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Warriors way...a roll of the dice

Warriors way...a roll of the dice

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Las Vegas June, 2016

Marti and the Doppelganger – A Follow Up, or What Happened to Those Raccoons, Anyway, Chapter 6

Marti and the Doppelganger – A Follow Up, or What Happened to Those Raccoons, Anyway, Chapter 6

By Portia Bennett

Introduction: This story is the third, the penultimate, in a series within a series. The overall series is the “Cynthia Chronicles”. This story is directly connected to “Simoné and the Second Time Around” and “Marti and the Doppelganger”. The latter left many unanswered questions. Some of those will be answered, some probably not. There are many references to previous stories in the series. If you are confused by some of them, just put it off to my senility. The Cynthia Chronicles takes place in a universe very similar to ours. Unfortunately, it might be too similar.

For any who read “Myrna and the Genetic Disaster”, this is the same story, only with the political rantings and scientific explanations removed. There may also have been a few edits and additions.

This is the sixth part of ten.

The Morrisons have moved to Bridgeport, Connecticut. Sydney wants to find the people who helped her so much. She didn't even know them. Edna Millet, her friend in California had told Marti about her trans girl friend. Marti told The Wizard, and strangely enough, the Morrisons met The Wizard the next day. The rest is history.

The Stan: 3

A few years from graduation.....

Created for war and forged in pain, dealing with demons within and without.

Years pass and the group has fun...chasing prey!

An idea to start the new year with......a little late...whoops!





Mother and Daughter, part 12

“Hey girlies,” Lindsay said with a grin as Ellie, Monique and Kacey entered the packed coffee shop and slumped heavily into their seats. “Should I ask?”

“Ugh, I’d prefer it if you didn’t,” Monique groaned. “I HATE exams…”

“Well, only a few more days to go,” Kacey said with a tired chuckle. “Gonna be weird not going to college next year, heh.”

“Meh, I can’t wait to get to uni,” Jodie shrugged. “I love change, things get boring if things always stay the same, you know?”

The Hero, The Mouse & The Cheshire Pt. 8

Private Hospital:
Omphile wakes up and spots Cheshire sitting near her bed. She sits up and wonders why she was sitting next to her.

“Am I in trouble?” She felt like she did something wrong.

“No, sweetie. You’re not in trouble. I came by to see how you are doing.” Cheshire caresses Omphile cheek.

Rivers and Brooks 14

Chapter 14
Career planning

That night, my ghost came back. Lisa was, as typical of her, in a deep sleep, so I didn’t try to rouse her. Instead, I bravely asked the specter, “Who are you?”

Once again, she moved toward the center of the room. As it moved, I heard a child’s voice say, “Help me.” Then, it disappeared near the center of the room as before. Somehow, I knew that this was a little girl, but I can’t explain how I knew that.

Finding Zoey - Part 6

Finding Zoey – Part 6
By Katherine Day
(Copyright 2019)
(A sequel to a 2018 story about a boy who finds joy in being a pretty girl and the twists and turns that feature his new adventure.)


This is the continuing saga of Charli Wilder a boy who was homeschooled with his younger sister by his lesbian mothers. Having decided to try attending school as a transgender girl s(he) finds this may create more problems than it solves.

Kelsey pt 15 *** A kymmie verse story*****

Kelsey Part 15

Holding hands Brook and Kelsey made their way to the license office. They had to wait behind another couple. Once they were finished.
They stepped up to the counter.

“May I help you?” The older lady asked.

“We would like a marriage license, please.” Kelsey said.

“How old are you two?”

“17” Kelsey answered.

Woodcrest #4: Teaming Up Chapter 4

I woke up the following day, stuffed back inside my dorm room with Mason asleep on the other side. As per usual his desk was cluttered with a landfill of energy drinks and food wrappers. I rolled my eyes and threw the blankets aside, hopping on to the floor and wandering to the bathroom to brush my teeth. On the way there I caught a glimpse of my bedside clock; it read 2:25 PM. Wow. I was being a really productive college student, wasn’t I? Thank God it was Saturday.

Rivers and Brooks 6

Chapter 6

News Travels Fast

I made my way up to my room, called Lisa, and told her I was headed to her house with news. Lisa loves news … not TV news, but other news … OK, gossip. I told her it was something that involved my gender and it was amazing and incredible. I took my time getting to her house and made her suffer a little. She was waiting just outside her front door when I arrived, patting her foot and pretending to be looking at her watch. We talked as headed to her room.

