Far From Home


Far From Home
by Melanie Brown
Copyright  © 2017 Melanie Brown

It turns out the rumors weren't rumors...



“Come on, honey,” said Mom as she tugged on my arm. “Just come with me. I’ll only be a minute.”

“That’s what you said last time!” I scowled. “I don’t like going into dress stores.”

Mom frowned, “Nobody is going to think we’re going to buy you a dress, Paul. We’re here just so I can check their selections. You know I have that big meeting coming up next week.”

I pulled my arm away from Mom’s grasp, “That’s great, Mom. But you don’t need me. I just want to hang out in the hall and watch the girls.”

“I don’t want you hanging out there by yourself,” said Mom seriously. “There’re just too many weirdoes around.”

I grunted a laugh. “I’m seventeen, Mom. I’ll be fine. I really don’t want to go in that store. Sorry.”

Mom frowned again. “I know what this is about. Quit worrying that you’ll be mistaken for a girl… again.” Mom just stared at me, with almost a pleading look in her eyes. “Please? I hate shopping by myself.”

I heaved a heavy sigh, “Okay. You win. Let’s just don’t spend all day in there. Please?”

Mom grinned, “We won’t. I promise.” She reached out to take my hand.

Feeling embarrassed, I pulled my hand away. In a hushed voice I said, “Mom! I’m not a kid anymore!”

Mom just frowned and shook her head. She turned to walk into the store. Feeling annoyed, I followed her inside.

About a half hour later, we had managed to avoid any sales people and Mom was carrying three skirts. She turned to me, “See? It’s not taking all day. I just need to get one blouse to go with this skirt and we’ll go.” She held up a skirt for me to look at like I cared.

As Mom turned to track down that one blouse, a sales lady walked up to her. “Can I help you find something, ma’am?”

Mom smiled and said, “I think I’m good. I just need to find a blouse.”

The sales lady nodded. “If you need any help, please let me know. Is there anything we can find for your lovely daughter?”

I shook my head and looked over at Mom. “I’ll wait outside.” And without another word, turned to leave the store.

This happens all too often. I’m cursed to look exactly like Mom when she was a teen. While my hair isn’t as short as a typical boys, it isn’t long like a typical girls. Sales people in stores are always telling me how pretty I am. Even girls at school say it and it bugs the living shit out of me. The guys make fun of me too and it doesn’t help that I’m also a runt. I wanted to die last year when the girl’s coach mistakenly suggested in a crowded hall that I should try out for cheerleader. Everyone laughed and I wanted to crawl under a rock.

I breathed in the relaxing cool air of the hallway of the mall as I quickly exited the dress store. Okay, the temperature of the air in the store was the same as in the hall, but it was certainly less stressful.

I walked a little ways down from the store. I didn’t want to get too far or Mom wouldn’t be able to find me. I looked up and down the hall looking for a bench to sit on and watch the ebb and flow of the crowds. I couldn’t help but notice just how many stores were now empty. I wondered how much longer the mall was even going to be around. I’d read that the mall owners were hemorrhaging money.

I was standing in front of one of the empty stores. It looked like it was being remodeled. Probably going to be yet another clothes or shoe store. I looked at the time on my phone wondering how much longer Mom would be. I felt a stick to my neck.

*          *          *

My head pounded. But I found I couldn’t rub it as my hands were tied. I was blind folded and there was a ball gag in my mouth. I felt slightly chilled and realized I was naked, and my hands and feet were tied and I became aware I was lying on the floor.

“You idiot!” said a voice just at the edge of my hearing. “You realize you picked up a boy?”

“I do now,” answered a different voice. “They actually pay more for boys.”

“Perverts! Hey, shhhhh.” I felt another stick in my neck.

*          *          *

My head hurt. My ears were ringing. Every muscle in my body was stiff. I felt numb all over. I couldn’t open my eyes and my hearing was muffled. What the fucking hell? I tried to move, but couldn’t.

From behind me, a muffled voice said, “The new recruit is starting to wake up. Pixie, it’s your job to make sure he’s ready in about three hours.”

“Yes sir,” said a muffled girlish voice beside me. I heard a laugh and then a door closed.

I still couldn’t open my eyes, but I started feeling fingers gently massaging my arms and legs. The numbness started to disappear.

“Just relax,” said the girlish voice again. “The effects will wear off quickly. You’ve had a long journey.”

Journey? What is she talking about? Feeling was starting to return to my fingers and legs. After a moment, I finally stretched my legs out. I realized I’d been curled up in a fetal position. I opened my eyes and saw a blurry girl looking at me as she continued to rub my muscles.

As she worked her fingers into my muscles, she sighed, “I’m not going to sugar coat it. You’re going to despise it here. We all do. But you need to be ready for your evaluation in a couple of hours.”

I tried to speak. My mouth was so dry, my tongue felt like a giant lump of rubber. My vision was clearing. I still couldn’t tell where I was other than lying on the floor. I looked at the girl. She was very pretty but she’d over done her make-up a bit. Her long blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders and she was only dressed in lingerie.

“Can you sit up?”

With a bit of effort, I discovered I could force myself to a sitting position. I also discovered that I was completely naked. Naked in front of this girl.

“Good!” She smiled at me. “In a few minutes you’ll be functional enough to start getting ready.”

I stretched my arms and back and looked sideways at the girl. I thought that since she’s been seeing me all this time with no clothes on, it doesn’t matter. “Ready for what? And where the hell am I ?” I looked around the room I was in. There were plastic chairs lining the walls. There were two doors. Next to one door was a desk. The only thing on the desk was a computer terminal.

She held out a hand to help me get to my feet and stand steady. “You’re not going to like it, but there’s not a damned thing you can do about it. My name is Pixie by the way.” She looked at me and sighed, “You’re on Mars.”

I just stared at her with what I was sure was a stupid expression. “Get out! What? You’re fucking me!”

Looking sad, Pixie said, “I wish it wasn’t so. You came with the latest batch of slaves. Sex slave in your case. At least you don’t have to work in the mines.”

I pulled my hand away from Pixie. “This is bullshit. NASA isn’t snatching kids for slaves on Mars. That was a joke.”

Pixie shook her head. “No joke. I understand it all started back around 2013 by someone at NASA. There’s a small staff of foremen and administrators…maybe around 20 or 30? The rest are kids used as slave labor. And they drop like flies.”

“I’m not buying it!” I shouted angrily. “You’re lying! Where are we? I need to get back home.”

Pixie frowned deeply, “I’m not lying. You’re on Mars. Jump up. There’s less gravity here. And you’re never going home again.” I saw tears well up in her eyes.

I just stared at her for a moment. I didn’t seriously believe her. But if I remembered correctly, I’d weigh less than half my normal weight on Mars. I smirked at her and did jump. I hit my head on the ceiling. Holy shit!

“Now do you believe me?” asked Pixie.

I rubbed my head, “No. That’s a trick.”

Pixie looked at the clock on the wall, “We’re running out of time. It doesn’t matter what you believe. Come with me. I’ll show you your room.”

I folded my arms, “Nothing doing. I’m staying right here until I get some answers.”

Looking apprehensive, Pixie tugged on my arm. “Please! Come with me. If you’re not ready for your evaluation, they’ll punish me. And they might just decide you’re not worth the trouble and toss you into the mines. You’re pretty, soft and feminine. You won’t last long there.” Her eyes widened with pleading. “Please?”

