UF-2 Book 1, Chapter 1

Edited by Catherine Linda Michel

This is a long one, folks. There are two books to this story and the total comes to just under 75,500 words, counting both books. Both books are complete and chapters will be posted three times a week through the end of Book 2.

So settle in and strap in for a space drama/love story/mystery that will transport you to a distant future and other dimensions. If you're not a big "info dump" fan, you can skip the first few paragraphs and go right to the story beginning, referring to the foreword as you find the info there relevant. There IS a lot of info there and you will probably be able to answer some of your "tech" questions by doing so.

CyberRealm: Into the Underworld - Chapter 2

Into the Underworld

By Ken Ryker

Discover the dark secrets of a futuristic world with a deep history of mystical lore
and racial wars. One man has his eyes opened in ways that can never be closed. A fierce fighter learns
the truth of the secrets held inside. And a woman learns of a world she never knew existed.

Lifeswap - part 4 of 10

Lifeswap (part 4 of 10)

by Maeryn Lamonte

Copyright © 2014 Maeryn Lamonte - All Rights Reserved.

Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, think I’ll go and eat worms. Seven comments and four pms. On the other hand, I had some pretty amazing ones on some of my older stories, and one or two on previous chapters of Lifeswap, so this posting is a little soner than it might have been…

Anyway, for those of you who’re new to Lifeswap, chapter one can be found here. For the rest of you, the story so far:-

A year has passed since this all began. Jerry Goodman (a banker) and Laura Townsend (an antiques dealer) have had their consciousnesses switched by an acquaintance, Tony Ward (another antiques dealer, but a toe-rag who stole the magic bowl which makes this possible from Laura because he broke his own).

The fallout from the switch includes Jerry’s wife, Portia, suing for divorce, meaning that he has to sign all his wealth, shares and properties over to Laura (which is of course him anyway) in order to stop her getting her hands on it. This results in the bank shareholders calling for Jerry’s resignation, which he gives readily enough, leaving its future in the hands of three investors he trusts.

Infelftration - 2 of 4

Sure the physical is a good start, but even a horny college boy will experience moments of lucidity; therefore, Snorri has much to learn before beginning his infelftration.


Girl Park

Girl Park

by Melanie Brown

Copyright  © 2014 Melanie Brown

Any other time, Mike would have killed for a chance to go to the most advanced amusement park in the world. Unfortunately, this one was just for girls.

I Need To Remember. Chapter 11.

Chapter 11. Linda and Wishes go shopping for a dress for the party.

South of Bikini 2: E6- Out of the fire, a hero

Continuing her mission to 1945 Poland, Alex must find a way to safely secret the Meridian Spacecraft and her team out of the heavily defended Wonderwerks facility and preserve the precious timeline. Will she be able to rescue the hundreds of lost souls locked away in the Wenceslas Mine? Can Alex rescue one very lost, very confused soul in particular?

Georgie and Sandy

George, a barista, tries to better his station by applying for a job as as Admin, thinking it is an administrator. Sandy's interview probes his motives in applying for a traditionally feminine job.

Whispers from the Void - Prologue

Whispers from the Void

by Ken Ryker

The Archon Saga unfolds as a young girl is thrust into a destiny she does not understand.
Lead by a torn mentor, hunted by a spurned patron, and wanted by a malevolent spirit,
she will face unknown threats and find unexpected allies as she struggles to determine whom
she can trust and whom she must deliver to a fate darker than the blackest night.



Mare's Tales 15

The Sci-fi / medicine is described as our friends prepare for Vee's for surgery

Transplanetary by Cleo Kraft: Gems of Ordon

Transplanetary by Cleo Kraft: Gems of Ordon

Some treasures are hard to find, and harder to hold onto.


Vic Kemple loved him some sexy superheroines. He never expected to be one!


by Erin Halfelven

Angel's Tale

Angel's Tale

by Joreymay

Magnetic Personality

Magnetic Personality-

Lawrence Dane, a 45 year old Systems Engineer, feels his life has been wasted.When his Meta turns, what will he do with his second chance?

Watery Tales (AquaGirl)

Watery Tales

(The life and times of Lorena Marquez, aka AquaGirl)

by mittfh

Copyright © Ben Norwood 2010-2011

Creative Commons License

Mark Foster is terrified of water.
So what's he doing on a cross-channel ferry... the bottom of the sea...

With thanks to Lilith, Lynceus and EnemyOfFun - you know your roles in producing this!


Image credits:
  Original: DC Comics
(found @ ComicVine)
  Modified: mittfh

Continuing Release

Continuing Release

By Kerry Brown

or Whatever happened after the Ball?

