Sissy bride gets married Part3

Sissy bride gets married Part 3

James came into the room carrying two cups of coffee. He was now wearing a robe. Behind him was a woman dressed in a maid’s uniform. James said, “Darling this is Barbara, She is your maid and she will be doing everything for you.”

Barbara said, “I am pleased to be of service to you ma’am.”

As she spoke she did a deep curtsy and gave me an eyeful of her bosom. She was wearing a low cut black satin dress with lots of fluffy petticoats that made the short skirt of the dress flare out. She wore white stockings and heels. The remaining maleness in me caused my penis to erect.
I said, “Thank you Barbara and you can call me Victoria.”

James put the cups down and came over to me and kissed me and said, “Happy birthday my darling”, and handed me a small box. I opened it to find an car key. It said Cadillac on the key. My new husband had given me a Caddy for my birthday.

Barbara said, “Victoria, I will go run your bath for you.” Barbara left to go to the suites bathroom. James said helped me up and then helped me into slippers and led me by the hand to the door of the room. We exited the room with my train of my wedding dress trailing behind me. James led me to the suite entrance and we went outside. Standing outside was a pink 1959 Cadillac convertible with a big red ribbon bow on the hood. I kissed James to thank him for my gift and he responded by driving his tongue deep into my mouth. James broke off the kiss and said, “After Barbara has dressed you we can take it for a spin.”

We went back inside and James held by cup of coffee to my lips for me to drink. Barbara came out the bathroom and said, “Victoria your bath is ready.” She began to undress me. Soon I was standing before her in just my panty, bra suspender belt and stockings. My erect penis caused a bulge in my panty. Barbara led me to vanity and got me to sit after unclipping my stockings and removing my garter belt. She removed my stocking and slippers and led me to the bathroom. She stood behind me and unclipped my bra and turned me around and pulled it off my arms. She took the waistband of my panty and began to pull it down. I accepted she was there to help me with everything and did not need to feel embarrassed. I held onto her as I stepped out of the panty. My penis stood out erect.

She helped me into the large tub, which was almost overflowing, with bubbles. I settled into the warm water and lay against the back of the bath to await my bath. Barbara tided up my hair with a scarf and knelt beside me and took a washcloth and lathered it with soap and began to wash me. I lay back thinking of how lucky I was as Barbara lifted each of my limbs and washed it. Of course the nearness of her bosom excited me. She reached below the surface of the water and washed my penis and friends. It did nothing to stop me from getting more erect. She got me onto my knees and washed my bottom. Once I was sitting down again she washed my face removing all my wedding makeup.

She helped me step out the bath and began to dry me off with a large pink fluffy towel. It was nice just to stand there passively as the beautiful maid dried me off. She led me to the bedroom holding on to my penis and said, “Master James would you like to deposit your seed in Victoria before I start to dress her?” James said, “Yes I would like to, I must keep her filled so she can be transformed quickly.”

I got into position on the bed and James removed his robe and knelt in front of me so I could suck him before made his deposit. I took his penis in my mouth and made him nice and wet and then he went to my rear and began to enter into me.

Barbara got into position under me and took my penis into her mouth. She began to suck on me as James started pumping in and out of me. I came almost immediately and then Barbara moved out from underneath me. James continued his pumping and then he erupted into me.

Barbara was on hand with my pad and panty. James exited from me and Barbara got my pad into place and then secured it into place with the panty. James went to go shower. I was helped to my feet by Barbara who began powdered me all over. She began to dress me further. Barbara sucked on my nipples and I shuddered at the sensation. Barbara said, “Just you wait till your breasts begin to grow, you will feel even more. She put my bra for me followed by my suspender belt and then my stockings. She opened up a petticoat for me to step into and then pulled it up.

She led me to the vanity where she did my makeup for me. She brushed out my hair for me and then helped me into the dress I was to wear. The dress was made of pink flowery material. She helped me into my pink high heel sandals. She redid my nails and we went out to the lounge of our suite. James joined us soon after and we went outside after Barbara handed me my purse. James opened the driver side door for me and I got in. He went around to the passenger side and got in. I drove off towards to the main hotel building. Barbara followed us in her compact car.

We arrived at the main hotel building and I noticed there were several familiar cars in the lot. They were the cars of family and friends. We went inside with Barbara in tow. In the lobby of the hotel were family and friends. Mom came over to me and wished me happy birthday. We went in to have breakfast together. Barbara sat at the table with us. My family and friends joining us for breakfast was wonderful.
Mom at one point whispered to me asking of how our night had been. I told her James had been a wonderful lover. I told the initial first penetration had been sore but after that it was fine.

