue

I nodded to Sakiya as I sat down at the table in the quad. She was nicely dressed, as usual. Tri Pi’s fashion sense had always been a little more refined than ours, I guess you could say. Yeah we were on top of the latest trends, but every Tri Pi girl looked like they could wake up in the morning and walk into church every single day of the week, it was disturbing, or even kind of Stepfordy.

“So,” She said. “I’m going to cut right to the chase, how can I help you exactly?”

Woodcrest #2: Dramatic Aspirations Chapter 10

“Tiff, what’s going on with you?” Isabella asked as we pushed a squeaky cart down a grocery aisle later that night. “You’re like…glowing.”
“Oh, nothing,” I said in sing-song voice. She was staring at me. She didn’t need to know anything. Tonight we were out getting stuff for tomorrow’s dinner. “Do you think we should go with a roast?”

“Think we should make Audrey make whatever it is we have,” Isabella huffed.

“Does Audrey even know how to cook?” I was genuinely curious. I really had no idea.


“What? Really? She never even eats.”

Allison's Test: Chapter 3

“Wait, is that her over here?” I pointed toward a sort of outcropping of trees by the road where I thought I was seeing something, or someone. Remy squinted and slowed down a bit. I sort of fidgeted in my chair, pulling at my top. It was way too tight for my tastes but Remy had been curating my wardrobe. She’d told me that there was no point in having boobs if I didn’t have the tops to show them off, and with that, every top in my wardrobe was like one size smaller than it should have been. “I that’s not her.”

Woodcrest #2: Dramatic Aspirations Chapter 9

I’ve always been pretty proud of my car, it was a blue Mercury Milan; my parents paid for it. I can’t say I was really proud of it as I pulled into Shawn’s driveway. If you could call it a driveway. It was more like a road, to be honest. As I pulled in I was greeted by a guardhouse and a wrought iron gate, both of which barred me from entry until I rolled down my window and spoke with the guard.

“Go right in, Miss Grey,” The security guard waved me in as the gate was pulled aside. “Mr. Derringer is waiting for you.”

Allison's Test: Chapter 2

I stared at the guy for a full minute trying to discern who he might be, then it finally occurred to me to actually ask him.

“What do you need help with?” I asked with genuine concern. He really was worse for wear and I thought about inviting him in but I really didn’t want to bring a boy into the house. “What happened to your face?”

“I…” He said, shifting uncomfortably on the porch, his eyes darting to the left and right as if he was excepting something to come at him. “I don’t want to…I’m afraid to say…”

Woodcrest #2: Dramatic Aspirations Chapter 8

Stepping outside the doors of the school I read a text from Shawn asking to meet at his house. Well, that was a little unusual but it’s not like I wasn’t dressed for the occasion. I’m always dressed for the occasion. I stood outside for a moment checking e-mails and finally, brought up the GAT tracker app that I’d gotten right after being promoted from pledge status last year. Our tracker app was a piece of custom software that we could use to track the GPS on eachother’s phones. A little invasive? Probably, but it came in handy a lot.

Allison's Test: Chapter 1

“Look at that, we did it!” Remy said happily, slapping what looked like a massive cup she’d sat on the kitchen table. “We hit them right where it hurts!”

I looked up from my phone and glanced over at the table. Was that a trophy or a soup bowl on steroids?

“You did…what?” I was almost afraid to ask.

“We got Pi Lambda Sigma’s Greek Week trophy! Now we just have to figure out what we’re going to do with it!” Laura beamed.

“You…broke into their house and took their trophy?” I sort of gaped over at the table. What was even happening here?

Woodcrest #2: Dramatic Aspirations Chapter 5

Class wrapped up early so I dropped by the library to catch up on some reading. I probably could have done it at the house but it was kind of quieter here. Call me a prude I guess. I stepped into one of the private reading rooms, and I immediately remembered that it was the one we’d sent Audrey to for Lauren’s laptop.

Woodcrest #2: Dramatic Aspirations Chapter 4

Audrey arrive late, at about 6:15 PM, accompanied by Ashely, our pledge who would have probably rather been doing something else. Normally I would have lectured her for being late, not because I cared about her punctuality, but because I’m honestly busy.