Arabella’s First Sleep Over

Arabella couldn’t believe that she and her team were doing good on Call of Duty 4. The game room her mother and father designed for her had all the games she liked to play. She had a nice gaming computer that her mother helped her build. She had every game system built in her game room. She used her allowance that her mother and father gave her to buy her gaming systems and games. The room was soundproof, so not to disturb anyone.

Rivers and Brooks 5

Chapter 5
Possibly deadly

After school the next day, I went home and went to my room. Since my homework was done, I got on the internet and looked around for something interesting. I wasted time until my mom came to my room and rapped lightly on the door, then opened it a little. “Tracy, please come to the dining room. Your dad and I need to talk to you about something.”

“What did I …?”

“You’re not in trouble. Just come … let’s talk.”

Woodcrest #4: Teaming Up Chapter 3

“Oh, hey mom,” I spoke into the phone, not knowing why I even bothered acting surprised that she was calling. I mean, of course she was calling. What was I supposed to tell her?

“Sweetie I was worried about you,” My mother said in her concerned voice. “You haven’t called in weeks, we thought something happened to you!”

“Uh Mom,” I said as I began to walk toward the parking lot, considering making a beeline for the GAT house, but then rapidly changing my mind. “You know you can call me at any time right? Communication kind of goes both ways.”

Rivers and Brooks 4

Chapter 4

About a week after the doctor assured us that I had gynecomastia, and nothing fatal, my mom came to my room and asked, “How’s the chest?”

“It’s better. They’re getting smaller.”

“Let me see.”

I knew there was no need to argue, so I opened my shirt and showed her my healthily growing boobs. She took one look and said, “OK, back to the doctor. This time, I’m not taking ‘gynecomastia’ for an answer!”

So back to the doctor we went. Same office … new doctor.

Rivers and Brooks


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We heard someone come in the front door, and a voice came from the living room. “Hello?” Lisa, my cousin, and best friend was there to walk with me to school. My mom and her mom are twin sisters. We are Lisa Michelle Rivers and Tracy Morgan Brooks, hence, sometimes referred to as:

Rivers and Brooks

By Jamie Simms

Rivers and Brooks 3

Chapter 3

Monday morning Lisa gave me the ace bandage on the way to school. I went into the restroom and put it on as soon as we got to school then came back into the hall to get her approval.

“Looks good. No sign of boobs.”

“How was your shopping trip?”

“Good! I saw a dress that would look soooo good on you! Who knows? Maybe I bought it for you! Are you feeling better today?”

“You know, my head and my stomach feel fine. Would you go for a body swap, you and me?”

Doom Valley Prep School 13

“Rise and shine, Petra!”

“I don't wanna go to school, Mom,” I whined, as I groggily woke up from a pleasant dream. I'd been giving a presentation at school and totally naked. It was a good dream because I had been at my old school, not Doom Valley, so even with everyone laughing at me it was a vast improvement on reality.

A pillow flew across the room and hit me in the face. “No sleeping in,” Ella said, “being late is not an option.”

Rivers and Brooks 2

Chapter 2

An unexpected disorder

We went into the school and found a place under a stairway with no one around. I opened my shirt and showed Lisa my nipples,
“Wow! Tracy, you’re taking hormones….?”

I quickly pulled my shirt back down. “No, I’m not taking anything! My nipples just started getting bigger! I thought they would stop growing, but they didn’t!”

“This is great….”

“Yeah, if I was a girl! I’ve been careful in the locker room, but if someone sees these, I’m done!”

The Little Girl Down The Road

Larry limps home after getting beaten up. The neighborhood he lived in with his parents was a rough neighborhood. The boys of the neighborhood hated him because he wasn’t any good at playing any of the sports he tried out for. It also didn’t help that he looked younger than he really was and was of short stature either.

His father was embarrassed about him and called him a sissy because he liked to dance and do girly things. His mother, on the other hand, didn’t really do anything with him or show him any type of love. She was more interested in her looks and socializing.

Rivers and Brooks 1

Chapter 1
Living – or going through the motions

As my cousin, Lisa and I walked the main hall toward our next class; she looked me over and said, “That dress really looks nice on you.”

