Tammyverse Preludes

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Tom Smart is sixteen and has just two more years of schooling at St Andrews, and then ... who knows? This is his story, a year before Tamara's Debut.

Tammyverse-preludes-revelation.png Tom's Revelation: Tom's travelling with his father, learning about the world and himself. It's only a few weeks before he starts in the Lower Sixth Form at St Andrews School.
This intro to the Preludes is 3,700 words long.
Toms-Xmas-art.png Tom's Christmas: Tom has survived his first sixth form term at St Andrews but the Christmas break has arrived and that could allow Tom a few weeks of freedom? Is Tammy is ready to step out?
This two-part Prelude is 12,400 words long.

A new Preludes story "Tom's Project" is now out on Kindle and will be serialised here late 2022 or early 2023.