“Get upstairs and change,” I said to her as she walked through the door.

“Uh, how long am I going to be here?” She asked.

“Don’t care,” I snapped. “Go get dressed.”

Woodcrest #2: Dramatic Aspirations Chapter 3

“Is this too much?” I asked as I stepped from the hallway and into the bedroom where Olivia and Aleah were literally playing cards on the floor. Olivia looked up at me and let her eyes wander up and down my outfit; it was a strappy dress that came down to just above my knees.

“For a first date? With Shawn Derringer? Girl he’s lucky to be in your presence, you should just wear a t-shirt,” Olivia snorted at me and went back to her hand.

“Or a burlap sack,” Aleah laughed.

Woodcrest #2: Dramatic Aspirations Chapter 2

“Have you talked to Mike?” Aleah asked me as she passed me a roll of masking tape and a poster. I held it up, it was pretty simple; it just said ‘Aleah Simms for Student Body President’. It was her second time trying, and her last chance. She would graduate at the end of this year. Probably.

“Thought Julia was doing that?” I phrased the statement as a question. Honestly, why would I do the job the police should be doing.

Charli - The way to School

Charli thought making the decision to attend school as a transgender girl would be the hard part. After making that decision, she learns that is only the start of the obstacle course.

This is a continuation of "How I became Crossgender".

Woodcrest #1: Trans-Ed Epilogue

“Come on Todd!” Mason said insistently from across the room as his fingers worked the keyboard like an instrument. “Let’s see that epic DPS you’re always talking about”

“I’m trying!” I shouted back. “This thing has mad adds!”

We were deep in a Dark Pantheon raid, fighting the final boss. I was running low on health potions and the boss’s adds were shielding it from any physical attacks. The only thing I could get through its shields were weak frostbolt attacks but that just wasn’t cutting it.

“Target the adds then!” Mason said. “They’re weak to fire.”

Woodcrest #1: Trans-Ed Chapter 7

I sat in the GAT living room early the next morning. Aleah had not only called me, she had sent Isabella to pick me up. The entire ride had gone by in complete silence. The other day, she’d done my makeup and chatted away, but now she was rigid, anxious. She’d said nothing as we pulled up in front of the house and stepped out of the car, nothing at all. I’d followed her to the house and up the steps, looking around nervously for signs of Mike. When we stepped inside the house, there were more GAT sisters than I remembered.

Woodcrest #1: Trans-Ed Chapter 6

“Are you awake?” Mason asked. His voice seemed far away.



The bathroom faded from my sight, torn away like a discarded canvas, and was replaced by the pale white of a hospital room. I heard the whirring of machinery, and felt the pain of a needle in my arm. It wasn’t a proper hospital room – that much I could tell. At my feet I could see a blue curtain, the only shield between me and a bustling emergency room.

Mason was sitting beside the bed, he looked uncharacteristically concerned. He wouldn’t be so concerned if he knew the truth.

Woodcrest #1: Trans-Ed Chapter 5

Synopsis: The writer of the story suffers from an existential crisis as she realizes she wrote this exact same chapter in Allison's Pledge. She becomes even more disillusioned when she realizes that both times, she was stoned out of her ever loving mind. She still might be.

Woodcrest #1: Trans-Ed Chapter 2

Synopsis: While wondering if the previous night was a horrible dream, Todd gets a text from Aleah.

“Todd, Todd wake up!” I slowly opened my eyes, using a hand to rub the sleep from my crusted lids. A splash of light from the dorm room window invaded my vision, causing me to squint and shield my face with my free hand. “Come on, wake up, we have a raid in ten minutes!”

“Oh my god,” I grumbled. “Can it wait?”

Woodcrest #1: Trans-Ed Chapter 1

Synopsis: For those who enjoyed Allison's Pledge, I'm posting a story that I wrote some time ago which you should enjoy. It's much darker but follows the sorority theme. Finally, note that like AP, it starts with a trope, but as you learned with the last story, my tropes go pretty sideways after the first chapter. Same applies here. Enjoy!


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