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The fourth book of the God Bless the Child saga
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Everything is going Shawn Sweet's way, until he finds out his girlfriend was a boy

Life couldn't be going better for Shawn Sweet; he is a stud high school picture and guaranteed first pick in the upcoming draft. The only thing that is slowing him down from having all his dreams fulfilled is that his girlfriend's father won't give him permission propose until he knows everything about the person he wishes to marry.

When the secret gets out, things start to fall apart and questions abound for a young man trying to find his place in the world and if love can truly conquer all, even biology.

The Tale of Tristin Diez second revision chpter one

The Tale of Tristin Diez

By Lucille Jeanette Smith

Edited by Catherine Linda Michel

In the course of life, some are chosen. Chosen to suffer more than others, to endure much more because they are strong enough to take that suffering and turn it into something amazing, like social change and progress. One such person is Tristan Diez, a young man just coming into his own as a man. Everything he's done and has endured in his relatively short life has given him the strength and wisdom to do what has to be done, no matter how wrong it might seem to others or what indignities he might have to suffer. This is his story, but it's more than just a story. It's an example that we all might learn from, and maybe make things better by following his example.

Sweet Dreams-56

Sweet Dreams-56

Chapter 56


Alex looks at me when he gets out. “You okay?”
“Yeah I’m just having that kind of hitting me again.”
“That actual feeling of home?”
“You are home.”
“But it’s still something that I never really got before Alex; everything else was kinda just a squat. I’m having that full on thing where I had no idea I missed our bed so much until I climbed in it tonight.”
He smiles that soft little secret smile of his…that one that’s only partway on his lips but all the way in his eyes and I sigh and tilt my head up to meet him as he leans down to kiss me and we do that for a while before we end up snuggling up together and actually sleeping.
I missed that too…curling up with him and spooning.
It actually takes me the better part of three quarters of an hour before sleep overtakes me.
The rest of that time I was just sort of soaking in that feeling.
Home, safe and loved.

*And Now…

X-Why-Me?...Chapter 18

X-Why-Me…Chapter 18


She looked at her dad and he waited until the cops had left and offered his hand to the bus driver who shook it and the sheriff who just looked at him and his hand and then headed towards his car. “I have to get this to evidence and do up a report, good evening all.”

He left with a nod and got in his truck and drove off and the bus driver left after that saying he had to do the same after getting the bus back to the garage.

Emily looked at her sister and her Dad and her throat hurt and her mouth was dry.

“I’m so sorry you guys, I’m sorry.”

Both of them hugged her and she started crying and they hug walked her up the drive way to the house.

*And Now…

What a good boy...Chapter 25

What a good boy…Chapter 25

Chapter 25

I get up after a few minutes and head over to where Jamey is sitting and ease down into the seats. He looks over to me and he smiles ad blushes. I grin. “Looking at the pretty?”

“I uhm…” He’s turning red.

“Hey as a V-boy and new to the whole with guy’s thing too I’m seeing the same kind of yummy.”

“I…Oh damn Tracy…I can’t help it, you and me…it was so good I see them and I’m wondering and I’m not sure I want to.”

“It’s a trip.” I nod and sort of lean on his shoulder. “I was so on the fence about being attracted to you.”


“Yes you, you’re a beautiful boy.”

Are We Not Men?

An old story of mine from 1997, Are We Not Men? is an obvious homage to H.G.Wells The Island of Dr. Moreau - with a TG twist, of course. As with Embers, this is submitted in it's original form, warts and all. Please enjoy this Halloween treat.

October 31, 2013

Sweet Dreams-54 “It’s only a flesh wound.”

Sweet Dreams-54 “It’s only a flesh wound.”

Chapter 54


Ooooh ick.

I know surgery is gross and after surgery is gross but there’s red and there stains and there’s swelling and stitches and stuff. They’re checking all of that and the redress everything and I can’t help it as much as I’m grossed out and embarrassed I’m fascinated too.

It’s gone…like completely gone and everything else too.

It’s a lot to process right now but at the same time past the sort of shock to all of it is this little feeling of yay?

Of yes…finally.

*And Now…

It all started back in 1985

It all started back in 1985. I was an average 13-year-old boy. Who live in a loving home with his Mother, Father and 12-year-old kid sister.

Can I have some Brown Sugar for my Damper? Chapter 9.

Can I have some Brown Sugar for my Damper? Chapter 9.

Chapter 9.

I told Rudy the truth.

“I like you Rudy and that makes a lot of difference.”

It really, really does too.

