Family Ties

This was originally written as a contest entry, but has - shock, horror - a sex scene. So, it's just a short story about going too far.

Family Ties

It was early evening, I was on my bed, and I was in trouble. It was purely of my own making, and it needed me to think clearly and work out how I was going to get out of the trouble I was in.

My name is Lindsay and I’m fifteen. My parents were out at a New Year party and unlikely to be home until the early hours, if then. My sister had gone off with her guy six months ago, taking just a suitcase, or two, and leaving other things for us to get rid of. I had volunteered to bag it all and take it to the recycling shop. I had told my folks that I had some things of my own that didn’t fit me, so it wouldn’t be a problem to take extra.

Of course, after I had been highly visible taking a couple of bags on my bike, there happened to still be a small suitcase, under my bed, that had all those things of hers that fitted me. There was also a box of her old cosmetics that were all nearly run out.

Later on, my parents had been contacted by my Aunt, to see if we could help them find a room for my Uncle’s son, Tony. He was a child of my Uncle’s first marriage. Tony had to come to our city to go to college, and my folks were happy to let him use my sisters old room. I even helped Dad clean it out and replace the pink with something more manly. It was a pity; I had thought at the time. Tony could have had my manly looking room, and I could have lived with pink.

As I lay on my bed, I thought long and hard about my problem. It wasn’t one that I had been faced with in the past, as I had always been very careful. No matter how impossible things had seemed, I had always been able to escape the consequences, having made allowances. Tonight, however, I had gone too far.

It was quiet in the house. Tony had also gone out on one of his dates. He was quite a catch, or so it seemed. With high marks in his subjects, prowess in the athletic sphere, rugged good looks, and his own car, he had no problems getting girls to go out with him. That is, for a while. He never went out with any one more than a few times. He said that it never bothered him, as he was still young. Tonight was another new girl, one who refused to believe what his previous dates would be saying about him.

As I lay, unmoving, I wondered if he was too brutish for them. He always seemed the perfect gentleman at home. He had been in high spirits when he left. I had wished him luck and then came up to my bedroom to see the New Year in as Lynette, should I last so long. My problem was that I would spend a lot of time making myself into Lynette, and then frantically remove all vestige of her once I had ejaculated.

Tonight, I had showered, dried, and powdered, dressed in a full outfit suitable for a party, and then proceeded to tie myself up. I have, you see, a self-bondage fetish. Dressed as a girl, I can thrash around, imagining that I have been captured by the prince, and about to be made his wench. It is after I have cum into the condom that I wore that I became ashamed of what I was, and spent frantic minutes releasing myself and undressing. It was usually satisfying, but, by the same token, really unfulfilling.

I usually spent some time, before the bondage, watching TV or listening to the radio. Tonight, though, I had resolved to remain dressed for as long as I could.

What I hadn’t factored in was that I had thrashed a bit too hard, tightening the soft rope from my ankles to my wrists, leaving me in the problem I now faced. No matter how I twisted or strained, I was on my bed, wearing a party dress, hog-tied, with a penis-gag in my mouth, and stuck until my parents got home. By that time, I would have pissed myself and would be a very sorry sight. I was sure that I would be grounded for life once they found me like this.

I was losing feeling in my fingers, my leg muscles were starting to cramp, and I was crying my eyes out when I heard the front door slam and the pounding of boots coming up the stairs. I started to hyperventilate and tried to force myself to calm down. I heard Tony swearing when he went into his room. It sounded like another date had walked off.

Things went quiet for a while, and then I heard my bedroom door open.

“Lindsay, do you…. Well, what do we have here?”

I kept my eyes shut, in shame, as I heard his movement on the carpet. Then I felt his hand on my leg.

“So, young Lindsay, you are a dark horse. It could, if my English is corrected, be a dark filly. A very nice-looking filly, I must say. What would a nice girl like you be thinking about. Maybe a knight on a charger coming to save you from the wicked king. Maybe the clean college boy coming to save you from those bikies who left you here for later. Don’t tell me. Oh! Sorry, you can’t tell me. That gag looks uncomfortable.”

