The Reluctant Co-Ed by Melanie Brown now on Kindle

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It's been a series of madcap adventures for Chrissie, starting in middle school when she posed as a Reluctant Girlfriend and on through her high school career as a cheerleader.

Now she's in college! Can you get a degree in crossdressing shenanigans?"

The Reluctant Co-Ed
by Melanie Brown
Now on Kindle

It's been awhile since we've had new adventures featuring Chrissie, our favorite Reluctant Girl. But Melanie comes through with a whole new book, now on Kindle from DopplerPress!

And Chrisie's previous adventures are also available: Reluctant Series on Amazon

As always, part of the proceeds of DopplerPress books goes to support BigCloset.

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How many pages and is this the full series rewrite you mentioned doing awhile ago.
Also what’s the current series reading order.

hugs :)
Michelle SidheElf Amaianna


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Not sure why Amazon isn't showing pages. It's about 80 pages in Word. That usually translates to more pages on Amazon.

This is a completely new story. All new material. It's book #5 in the series. The order is The Reluctant Girlfriend, The Reluctant Cheerleader, The Reluctant Sister, The Reluctant Prom Date and finally this volume, The Reluctant Co-Ed.


Amazon pages

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Amazon does not always show page counts on new books until they have been up for a while. I have no idea why. It's also not marked as #5 in the series at the moment. Again, we don't know why. It's a good, fun, Melanie Brown romp. :D It's already got its first 5-star rating and is ranked #15 in Transgender Romance. :)


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Already read it three times...

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And left a review and a 5 star rating. I bow down to talent. Now I can't straighten up. It's difficult to type this way. Aarghh!



Reluctant Bride

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It’s on this site. Eventually it will be a book. The story needs an update as real life has caught up with it.


A sheynem dank!

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Yiddish for thank you very much. It's a good thing I refreshed my Yiddish phrases before commenting. I originally thought to be more elaborate in my thank you for confirming the upcoming release of "Reluctant Bride" by writing "Mayn shveb-shif iz ful mit vengers!" But I found out that means "My hovercraft is full of eels" in English. Not much use for that in everyday conversation, eh?



#1 New Release

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#1 New Release on Teen & Young Adult LGBTQ+ on Amazon.

Thanks everyone


Thank you!

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Thoroughly enjoyed it, just as I have the entire “Reluctant” series. Chrissie is a very appealing heroine, and with her snarky sister, twitching dad and endless succession of boyfriends, the entertainment never ends. Plenty of your signature humour too.

Can’t wait, in due course, for the Reluctant Pensioner!

Rob xxx


Thank you!

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I'm glad you enjoyed the book. I'd appreciate a review if possible.


Would love to see a follow-up

Great continuation of the series
Love the humor between Nikki and Chrissy
Bringing Eddie back into the story was terrific
Hopefully the following question will be answered in a follow-up: Did Eddie recognize Chrissy?
Keep up the fantastic work

Vast array!

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Amid all the great stories Ms. Brown has to offer, her Reluctant series stands out for me. I first got to know Chrissie on Sapphire's Place more than several years ago, While everything she writes is terrific, Chrissie is like an old friend. Welcome and wonderous. Thanks for everything. And to everyone else; I encourage folks to take a look!


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Love, Andrea Lena