I unfolded my arms, “Okay. Lead the way.” I figured if they were just going to kill me, they would have done so when I was helpless.

We left the large room, that I learned later was considered a lobby or a group area and entered a long stark hallway. Pixie led me a few doors down and then stopped in front of one.

“This is your room. You will live, eat, sleep and do your job in this room. You’re not allowed to ever go beyond the room we just left. Are you clear on this?” I nodded and she opened the door.

We stepped into the room and I was shocked. The room was decked out what should be called “modern bordello”. There was a single large bed covered in satin sheets. Dresses and other clothes hung from a rack along one wall. There was a desk, the surface of which was covered with cosmetics and God knows what else. Along another wall was a large dresser. On the walls were pictures of women with chains on the wrists and collars on their necks. There was a large screen TV showing porn videos. And emanating from somewhere in the room came that light, smooth jazz that’s the background music of those soft-core porn movies on Cinemax.

“My room?” I gasped. “This looks more like a room for a hooker.”

“Bingo,” Pixie said without a smile.

“I don’t get it,” I said as I scanned around the room.

Sadness clouding her pretty face, “Don’t worry. You will. Now sit down at your vanity. I’ll teach you later, but to get you ready for your evaluation, I’ll do your make-up for you.” She held up something skimpy, “And then you’ll get dressed.”

I waved her off. “This is stupid. I’m not wearing make-up and I’m definitely not wearing any of these clothes. Especially whatever that is.”

Suddenly angry, Pixie shouted, “Look you moron! I know you just got here and this is hard to take in, but look around. Whoever you were is over. You’re never seeing your mother again. You’re never going home. You exist only at the pleasure of the men who run this station. There are twenty of us in this building. God knows if there are other facilities like this on Mars. All the girls here are under eighteen. I think the youngest is ten. They all want to go home. And it’s just not the men who work here who use us. There are no laws here. They bring in anyone who can afford it. It’s a playground for millionaire perverts.”

Also angry, I shouted back, “I’m not buying it! This is insane! If true, using you girls as sex slaves is horrible! But I have to say, why me? I’m not a girl!”

Pixie just gave me a withering glare. After a moment or two, she said, “Neither am I.”

“What do you mean you’re not a girl?” I looked at her with disbelief.

“I’m a boy like you,” Pixie said as she folded her arms. “I know of at least one other boy in our situation. The rest, as far as I know, are genetic girls.”

“I don’t get it!” I cried. “And I can’t believe you’re a boy.”

Pixie grinned humorously and pulled her panty to one side. And there was her dick, tiny though it was. “Some men prefer something exotic. Now, we’re running out of time.”

I sank back into my chair, “You mean I’m to be a sex slave to… to men? No. I refuse.”

Pixie shook her head, “No. Please don’t refuse. Like I said, you’re already pretty and feminine, which is why they grabbed you. If you refuse, they’ll send you to the mines. You’ll be raped constantly by the other slaves and also the foremen. You won’t last long.”

Feeling tears welling up, desperation sinking in I asked, “What’s the difference? Raped here, raped there. Sounds like death would be welcome.” My head was in a spin. On Mars? Mines? Sex slaves? Sounded like the plot of some cheap and cheesy sci-fi porn movie.

Pixie smirked at me, “Brave words. I refused too, at first. They put me in the mines for two days as punishment. I was happy to come back to even this. At least here, your um, activities are somewhat controlled. Please. Take my advice. Let me help you wear make-up and wear this teddy and stockings so you can be ready for your evaluation. If you want to keep breathing, do everything they demand and act grateful for their mercy. Remember… they don’t care about you as a human being. But they care about the cost of bringing you here. Please. Just do as they demand, please them and you’ll live.”

I breathed a heavy sigh. I had absolutely no desire to be a sex slave, but I didn’t want to be dead either. I looked at Pixie. It was impossible to see her as a boy. And yet she’s managing this. She’s playing the game and not resisting. Could I really do that? Would I want to?

“Okay. I seem to be all out of options at the moment. So go ahead,” I said with another sigh.

She nodded, “Good decision. Going with the flow just makes your life easier.”

“But you’re still a sex slave,” I added.

She started applying foundation, “Yes. And I stay soft and relatively comfortable. The mines are a slow and agonizing death. The smelting plant is even worse.”

Trying to change the subject, I asked, “I doubt your real name is Pixie. Can I ask your real name?”

Pixie stopped fussing with my make-up for a moment and looked wistful for a moment, “I haven’t thought about who I used to be for months. My name? Um… it was… wow, hard to remember. Ron. That’s it. My name was Ron.”

I smiled slightly as Pixie continued to work my face. “I’m Paul. From Dallas.”

Pixie grunted a laugh, “Sucks to meet you, Paul. I sincerely wished we didn’t have to meet. I’m from Roswell. I was out riding my bicycle and suddenly woke up here.” She paused a few moments before barking a laugh. “At first I thought I was brought to some strange prison because I’d hacked into a military data feed.”

Despite the situation I laughed, “You’re a hacker? What were you doing hacking the military?”

Pixie shrugged, “I wasn’t trying to. I was trying to tap into a satellite signal. I discovered a sub-carrier so I tapped into that thinking there might be something cool there. I found a sub-carrier in the sub-carrier. It was using military grade encryption so I couldn’t get into it. When I told my friend about it, he said I’d gotten into military communications. I don’t know if I believed him or not, but I didn’t try again. A week later I’m here.”

I shook my head. “It all just might be a coincidence. Chances are you just broke into a phone or cable company communications. More interesting story than mine for being here.”

As she smoothed out the make-up a little more, Pixie asked, “Oh? Who did you piss off?” She grinned.

I sighed, “Just my Mom. She wanted me to help her look for dresses and I walked out of the store and wound up here.”

Pixie grinned, “Talk about irony. You escaped shopping for a dress and because of that, you wind up here wearing one. Sort of.”

I sighed heavily, “What I wouldn’t give to not have been so stupid and stayed to help Mom.”

After a few moments of silence, Pixie leaned back to get a better view of me. “Wow. You’re gorgeous. They’re going to love you. Now, put the teddy and stockings on. We’re almost out of time.”

As I fumbled with the unfamiliar garments I asked, “What exactly is this evaluation?”

Pixie looked sad again. She sighed, “To see how good you are for sex. If you don’t please the evaluator, they might put you in the mines or for meaness just toss you outside in the environment. I’ve seen them do it to unmanageable recruits.”

I cringed, “What a fucking hell hole.”

Pixie looked at me earnestly, “I know it repulses you. I know it’s against your nature. But if you want to live, you must pleasure that man as best you can. Do everything he tells you. I can’t be more serious.”

The door to my room opened and a man stepped in. There was no knock. He just entered. He was tall, well muscled and hadn’t shaved in a few days. He looked at me and grinned broadly.

“I hope you’re as good as you look, baby,” said the man as he approached. He looked over at Pixie and said simply, “Leave.”

Pixie lowered her eyes and quietly said, “Yes, sir.”

I looked up at the man who now stood next to me, “Hi. Can I ask some questions…?”

Suddenly scowling, the man shouted, “Shut up, slut! Women don’t speak without permission. Now stand up.”

