Light at the Top of the Hill

Light at the Top of the Hill



Everyone was heading towards the mysterious light on the top of hill, it wasn`t an easy climb to say the least with all the loose rock even during the day.

Something was up there but what?, that hill wasn`t climbed much because of it was considered dangerous unless you were a skilled climber and went up the east cliff face.

It was weird light a sort of all encompassing glow like you see in a sci-fi movie, really weird. It didn`t help that there was a nation wide alert for a couple of kids that had gone missing from some big city a couple of hundred miles away.

Since the kids had only gone missing yesterday we didn`t think that would reach area for a day or too if they ever did, they were searching in the obvious places, the Woods, Caves and Old buildings and isolated barns.

Someone had put a large reward out for those kids but that didn`t matter to us, the only reward wanted was to find them safe and healthy.The weather for the time of year was pretty bad, constant rain and high winds winter wasn`t long past.

The hill didn`t have any sort of plant other than moss growing on it and the top was completely bare, just a massive granite slab, the view from top was quite breath taking on a fine summers day you could see for miles. It was more of long ridge than a hill.

Slowly they climbed except for cursing and a few scrapes so far everything was going OK , slow but OK.. someone thought they heard music, music up here in this wind, no one had boogy box with them all we were carrying was ourselves and some med kit incase it was needed.

After an hour they called a halt for 15 minutes to let everyone catch they`re breath, the going was getting harder with the wind and the rain, and the loose surface. Oh they could have attempted the other side but nobody climbs faces like that in the dark.

They were a motley group, but they knew the area, what was causing that glow at the top?

It took them another hour to get to around the half way mark, if it kept going like this it would be midnight before they got there but they kept going.

They finally got within reach of the summit and decided to rest for a few minutes while they got roped together, the wind was blowing a gale at this hieght and the rain didn`t help.

On their helmets they had lights but they weren`t made for long distance work but they had taken a few high powered torches with them, so when they were ready they lined up across the top so they could cover the area quickly and safely. they didn`t want anyone falling over the edge at this point.

The Glow seemed to light the whole hillside during the climb and now it seemed to come to come from area about a hundred yards in front. Slowly they moved across the slab keeping an eye on those on either side as well as what was in front.

The Glow was brighter now and they could see what looked a lump of rock, which was different from the surrounding rock, as they got closer the glow seemed to expand and they could see the torn and bloody bodies of two small children.

Someone had looked at their watched it was Midnight and easter morning was seconds away.

They checked the bodies but alas could find no pulse, heart beat or signs of breathing, Carefully the children were wrapped in blankets and two of the biggest men carried them to the village.

The rain and wind had stopped when the descent was started and soon everyone was back at the village. As soon as the party left the crest of hill the glow disappeared.

The Bodies were taken to the church hall and tenderly laid on two of tables while the local doctor and police were called, Hot drinks were handed round to the sad and tearful party.

Everyone was waiting while the doctor completed a peliminary examination, the blood was from cuts and scrapes while climbing to the top. As far as he could tell they had died from exposure.

What everyone wanted to know was how two small children climbed to the top unnoticed. There were several buildings at the case of hill and those had been searched a couple of time during the day.

It turned out they were missing children and their parents arrived a couple of days later, the children had appeared to be two young girls and the Autopsy revealed they were boys.

The parents arrived and the story was revealed that the two boys were transgendered but the family refused to accept that so the children had run away.
Everyone had been looking for 2 ten yrs boys so now we knew how they hadn`t been caught.

The full autopy was revealed and cause of death was exposure to the weather.

The reward was offered to the search party but they refused it, the parents after the bodies were suitably prepared took the boys home for burial.

The question that remained what was the mysterious light that had led the search party to the bodies in the early hours of Easter morning?

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