I felt him untie the rope from my ankles, allowing my legs to straighten out. Instead of continuing to untie me, he started to hum as he used the short length to make sure my wrists were tightly bound. He then patted my butt and left the room.

I lay there, wondering why he hadn’t freed me. In the few minutes that he was away, I resolved to never tie myself up again, whatever happened now. Perhaps he was on the phone, telling my folks to come home. When he came back, I felt his hands reach up under my dress and pull my panties down, taking the full condom with them. Then it was the one thing that usually made me cum when I imagined it. He started to lube me.

He knelt on the bed and pulled me up so that I was kneeling in front of him. He started to talk, with words of love and affection as his penis nuzzled my cherry. This was the stuff of dreams, and I felt myself stiffening again. Then he was inside me and telling me that I was everything that he had dreamed of. I was unable to say anything but, if I could, I would have screamed for him to go deeper.

It was if he could read my thoughts, as he redoubled his attack on my body. Driving even deeper into me before we both came together, me into the dress, him into me. I felt alive, it had been all that my brain had envisioned. I was panting with exertion; he was moaning as he gripped my thighs.

I could feel his penis shrinking as we knelt there on my bed. He then let me fall forward, with his penis popping out with a faint juicy sound. I lay there, hoping that he would now release me. There was something I needed to do, and it wasn’t to get frantically undressed. The one thing I really wanted to do was to kiss him and tell him that it was wonderful.

I felt him get off the bed, and heard him leave the room, then I heard a toilet flush. I was wondering what he would do now, when he came back and flipped me onto my back, so I could see that he was still naked.

“So, Lindsay. You’ve discovered my little secret. When I saw you, offering yourself to whoever walked through that door, I realised that I’ve been living a lie. Almost the same sort of lie that you seem to be living.”

I looked into his eyes, and he reached down and undid the gag, pulling it out of my mouth.

“What are we going to do now, young lady?”

“Give me a kiss and make love to me again, my handsome prince. This time I want to look at you.”

He smiled.

“Your wish is my command, my lady. By the way, your parents left a note in the kitchen to say that they would be staying overnight in a hotel. We have all night. It is a few hours before midnight, though, and I think that you enjoy it like this.”

He kissed me, pushed the gag back in and tied it in place. Then, he went to my legs and undid the ropes around my ankles and knees. He then flipped me onto my front again, and tied my elbows, something that I had never worked out how to do. When he flipped me onto my back again, I could see him stiffening. He pulled my panties right off and put them in the bathroom sink. He opened my legs and knelt in front of me. If I looked, I could see his penis with a glint of pre-cum as he pulled my legs up over his shoulders. He looked into my eyes.

“They say that sloppy seconds are easier. Tonight, we find out if they’re right.”

I was unable to squirm as he laid his weight on me, and his penis found my cherry again. This time it was easier, as he pushed into me. As I moaned, he reached up, removed the gag, and kissed me as he pumped in and out. I wanted to hold him and tell him that I loved him, but still couldn’t move or speak with his mouth on mine.

It took a while, but he came, finally, with a big heave while holding my shoulders from sliding up. I had cum, again, but without getting hard. It was a fantastic feeling that rolled through my body. If I had been able to, I would have scored his back with my fingernails. Afterwards, he remained laying on me, kissing me and telling me that I was his. I had to tell him that I really needed a pee and a wash. He got off, rolled me over and worked on the knots on my wrists and elbows.

When I was free, I went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet, wiping my groin, and feeling his cum dripping out of me. I undressed; the dress now ruined unless I took it to a dry cleaner. I got into the shower and washed thoroughly, taking my time. The bathroom door opened, and his head popped in.

“Get some clean clothes on, darling. We still have time to find somewhere to see the New Year in.”