Humiliated beyond my imagination and fearing being hit, I slowly stood up.

The man walked around me, grinning. “Now aren’t you just the prettiest little thing? I’d dare say you’re prettier than the whore that just left. Let’s see what you got.” He dropped his pants and just stood there grinning.

I just stood there, frozen. I really really didn’t want to do what he was expecting. His dick was rising up and expanding. I was appalled that he was getting turned on by looking at me. I just stared at his growing member, not wanting to move.

The man continued grinning, “I know you want it, slut. I can see it in your eyes. I sure would hate to toss something as pretty as you out in the environment.”

I felt sick. I wanted to run. I wanted to cry. Remembering what Pixie just told me, I closed my eyes and slid to my knees. He must have leaned forward because his penis touched my lips. I clinched my eyes closed and opened my mouth and he slid inside. I wanted to throw up.

As I started to pleasure him with my lips and tongue, I thought to myself, “You have to sell this boy. You have to sell it. You have to make him believe you enjoy it, to make it to the next round. I have to believe there’s a tomorrow. I have to believe there’s a way home and this is how I get there.”

The man moaned and groaned a bit. I tried everything I remember seeing the girls do in the videos I watched with my old friend Matt at his house when his parents were out of town. Suddenly the man made a thrust forward and my mouth was filled with this horrible, nasty, salty snot-like crap. He pulled my head towards him held my mouth closed, forcing me to swallow and it just seemed to keep going.

His dick slipped from my mouth as he dropped into the chair behind him. He was trying to catch his breath. He looked down at me as I wiped some dribble from my chin. “Well yee haw!” he shouted. “Just look at you, you little sex kitten! I think I’ve found my new favorite girl. Ho, you totally drained me. I’ll have to finish the second half of my evaluation later. I have no doubt you’ll pass though. Now clean me off.” I closed my eyes so I wouldn’t see it and licked the semen from his penis. God I wanted to throw up. Grinning at me, the man said, “Stand up.”

I slowly stood up and flashed the man a very weak smile. I stood there shaking wondering what was next.

He suddenly kissed me hard, sticking his tongue in my mouth. “I’ll see you later.” He laughed as he left my room.

I slid back to the floor, crying. I must have spit for half an hour.

*          *          *

I was still sitting on the floor, staring blankly at the wall when the door to my room slowly opened. Oh God, I thought. More already?

“Paul? You okay?” asked Pixie.

“I survived,” I said with a shallow breath. “Down here.”

Pixie sat on the floor across from me. “I heard from one of the foremen that you exceeded expectations. Good job, Paul. No, really. It should make things easier on you.”

I didn’t look over at her. “Terrific. My mom would be so proud.”

“At least you’re alive,” Pixie said seriously, her eyes widened. “And if you do really well on the next part of your eval, which he told me is coming up in an hour, they might be moving you to the top tier earlier than normal.”

I frowned at Pixie, “High end prostitute. I can finally check that off my bucket list.”

She started to stand. “Come on, girl. Let’s fix your make-up. You never want to look like you were just fucked.”

I started to stand up. I scowled at Pixie. “Do you work for them or something? How do you know so much? And don’t call me girl.”

With a tinge of anger in her voice, Pixie said, “You’re a girl now. Get used to it. And I’ve been here two months longer than you have. I know what’s going on both because I’m a bit of a trustee and act as madam because I don’t cause trouble and the foreman that just fucked me told me about it.”

I sat down in the chair at the vanity. “I’m sorry. We need to stick together.”

Pixie sat down across from me and started refreshing my make-up. “Yes. But I’m afraid to make close friends. People disappear here quickly.”

The door burst open and the man whose name I still didn’t know stepped briskly in. Pointing at Pixie he barked, “You. Get lost.”

He grinned at me. “You know, gorgeous. I have a feeling I’m going to really enjoy this. Bend over the bed.” He then dropped his pants once more and took a step towards me.

“This is my favorite part of the job; poppin’ cherries,” said the man with a laugh. “I’m really going to enjoy this!” He pushed his cock inside me.

Oh my God! The pain…

*          *          *

I was startled awake by the covers being jerked from my bed. A man’s voice bellowed, “Are you going to sleep all day? Get up, you whore. You got some grub waiting here and you get a day with Pixie training you on how to get yourself ready for your day.”

I rolled over, wearing only a nightie and looked bleary-eyed at the man. I then looked at the clock by my bed. It showed five thirty. AM? PM? Or I don’t know what the fuck M. No doors with a view of outside visible. No windows. No calendars hanging on the walls.

“Do you remember the name we gave you yesterday?” asked the man in an angry tone. I hadn’t seen this man before.

Name? They gave me a name? My head was splitting in pain and my butt was on fire. I squinted at the man and said, “No.”

“No?” laughed the man. “That’s half right. Your name is Nova, bitch. Maybe that’s the wrong name for you since you don’t seem too bright. Now pay attention. You’re expected to be awake by Oh six hundred. Your food arrives at oh six thirty. Your first client arrives at oh eight hundred. Be ready or suffer.” He turned and quickly left the room.

Oh joy. My first full day at the five star accommodations on Mars. I stretched, slung my legs over the side of my bed and walked to the food tray. I guess I was stupid to actually expect some type of real breakfast. It was just a bowl of oatmeal and a cup of water.

I picked up a high heel shoe from the floor and hurled it at the door and shouted, “I ordered scrambled eggs and bacon!” I then turned and collapsed back on the bed and cried. This can’t be real! This can’t really be happening to me. Despite the light gravity, I didn’t believe I was actually on Mars.

Pixie opened my door and peered in. “Are you okay, Nova?”

Scowling, I spat at Pixie, “No! My name’s not Nova and I’m not okay!”

“Girlfriend, don’t get mad at me!” shouted Pixie. “None of this is my idea.”

I angrily shouted back, “I’m not your girlfriend! I’m not a girl!”

Pixie suddenly pushed her face right into mine. “Look, stupid! This is your life now. It sucks, but that’s how it is. No one, and I mean no one will see you as a boy. You’re not going home. Play the game and things go smoother. Or don’t and be in pain and misery or dead. Now sit down and let me show you how to do your make-up. I can’t do it for you every day.”

The next twenty minutes or so was very uncomfortable as I sat there and fumed at Pixie. I finally relaxed and let her instruct me. I swore to myself I’d find a way to get back home, but for now I’d play the game.

*          *          *

“Girls, I’d like you all to meet Nova. She’s our newest entertainer,” said Pixie standing next to me. She had gathered all the girls in our building into the foyer. I counted twenty others. The others would say their name and greet me to express their sadness that I was now a part of them. I chaffed at Pixie referring to us as “entertainers”.

One girl with very long blonde hair, chewing gum and looking annoyed said, “Another femboi, huh. That makes three of you now.” She was lounging in her chair, her arm propping up her head.

I frowned, “I’m not a femboi.”

The blonde laughed, “Girl, you wouldn’t be here otherwise! I mean look at you! You’re prettier than half the real girls here.”

Getting pissed, Pixie said, “Trixie, just leave her alone. Like all of us, she didn’t choose to come here.”

Trixie sat up straight and pointed at me, “Now listen girl. Don’t go getting any ideas. I’m the most popular. I’m the one all the men want to be with. Understand?”

