My family is an odd one. My mother says it’s because we are direct descendants of the aliens of ’52. I wouldn’t know, but it could be true. The men in the family have something that normal men don’t have. I suppose that you could call it a superpower, I just think it’s being a bit crazy. It afflicts us when we reach sixteen. That’s what I’m worried about, as that birthday is just days away.

Now, don’t get me wrong. We don’t go flying around the world beating up bad guys or deposing evil dictators, even though that would be cool in this day and age. No, we are just – different.

If the ’52 date is correct, then my father and his brothers were the first. It is said that they had been camping out in the desert as the UFO passed over, very low, and dusted them with exhaust from its engines. None of them will talk about it, but Dad had hinted that he had blacked out for some hours after seeing the craft. Questioned whether he had been taken up and anally probed brought on his stern face and a look at the paddle that hung on the back of the door.

I suppose you want to know what superpowers we had, so far. If you relate to the comic books, Dad is Mister Freeze. My brother Jack and Uncle Fester can fly; my brother Laurence can create wind, and Uncle Horace can create fire. My brother George can make himself invisible. Mum declares that she has no superpowers at all, but, like most women, she must have eyes in the back of her head.

Now, if you think that these powers are so cool, and we are denying the world of our expertise, I have to tell you, now, that all of these powers come with a caveat. If Dad uses his freezing power, he can’t stop. So, freezes himself into a solid ice block, as well as freezing everything within ten yards. If we see crystals appearing on his forehead, we all run away and collect up the heaters that we have in store, so we can thaw him out afterwards. The biggest problem is having to dry out the furnishings and usually needing to get more goldfish, they don’t survive as the oxygen in their bowl solidifies.

Uncle Fester pleads with all of us boys, as we approach our birthday, not to take off if we get the flying power. I never saw the problem until my brother Jack took off, shouting with glee and flew directly into the side of the barn. Their problem, with the power, is that they can’t fly with their eyes open. If they open their eyes to see where they’re going, the fall out of the sky. That is why Uncle Fester walks with a limp, and Jack now has a scar on his forehead.

Uncle Horace can use his powers to help himself. He can use the heating effect by being able to keep his coffee hot, while cupping his mug. He’s a dab hand at boiling up a pan of water if there’s no fire, and is a fantastic masseur, with hands that make you just melt. In fact, that’s how he makes his living. If he makes fire, however, the caveat bites him. You see, his skin can be burnt, just like everyone else. Mum says that he tried showing off when she first met him, by creating a flame in the palm of his hand. He was in bandages for nearly two months that time.

My brother George can make himself invisible, although he can’t carry it over to whatever he wears. The other problem is that all of his senses disappear. He can’t see, smell, hear or feel. It’s a great power to have if you need to evade someone and have time to get undressed first. There is yet another problem, without lungs he can’t breathe, so is limited to about a minute, before he reappears, a little blue in the face. Somehow, every time he does come back, he has a boner you could hang washing on. He did tell me that it made him a hit with his girlfriends. His wife thinks that he gets undressed in the bathroom so that he can turn himself on by looking at himself in the mirror.

I suppose that you think that Laurence can just wave his hands and create a breeze. It’s more basic than that. Laurance makes wind. That is, he passes wind in copious volumes. It does get a little smelly after a few minutes, but he is a great help in getting a campfire burning well and makes a good temporary fan in the hotter days, as long as you don’t mind seeing his butt at close range. He doesn’t use the power for too long, worried that he may be like our dear departed Uncle William.

William was the youngest of the brothers who were dusted by the UFO. Dad relented, when I was little, and told me about him. I was, at that time, prone to standing in the yard and just peeing. Dad warned me that Uncle Willie could do that, and he was able to pee for as long as he wanted. The problem was, there was a time limit on his power, overdo it and you can’t stop. Dad said that Willie had tried to create a small river in their back yard and had totally dehydrated himself before it stopped. Mum took me to see his grave one time, it’s about the size of a child’s grave, so little solid had been left after all of his water content had been passed.

I approached my own birthday with trepidation and a bit of excitement. My brothers told me that you instinctively knew what your power was, when it kicked in at midday on your birthday. There was now a tradition in the family, of having a lunchtime birthday party, outside if the weather is good. The candles were blown out at a minute before noon, by the birthday boy in his birthday suit, while cameras recorded the event.

Right up to that morning, I wondered which one of the powers I would be given, or if I would get a power that was totally new. No boy had been given the power to move objects around or have Xray vision. Even super strength would be cool.

As the clock ticked over to noon, and the smoke from the candles drifted away, I finally knew what my superpower would be. The video showed it clearly, after we had trooped back into the house, and I had redressed. For a few seconds, I was standing in front of the cake, transformed into a beautiful, sixteen-year-old girl, before I reverted back to being me. Everyone decided that, once I had become a girl, the superpower deserted me.

Now, some months later, after a lot of time alone in my room, I have managed to keep the transition long enough to explore my female body. Maybe, just maybe, one day I will reach that point where I can’t turn it off and will remain a girl for ever. I have the dream that if I can orgasm, I will keep my body. I now have pictures of buff guys that I keep hidden, getting aroused before I transform my body. My daydreams of the years before my sixteenth birthday could, with sheer will and perseverance, become reality. That will be a superpower to top them all.

Marianne Gregory © 2023

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