Dried and powdered, once again, I redressed as Lynette. Putting on a shift dress that I thought would be all right, seeing that had longer sleeves which would hide any marks on my wrists. It was short and showed off my good legs in black hose and heels. I made sure that my hair looked all right, and used a bit more make-up than I was used to. I added extra bangles to my wrists to make sure no marks were visible. As I was putting the necklace on, he came in behind me and kissed my ear.

“Now that we’ve met, sweetheart, what’s your name?”

“I’m Lynette, and where are you taking me? It isn’t to bed, but I don’t mind taking the night in reverse.”

“First, Lynette, we are going to a restaurant that I know, where I had a booking. Then we can dance a bit, kiss at midnight, and then come back here so I can ravage you. How does that sound?”

“I’m not sure if I can do the ravage bit, after what we’ve done, but I promise you that it will be very much in my mind.”

I left the bed as we had last used it. The sheets would need to be washed, and the ropes put away in their hiding place, but that could be later. I put some things in a purse that I had never thought that I would be using, and we went out to his car. He put a hand on my stockinged knee as he drove us to the restaurant. I felt wanted, fulfilled and, just a little powerful in that I could make this man want me.

We ate a nice meal and talked about things we had never talked about, before. With him being my cousin, but once removed by marriage, I felt that we weren’t breaking any laws. So, I was underage, but wasn’t going to shout ‘Rape’ in a crowded place. He treated me like a girlfriend, held my hand as we went down the road to an inn where they would be showing the ceremony on the TV. We had a drink and he held me close as we danced to the music before the midnight moment.

At midnight, he kissed me, and then we were part of a kissing frenzy. I had never been kissed by a guy before tonight, and now I was being kissed by lots. Somehow, we managed to find our way outside and back to the car, his arm around my shoulder and mine around his waist. At the car, I put my arms around his neck, and we kissed, with him pulling me towards him with his hands on my butt.

Back home, I told him to just get undressed and into his bed, I would join him in a few moments. For the first time that I can remember, I undressed leisurely, then put my sheets into the hamper, and the ropes into the drawer. I put a nightie on and sprayed myself with some perfume. I then went to his room, where he waited for me, erect and smiling. We didn’t bother with foreplay, as I lowered myself onto him, leaning forward to kiss him.

This time, I didn’t cum, but made sure that I had satisfied my man. My man! It was a heady notion. After cleaning him, he was asleep in minutes, a smile on his face. I went back to my room and cleaned myself, then took the sheets down to the laundry for a quick wash and time in the dryer. I spent that time in my room, thinking about rearranging my clothing in my wardrobe and drawers. Tonight, had been a turning point. I was ashamed at my actions no longer. When the folks got home, I would be there in a dress to welcome them, the new me ready to take on the world.

Well, that’s what I thought, at the time. Reason took hold and my things went back into the case and under the bed. I was in my usual clothes when Tony came in for breakfast. He understood that I was still too young to come out. He did tell me that he had contacts where he could get all sorts of drugs, and birth-control pills were easy to obtain.

Life went on and I was much happier than I’d been for years. I took the pills he got for me, and my body started reacting in a good way. We took advantage of my parent’s busy social life and were able to spend a lot of time as Tony and Lynette. Eventually, though, it became too much bother. We both had our sexuality unlocked by that first coupling, and Tony found a nice guy at college who was the same age and much more suitable.

Me, I didn’t break my resolution not to tie myself up. It wasn’t needed since it was only a symptom of my desire to be female. I now felt vulnerable and weak most of the time. When I did come out to my folks, they weren’t that surprised. Before I went to college, I went to see all the right doctors and I started as Lynette. By that time, I looked good enough to be asked out by nice boys.

A few years later, when I finished college, I went through surgery so I could live as Lynette. I was the maid of honour when Tony wed his partner. We had a lot to be thankful for and had found our places in life. For us, it had been truly a case of ‘Family Ties’.

Marianne Gregory © 2024

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