I held up my hands defensively, “You can have them all. I don’t care.”

“I heard some of the men talking out here in the lobby,” Trixie continued to point at me. “They can’t wait to fuck you. It’s like they have a new toy.”

Pixie sighed, “Knock it off, Trixie. Of course the new girl gets attention. Happened to all of us. You know she has no choice in who picks her. Okay, girls. Back to your rooms. Most of you, a client will be here in about ten minutes.”

I just sat there in silence and watched my fellow inmates exit the room. As soon as Trixie had left I turned to face Pixie.

“What’s her problem?” I asked. “You’d think she enjoys this.”

Pixie shrugged, “Everyone deals with this in their own way. She probably does take some pride in being the favorite. It’s how she copes. You take enjoyment where you can. I know you don’t believe me right now, but you’ll find that you look forward to some of the men.”

“Well, I was serious about her taking all of mine,” I said shaking my head.

We spent the rest of the day with Pixie going over how to apply make-up several times. I swear if I hear her say one more time “You’ll get used to it”, I would beat her. She taught me the proper way to walk in high heels. She went over the finer points in seducing a man.

I scowled at Pixie. “Why bother to seduce these assholes? We’re just stupid sex slaves to them. I’m already considered a bimbo.”

Pixie smiled knowingly. “If you seduce the asshole, I mean client, you gain some measure of control over them. You seduce them, make them think they’re special to you, they might treat you a bit better. They might be less likely to strike you if they become worried you might like them less. I know it’s stupid, but they’re men. But when you do seduce them, always give them your best sex. Otherwise, yes it does become pointless. The better the sex, the more they’ll want to keep you happy as well. It doesn’t work with all of them, but it will with some. And if you’re making those happy, they’ll keep you busy so the real jerks won’t have much time with you.”

I just stared at her. “I want the hell out of here. I just want to go home.”

“Don’t we all,” said Pixie grimly. “Oh. Something else you need to know. You can’t do anything about it. You can’t stop eating. But there’s something in the food that makes us effeminate. It’s already working on me. I never felt this way before, but now I just love being with men. I can’t get enough. They’re turning us into nyphos. It works on the girls too. Just look at Trixie.”

I started to cry again. “This is pure hell. Are you sure the mines are worse?”

Pixie just nodded sadly.

Later in the day, while Pixie was helping me with some lingerie, I asked, “What about that computer in the lobby?”

Pixie shrugged. “What about it?”

“Have you tried to use it?” I continued to ask as I picked up a bottle of nail polish.

Pixie nodded at the polish. “That’s pretty. But the computer? That’s just a terminal. They don’t use it very often. It’s kept locked. Trust me, I’ve tried to break into it. They’re security is pretty good.”

The door suddenly flew open. In stepped the man who had done my evaluation. He pointed at Pixie. “You. Out!”

Pixie stammered, “B…but Nova’s first client isn’t until 8…”

His eyes flashing, the man angrily grabbed Pixie by the hair, picked her up from her seat and slammed her against the door. “Did I ask you? Out.” He didn’t look to see if Pixie complied. Absolute obedience is demanded. Holding her head and crying, Pixie left my room.

Horrified, I looked at the man and said, “I’m about to start my sleep cycle, sir. I…”

Scowling at me, the man shouted, “Did I give you permission to speak? That’s better. I made a bet and won a bonus round with you.” He picked me up and slammed me down on the bed and pulled my panties to one side.

He moaned as he pushed his member slowly into me. I groaned in pain, tears running down my cheeks. He slapped my butt as he started a rhythm. As he groaned again he said, “Oh yeah baby. Expect to see a lot of me. You’re definitely my favorite.”

I cried out. I thought to myself, Oh God…what did I do to deserve this hell?

*          *          *

I heard the annoying buzzing of the alarm to wake me up. I was sore all over and my ass hurt like hell. Pixie kept assuring me I’d get used to it. It’s been over a week and I’ve yet to get used to it. The door opened. I guess knocking just isn’t done here. I was surprised to see a young man pushing in the cart of so-called food. He looked tired and haggard. I don’t think he was a sex slave, but I guess they have other kinds of servants here. There were several carts lined up in the hall.

I stepped up to him and in a low voice said, “Hey. Who are you? Do you know anything from Earth?”

His eyes went wide and he looked at me in horror as he tightly shook his head. He quickly set the food tray down and hurried out of the room with his cart. Pixie later told me servants like him are forbidden to speak with anyone as they actually get to see more of the complex than almost anyone else. The management on Mars doesn’t want anyone outside of management knowing how big their operation is. And oddly, us sex slaves are higher up the food chain than the servants. All I think about is getting back home.

Cold oatmeal and water. I looked at the bowl glumly. I sighed deeply. I needed to eat this and start getting ready for my first client of the day. I closed my eyes and sighed. Aloud I said, “Please God. Let this next person be different.” The previous seven day cycles (there’s no weekends off) had been nothing but one endless stream of sex. Some of it rough, some just wanted oral.

And following Pixie’s advice about putting everything into pleasing these men was starting to pay off with some perks. Usually some tidbit from their mess hall. A chocolate. A piece of steak. Even icecream. One man brought me a soda and one, somehow was able to get hold of a fresh flower and bring it to me. It was a yellow daffodil. I held that precious reminder of Earth in my hands for a long time and cried.

Around ten minutes after I’d gotten my make-up on and slipped into something sexy and taken a sexy pose on my bed, my door opened. A man stepped through the door, looking unsure of himself. He was dressed in the standard khaki coverall uniform. He was probably just an office worker.

I sat up on my bed, spreading my legs the way I’d been taught. Smiling and though I almost choked on the words, I said, “Good morning, sir! How may I serve you?”

Hesitantly he said, “Sorry. I’ve never been to this place before. I’ve only been here about three months.”

I smiled at him and stood up and slowly walked over to him. In as sultry a voice as I could manage, I said, “No need to apologize sir. I’m here to take care of you.” I started to unbutton his coverall.

He smiled nervously at me. He said, “I’ve heard you give great head.”

I smiled and said, “I give the best.” I had no idea if that was true or not. I really wouldn’t want that title. He seemed uncomfortable. It was probably his first time in a whorehouse. I was going to treat him as a king so maybe he’d ask for me again. He didn’t seem the type that would hurt me.

After I had finished with the man, I sent him on his way with a big smile on his face, I sat down to fix my make-up and made sure I still looked sexy. I had another client in about ten minutes.

I was in position on my bed when the door opened. I smiled and looked up at the man walking in. I said, “Good morning, sir. How…” I looked up at this guy. The drugs they’re putting in our food must be working over-time. I stopped in mid-sentence and sucked in my breath. He was the most gorgeous man I’ve ever seen. I never used to pay any attention to men but wow. This guy looked like a movie star. I smiled at him and felt my face flush as I stared at him. I continued, “um… ah how may I serve you?” I stood up slowly and felt a tingle as I started to slowly unbutton his uniform.

He smiled at me. “It looks like the guys are right. You are very beautiful.” He bent down and kissed me. I was so shocked at being treated so gently, I stopped unbuttoning his uniform. I know I blushed. He smiled at me again and then kissed me again. After his clothes fell to the floor, he led me by the hand to my bed where he pulled me down gently.

