I Was A Hero In Another World But My Dog-Girl Slave Swapped Places With Me And Now I Can’t Disobey Her 6

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We set out after dressing Valentine in a large robe and mask. At the gate, one guard questioned it, but Master told her to remove her mask, and seeing what was beneath it, they immediately apologized and said she could put the mask back on… I assume Master was playing some visual trick on their mind.

Then we started our carriage ride towards the capital. We had a couple days. I was worried it was going to be awkward as hell – I did not know how to act as ‘Sasha’ around Master, really, even if she could copy me, and mostly fell silent and blushed, more conscious of my current status – but Valentine seemed to sense my unease, and lead light conversation on various topics, which Master could keep up with, at least, although she pretended to not know things a rather annoying amount of the time. This is me you’re representing here, darn it! The Hero From Another World is not completely ignorant! I sometimes contributed when I had a thought, but mostly, I left the conversation to them.

“Throw down your valuables, and you get to live!” came from outside. Master perked up immediately, and I became very alert, while Valentine frowned slightly and reached her hand towards the door.

Master shook her head. “I’ll take care of it…" she looked to Valentine and winked "...and don’t worry, I’ll do my best not to kill any of them.”

Master stepped outside, and after a moment there were screams, then quiet talking I couldn’t make out. Soon enough, Master was back in the carriage, and we were riding on. I looked up at her curiously… did really no one die there? Valentine was looking to Master expectantly as well, and Master looked between the two of us, then crossed her arms against her broad chest.

“Half of them fled once they realized who I was, the other half surrendered. I gave each of the surrendering ones a gold coin, and told them to find a better life than banditry. I’m not sure that they will, but it’s kind of the most I can reasonably do.”

Valentine smiled at Master, her eyes sparkling a little. “That’s very kind of you.” Her voice wasn’t flirtatious, exactly, but it still made me nervous… this was Master’s literal childhood hero here, whose life she had rescued, being impressed by her. She was stronger and tougher, more famous, more beautiful, in a rugged way, and would make an excellent symbol if she became Master’s slave. Sure, she refused to kill anyone, but it’s not like I had the ability to kill anyone who was halfway resisting in the first place in this body, and I was getting less eager to kill people now that I knew what it was like to be weak, too.

Master looked over to me and smiled, reaching over to ruffle my hair, and then pulled me close, cuddling me against her side. “Don’t look so worried… maybe some of them will listen. There’s good and obedient people everywhere, after all.”

I just got more nervous. I had been somewhat obedient, but that was more under duress than anything.

Still, nothing immediately to lose my status seemed to be forthcoming, and I ended up dozing against Master’s side as the two of them chatted.

It was evening when I woke again, and Master told Valentine to help our driver set up camp, he had something to talk about with me.

The driver flushed a little and looked with blushy nervousness towards me and Master, and I just smiled back at her– apparently lots of people hero-worshipped Valentine a little. Valentine moved a bit closer and sat down next to her on the ground and talked in calm tones, as if trying to soothe a nervous animal, and I watched for a moment, but soon enough, Master took my hand and drew me behind a copse of trees.

“I have no current intentions to replace you with Valentine,” Master informed me in a soft voice almost immediately. “You’re not wrong about her strengths – well, personally I think you’re cuter, both in looks and personality – but handling her would be a lot more work, and if she disagreed with my method, she’d be more likely to be disruptive.”

“Aren’t you just complimenting yourself there?”

Master smiled. “Halfway, sure, but the other half was specifically for you.”

I blushed and looked away at the swarm of butterflies landed on the tree, which certainly stood out. “Are they doing a migration?”

Master glanced over to them with disinterest. “No idea.” ...apparently her apparently encyclopedic knowledge on some things didn’t extend to butterflies.

“I only focus on learning useful things,” Master replied to my thought.

“Why did you take me out here?” I asked, tilting my head to one side.

“One, to reassure you. Two…” She took hold of my shoulder, and pushed me back against a tree, smiling down at me. “Valentine sort of interrupted things for us this morning, and I intended to use my cute little pet’s body.”

I flushed, getting wet almost immediately… I had to say something, quick. “Um, wait!”

Master covered my mouth with her other hand, and raised an eyebrow. “Quietly, pet.” She removed her hand and looked to me expectantly. Okay, I had no idea what to say, I just… things were happening very quickly. My mind searched recent history for what I could say.

“Body. There’s something important Valentine told me… you could go see a transmutationist, if you’re uncomfortable with your body.”

Master tilted her head to one side. “...wouldn’t that be more suspicious?”

“...no? You could justify some small behavior changes more easily, right?”

Master laughed, and leaned down and in to kiss me, slowly and langorously, keeping my shoulder pinned to the tree as her other hand ran up my thigh and side until she was gently groping my breast as I moaned into her mouth.

I was panting softly when she removed her mouth, and stared up at her, and she petted my head, scritching behind my ear.

“You’ve really accepted that we’ve exchanged bodies, haven’t you? Offering up your old body to be altered however I want.. just to make me more comfortable… what a loyal little slave….” My mind instinctively panicked at this entire line of reasoning.

“Um, no! Maybe I just want to be a girl!” Fuck.

Master stared down at me for a long moment, and smiled. “Well… I suppose you’re very welcome, then. I’m more than happy with this trade too.”

I opened my mouth, but couldn’t get the words out. I felt like I was blushing with my whole body. Master probably couldn’t read my thoughts, as I wasn’t having a coherent one.

