New Beginnings Part2

New Beginnings Part 2

I woke the next morning needing to go to the toilet. I got out of bed and went and sat on the toilet after pulling my panty down and did my wee sitting down. I returned to my bed, as it was still early. I lay there in the half dark and tried to go back to sleep. I could not sleep and decided to turn on my light and begin to read her (my) diary. It was a good idea to know how she felt about things. I needed to be forewarned about things. I had not been with my sister all the time. I wondered how I would do once I had to interact with my friends as Karen. I wrote in the diary of the past hours and managed to copy my sister’s handwriting. I was actually really girly and even my own handwriting was neat not really like a boy’s.

I dozed off again and woke later when the sun was up. I decided to get ready for the day by myself. I got out of bed and removed my nightie and panties and then put on fresh panties and a lacy camisole. I liked the idea of dress opposed to pants. I found a nice pink blouse in my wardrobe and put it on. I did not have too much trouble with the buttons that were on a different side of my boy shirts.

I felt I needed something to put on my legs. I looked in the drawers and found some white stockings. They were pantyhose and I sat on my vanity stool. I knew of how stockings were put on and began to bunch up the feet of the stockings into rings and slide it gently on to my left foot. I did not pull it up too far and then did the same for my right foot. I liked the soft silky material on my feet and lower calves. I pulled the stockings further up my legs until they were over my knees and then stood up to get them over my thighs. I got them up all the way over my panties.

I smoothed out the stockings by rubbing my hands up over my legs. I went to the chest of drawers and looked for something to wear underneath the skirt I was going to wear. I found a lacy half-slip and put it on. I loved the coolness of the slip on my stockinged legs and my penis began to expand. I put on a white skirt next. I liked how the clothes felt on me. Just then mom came into the room and said, “ Oh my darling you are dressed already. I do love your choice of clothes and those stockings look great on you.” Mom was dressed in her nightgown, gown and slippers.

Mom sat me down at my vanity and brushed my hair for me.
I put shoes on and then we went downstairs to make breakfast. Ms. Smith was there already and she was already busy making breakfast.

Ms. Smith asked how we were doing and mom said she had a good night and the that tranquillizer she had been given helped her to sleep. I also said I had slept ok. Mom and I were still a bit weepy. We had breakfast and Ms Smith told us of our relatives that would be phoning this morning. She had said we were too distraught to come to the phone.

Later after breakfast the calls started. Mom took all the calls and I just sat and listened. While she was busy with the calls some friends arrived at the house. They had heard of the tragedy and had come to console me. I kept my pose in front of them and when they referred to something I was not aware of I just suddenly began to weep it was more and act to distract them.

The two friends that were with me were Stacy and Jill. I kept my pose and continued to act the part of my sister. We were due to go over to Stacy’s house Monday coming for a farewell party. Stacy’s mom was a good friend of mom’s. Stacy wanted to know if we were still coming over. I told her I supposed so as all the arrangements had been made.

We went downstairs and I asked mom it we were still going over to Stacy’s on Monday. Mom said yes we would still be going. Mom filled me in on the news about my grandparents coming. They were already on their way. They were flying in.

Ms Smith had contacted the police department to make arrangements for the remains of our family to be released. Also she asked mom for the I.D.’s of our family members so that the death certificates could be made out. Mom went to get them and came back with the documents. Mom had obviously brought my I.D. and not Karen’s, as Ms. Smith did not say anything about it being the wrong I.D. This was it; I was now set to assume my sister’s life. I was sure I could pull it off and that mom would help me.

Stacy and Jill left to go home and we had lunch. Later my grandparents arrived by taxi at the house. We all wept together and consoled one another. My grandparents did not realize it was I and not Karen. I would leave it to mom to tell them.

Mom, my grandparents and I talked about how we would take things forward. We were going ahead with the move to Amarillo. Memorial services would be held here and in our new hometown. Our new house was a block from my grandparent’s house. The moving company “Global Van Lines” was due at our house Wednesday coming and the house contents were ready for the movers. Dad had already got the garage sorted. Mom then broke the news about me assuming Karen’s identity to my grandparents. They were all surprised and grandma Tyson said that I as Kevin was so girly and it suited me to be a girl. The others agreed with her.

It was approaching dinnertime and my grandparents decided that we would all go to their hotel for supper. Ms Smith left to go to her own home. I went to my room and took a bath and began to dress for the evening. I had just pulled up my panty when there was a knock at my door. It was grandma Tyson asking if she could come in. I said she could. She looked down at my panty front and said, “You look so flat there, how did you and mom get that right?” I told her mom had taped my weiner out of the way. She helped me to get dressed. She put my stockings on for me followed by my petticoat and camisole. She helped me into the dress I had selected for the evening. It was a pink dress made from satin and had an organza overskirt. She did the zipper up and I got shoes on; pink pumps. I went over to my vanity and my hair was brushed for me. Grandma surprised me when she took a tube from her purse. It was lipstick. She said, “I think you old enough to wear a bit of makeup.” She applied it to my lips.

We went down stairs and joined the others. We traveled to the hotel in two taxis and Mom’s Cadillac. We enjoyed a lovely dinner together after which mom drove us home. I helped mom get my brother settled down to sleep and then I went to get into my sleepwear. I undressed and then put on a yellow baby-doll nightie and it matching panty. Mom came into my room and she asked me if I would like to sleep with her in her room. I said I would love to. Mom took my hand after I got my gown and slippers on and led me to her room.
Mom invited me into her bed and removed her nightgown and let me suck on her breast. I went down on her and sucked hungrily from her breast. I began to feel the lovely milk flow into my mouth. I fell asleep sucking from her breast.

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