He ran his fingers through my hair as he shook his head, never taking his eyes off me. “Such beauty. A flower on this terrible desert of a planet.” He ran his fingers down my cheek as he lowered his head and kissed my neck. I know they were chemically produced, but the emotions I was feeling were bouncing all over the place. His touch. His voice. Even his scent sent my emotions skyrocketing. I wanted nothing more than to be in the arms of this man.

He gently rubbed the nipples on my newly budding breasts and then sucked them. I moaned loudly with intense pleasure. He rolled me over and continued to cup my breasts. I felt him against me. Oh God. All I wanted was to feel him inside me. I wanted him so bad! And then, he was inside me. I cried out in pain, but not as much. The cry was also of a pleasure I’ve never experienced before.

When he pulled out, I lay on the bed, spent and exhausted and trying to catch my breath. I couldn’t move. I just lay face down on my bed. As I heard him dress, he said, “By the way, I’m Sam. I’m looking forward to seeing you again little Nova.” I was in love with Sam.

The next guy in my room slapped me before I was able to finish my greeting.

*          *          *

It had been three months by my best estimate of how long I’d been on Mars. I finally given up caring whether I was truly on Mars or not. All I ever saw of the planet was my room, sometimes the rooms of my sister inmates and the lobby. The lobby was sometimes used for mass orgies that involved all of us and a couple dozen men.

Sam had continued to be a bright spot in my life of constant sex. And God help me. Like Pixie had said, I had come to actually enjoy being with men. Most of them weren’t sadistic assholes. Most, being men, needed that sexual release in their very stressful lives. It was rare when one of the men were sent back to Earth. There was a monthly launch of whatever they were mining and sometimes the ships took on a passenger or two. And incoming ships had supplies and dozens of replacement slaves and sometimes management personnel. Everyone arrived in cryo-containers.

We actually learned a great deal from the men we were forced to have sex with. Many times they were so drunk they could barely walk. Often it was easy to get them to talk when drunk. It was a nice break to get information instead of being beaten and or fucked. At least Pixie and I tried to get information. We kept hoping for something to exploit before our surrender was total.

One thing they were all tightlipped about, even drunk, was the reason we were even here on the Martian surface. Apparently there was a fake corporation that a couple top NASA executives had set up as a front to the operations. And whatever it was they were mining and sending back to Earth had the potential of making literally trillions of dollars. Keep your mouth shut and you get a percentage.

And sadly, more often than any of us would like, Pixie would be training a new sex slave to replace one of us that either gave up wanting to live or was snuffed out in rough sex play. Usually the new arrivals were girls under seventeen, but sometimes they were boys like Pixie and me. One boy I met on his arrival day. He didn’t listen to Pixie’s pleas and he was hauled off to the mines. We never saw him again.

And none of us will forget that night we all heard screams coming from Trixie’s room, along with sounds of something hitting the walls and her being slapped around followed by a couple minutes of a man yelling for her to get off the floor. Despite her always being a bitch, we all cried our hearts out when we saw her body removed from her room. She had been a favorite among the men for five months. We realized no one was safe. Nothing happened to the man that killed her.

After that incident, they did make a change. Instead of waiting in our rooms for an assigned client, we were told to hang out in the lounge area, which we were allowed to decorate. As hard as it may be to believe, some of the girls complained they didn’t get enough attention, so we were told to beg any man that entered the building for sex and he’d pick who he wanted. Punching or throwing us was actually banned. After all, it did cost quite a bit to bring us to Mars.

*          *          *

When you live in hell, you look for the tiniest fragments of heaven you can find. For me that fragment was a visit from Sam. Yes, he was one of the people responsible for me being here. Yes, I was still a slave. Yes, I was still being chemically conditioned to be attracted to men. Yes, I was still millions of miles from my home. Yes, it all still sucked.

But what that visit from Sam brought me was an hour or more of peace. Soft caresses. No pain. No violence. No suffering. He treated me as if I was his lover, not a whore. Maybe the difference was tiny, but I’d take it.

“Sam! It’s always so wonderful to see you!” I said as I slid my arms around his neck. He kissed me long and held me close.

“Sorry I haven’t been by in a while,” he said as he pulled the bows holding up my lingerie. As it fell to the floor, exposing my now ample breasts, he continued, “Management has bumped up production levels.”

I kissed him again and massaged my fingers against his neck. “You’re muscles are so tight, honey. You need to relax.”

As I helped him unbutton his uniform he smiled at me. “I’m hoping you can help with that.” Still kissing me, we slid down onto the bed.

With Sam lying on the bed, I did massage his neck and shoulders until his muscles began to relax. I then performed oral sex on him until he was hard. He then rolled me over and slid his well endowed cock inside me.

After he was finished, we lay embracing each other, him holding me very close.

“You were great, Nova,” said Sam breathing heavy. “You’re the only thing I’m going to miss from this piss-hole of a planet.”

I sat up slightly and looked at him with surprise. “What do you mean?”

He shrugged. “I’m leaving. Taking the next ship back tomorrow evening. My year is up.”

I sat up straighter; shocked. “You’re leaving?! I’m never going to see you again?”

Sam nodded. “Yep. I can’t wait to get back to Earth.”

I was in full panic mode. “You can’t leave! I won’t see you anymore? No! No, please don’t go!”

Sam looked away from me. “I’m sorry babe. But I have no choice. My service contract ends tomorrow.”

I reached out and touched his face. “Take me with you! Please! I won’t take up much room! Let me go with you!”

Sam chuckled. “That would be nice, but I can’t. Believe me. You’re the best fuck on this dirt ball. But it’s out of my hands. The corporation owns you, not me.”

“I know!” I cried out. “Marry me! They’ll have to let me go with you then!”

Sam laughed. “I don’t think my wife would appreciate me bringing home a little whore.”

I collapsed on the bed. It was a stupid idea. I should never have said it. I never thought about Sam having a wife and a family. I had come to feel that he loved me in some way. But it hurt that he didn’t seem to care how I felt about him leaving.

“So you’re married?” I asked meekly.

Sam smiled at me. “Oh yeah. Three kids too. It was tough being away from my wife for not only the year here, but for the time it takes to get here and return. But what they’re going to be paying me, for my work and keeping quiet, will more than cover the costs of sending all three kids to college with enough left over to keep Julie and me comfortable for a long time. And I want to thank you, Nova, for helping me get through this.”

I smiled humorlessly at him. “What else is a whore for, huh?”

He checked the large watch/computer combo on his wrist. “Well, I need to finish getting ready to leave. I will miss you, Nova. Take care of yourself.” And without so much as a good-bye kiss, he got up, put his uniform back on and left.

I just sat there on my bed staring at the door ashamed that I allowed myself to be such a chump.

*          *          *

The months went by in a monotonous blur of sex. I hate to say it, but I actually did find myself enjoying it. Even looking forward to it. Whenever a man would enter the lobby area where we were all hanging out, I’d join the other girls in begging them for sex. And it wasn’t because we’d been told to do so. I allowed myself to drift further into full bimboism.

One day, about three men and one woman came into our building. I couldn’t tell, but Pixie seemed to think they were Chinese. They were dressed in white lab coats. The scientists of whatever they were, were brought to my room along with Pixie. They took blood samples and I heard one of them say something about stem cells. After poking and prodding us for a bit, they left. Neither of us had any idea of what they were doing to us.