I had all these thoughts and feelings of what it was like to be a transgendered woman that was really influenced by Sophie. I felt for the first time in my life right in my skin but it was missing things…feelings and connection.

I’m here tonight with Rudy and it’s just supper after a nice day out before we do the weekend and movies and Sam with us and talking and kissing and cuddling up.

Nothing you couldn’t find anyone else doing at any night of the week.

But actually I’ve never done this before.

Sweet Dreams-53 "It's only a flesh wound!"

Sweet Dreams-53 “It’s only a flesh wound!”

Chapter 53

It’s been a really good day. The sex and the food in the morning and the coffee and watching movies was just so amazing. But so was Alex's idea of laying there together and napping. And taking the day off from classes was nice even though I actually like school here it was still really, really needed, I think I did need just being with Alex like this.

I have had very little times in my life when it was just okay to stop and just do that stop. Let someone care for me in little ways.

Like a nap at eleven in the morning after watching a movie and sitting there in the sunshine with Alex spooning me and feeling that huge warm bulk of his body there and those strong arms gently circling around me.

No sex, no necking as awesome as that is just being held and sleeping.

Images 50

Images 50

Chapter 50

As much as going to see Hanna is on my mind the morning is a good morning by all of my standards. Nice waffles…I do like a good waffle, pancakes are awesome but I like the nooks and crannies thing.

I make a whole bunch and Taylor does a little scrambled eggs and a bit of bacon we don’t need much but I dig out the juice and the vitamins and take my meds and my vitamins and get Iggy hers and then Giselle’s Flintstone’s ones.

So trying to do the mommy thing.

Tay certainly makes it better with the kisses and nuzzles to my neck and places and him circling his arms around me.

I’m definitely more than blessed.

Pop Pop and the Unexpected Bridesmaid - Part 8 - Baby Wanted or Not?

Pop Pop
and the
Unexpected Bridesmaid

Part 8
Baby Wanted or Not?

by Jessica C

Copyright © 2013 Jessica C
All Rights Reserved.

Sweet Dreams-50...Tears Of My Childhood

Sweet Dreams-50…Tears Of My Childhood

Chapter 50


Again…it’s awhile but that doesn’t matter, I lean my head against his where it’s on my shoulder and just whisper to him.

“Keep you eyes closed and just breathe okay hon…….just feel us…me holding you and you holding me and the smell of the trees, the lawns…feel the sunshine?”

He nods into my shoulder.

“Good…now just sort of picture all of that and she’s in there too…right there Alex…right there in the sunshine only she’s really smiling at you…like she used to and not because she’s bombed or high but she’s just good…she’s watching you and seeing the great guy she’s got and she’s just smiling hon…she’s just good…cause you’re good…it’s all she needs babe…it’s all she needs.”

He’s sobbing again into my shoulder but in there…muffled in there I can hear this faint little.

“I…I can see her.”


Soaring With Eagles - Conclusion

Soaring With Eagles, Part 10, Chapters 35, 36, 37 & 38

By Portia Bennett

Introduction: Their careers continue to develop at a rapid pace. With increased rank comes greatly increased responsibility. More and more what one does and where one goes is dictated by immediate needs, not long range planning. Angie finds herself thrust into a squadron commander's position in the latest war zone in the Middle East. Fred is the top pilot for Air Force One, and Matt is now a group commander for more than 1200 Security forces personnel.

The other novels in this story in the order they were written are: The Heart of the Beholder, The Narragansett Fork, Musetta's Waltz, Who is Sylvia, Five Love Stories en Brochette, The Redhead and the PM, and St. George and the Dragon.

Soaring With Eagles - Part 5 of 10

Soaring With Eagles, Part 5, Chapters 19, 20, 21, & 22

By Portia Bennett

Introduction: Angie has arrived at Aviano Air Base in northern Italy. Needless to say, Fred was surprised; however, not in a bad way. Things don't go nearly as well with her first meeting with her squadron commander. Can things get any worse? Just how easy or difficult is it going to be for Angie to be accepted? Also, there is this thing about the whole reason Angie was at Aviano in the first place. Angie has her check ride. Let's see what happens.

The other novels in this Saga in the order they were written are: The Heart of the Beholder, The Narragansett Fork, Musetta's Waltz, Who is Sylvia, Five Love Stories en Brochette, The Redhead and the PM, and St. George and the Dragon.

