Tamara's Tales Series

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Tammyverse Series


These are the continuing tales of Tamara Smart


A breakdown of the storyline is also available on my personal site https://shirazbooks.co.uk
The stories so far:

Tammyverse-preludes-series-600.png Tammyverse Preludes An occasional collection of Tammyverse Preludes, covering the year before Tom became Tammy. Starts in August 2013.
Celtic Ceilidh.jpeg
The Ceilidh This is a prelude to the series and is set during Hallowe'en 2014
3300 words
Tom's Fireworks Set a week after The Ceilidh, on 8th November 2014. This is the prequel that led to the series. Tom is 18 years old and in the upper sixth (year 13) in a private school in Scotland.
2250 words
masks2.jpg Tammyverse Story 1
Tamara's Début
Tammy is offered a leading part in Westside Story,
This story takes place between 14th November & 12th December 2014. Total size 108,000 words in 24 chapters
gaelic_xmas.jpg Tammyverse Story 2
Tamara's First Christmas
Set between 13th December 2014 and 5th January 2015 this is the story of Tammy's eventful first Christmas in Thurso.
Total size 56,000 words in 16 chapters.
Scale_of_justice Tammyverse Story 3
Tamara's Trials
This story is set between January and March 2015 and follows Tammy's continuing adventures as she builds up to her final school exams.
Total size 153,000 words and 56 chapters
Tammy's Easter Diary Tamara's Easter Diary This 2 part short story covers the time Tammy spends in Cornwall at Easter 2015, before her exams. The story is a cross-over with Unaccounted Gains Book 3 but the diary can be read independently as part of the Tammy series. Tammy is supposed to have shredded this diary so don't pass it on!
Testing Times Tammyverse Story 4
Testing Times for Tammy
Testing Times covers Tammy's experiences in her A Level exams just before she finishes her stay at St Andrews. The story starts on 9th April 2015 and ends on 22nd June 2015
Total size 100k and 40 chapters
Diary_summer_0.png Tammyverse Story 5
Tammy's Summer Diary
Tammy's spending the summer of 2015 in Cornwall but first she has to learn to be a spy! This holiday will define Tammy's future. There is cross-over with Unaccounted Gains. The story runs from June 22nd 2015 to 27th August 2015 It contains 12 chapters and is approximately 28,000 words. The story is written as a first person narrative.
 Anchored Tammyverse Story 6
The Summer's over and Tammy has decided her future, anchoring herself in Thurso for work and study. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees. This story runs 28th August 2015 to 12th November 2015. It contains 37 chapters plus an epilogue and is approximately 100,000 words.
 It's Complicated Tammyverse Story 7
It's Complicated
Tammy's on secondment and personal security remains a real issue. This story runs from 18th December 2015 and ends on 22nd February 2016. It has 26 Chapters & 75,000 words approximately. The Kindle edition of this story is 'Unsocial Media'.
 Go West Young Woman Go West Young Woman Tammy heads West for some special training. Set in Feb/March 2016. The Kindle edition of this story is 'Unsocial Media'.
5400 words
Iron Dolphin Book 2 by Snowfall Iron Dolphin Book 2
by Snowfall
Tammy joins forces with a US agent to defeat a terrorist group in London
aftermath_notartan.png Tammyverse Story 8
Tammy has to justify her actions earlier in the year and ends up re-evaluating her life. Set in August/September 2016.
12,000 words in 4 chapters. The Kindle edition of this story is 'Deathtrap'.
deathtrap_notartan.png Tammyverse Story 9
Tammy has settled down to study, but something's not right as she attends her first assessment. Set between October and December 2016. The Kindle edition of this story is 'Deathtrap'.
50,000 words in 20 chapters.
movingon_notartan.png Tammyverse Story 10
Moving On
Tammy's trying to help Suzie, and herself, as the Security Service pushes the girls away. Set between March and July 2017.
approx 140,000 words in 35 chapters plus an epilogue. Written in conjunction with Snowfall. The Kindle edition will be renamed 'Spycraft'.
Interludes Tammyverse Story 11
Interludes is a collection of short stories that include links into Snowfall's stories Iron Dolphin 3 & 4
Shakespeare Takes A Break Interludes
Shakespeare Takes a Break
Shakespeare Takes a Break is the first short story of Interludes. Tammy gets offered a training course like no other.
Shakespeare Takes a Break is set in September 2017. It is 4600 words long and is one chapter. Please read this before Iron Dolphin 3 & 4
interlude Interludes
Guard of the Thistle
The second story of Interludes is Guard of the Thistle and it follows Snowfall's story (which features Tammy) Iron Dolphin 3 & 4
Guard of the Thistle is set in Sept/Oct 2017 and is 20k words across 4 chapters.
interlude Interludes
The third story of Interludes is Ch-Changes. Tammy's personal life takes a left-turn.
Ch-Changes is a story in five parts, 26k words, and is set in October 2017.
Final-interlude-art2.png Final Interlude
True Freedom
Final Interlude concludes the mini-series. New house, new partner and new problems with old adversaries? It could only be a Tammverse story! Length is 8200 words and is set in November 2017.
Deja-flew-art.png Tammyverse Story 12
Deja Flew
Tammy and Maisie head to London for a quiet Christmas. This story is in eleven parts and is 61k words long. It is set in December 2017. In conjunction with Alecia Snowfall.
In A Spin art Tammyverse Story 13
In A Spin
Opening Book 13 is a three parter 'In A Spin' set in February & March 2018, Tammy gains a new skill and finds a new enemy. 18k words in three chapters. In conjunction with Alecia Snowfall.
Royal Retreat Tammyverse Story 13
Royal Retreat
Royal Retreat is a novel-length story and continues directly on from In A Spin. Tammy is tasked with protecting someone important but can she protect herself? This story is set in March & April 2018. In conjunction with Alecia Snowfall. 110k words in 16 chapters.
Rank-Stupidity.jpg Tammyverse Story 14
Rank Stupidity
Rank Stupidity is a 5 chapter short story that introduces Book 14, continuing directly on from Royal Retreat. New issues, new madness and some new ideas. Can Tammy get her personal life straightened? This story is set in April & May 2018. In conjunction with Alecia Snowfall. 25k words in 5 chapters.
stick-figure-w-qm.jpg Character Index List of all main characters across the series


