Sissy bride gets married Part1

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Sissy bride gets married Part 1

I woke up at 06h00 in the bridal suite. I was due to be married today but first let me share with you a bit of my background. What was significant about it was that as a non-virile male I was to marry a male and I was to be the bride. In my society males that were not well endowed as I was were married off to strong virile males. My name was Victor but I was now called Victoria. I was 20 years old and lived with my parents and younger sisters. All unmarried males were examined at intervals for virility and I was found to be lacking. The reason for the process was an excess of males and this was a way to achieve a balance. There was a Gender Reform Institute were males such as I had to go to become female. The process was extensive; it started with hormone injections to produce breasts, produce anal lubricant and start the process to change the male sexual organs into female ones by mean of DNA manipulation.
A womb would be created as well and a baby could be delivered normally as even the skeleton would change to that of a female.

I was not entirely happy with the process as I was being forced to be a female. I had to admit I did not entirely fit the bill as a man. I was slender, I had a feminine face, I did not have the muscle tone of a man, and I was not good at or into manly sports. Already my nipples were red and enlarged, I was not yet an “A” cup. The hormones were also making me become more emotional. Just yesterday I began to cry for no reason.

I had met James my husband to be at a family function. James was bi-sexual and did not mind that I was a sissy. In fact he delighted in the fact he was going to be instrumental in turning me into a female. I had undergone extensive sessions for the measurements and fittings for my dress. I had undergone electrolysis and had a completely smooth skin all over my body. My eyebrows had been shaped onto a feminine shape. My shoulder length hair was blonde. Part of my training at the Institute involved learning to wear and walk in high heel shoes. I also had to wear panties and stockings that were held up by a garter-belt. I had at first resented the idea of wearing the feminine items but soon began to enjoy it. The first time I had pulled on panties I marveled how soft and silky they felt on my skin. I had been alone at the time and then Beverly my reformist came into the room to help me with the garter-belt and stockings.

Beverly was a reformed male and therefore the perfect person to help with new sissies. First Beverly put the garter-belt on me while standing at my rear; Beverly showed me how to get the stockings on without laddering them. I bunched up the stocking and slipped it onto my foot. I pulled the stocking up my leg shuddering as I did. Beverly noticed and asked if it felt nice. I told her it did. Beverly said I had to admit ladies clothes were far nicer and softer than men’s. I said they were. I got the stocking all the way up my leg and Beverly clipped it in place with the garter grips. We did the other stocking and then Beverly helped me into my first skirt.

The skirt was narrow and came to my lower calf. Beverly then helped me into a silk blouse. Beverly said with my long hair, slim figure and feminine face I looked feminine already. Beverly helped me into my first pair of high heels. The heels were 2 inches high and then Beverly helped me to stand and to prepare to take my first step in heels. The feeling of standing in the heels for the first time was interesting. It was another feeling of surrender to becoming a woman. I took a step and the skirt I wore limited the length of step I could take. Beverly said it was good, as it would help me to walk in a more lady like fashion. I took another step and teetered a bit in the unaccustomed high shoes. I took further steps and was soon managing to take some short feminine steps. Beverly had told me to place one foot in line with the other and this caused my hips to sway. My other training was to su-k on a pen-s shaped dildo. This was to learn to satisfy my future husband’s needs sexually.

I was also told of what to expect when my husband to be would do on our wedding night and how I should submit to him totally. I was to present my bum to him so he could impregnate me and I was to carry his seed in my anus cavity for as long as possible. There was even a pad I had to apply to stop his semen from leaking from me after sex. His semen in me would cause me to be feminized further. I was already wearing only female underwear for a while now ever since I had turned 20, which was nearly a year ago. In fact I was due to turn 21 the next day. Mom had got rid of all my male underwear and I wore only female nightwear. My daywear was still male but I wore only soft fabrics, which were more suited to my increasingly softer skin.

Back to the present, Mom came into the room carrying
a cup of tea and said. ”Good morning my darling Victoria, are you ready for your big day?” I replied,” I’m a bit scared Mommy, I’m a bit apprehensive of when James inserts his pen-s into me.” Mom said,” It must be a bit frightening for you but remember he will be gentle with you.” I drank the tea mom had brought. Mom said,” I will go and get your bath ready.” Mom left the room and went into the en-suite bathroom. I got out of bed and slipped my feet into my high heel pink fluffy slippers and put on my pink robe over my baby doll nightie.

I went into the bathroom and then removed my gown and slippers and then Mom gripped the hem of my baby doll and lifted it over my head and then removed it leaving me in the little matching panties. My penis was hard and causing a bulge in the panties. Mom said, ”Oooh aren’t we excited to be wearing a little panty.” My pen-s was getting smaller since I started on the hormones. Mom reached down and began to slide the panties down my legs. My pen-s sprung to attention as Mom did so. I got into the bubble bath and relaxed in the warm water. Mom took my pink washcloth and began to bathe me. Mom said it was her privilege to get her baby ready for her wedding. Mom took her time washing me all over. I just relaxed though the whole bath. The bath came to an end with Mom washing my hair. It was time for me to get out the bath.

Mom helped me out the bath and began to dry me off with a large pink fluffy towel. Just then my Aunt Rose came into the room. She took another towel and wrapped it around my hair. I felt just so special. There was a knock on the door and Mom call and asked, “Is it you Beverly?” Beverly from the institute was my maid of honor to be. Beverly called out to say it was and the videographer and photographer were also there and they all came into the suite.