She started groping me with both hands, focusing on my neck and breasts and thighs and ass and rubbing against my pussy, seemingly deliberately reminding how much of a girl I was right now, and how much under her power I was. My moans started getting louder, and I covered up my mouth with one hand, trying to muffle my increasingly loud moans that Valentine and our driver might here, but Master continued to grope me ruthlessly for a little while.

She took my chin in her hand and made me look up at her– which actually took me a little out of it, staring back at my own face. “I’m allowed to do absolutely whatever I want, right, pet? Both of these bodies belong entirely to me, isn’t that right?” I whined softly, scared, but nodded a little… Master had made it clear that I had to absolutely obey her beforehand, and maybe if I was a good girl, she’d make me feel good and keep me and I’d be safe… my tail thumped against the tree. Master laughed softly.

“Oh, my little pet is so excited…” She pushed me down to my knees, and pulled out her cock, rubbing it against my face and then pressing it against my lips. “I’m going to fuck your throat now, pet.”

It was an order, not a suggestion, and somehow this made me wetter. I liked girls! I just suggested she become a girl! But her cock pressing against my lips… well, I guess she was a girl, in a way… as I contemplated all of this, her cock slowly slid into my mouth as I didn’t resist, and then, without waiting, she slowly pressed it down my throat.

To my own surprise, I didn’t gag, but it was far from comfortable, and I could feel my eyes watering as she slowly pumped her cock up and down my throat, my hands gripping my thighs as I tried to stay as relaxed as I could in this situation, that she was relentlessly petting my head and scritching behind my ears as she fucked my throat definitely helping.

I seemed to just be getting more aroused… mind magic on her part, no doubt, or maybe all the petting and ear scritching, it was hard to tell, I felt dazed… and eventually she pulled her cock back out of my mouth, and I gasped for air.

“Very good, pet….” She lifted me to my feet and turned me around, pressing the side of my face and my chest against the smooth bark of the tree, and pulled up my skirt, pressing it into my hands. “Hold this up so I can fuck you.”

I gripped onto my skirt and she groped my ass a little, then parted my cheeks and started to press her cock, lubed up with the thick saliva of my throat or maybe some magic as well – it seemed more slippery than just saliva – and I tensed up, whining softly.

She petted my back, then pinned my shoulder against the tree hard and held a large hand around my neck, leaning in and speaking softly into my ear, “Just relax pet… your body has taken larger cocks up the ass than this, after all….”

With no other choice, I did my best to relax, my body trembling slightly as her lubed cock very slowly spread my ass open, and sunk deep into me, a little satisfied moan of hers in my ears as I panted and made some sort of noise, it was really hard to focus on anything my body was doing other than my Master holding me here pressed against the tree and her cock deep inside me in a way I had never felt before, which felt really weird.

However, I felt strangely relaxed and submissive, and she started slowly and gently fucking my ass, kissing and nipping at the back of my neck while she petted and groped me with her hand that wasn’t holding me against the tree, and I started to moan with increasing loudness and lack of shame, which she did nothing to dissuade.

She started to fuck me just a bit faster, and soon, buried her cock deep in my ass, and I could feel the heat of her cum flowing into me. I was a mixture of dazed and aroused right now, but it hadn’t been enough to make me cum, and I whined softly as she pulled her cock out of me, sinking helplessly to my knees against the tree as she stopped holding me up.

“Ah, you want to clean up for me? Good girl~” She held her cock to my lips, dripping with her cum and my saliva, and I hesitated for a moment.

“Mmm, still too dazed? Guess I’ll have to use your throat to clean it off….” That got me to focus, and I started licking her cock clean, and she petted my head… fuck, how did that feel so good? Was this an animalfolk thing, or is it just that no one before Master had ever petted me? I pressed my thighs together, rubbing them slightly against each other, and looked up at her pleadingly. She blinked, and looked down at me with confusion, which was definitely an act because she could read her mind.

“Is there something you want, pet?” I tried to glare up at her, but I don’t think it came across very angry, as she just giggled and scritched behind my ears.

I couldn't help but nuzzle against her hand as I looked up at her pleadingly. “Please, can I cum, Master…?”

She considered this for a long moment, petting me as she did. “Well, you have been very good and obedient today… other than this morning. You sort of invited Valentine along and decided our destination without asking me, didn’t you?”

“It… it was the right decision…?”

“Yes, but you shouldn’t have been so open with it, and you do need to fully understand your place as a slave girl… no more touching yourself or orgasms until we’ve parted with Valentine… well, I may call on you to serve me more, however….”

I whined softly and nuzzled my cheek against her thigh, and she stroked my other cheek and spoke to me with condescending affection.

“Yes, yes, I know it’s hard, pet… just know that you’re remaking yourself into a perfect little slave for me, okay?”

I wondered if I could hold out that long.

A little while later, Master led me by the hand back to camp on shaky legs, and Valentine and our driver were cuddled up by a roaring fire, both of their faces slightly flushed. I got the feeling that they had definitely heard my moans... hopefully that was all.

...well… at least they seemed to be turned on rather than disgusted.

The driver cleared her throat. “...O mighty hero, would it be untoward to ask if I might take Miss Valentine for a walk? I’ll pay you, of course...”

I blinked, a bit confused, but then seeing her flush further, and the querying way Valentine was looking up at Master, I came to realize that she intended to fuck her… or maybe be fucked by her, the way she was calling her Miss Valentine.

“Ah yes, since the fire’s ready, and everything’s set up… you two can feel free to do whatever you like with the rest of your evening. No payment necessary, I’ve been impressed by your driving.” Master smiled knowingly, and Valentine picked up the now beet-red driver into a bridal carry, and carried her off behind the copse of trees.

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