Debut-paperback.jpg The first Kindle publication of the Tammy series is a combined novel of Tom's Fireworks and Tamara's Debut.
It's available from Amazon (UK) , Amazon (US), Amazon (CA) & Amazon (AU) .


Also available
Tammy-Xmas.jpg TammyTrials1.jpg Summer-fling-kindle-cover2_0.jpg Unsocial-Kindle-cover2.jpg Deathtrap-Kindle-cover2.jpg Shiraz on Amazon

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So where are the other Tom and Tamara stories

NoraAdrienne's picture

I distinctly remember reading this series a number of years ago. I read this one thinking that it was a CONTINUATION and was surprised to find that Tammy hadn't come out to the world yet.

You reminded me!

I checked on Google and came up with the stories on Stardust site and marked as written by Topsy. They are dated in 2009 and (currently named author) Shiraz is the name marked as having submitted the stories to that web site. Beyond that info, I have no idea of the relationship between Shiraz, now marked here as author, and previously marked author Topsy. Shiraz could you please post an explanation of this change? BTW, I'm definitely not accusing Shiraz of doing something wrong! However, I am most curious about is going on given that there is a change in the author's name...

Very familiar

I also remembered reading this a few years back. I looked at Stardust and that's what I remember, but I remember there being more, that the story was complete. Had more 'family' problems, worked out a deal with the school, and everybody (except John and his mother!) lived happily ever after. Maybe remembering it wrong but without the relevant chapters to crosscheck my brain against I'll never know.

Damaged people are dangerous
They know they can survive

Tom's Fireworks

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Getting this "Page Not Found" error message for the prequel

Page not found
The requested page "/topshelf/fiction/52894/toms-fireworks" could not be found.

Link now fixed, looks like it was missing last part of name

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