Hard Time by Melanie Brown - now on Kindle!

The punishment was very strict! A year living as a girl--Hard Time!


Hard Time
by Melanie Brown
From DopplerPress on Kindle

Jason, convicted of a crime he didn't commit, is sentenced by a future court to spend a year as a girl. What a horrible fate! Even though Jason was never a he-man macho jock, a year spent in dresses and makeup looks to be impossible. But then the doses of court-ordered girl-juice start to kick in and the new girl, Cindy, begins to feel a new life opening up for her.

And this new life includes boys! Some of them Jason's former friends and some of them--well, most of them!--are noticing the new girl. And Cindy begins to lean into the changes. Being a girl can be fun! Especially the part with boys paying attention to her!