TG Techie: Chapter 33: Black Box

Black Box


I got up Wednesday morning and checked my closet. There were dresses hanging inside and a box with my boots, so that hadn’t been a dream. I fingered the fabric for a second. Considered slipping it on and looking at myself in the mirror.

But today was a tech day, so it was time for jeans, steel toes, and my best underwear.

My best underwear wasn’t very good. Well everything else I promised myself has fallen apart. Am I allowed to buy lingere, or do I have to be over 18?

TG Techie: Chapter 20: [XXX] Heavy Petting

Heavy Petting

( . ) ( . )

“Hey mom, I’m home!” I called as I opened the front door, knowing she wasn't there.

Autumn let go of my hand to take off her backpack. She had held it all the way from Exposition station, cigarette in her other hand. She had only released it to catch a Magicarp (we both got that one).

The Legends 2

The Legends

Chapter 2 - The Woman Soldier


A girl dies and resurrects 80 years later, in a divided world. Each chapter is the story of a person who encountered her, in a different place and a different state. She sometimes helps other people, but nobody knows who she is.

Absinthe, Opium and Honor…Chapters 45 & 46.

*Before…Jamie’s Part.

I start shutting the lights off and get my purse and my coat and the offer her my arm. “You like games?”
“Like an arcade?”
“Sort of but better.”
“You’ll see, you like Sushi?”
“I’ve never had it but I’ve always wanted to try it.”
“Good first the pachinko arcade then Sushi.”
I offer and she takes my arm and then looks at me. “What’s pachinko?”

*And Now…

Bridges 48


I’m looking at my phone and trying to decide if I should say anything when I hear her yawn on the other side of the line and hear this happy, and amazing make my heart ache.

“Good morning beautiful, how’d you sleep?”

My wife, she stayed on the line with me all night on purpose…I pull her pillow into my arms and I hug it hard.

“I slept okay but this…It’s a great morning.”

“Mmm…good, I have to preggers pee so I’ll talk to you later hon?”

(Happy-sniffle.) “Yeah okay, I love you.”

“Love you too Mommy.”

I hear her lips touch her phone before hanging up and I’m sitting there hugging her pillow happy crying and even shaking a little too.

*And Now…

Sooner than Laters Part 1

Sooners than Laters Part 1

I’m awake before the alarm clock goes off and it jars my dreams apart and I open my eyes and reality crashes in around me.

Today’s the day.

I literally can’t put this off anymore.

I roll out of bed and there’s the jiggle there, not really there, but definitely there.

Confused Yet?

Starter boobs.

Hey, there I’m Deidre.

Cynthia and the Queen of the Knight, Chapters 6 & 7

Cynthia and the Queen of the Knight, Chapters 6 & 7

By Portia Bennett

Introduction: There are many people in the universe of The Wizard and Spells R Us who are not very happy with what he’s done to them. One transformee decides to take steps necessary to eliminate The Wizard once and for all. She gathers a group of equally disgruntled victims of The Wizard’s magic, and they try to put together a plan. Will they succeed?

Our four protagonist discuss what they are going to do in light of what they’ve discovered. They decided to press on. They realize why their parents are trying to kill The Wizard. The three newly blonde bullies and their mothers meet with Dr. Bettencourt, aka The Wizard. The mothers want the best for their bad boys, as long as the boys really want it. Guess what? Two more conspirators drop out.

This story is another addition to The Cynthia Chronicles, Volume II. Cynthia (Cindy) Brewer has graduated from medical school. Randi Lewis at age 18 is starting work on her Master of Science in Chemistry, and Charli Brewer is a freshman in pre-med at UConn. Bobbie Anderson is setting the golf world on fire having now won tournaments on the PGA in addition to her many victories on the LPGA. This story takes place several years before Bobbie and the Glass Ceiling. If you are not familiar with the stories that make up the Cynthia Chronicles, you might want to go back to the beginning with An Incremental Journey

Becoming Karen - Book 3: Karen's Magnificent Obsession

Becoming Karen - Book 3

Karen’s Magnificent Obsession-1

By Katherine Day
(Copyright 2013)

(Karen Hansson begins her new life as a beautiful girl in love with a handsome, athletic, popular young man. Her transgendered status is just one of the factors she must overcome to fulfill her dreams not only to gain the love she desires, but also to save her future. This novel-length story is a sequel to two earlier stories about Karen, “To Be Or Not To Be,” and “Becoming Karen.” While the reader may enjoy reading the earlier stories first, this novel may be read on its own.)

My Life as a Iconoclast

20120312_resize.jpgOkay -- as some of may have seen, I've posted some of my meager output here as part of the Female to Male crossdressing genre.

So I thought that I would intro myself and do a few whys and wherefores.

A Splintered Life

----------=BigCloset Retro Classic!=----------

Deirdre is trying really hard to deal with a lot of things that are all overwhelming: transition, starting College, a surly brother, parents who don't get it yet and a suicide event that haunts her. She is trying to pick up the broken pieces of her life and put them back together in some sort of order, but it isn't easy.

A Splintered Life

by poetheather

Copyright © 2009 by poetheather
All Rights Reserved.

Poker En Femme

A happy blog entry, just for a change!

As some of you may know, from a chatroom we often hang out in together, I've been having some really great breakthrough experiences lately! I've somehow made friends with a few of the staff of a local lesbian bar. Pretty good friends, too. I feel like I'm in a dream at times!


The brave Battlemage, Therobelin, joins with his closest allies, Xhaiden and Meghalen to fight the ancient magic of the Rainfall Cult outside the walls of Ghanton. What awaits the three companions is

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