Breakfast was over and I was given gifts each of which I opened. I needed to go to toilet and as I moved to go Barbara moved to accompany me. We went into the ladies. Barbara assisted me in the stall to get my dress and petticoat up and panty down before I sat down. I finished my business on the toilet. I got up and Barbara told me to turn around and she got toilet paper off the dispenser and wiped my rear for me. She got a powder puff out and powdered my penis and friends before pulling my panty back up. We exited the stall and then refreshed my lipstick for me.

I thanked my family and friends for the surprise visit and then we made our way back to the suite. We were due to spend the day at the hotel and then go to James’s home the next day. Back at the suite we got changed into our swimwear, the suite had its own private pool. Barbara had undressed me and then helped me into my bikini. The bikini was yellow. The top had also been specially made for me. My wiener caused a bulge in the panty of the suit. James wore a tight Speedo. We tanned in the sun after Barbara put sunscreen on us. Later in the day near lunchtime Barbara arranged for lunch to be brought to us.

We had our lunch by the pool and afterwards we splashed about in the pool. Late afternoon we went in door to get ready for our dinner at the hotel main building. Barbara undressed me and helped me into the tub and as usual bathed me. She dressed me in my underwear after James deposited another load in me. Barbara had changed into an evening dress. I wore a long white evening gown with a full slip underneath. We drove over in my new Caddy with Barbara in tow. We had a table for two while Barbara sat alone at a table nearby. We enjoyed our meal in intimate surroundings. We talked of our future life together. We took to the dance floor and danced and a slow close dance. I needed the ladies and once again Barbara accompanied me.

Later after our meal we made our way back to the suite where Barbara got me ready for bed. I wore a long pink satin nightgown with a matching pink pantie. Barbara had removed my makeup and also brushed my teeth for me. James and I got close and intimate and I enjoyed him kissing me all over once we had undressed each other. I liked it when he sucked on my penis. He got me hard and then Barbara finished me off as James got his penis in me to deposit another load of his seed. Barbara got my pad and panty on to retain his seed afterwards. Barbara got my nightgown on me again

We went to sleep with James pressed close at my back. I could feel his penis pressing against me as Barbara covered us with the covers.

I woke to feel a kiss on my lips and opened my eyes to see it was Barbara. I was aware the James was no longer at my back. Barbara was kneeling next to the bed and she said, “ I have a cup of tea for you, Victoria, sit up and I will give it to you.” I did so and Barbara held the cup to my lips after sitting on the bed next to me. Barbara was dressed in her maid’s uniform and had kicked her shoes off. I sipped the tea from the cup and when I took my mouth off the cup rim Barbara put it down. I enjoyed this beautiful woman in her low cut dress being so close to me.

I had more of the tea as when I told Barbara I was ready for more. I finished the cup and then James came into the room. He was dressed in his Speedo and was drying himself off.
James came over to us and kissed me on the lips. He pulled down his Speedo and said, “Come my darling it’s time for another deposit.” I took his penis into my mouth and sucked it to get him ready. Barbara was on hand and pulled up my nightgown and pulled my panty off. I assumed the position and James got behind me and entered into me. I was getting used to him entering me and it was now a pleasure to have him in me.

James began to pump in and out of me and soon I felt him erupting into me. Barbara was on hand as usual to put apply my pad and get a clean panty on me one James had withdrawn from me. James went to shower while Barbara arranged for breakfast to be sent to us. Barbara turned her attention back to me and led me to the bathroom where she washed my face and brushed my teeth for me. She took my nightgown off me and washed my body as I stood in front of the basin. I just loved everything being done for me.

Barbara led me back to the bedroom and began to dress me for the day. I sat on the bed as Barbara put my bra on me and sucking on my nipples. Everything was focused on my enjoyment. Barbara put my suspender belt on and then my stockings. Next a petticoat was put on me. She sat me before the vanity and did my makeup and then helped me into my dress. It was a gold lame mini dress. As I sat at the vanity she put my white boots that came up to just below my knees. She brushed out my hair and did my nails.

We went into the dining room of the suite and where breakfast was waiting for us. Barbara sat next to me and fed me my breakfast. I just had to take the food off the fork or spoon and swallow. After breakfast we left the suite to go James’s mansion. I had not been there yet and did not even know where it was. We left in my new Caddy. Barbara was to pack up our clothes and follow later.

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