This is the follow on from A Tale of Release, most of the characters are back just moved on by nine months.
How would you feel if your boss made an offer that was too good to refuse?


James was on his annual trip with his father to visit the place were he was born, the place his mother had died.

This trip from Canada was going to be different, follow his story as he changes.GraceJone.jpg

Falling . . .

Falling . . .

They say your life passes before your eyes just before you die. No one ever says who “they” are, of course, and I always scoffed at it, until it happened to me.

The Boston Bubble: Lora's Story

By Lora Guy

Lenny is a cross dresser out for a public stroll when he gets caught up in a sudden, massive group transformation. See how a far-off war sends his life in directions he could never imagine.

Premise based on the "bubble" concept created by AJ James in the novella
The Long Strange Journey of Seth Gates

Red Shoes

Red Shoes
by KaylaKayKee

These are the diary notes of a young man whom after taking a summer job experiences changes beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. It also suggests that there may be magic out there, not in the form of dramatic hocus-pocus but a more subtle one.

And sometimes that magic can come from something as inconspicuous as a pair of — Red Shoes.



The Center: Tester

The Center: Tester
By Blackout

Lulu - A Dark Comedy of Identity



by Lulu Martine



by Koalas

Sometimes a name is all you need, and sometimes its the wrong name

Rising Dawn

Rising Dawn

Self-made Man, Umm Person

Self-made Man, Umm Person
By BillieBob


What if it only took the power of thought to make things possible? Just imagine your future and make it real. If you have the tools to do it. Mainly, yourself, and only limited by your imagination!



by Tanya Lynn

Ever since I was a kid, I loved comic books. When I was in high school, I took a creative writing class and our term paper was to write a novelette. I wrote a series of comic book stories with each chapter being what would be an issue of the comic book. I was dressing up by that time, but had never heard of transgendered fiction. I wonder if the story would have come out somewhat as what follows. I have adapted the story, but because of the intervening years, current comic book fans may see some discrepancies. My knowledge of the more current X-men comes from watching the X-men and X-men Evolution cartoons, so there may be some discrepancies there. Please don't email me with these- just go with the stories. I also loved the Firestorm character and that is the source of some of the ideas of blending the characters. I figure give credit where it is due. As always, emails and comments are welcome, as long as they are not abusive.

Yu-Gi-Oh : Duelist of Time

Yu-Gi-Oh : Duelist of Time

My Enemy, Myself


My Enemy, Myself

by Lynceus

Harvey Dent. Bright new ADA. Beautiful wife and teenaged daughter. Family man. But also, a man with a secret. And something inside him that is about to break loose with a vengeance!




by Armond

The Runner

The Runner

By Trashy Trisha

A New Life

A New Life

by Melodie

Heir to a Species

Heir to a Species

by Arianrhod

The Professor

Fiction by The Professor

The Artifacts of K'Panu

The Artifacts of K'Panu

Quillian -Book 1- Teenager from Hell


Book 1

Teenager from Hell

by Joyce Melton and Daniel Ford

Healing Mishap

Healing Mishap

by Lanzaq

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock, Paper, Scissors

by Anistasia Allread



“The only thing I wanted out of Ovid was out of Ovid.”
“Male–female–it didn’t really matter as long as I got the hell out of Ovid.”


Visitors to a strange town in Oklahoma frequently end up changed.

Harry Potter When past and Present Collide

Harry Potter - When Past and Present Collide



By Megumi-chan



One man emerges from a dungeon after being chained up for almost three months.
Wallace Jane is now unchained.
by Swishy

The Doctor

A multipart story ...

The Doctor

by Melissa Tawn


A Broken Life

A Broken Life

by Wargammerguy

The Center

The Center
Lilith Langtree

Sixteen years ago, Cameron's mother was accidentally poisoned. Today, he and others like him are finding out exactly what that means. These children, kidnapped by a government black bag operation, learn to deal with their changes and other amazing abilities while they live at The Center.

The Maiden's Curse

After hiding in a mummy's case, Bob undergoes physical and mental changes. Are they a curse or a blessing? And do they help in the quest to defeat an ancient threat that's fast approaching earth? A prophesy from the time of the pyramid building now has the world in fear. A search for an alien artifact that is crucial for the world's survival is now in the hands of Bob. Is he man enough for the challenge?

The Maiden's Curse

by Prudence Walker

The Venus Touch

The Venus Touch
by Melanie T

Edited by Kristine Roland

When Ron spent the night with a strange woman, he never thought his life would be changed so much. Caught up in a web of sorcery and lies, Ron, who is now a woman named Ronnie must face a world of magic she never knew existed.

Hunted by powerful forces and aided by uncertain allies, Ronnie has to unravel the mystery of her transformation.

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