Soaring With Eagles - Part 4 of 10

Soaring With Eagles, Part 4, Chapters 15, 16, 17 & 18

By Portia Bennett

Introduction: The last two years at the Academy were over rather quickly, or at least it seemed they were. Matt's father swears him in, and Matt and Kate finally marry. They visit Musetta and Matt's grandfather on their way to San Antonio. As they are readying to leave Bakersfield, they are buzzed by a crop duster. Matt has an idea who the pilot is. After training in San Antonio, the young couple heads for Little Rock Air Force Base. Matt runs into Fred Bilitnikov who is starting C-130 training. It's always the same. Whenever they meet or correspond it's always "Where is Angelo?" "Have you heard anything lately from Angelo?" That's a very good question. Where exactly is Angelo?

The other novels in this saga in the order they were written are: The Heart of the Beholder, The Narragansett Fork, Musetta's Waltz, Who is Sylvia, Five Love Stories en Brochette, The Redhead and the PM, and St. George and the Dragon.

Bridges 37

Bridges 37

Chapter 37

While I’ve been busying myself with studying and catching up on a whole lot of the stuff that I’ve missed since I’ve been off. I’ve still been missing Cass even though we talk nights on the phone and we do other things it’s me just feeling…we just got together I mean really together and it’s like it’s so not been enough really.

I want my girl with me at nights to cuddle up with and do all the newly-wed couple stuff together.

Operation Rescue: The Protester

Operation Rescue: The Protester

By: LightofFury

Synopsis: Jake gets swept into a protest of the Morris Foundation by his friends. Left in doubt of his friend’s cause, he searches for answers of his own.

This story borrows the setting and a couple of characters from Operation Rescue: New Co-Ed by ElrodW. Operation Rescue is a semi-closed universe created by ElrodW. It is with his explicit permission that I created this story, and he has reviewed and approved this story for inclusion in this new story universe. Please respect his wishes to keep the universe pure to his vision. If you want to write an Operation Rescue story, contact ElrodW, and work with him.

Soaring With Eagles - Part 3 of 10

Soaring With Eagles, Part 3, Chapters 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14

By Portia Bennett

Introduction: They finally get into the swing of things, not to say that it gets any easier. Matt begins to emerge as a leader who makes few wrong decisions. Matt's strengths seem to really piss off Cadet Caldwell. A rape does take place in this part. I've tried to handle it with the least bit of violence as possible. No one gets away with anything.

The other novels in this story in the order they were written are: The Heart of the Beholder, The Narragansett Fork, Musetta's Waltz, Who is Sylvia, Five Love Stories en Brochette, The Redhead and the PM, and St. George and the Dragon.

Jasmine Takes Control: Finale

Jasmine Takes Charge: Finale

I comforted my Husband/Sister/Mistress, she had been bleeding from the surgery the Gorean had put her through, I had gotten there just as they were starting to cut on her 'clit.'. The Gorean's had already done a breast augmentation, The Goddess had come back to me, and I saved my lover.

Soaring With Eagles - Part 2 of 10.

Soaring With Eagles, Part 2, Chapters 7, 8 & 9

By Portia Bennett

Introduction: Well, our heroes are off on the great adventure that they so longed for. The only trouble is that it really isn't much fun. In fact, the first year in any US military academy is hell. Now, they are going to find out just what sort of hell they've gotten themselves into. Right off the start they meet Cadet Caldwell who seems to have a vendetta going against Matt and the others.

The other novels in this story in the order they were written are: The Heart of the Beholder, The Narragansett Fork, Musetta's Waltz, Who is Sylvia, Five Love Stories en Brochette, The Redhead and the PM, and St. George and the Dragon.

Soaring With Eagles - Part 1 of 10

Soaring With Eagles, Part 1, Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6

By Portia Bennett

Introduction: From the seven stories preceding this one in the California Saga we know quite a bit about the O'Donnell family, the Essegians and all of their friends (and enemies). One person has been missing in these stories. Well not exactly missing; however, his story has been pretty much overlooked, not that it should have been. What do we know about Matthew (Matt) O'Donnell? We know that he is the youngest son of Mike and Jo O'Donnell. We know that he married the youngest daughter of George and Mindy Essegian. And we know from something his father said shortly after the death of his mother that he was a hero.

Well, how did Matt O'Donnell become a hero? This is that story. This is also a story about two childhood friends who dreamed of going to the Air Force Academy, becoming fighter pilots, and enjoying all the adventures that fighter pilots are known to have. There is a problem though, and if that problem ever becomes known, one of the friend's dreams of flying in the Air Force will come crashing to earth.

