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Suhara of Curses: Chapter 31 - Bracelet

Jaux Ballad has always wanted to enter the realm of magic, but could not do so by regular means. In his desperation to become a magician he finds himself with more power, and more trouble, than he could ever have imagined.


The Ties That Bind Chapter 21

Of Heroes And Villains:
The Ties That Bind

By Minikisa

An assassin.

A fallen hero.

An unlikely meeting.

The road to redemption is long and hard and filled with explosives.
The Ties That Bind

Evanescence 27

Evanescence 27


Us….Me and Maeve…one of the other Evanescence’s before me…not the one that defeat Asmodeus but she was still one before she died killed and hunted down by Rapture. We call on others inside us together waking more of before me's.

*And now…

Easy As Falling Off A Bike pt 2330

The Daily Dormouse.
(aka Bike, est. 2007)
Part 2330
by Angharad

Copyright© 2014 Angharad
All Rights Reserved.

Amber: In the House of Calvin - Ch. 13: Connecting

Amber: In the House of Calvin

by Ken Ryker

Taylor Calvin is back with plans for her favorite teacher from high school,
but when fate intervenes, a simple night of fun spirals
out of control and places everyone in a very awkward arrangement.

A tale of love, redemption, lust, and forces beyond comprehension.

Magic Depot Changed My Life

Want to become a woman? Magic Depot can supply a package tailored to your requirements. A would-be writer interviews an English transformee.

The Park Bench

So we sat there holding hands and eating our burgers with our free ones and it was nice. All the time though I was worried that it wouldn’t last though. You see, officially I’m a boy...

The Park Bench

By Susan Brown

My Super Secret Life…Diamond-10.

My Super Secret Life…Diamond-10.

Chapter 10

The music’s loud and there’s all these people and I’m getting it. The bump and grind sort of stuff…moving hips and as a girl there’s this side to side thing I’m picking up. It’s like swaying as I walk but more, different and it really helps that I’m getting help from some of the other kids there.

It’s happening here than at my old school…even with this meta/anthro? Avari alien…a girl with blue eyes and white sort of spiked hair that’s actually feathers with her hands on my hips and smiling at me and shouting over the blasting music. “Like this!”

It’s not sexual but just she’s actually will just to show me.


a conversation overheard by Dreammaker

It was a dark and stormy night, no, no that’s no
way to start a story.

Here's How It's Gonna Happen

Here's How It's Gonna Happen

By Melanie E.

A Quiet Strength - Part 2 - Paying the Piper - Chapters 6 - 8

abuse.jpgA Quiet Strength - Paying the Piper
by Anon Allsop

-Part Two-


Max sat in the Intensive Care Unit's waiting area, a tall young doctor approached. "Mr. Augustus?" Max nodded, the doctor took a seat beside him on the couch. "Your daughter is resting now, Elise is pretty severely injured. She has bleeding on her brain, and for now, we're keeping her in a medically induced coma."

"Will she live, Doc?" Max asked without looking up.

The Doctor inhaled deeply, "There are no guarantees, Mr. Augustus. Any brain injury is life threatening, there is always a danger when it involves the brain. Your daughter has had some serious trauma, the next 72 hours will tell us quite a bit. Go on home, sir, get some rest, we'll let you know if anything changes.

Sisters 18

Life became almost banal after that. There is a tendency for some people, especially the younger ones, to see settled domesticity as boring beyond words. They crave adventure, excitement, action. Well, I remember ‘adventure’ being summed up by someone sensible as ‘something unpleasant happening to someone else’. It was the same with the rookies, as too many of the boys were calling the new chums in the American fashion. They came straight from training and went out hoping for a ruck, for a fight or a foot chase, while I was just happy to get home to my wife without incident.

Atalanta's Story- Chapter 6

Atalanta's Story - Chapter 6 This chapter involved a lot of rework and back and forth with William Durr. My grammar skills are not the best so any errors that I left are mine. This is also longer than most of the chapters and the hardest to get right.

A lot happens in this chapter, some discoveries, some mysteries and Atalanta has her first date. She starts to grow up and assert herself a little bit.

Quietly yet Completely

Quietly yet Completely.

Trans women.

They say you can spot the differences when you know what to look for. I heard Bess say that all the time with her friends when we were dating.

Jeeze…the shit she used to go on about.

Okay, I’m a lesbian and yeah I’ll be right there so much of the time agreeing that guys can suck, that social gender roles suck.

But a political lesbian… no way. I don’t think you “Need” to be a lesbian to be a feminist. I don’t think the PIV is rape. If you’re straight or whatever and enjoy sex then power to you. And despite my sexual preferences I don’t think all men are scum.

Sorry I just don’t.

And my not being able to castigate people because of “Class analysis.”

The End Of The World: The Last Easter

Grey Wolf and Lapis Lazuli's story is finally told in this final part of 'The End of the World!'

Changing Sam - Dealing with Change

Changing Sam – Dealing with Change.

by Angharad

Copyright© 2013 Angharad
All Rights Reserved.

Death's Own Daughter Chapter 21

Death’s Own Daughter


At 97, JJ Owens thought he would take one last trip to pay his respects to fallen comrades. He didn’t see that the fates had other plans.