It didn’t happen very often, but one evening a half dozen men came into the lobby bringing contraband drugs and booze. All of us joined into a wild, drunken orgy. Well, I only joined in on the wild sex. Every time I tried to drink something, Pixie would knock it away.

“You need to keep your head, Nova,” Pixie admonished in hushed tones. “Stay alert.”

“Party pooper,” I muttered as I slid my naked body to the nearest man and kissed him.

It seemed as if I’d just drifted off to sleep when I was awoken by a shaking of my shoulder. An excited Pixie whispered, “Nova! Wake up. This is huge and we don’t have much time.”

I turned a pair of bleary eyes over to Pixie as she stood over a passed-out man. I vaguely recognized him as someone I’d done only a few times. Pixie was carefully removing something that was around his neck.

Grinning and waving a card on a chain at me, Pixie again whispered, “Come on! This is the opportunity I’ve been waiting for and I doubt we’ll ever get another chance.”

I shook my head to clear it. I’m glad I didn’t partake of any of the contraband the men had brought. I got up and followed Pixie over to the desk where a computer terminal silently sat. “What have you got?” I asked as we both took seats at the desk.

Waving the card again, Pixie could hardly contain herself. “This key logs into the computer system! We’ll be able to find out what’s going on and maybe send a message out.”

There was actually a home page for this Martian operation on the local network. Pixie’s eyes went wide as we started to peruse the information. “Holy shit! Look at this!”

The operation on Mars was basically for mining a particular mineral that so far is only known to exist on Mars. Like the rare earth metals found in remote locations on Earth, this mineral could be used in electronics, steel production and cancer research just to name only a few uses. Only this mineral was like rare earth minerals on steroids. It could also be liquefied and use as a gasoline additive that boosted the amount of energy released and increased miles per gallon. Over the past three years, this mine has produced several trillions of dollars. The value of this mine alone was estimated to be worth more than ten times the annual GDP of the United States.

I gave a low whistle. “No wonder they’re mining this stuff. But why keep it a secret? And why slave labor? They could afford to employ a whole country to dig this stuff up.”

Pixie smirked. “If they let the cat out of the bag, for one thing they’d all be arrested. Second, everyone and every nation that could start a space program would be heading here to stake a claim. No. If they stay quiet, they get to keep it all.”

“Oh my God!” gasped Pixie as she read the screen intently. “These people are horrible.” She looked at me with sad eyes. “You’re not going to like this. You know how you begged Sam to let you go home with him? Be thankful he couldn’t. Look at this.” She pointed at the screen.

The transport ships were built on the cheap. Only rudimentary navigation systems controlled completely by computers. Ships with product loaded, were directed towards Earth. Ships will only personnel, we set on a trajectory to send them into the sun. Only the top people were actually rotated back to Earth. Everyone gets cryogenically frozen and boxed up. However, non-essential people, were put on ships that would eventually be vaporized by the sun.

I started to cry. “Sam! My Sam! Oh my God! We have to do something. He has a wife and kids. They think he’s coming home!”

Pixie sadly shook her head. “Even if we could contact the ship, Nova, it did a long burn to send it on its way. It has no fuel left.”

I fell back into a chair and cried. “This is terrible!”

Pixie had a look of slow-burning anger. Through gritted teeth she seethed, “Nobody gets off this rock. Unless you’re one of the guys running this operation. We’re never going home, Nova.”

I held my head in my hands. “Is there nothing we can do? At all?”

Pixie started working feverishly at the computer. She started gathering documents, pictures, personnel rosters, product shipment dates. Everything she could find and zipped them into an archive file.

I sat up and watched her. “What are you doing?”

A look of determination clouded her face. “We might not be able to save ourselves, but sure as hell can try to save others. We’re blowing the lid off this place.”

There was a low groan and some movement from the man who had the computer key.

“Shit!” exclaimed Pixie. “That asshole is waking up. I need at least fifteen minutes to finish up. Nova. Do what you do best and try to get him quiet and back to sleep.”

I stood up, feeling indignant. “And what exactly is it I do best?”

Pixie frowned at me. “Fuck him. Wear him out.”

I frowned back at her. “I resent that!”

“Will you just distract him?” Pixie hissed.

The man was starting to stir. I knelt next to him where he was sprawled out on the couch. I tilted my head back and forth as I looked at him for a moment. He was actually kind of cute. I looked down at his naked body. And he was well endowed as well. Grinning, I slid down between his legs and did what I do best.

A few minutes later, Pixie was shaking me awake again. I looked sleepily up at her. “What did you do?”

Pixie bent over me and placed the computer card back around the man’s neck. “Well, it’s a shot in the dark, but it’s still better than tossing a bottle into the ocean. You remember that sub-carrier I told you about that the military uses? They use the same equipment here as on Earth, so the sub-carrier is present. They just don’t use it. I encoded my document onto that sub-carrier and transmitted it to Earth. It’ll reach them in about eighteen minutes or so.”

I sat up. “What if they detect the sub-carrier and turn off the transmitter?”

Pixie grinned as she settled into the arm of some random, passed out man. “Doesn’t matter. This signal has left the planet. The energy in that transmission is already on its way. They can’t stop it. And if the sub-carrier works the way I suspect, the military will receive the data as soon as the signal hits the satellites.”

I bent over and kissed her long on her lips. I pulled back and smiled. “For luck.” We both fell back asleep.

*          *          *

For several days we tried to hide our nervousness, worried that any moment members of the Mars security would break into our rooms and haul us out to be dumped outside in the environment. We thought for sure someone would notice the additional activity in the constant stream of data the Mars facility sent back to Earth. Or worse, that whoever captured the data would radio back asking for clarification despite Pixie saying such action would jeopardize our lives. We’ll probably never know if our “message in a bottle” made it friendly ears.

But nothing happened. No late night knocks on our doors. No threats from management. Our mission either succeeded or failed spectacularly. Pixie was pretty glum about it, even if someone saw it and acted on it. The best we could hope for would be a stop in the supply ships; no more fresh slaves and no more food shipments. The time involved in someone mounting a rescue mission, should they even bother, would most likely take years. We’d both be dead before any help could arrive.

We’d already lost two more girls since Trixie had died.

After a week of expecting the worst, we finally fell back into the fog of constant sex. I forgot about Sam as I found a new favorite; one who treated me less harshly than the rest. I drifted back to being just a sex hungry bimbo. Even Pixie, after finally able to get a cry for help sent out, surrendered to her life as a sex slave and never mentioned the message again.

I lost all track of the passage of time. No hour was any different from any other. It actually made me happy to please the men who came to me. It had become my sole reason to exist.

One day, Pixie and I both were brought to a group of men dressed in white lab coats in the lobby. My memory was completely fogged, but they reminded me of the scientists who had poked and prodded us many months or could it be years before? We were once more examined before we were both surprised by receiving an injection. And that was the last thing I remembered.

I awoke in my own bed. I was in a lot of pain. I felt down my body and felt bandages around my mid-section and groin area. I tried to sit up, but found I was restrained. It was then I noticed the hep-lock on the back of my hand, with a tube leading to a couple of bags hanging on a rack next to me. What the fucking hell?