Beverly came into the bathroom and kissed me in greeting. Beverly had become a close friend. We went out to the bedroom and the three ladies continued to get me ready for my big day while the photographer and videographer started to film us. Beverly had been married now for 6 months. The towel was removed from my body and Beverly took a powder puff and dusted me all over with the feminine smelling powder. I was beginning to become erect again and Beverly made me harder by coating my pen-s with an extra layer of powder. She said, “James is just going to love this cute clitty of yours.” The media captured this in close up.

Beverly then knelt at my feet and took the panty mom had passed to her. The panty was bridal white and made of satin and lace. I steadied myself by holding on to her shoulder and I stepped one leg at a time into the panty. Beverly pulled up the panties till it was over my hips. My pen-s caused a tent like bulge. Next Beverly got my bra from a drawer and pushed it up my outstretched arms while Aunt Rose stood at my rear and fastened the hooks. My breasts did not really need a bra at this stage. The garment had been specially made for me. Mom got my garter belt and she and Aunt Rose put it on me. While I sat on the bed Mom and Aunt Rose put my stockings on me. They together drew the lacy silky white stockings up my legs and then pulled me to my feet while Beverly fastened them to the garter tabs.

My pink and blue lace frilled garters were slid up my legs till they were around my upper thighs. My hair was done next. Mom was an accomplished hairdresser and she began to do my hair. She began getting my hair dried and set to perfection and once that was done Aunt Rose started up on my makeup.

She started with thin layer of pearlized foundation, giving my face a soft radiant glow. Next she applied pale pink blush to my cheeks. She then started to work on my eyes. Oyster shadow was applied all over my eyelids from lashes to the brows. Sangria shadow was applied to my eyelids and crease to give some depth and then mauve shadow was applied to my lids to give some intensity.

The tops of my eyes were lined with eyeliner. Mascara was applied to my lashes and then work was started on my lips. My lips were first outlined with a lipstick pencil and then filled in with the lipstick pencil. My lips were then coated with pale pink lipstick using a lip brush. Aunt Rose did my nails next. They were filed smooth and then coated with a clear base coat and then with pink nail polish. Slippers were placed on my feet and a lacy gown was put on me and I went through to the lounge of the suite for a light breakfast.

I had a bowl of yogurt with fruit salad and a bowl of cereal with my mom, Aunt Rose and Beverly. After our breakfast we went back to the room to continue to get me dressed. I had several petticoats to wear under my dress. The first was made of satin and was edged on the hem with delicate lace. Beverly knelt before me and held the petticoat open so I could step into it. I steadied myself with a hand on her shoulder and stepped in one leg at a time. Mom and Aunt Rose were there to pull up the petticoat to my waist and secure it with the drawstring.

The next petticoat was made of stiff netting and this was also put on me. A third petticoat made of taffeta was put on me. I moved my body causing the delicious garments to swish. Beverly said, “Don’t you just love the sound your petticoats make?” I said, “Yes it’s so girly.” The final petticoat was made of satin also and it too was put on me.

My wedding dress was the next item to be put on me. The dress was something out of a fairytale. The dress had a long skirt that was floor length and was in the style of a ball gown. The skirt was made of layer upon layer of ruffled organza. The skirt extended backwards into a cathedral length train. The bodice was made of heavily embroidered satin and it had puffy sleeves of ruffled organza attached that extended to almost to my elbow. The sleeves were extended further to my wrists with heavily embroidered organza. The neckline was high and was an illusion. The bodice had a sweetheart neckline with chiffon up to the top of my neck. Of course the whole outfit was in a sissy bride color pink.

Beverly and Aunt Rose went over to my dress and then took it off the hanger and came over to me with it. I extended my arms up bent forward and Beverly and Aunt Rose slipped the dress over my head and arms and Mom assisted in getting the dress down on in position. The train extended 4 yards behinds me. My veil and tiara were next. The tiara was a band of small red and white roses and the veil was attached to this and then put on my head. The veil was full over my face and extended back to the edges of my dress.

Mom helped me into my pink satin high heel pumps and then handed me my bouquet of pink and white roses.

The media had been capturing the whole process of me being dressed and I went and sat down on a large couch in the room while my dressing attendants went to finish getting ready. A while later Dad came into the room. He was supportive of my whole feminization process saying that I did not really fit the bill to be a male. Dad said, “You look beautiful my dear Victoria.”

Mom, Aunt Rose and Beverly came back into the room and Beverly helped me to my feet. It was time to leave to go to the church. The room we were in led out onto a patio with sliding glass doors. Dad opened up the doors and then came back to me and took my arm and led me out. Waiting outside was a horse drawn carriage. My attendants were also waiting. I was helped into the carriage and Dad got in with me. Waiting behind the carriage another horse drawn carriage for all the attendants. It was a fair distance to the church as the estate we were on was quite large. We set off on the ride to the church. It took a while as we rode along on the winding paths of the estate.

We came to the church and Dad got out the carriage and I was helped out and we made way to the door of the church. Mom and Aunt Rose helped spread my dress behind me and then went on ahead to take their places. The bridal march started. Dad took my arm and we entered the church.

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