This story roughly parallels The Redhead and the PM as far as the time frame is concerned. Real life is a slow process for most of us, and this story is no exception. Yes, someone transitions, but it doesn't happen overnight. This is a love story. One couple knew about their love early on. The first few chapters explore how that love developed and grew. As for the other couple, their love remains hidden. One party has known about it for a long time. As far as the other party is concerned - well, I guess you're just going to have to read the story to find out.

This story is dedicated to the memories of Sgt. John L. Levitow, USAF, Medal of Honor recipient whose actions inspired part of this story, all the other Medals of Honor recipients who gave so much, and 1Lt Stephen Craig Moreland whose C-130 was shot down in Kham Duc Special Forces Camp (A-105), Quang, South Viet Nam on May 12, 1968 while attempting to rescue embattled soldiers. His remains and those of his fellow crew members were not recovered for nearly 30 years. Steve was a classmate of mine in junior and senior high school.

This story is also dedicated to Holly Hart whose proofing and editorial skills definitely helped me be a better writer. I know I learned quite a bit from her over these last few years, and I'm pretty sure she helped me become a better writer. Thank you, Holly

The other novels in this story in the order they were written are: The Heart of the Beholder, The Narragansett Fork, Musetta's Waltz, Who is Sylvia, Five Love Stories en Brochette, The Redhead and the PM, and St. George and the Dragon.

Catburglar 5: Fantoccini’s Feline

Fantoccini’s Feline
By Paul Calhoun

A certain someone mentioned that I don't do sweet/sentimental/positive sex scenes. Simple answer to that: it's usually my clients who want the hardcore stuff and I like to go the discreet path in my more upbeat work. However, I figured Kelly and Reg getting together was a really special occasion, so enjoy some sex scenes in which everyone is happy, knows who the partner is and is having a blast.

Kelly gets the Blue Fairy Treatment and we have spoilers/foreshadowing for the Allie series.

Bridges 36

Bridges 36

Chapter 36

Two weeks later…

“Uggh…!” I push away from the kitchen table when Brandon comes in with Ryan and several take out bags.

“Ouch.” Ryan says grinning. “That bad?”

Ashley Phoenix Riley - 5 - Traumatic Education

Patti had been in my arms but I just set her down. Three guys on
roller blades came rolling down the walk I gave them as much space
as I could, but one reached out and knocked me to the ground…

She knew the trauma of a young injured woman; the care and observation
took its own toll. The first Doctor in was a Resident, and while he knew
what he was doing, I could have been a side of beef…

“Mom I think they were angry with me because of Ryta or the street guys.
One of them said, ‘I needed to watch out who I associate with…’”

Ashley Phoenix Riley
Chapter 5
Traumatic Education

by Jessica C.

Copyright © 2013 Jessica C
All Rights Reserved.

My Office Gift – 4 - The Gift Multiplies

Lilith gave me a big hug and I felt her tears on my shoulder. It was very moving to see life not as an issue, but the life of the tender young woman in my arms.

I saw the light of Angelina going into a room. There was a new girl Deborah that I had not met before. When I got to the room …she was alone, a six year old girl…

“It fit on me beautifully. I kissed the ring as Brittany kissed me.

My Office Gift
Chapter 4
The Gift Multiplies

by Jessica C

Copyright © 2013 Jessica C
All Rights Reserved.

Wrong Diagnosis

Wrong Diagnosis.
by Angharad

Copyright © 2013 Angharad
All Rights Reserved.

Happy Bunny!

Happy Bunny!

Fiction by Johnny Cumlately

My name is Barbara and I'm a happy bunny. After many years of uncertainty I seem to be on an even keel at last and know who I am.



Authors Note: I couldn't sleep last night. Once again the nightmares and the fear of them got to me. I decided it was time to write it all out in an attempt to give myself some closure. This is the events of the past year and a half in my life and while there are some happy times this is far from a lighthearted tale. Please don't read if you're not prepared for it.

Heather Obsession.

Caution: The following story from my muse is bent in a really bad way. Just never and I repeat never wonder what would happen IF..

Antifreeze...Part 6.


Antifreeze…Part 6.

I really didn’t want to see the police here.

My stomach is in knots just from all the bullshit form earlier and this; this is really the last thing that we need. That I need and I’m really hoping that they’re not going to try and come after Chris given what’s already happened.

We all get out of our vehicles and the police get out of theirs. Well they’re not coming with weapons drawn at least. Honestly I was expecting something bad like that.

Mom and Uncle Rothman walk over to meet them and they’re talking and the cops are looking at me and Uncle Roth motions me over to them. Chris and I come over I’m feeling shaky again but he’s holding my hand.

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