A couple of the strange scientists came into my room, looked at me and commented to each other in what sounded like Chinese. One put an injection into the hep-lock and I blacked out again.

When I awoke again, I had no idea how much time had passed, but I was no longer bandaged or restrained. The hep-lock was gone from my hand. Four of the strange scientists were gathered around me.

“Good. You’re awake,” said one of them in a calm voice. “Your friend has also recovered. We have kept you sedated for several weeks to give you a chance to heal. Both of you were selected for a radical new procedure. Using your stem cells, we grew a vagina and a full reproductive system that is completely yours and won’t be rejected by your body. And you now have glands that will naturally produce the hormones you will require. You are now female for all intents and purposes. The next phase that will conclude our test is for one or both of you to become pregnant. Rest up. You’ll start on that next phase tomorrow.” They all turned to leave my room.

I sat up and shouted, “Wait! What the fuck do you mean I’m female? What did you do to me? And what do you mean I need to get pregnant?”

Without any expression, the one who spoke to me turned and said flatly, “I already told you what we did. One of you will have to become pregnant before we can declare the surgery as a success.” He turned and all four left my room.

I sat there, stunned. I felt my crotch and instead of the little nub of what was left of my penis, I felt an opening. A vagina! I touched what must have been my clitoris. I squealed at the sudden sensation I felt. Oh my God! I’m a girl. I’m not just looking like one anymore. I am one. How could they do this?

Without knocking, Pixie walked slowly into my room and sat down next to me on my bed. She was naked and I saw the incision scar on her mid-section and noticed the slit of her vagina. Her eyes were dead.

She leaned over and hugged me and then she kissed me. Looking sadly at the wall, Pixie said in a quiet voice, “Other than death, there’re no more indignities they can do to us.” We just stared at each other for several minutes before she stood up and left my room.

She was wrong. There was one more harm they could do to us. Pixie became pregnant. All the scientists and high level management celebrated with champagne in our lobby at the success of their experiment. The next day, a member of the Mars station’s medical staff came in and terminated her pregnancy. It was one of the few times I’ve ever seen Pixie cry.

We were put on the same contraceptives the rest of the girls were.

At first I hated my vagina because of what it represented. The complete and total loss of any masculinity, not that there was much left. But it didn’t take long for me to come to love it. If I hadn’t been sex-crazed before, now I was a total nymphomaniac. I just couldn’t get enough sex.

*          *          *

I woke up from a pleasant sleep when I heard my door open. I though oh no! Did I oversleep? I’m not ready yet. I still have to do my make-up. Rubbing my eyes, I looked up to see a large black guy wearing an environment suit, his pressure helmet clipped to his belt. He was absolutely gorgeous. I smiled at him as I sat up.

“Miss?” said the man in the environment suit. “Miss. I need you to get dressed. We’re leaving.”

Instead, I spread my legs wide. “Fuck me! Take that suit off and fuck me!” I gently rubbed my pussy.

Looking frustrated, the man said, “Miss! Please. Put something on. This is a rescue.”

Rescue? What is he talking about? I pouted. “You’re not going to fuck me? Do I displease you?”

Losing patience, he gently took my arm and pulled me up. “Okay, don’t get dressed. Let’s go.”

He led me from my room to the lobby. It was complete chaos. There were other men in pressure suits, some holding weapons. The other girls had been brought to the lobby as well. Some were crying, some flirting with the newcomers, most were naked like me.

From across the room, Pixie saw me and raced over to me, almost knocking me down as she hugged me tightly. She kissed me and shouted, “We’re going home, sister! Our message was received!”

I blinked around the room, still somewhat confused. “Home? These guys are from Earth?”

Grinning at me, Pixie said, “Of course they’re from Earth, silly. But they’re Marines! They got the fucking message!”

Over a suit radio of a nearby Marine who’s environment suit pegged him as an officer, I heard, “Barsoom One has completed loading the captives from the mine. Barsoom Two is standing by.”

The Marine with the radio then shouted, “Girls! Girls! I need your attention, please. We’re going to start loading you onto our ship to return you to Earth. You’re going home. But we can only load you ten at a time. We have a shuttle connected to this building’s air lock but we can only carry ten of you at a time. We’ll have you off Mars as soon as we can.”

The girls immediately started chatting loudly or crying or both as a Marine rounded up ten girls to take through the airlock.

I turned to the officer. “Sir. May I ask a question?”

Looking annoyed, but smiling at me anyway, “Be brief, miss. I’m trying to coordinate this rescue.”

“There were small ships sent from here that are heading towards the sun. There are people on them,” I said in a small voice. Despite his pleasant demeanor, this officer was intimidating as hell.

Only glancing at me for a second, he said, “Yes miss. I read the reports.”

Feeling myself on the verge of crying, I said softly, “Can you rescue them too? I mean, all you have to do is fly up to them and remove the cryo-containers.”

The officer looked at me sadly. “Real space flight doesn’t work like it does in the movies, miss. Even if we could locate objects that small in transit to the sun, we’d have to calculate a trajectory to each one and it would take months, perhaps years to reach them and by then it would be too late. The batteries on those cryo-containers will only last twenty-four months tops. I’m very sorry, miss.”

I nodded as I turned away from the officer, not bothering to fight back tears. While you can say that Sam was no better than any of the other men who forced themselves on us, I had still come to love him. And in the middle of my own rescue, there was no way to save him.

It finally came my time to step through the airlock. It was the first time since coming to Mars that I stepped outside the building that housed our brothel. And I still couldn’t see anything. No windows in the airlock and no windows on the shuttle.

They had to check each one of us in. It took me more than a minute to remember my real name. We’d get a full health check on the main ship. It turns out I was abducted four years ago. I had been declared dead.

We were told it was pandemonium back on Earth when the story broke. It seems two NASA engineers had set up a shadow corporation to run their operation. Through spectral analysis of one section of the Martian surface they had discovered these metals. They had been running their operation a few years before I had been abducted. Several senior NASA managers were being arrested. The managers on Mars had already been arrested and forced into a cryo-container. Actually, most of us were going into cryo-containers as it was an eighteen month trip back to Earth.

I sat next to Pixie on the shuttle. I held her hand as the shuttle lifted off the surface. I turned to her and quietly said, “We’re finally going home. Thanks to you, it’s happening.”

She squeezed my hand and smiled.

*          *          *

The landing of our Marine space craft was at White Sands, New Mexico. All our families had been brought here was well and were waiting in a hangar. I felt deep sadness for those parents whose children were never coming home.

And I thought of my own parents. How they must have gone out of the mind wondering what my fate had been. They had no idea I had been whisked away to Mars. To go through me being declared dead. And then learning I’m alive and will be returning to them. I can’t imagine the mental torture they’ve been though. They were also told of my new status. That I am now a woman.

On the flight in, a friendly female Marine handed out little make-up packs to any girl that wanted it. While I was happy to not be wearing that heavy hooker make-up, I was also happy to not have to face the world without mascara and maybe some foundation.

The shuttle doors opened and we were instructed where to exit. We were stepping outside. I hadn’t seen the sun or the Earth for now over five years. My legs grew weak and I started to shake as we stepped on the tarmac. Pixie and I were holding hands and she wasn’t fairing any better than I was. At least we weren’t naked. The Marines had issued us all olive drab jump suits and a flight bag with extra underwear and toiletries.