Ashley, part 14

“Come on,” mum insists as she arranges me and my sisters against the outside wall. “Can’t not get a photo of this, my four beautiful girls!” I smile as I hold hands with Bryony, who holds Cassie’s hand, who eagerly grips onto Dorothy’s hand. Today is a big day for all of us- the first day of school after a long summer holiday, and it’s a big day for me in particular, as it’ll be my last ever ‘first day of school’.

Life of Avery 1

Join Avery and follow along as the hard life starts to show a silver lining. Things may not be great at first but there is still hope. Dangerous hope. To have hope and lose it may perhaps be one of the worst things of all. Walls of protection firmly in place around Avery’s heart and despite the past hardships and a lot of personal issues. Avery finds people who care and finally starts to feel good about the future. Tainted future. Past experience and unplanned secrets threaten to unravel. Will hope shine or will dispare wall Avery away from the world for ever?

Kelsey pt 14 *** A kymmie verse story*****

Kelsey part 14

“Hun, this smells great.” He said as he sat down. They all dug in. Brook noticed that all seven Shelties where laying in a row. Maxie seemed to fall asleep, she just laid on her side and crashed.

Finding Zoey - Part 3

Finding Zoey – Part 3

By Katherine Day
(Copyright 2019)
(A sequel to a 2018 story about a boy who finds joy in being a pretty girl and the twists and turns that feature his new adventure.)


Doom Valley Prep School 12

Tired, hungry, bashed up, soaking wet, with a hole in the back of my nightgown and one side badly scorched, I finally made it to the girls dorms.

“What happened to you?” Ella asked when I gratefully slipped into our room.

I ignored her question and asked my own, “Why does our school have a hallway full of sharks that shoot freaking fire from their eyes?”

“I think they're used to encourage the swim team,” she replied. “Did you fall in?”

Doom Valley Prep School 11

As the goblin camp stormed through the caverns towards me, I heard Reginald running in his heavy armour.

“Petra, where are you? Has a goblin attacked you?” he shouted.

If I could have moved my arms, I would have slapped my head in disgust. He still thought I was a harmless victim. If he ran away now, he might be able to slip away or get under cover where he'd have a chance of holding them off. But if he was going to go looking for the innocent 'maiden' to save, he was a dead man. Biting my lip I silently willed the idiot to start running.

Angela's Legacy Chapter 4

“And I am back with groceries!” Angela said cheerfully as she walked into the room. I had resumed my original position on the bed and Meredith was pretending to be busy with her phone, acting like she hadn’t just forced me to lick her feet for the last hour. I kind of wanted to say something to Angela, in fact I was pretty sure I could have, but I just didn’t want to. I was tired, I was hungry, my body felt like it had been hit by a truck. I just wanted to lay here on the bed and drift off to sleep. “Wake up over there or it’s going to feel worse later!”

Allison's Test: Chapter 6

“Angela, Angela stop!” I gasped, gently pushing her off of me. “What are you doing?!”

“I…I thought-“ She started to say, but Brianna appeared in the doorway, a bath towel folded around her head and a look of concern painted on her face.

“Is everything okay?” She asked.

“Uh…yeah,” I said. “Everything is uh…fine…”

Brianna looked from me, to Angela, and then back. She frowned a bit and then shrugged.

The Curious Boy - Part 1

Tom was sitting on his bed when he heard his mother leaving the driveway with the family car. He knew he was alone. His sister was at school. He was home sick with the flue and was curious to go through his sister's things, especially since she seemed so against him doing that. She had told him time and time again: If I catch you in there Tom you'll regret it.

Woodcrest #3: Finding Audrey Chapter 5

I hovered my mouse over the ‘call’ button for a good minute before I finally closed my eyes, sighed, and worked up the nerve to click. It took a second for my laptop to register what I’d done but soon enough the familiar ringtone broke through and I could see the word ‘connecting’ on the screen. I waited for ten, twenty seconds thinking they weren’t going to pick up. I think I was hoping they weren’t going to pick up; my parents were never pleasant to talk to and even less so since I’d unexpectedly changed my major.

Woodcrest #3: Finding Audrey Chapter 4

“I’m afraid there’s really nothing we can do for you,” Sherry, the financial aid officer told me, closing my folder and pushing it back across her desk toward me. “The best I can do is give you until the end of this week to come up with the money.”

“It’s a lot of money,” I said, quietly protesting.

“Well college is expensive,” Sherry said. “And this is only a fraction of your actual tuition; your financial aid helped out quite a bit.”


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