Edited by djkauf and my loving husband Paul

Sis oh no i am a girl now!!! Part 2

Sis oh no I am a girl now!!!
Part 2
By Princess Pantyboy

Me/Kevin/Karen: 12-year-old boy
Donna: older sister 16-years-old

Dandelion War - 15

Dandelion War by Jaye Michael and Levanah Greene

Dandelion War

Jaye Michael
Levanah Greene

Chapter Fifteen
The Element of Surprise

Twice in a Lifetime - 11

Twice in a
an anthology of sequels to
Chances Are


Best Girlfriends Forever - 6

Best Girlfriends Forever – 6

By Katherine Day

(Two women – reunited 40 years after their difficult years as teen boys – share in building their future together in this conclusion. The questions remaining are: Will Millie find love while Amy heads for the altar? Will they remain friends forever after wedding bells toll?)



  Then there were the times when I felt angry and frustrated at the least little thing. Was it normal for a boy, for regretfully I was one under my finery, to have such strange feelings?


By Susan Brown


I would like to thank Miss Jane Austen for the inspiration for this novella, which is based on a time prior to that which is described in Pride And Prejudice and involves a few of the characters in that great work.

Office Bet - Part 10

Office Bet - Part 10

by Melanie Brown

Copyright  © 2014 Melanie Brown

Harry thought he was just making a little joke, but the women in the office weren't laughing.

Imagine That - part 13

(13) If you can’t touch me you can’t hurt me

We all build walls around ourselves to keep safe from the bumps and knocks

300 Rains Chap 49

300 Rains

By poetheather

Geoff was an Anthropologist studying a newly discovered tribe in the Amazon. After getting a bit more involved in the tribe, he joined in on a sacred ritual. That is where things began to go very wrong and spiral out of his control. Now the tribe is gone and he is left with making sense of this until the tribe returns in 300 rains.


For the Love of a Girl

John Wesley was everything but average. Having lost his soul mate and love of his life, he embarks on a ten year journey that will eventually bring her home. He will come close to paying the ultimate price only to be saved from the brink of death. What would you do for love?

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 6

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 6

Chapter 6


Palfrey Corner is six leagues past Dewbridge and it’s gotten dark and I’m actually walking ahead of everyone…I’m holding my hand up and I’m arcing lighting between my thumb and baby finger casting off blue white light. Hawk’s behind me where she’s keeping watch as we make our way to this place where the trail breaks into a clearing and there’s a small lake and a hamlet with a stacked stone wall and a decent defensive ditch in front of it.
There’s a horn sounded from a watch tower made of simple wood and I look at Nicole who runs up a colors flag. “Watch we come with the post!”
It takes a little longer but we get a response. “Be welcome Wisdom and Squire but be warned we’re under a yellow flag!”
I look at the others. “Yellow flag?”
Taylor’s frowning. “Sickness, they’ve sickness in the village.”

*And Now…

Gaby Book 10 Chapter *32* Canned Heat


Chapter *32*Canned Heat

The following morning's ride was pretty straightforward, no specific aims, no special requirements. Despite that it was a much more disciplined affair than when we started last week, we formed up into a rotation without prompting, no one trying to burst the pack or shying from their turn. That's not to say it wasn't a hard ride, we headed across to Glossop before turning south over some fairly tough climbs to Chapel en le Frith before heading back towards Manchester.

Somewhere Else Entirely -102-

Garia is completely devastated by the new visitor to the palace. Keren isn't exactly happy either. Unfortunately, she seems to be better qualified for the job of Consort to a King. Garia must swallow her pride and carry on dealing with the consequences of the conflict with Yod, but the new girl's story raises her curiosity.

Somewhere Else Entirely

by Penny Lane

102 - The candidate

Small Town Boy (Part 7 of 7)

As Steve focuses on HRT, secret plans will change his future forever. Is he strong enough to find his way when the help of others cause Steve to question himself?

I was a Cheerleader for the FBI

I was a Cheerleader for the FBI

by Melanie Brown

Copyright  © 2014 Melanie Brown

Paul was just a computer programmer at the FBI until higher ups decide he's perfect for a covert op.

Dim prisons and Drakes, chapter 3.

Well bet it isn't what you all were hoping for, but it's the best I can do; my muse had ADHD and shes driving. Working on a project that once again is not one of my other stories; hopefully I'll have enough to post it soon.

When Your Tabula Is Not Rasa: 19

“It’s terrible that we won’t remember any of this. Some of it, like the fight with your mother,
I’d gladly forget, but if there was one moment that I could take and keep,
it would be this one with you, here and now.”

Thank You

Thank you!!!

The Lost Girl - Girl Found Chronicles

Lost Girl — Girl Found

Ksenia Solo Lost Girl - Girl Found.png

The continuing story of Oliver/Olivia

The gift

This Christmas I wished alone in the dark to see if I could get what I longed for in my heart.

I wished to be soft and sexy and shy for long hair and maybe meet others like I.



Hikari and June

Hikari and June



Seattle Gal

Seattle Gal

Susan Jean Charles

Susan Jean Charles



Sam & Jess (Revised)

Sam & Jess
 ©2010-2012 - Andrea Ribeiro

Stellar Academy

Stellar Academy

Pink? Why Pink?

Pink? Why Pink?
 ©2011 - Andrea Ribeiro


Melodie Thomas

Melodie Thomas


Karen Elizabeth L.

Karen Eliabeth L.

Kaleigh Way's Short Stories

Short Stories by Kaleigh Way

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