As we filed through the hangar door, I said to Pixie, “I don’t know if I can handle this! How can I meet my parents as a girl? And so much time has passed.”

Pixie smiled at me. “You’ll figure it out, girl. Hopefully we can stay in touch.”

After learning who we were, a Marine led us off to our respective families. Pixie had become like a sister to me and I really wished we could have met our families together.

There was a sudden jerk on my gut when I saw them. Mom, Dad and my now not-so-little brother sitting in a close circle. I dropped my flight bag and shouted, “Mom! Dad! Oh my God! It’s really you!” I ran up to them and then stopped and stared at their faces. “I’ve missed you so much!”

Dad looked at me funny. “Paul? Is that really you? They told us what to expect, but holy crap! What did they do to you?”

I frowned. “It’s me, Dad. And you really don’t want to know what all has happened to me.”

Crying, Mom hugged me. “I’m just glad you’re home and safe.”

“That goes for me too,” chimed in Dad as he joined the hug.

I looked over at my brother, who was now a teenager. “I missed you Bobby.”

Bobby seemed frightened of me. “My name is Robert. And you’re a girl.”

I tried to hug Bobby, but he backed away. “Yes. I am a woman now.” I looked over to Mom. “I’m a fully functioning woman, now Mom. They did some experimental surgery on me and a friend.”

Dad looked shocked, “Why would they do such a thing? That doesn’t make sense.”

Scowling I said, “Because they’re sick bastards, that’s why. But at least I got to come back. So many others didn’t.”

Mom tried to smile. “The important thing is that you are back. Girl or boy, I love you just the same.”

Dad patted my hair. “It’s a long drive back to Texas. We should get started.”

Mom took my hand and I held onto her arm tightly. “I wish I’d stayed shopping with you on that long ago day.”

She laughed for the first time. “Well, we’ll have to make up for lost time, won’t we?” She hugged me tight.

I was home. I was finally home. I cried.

*          *          *

“Be seated.”

Marilyn Stephens, formally known on Mars as Pixie sat nervously down at a long, heavy table with her attorney. Across from her sat a row of unfriendly looking men, all senators, at a large semi-circular table. Next to them sat four smug looking men all dressed nicely in three piece suits. Marilyn wore simply a black dress, black hose and heels, her hair beautifully cascading about her shoulders.

An older man, with his graying hair slicked back, leaned in towards his microphone. “For the record, this is not a trial. This is a hearing.” The man pointed at the four men to one side. “Now Miss Stephens, for the record please state your name. All of them. Remember that you are under oath.”

Marilyn cleared her throat and looked at the row of senators facing her. “My name is Marilyn Stephens, formally Pixie and formally before that, Ron Stephens.”

Sounding smug, the senator said, “Now Miss Stephens, you have brought some very serious charges to these four NASA executives that the members of this panel find very hard to believe. You’re claiming that you were kidnapped, brought to the planet Mars against your will and forced into sex slavery by these four men. Is that how you would state it?”

Marilyn cleared her throat again. “Maybe not exactly like that, but that is essentially what happened.” She pulled a thick stack of documents from a folder. “I am prepared to make a lengthy statement concerning my abduction and time on Mars.”

The members of the panel all laughed and chuckled. The senator spoke again. “Do you mean to seriously…” He glanced about the room. “… and I mean seriously expect this panel to believe you spent over five years on the surface of Mars? A place that is inhospitable to human life?”

Looking surprised, Marilyn said flatly, “Yes. That is what happened. There were a number of pressurized buildings that formed the compound. We were brought to Mars in cryo-containers that…”

“Miss Stephens,” interrupted another senator. “You are aware that we do not yet possess the technology to create a … a… um what did you call it? Cryo-container. I asked several scientists at NASA about such a device and they assured me we are still years away from developing a working prototype, much less creating these devices in mass quantities.”

Sounding flustered, Marilyn stated, “Senator. Sir. I can assure you I was transported in one and …”

“Excuse me, Miss Stephens…” prompted the senator. “How can you assure me? Did you actually see one of these containers? And… Miss Stephens, how do you know there were any building making up a compound. You said yourself you only saw the inside of your own room and a lobby of some sort. You stated for the record that you never saw outside of your own building. Is it not also possible that instead of being on Mars you just down the street in a warehouse? Or a garage or some such?”

Marilyn stood up and almost shouted, “I was on Mars! I was raped at least once a week for three years by that man on the end. He lost interest when I was no longer a boy.”

“Miss Stephens!” growled the senator. “Please sit down! And please control yourself. This is a senate sub-committee hearing, not some brothel.”

Marilyn sat down and glanced at her attorney. He just looked at her and shrugged. She whispered to him in a harsh tone, “Why am I even paying you?”

The first senator that spoke, said, “Now Miss Stephens the medical examination of you revealed that you have been a heavy drug user for the past five or six years. And you’ve had at least one abortion.”

Interrupting, Marilyn raised her voice. “Yes! They had me on a mind-numbing, feminizing cocktail the whole time on Mars! I was forced to have sex for the men who worked at the facility.” She started to cry.

The senator continued, “Miss Stephens, let’s be reasonable. You know and I know and certainly the staff of NASA would know, that there was no mining facility on Mars that was harvesting a rare mineral. Mr. Jason here admits that he made a mistake and picked you up from the street where he paid you for oral sex. And that’s all. He has sworn under oath that he did not rape you or any other prostitute.”

Marilyn stood up and shouted, “I’m not a prostitute! I was a sex slave. I was raped!” She pointed at one of the men, “Raped by that asshole!”

“One more outburst Miss Stephens and I’ll have you removed!” shouted an angry senator as he banged is gavel. “This panel does not have time for your science fiction non-sense. Mr. Jason is an honorable and hard working executive of NASA. He told us how you grew angry when he refused to pay you for your full services. We should have you arrested for attempted extortion!”

Marilyn was sobbing. “But I was there! The Marines rescued us!”

Another senator laughed. “Space Marines, Miss Stephens? Did they shoot any little green men while on Mars?”

“I was there!” cried Marilyn. “For the love of God! I was there. I was a sex slave!”

Another senator said, “Is it not true, Ms. Stephens that you’re just a prostitute with a drug addiction? Is it not true that you just fabricated this wild story of being abducted to Mars as a sex slave? This ridiculous story that you were once a boy and they changed you into a girl when by your own admission and from a medical exam, you have been pregnant. Do you take us for fools Ms. Stephens?”

“I’m not lying!” cried Marilyn. “It’s all true! Ask the others who were also rescued!” She turned to the NASA executives. “Tell them the truth, dammit!”

The first senator that spoke put his glasses down and looked over at the four men from NASA. “I think we’re done here. Thank you for your time. Our apologies for having to put you through this.”

Mr. Jason said, “It’s quite alright senator. I’m just glad to clear the air.”

The senator rapped his gavel several times. “This panel is adjourned.”

Seething with anger, Marilyn said through clenched teeth, “I’ve just been raped again.”

Scowling, the senator said with a tinge of anger, “This panel is adjoured.”

*          *          *

No one would see it as that face of the planet Mars was turned away from the Earth. The sudden flash of a nuclear explosion vaporized what remained of several rows of buildings and a mine entrance on the surface of Mars.

*          *          *

The End

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