The Rebirth of the Phoenix Revisited - Wisdom & Justice (a sequel)

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Phoenix London was a woman abuser that was taught his lesson. Now he's a woman and looks for a fix. Careful what you wish for.

The Rebirth of the Phoenix Revisited - Wisdom & Justice
©2011 — Foxxe Wilder
(Author’s note: This is a sequel to a story I wrote last year. It is meant sort of as a follow up.)

Chapter 1:

Phoenix went through 4 months of intense emotional therapy after that Hallowe’en night. It went without saying that Justina and Phoenix could no longer be a couple so Phoenix ended up moving to a small bachelor apartment and tried to start afresh as she didn’t seem to have any other choice.

The doctors she had consulted had all agreed universally that Phoenix was a genetic girl but they were all still lost on just how it happened. She knew it had something to do with that bra and she felt slighted that Justina didn’t go into adequate detail about the warning upon putting it on wrong or taking it off until the correct time had come. If she had only known the importance...

She sighed as she looked into the full length mirror in the washroom. She was cute, Phoenix had to admit that. But that was not the issue. Cute or not, Phoenix’s life had been flipped upside down in almost every way. She shouldn’t have a body like this at all. Phoenix was a ladies’ man, he was not meant to be a lady, man or so he thought.

Meanwhile the authorities scrambled to understand what happened to her. The only thing they knew for sure was that the fingerprints on file at the police station perfectly matched the fingerprints on a young woman in the mental health ward at the hospital who claimed very late one, past Hallowe’en night that she used to be a man until she put on this costume, now the costume became real.

Police interviewed an accused woman, Justina Sage, who claimed she never knew the woman and found her topless running around the neighbourhood screaming hysterically.

The one year anniversary was approaching fast and she felt nervous seeing the last one's results.

Phoenix’s job was put in jeopardy as well. As a man, Phoenix drove a 10 ton van delivering local supplies for various businesses in a small trucking firm. After the change and seeing Phoenix had lost her position as a truck driver because she could no longer do the job so they transferred her over to the dispatch office.

Her spirits had crashed along with everything else in her life. She was amazed at just how much of her life was directly attached to gender. The loss of her masculinity had almost successfully wiped her life clean.

Then the rumours started up about the odd purchase from a very odd store that seemed to vanish after the fact.

The urban legend went that there was an actual wizard that travelled the random strings of time and sold his wares from time to time whenever the Fates had bid him to open his store. She had to find him. That was the only link she knew for sure was a fact and she had to find him to fix things and hope for miracles.

Phoenix’s first few menstruations were major issues. All the hormonal issues hitting Phoenix all at once nearly put her over the edge emotionally. The pain and cramps were like nothing she could ever dream of as a guy. There was simply nothing that could be comparable to a guy that was this uncomfortable and it happened to all women once a month for most of their adult lives. She had learned a whole new respect for women from the experience.

After 10 months and 10 menstruations had gone by, Phoenix ran across Justina in the mall while shopping (ironically both were buying underwear).

Phoenix was still a bit gun shy around Justina so she said as little as possible at first. She knew the motivation behind Justina’s actions on the past Hallowe’en. As a man she had no respect for women and as such she did treat women quite horrifically. She knew that now and knew it only too well.

It was Justina that made the first move. “You‘ve lost weight dear,” she smiled sweetly, “mostly on the hips and boobs. But hey it really does look good on you. Are you still living alone?”

Phoenix scoffed almost louder than she meant to, “Well it is not like I am in a hurry to just go out and get laid these days. I think my meandering days are finished now thank you very much!”

“Ooo Catty!” Justina giggled, “Well if it means anything I am very sorry it worked out the way it did. If I could change the end result at all I would but you were never one to listen to me and my warnings. You apparently did undo the bra sometime before midnight and doing so, sealed your fate.”

‘You didn’t say the boobs would become real!” Phoenix hissed as she looked around nervously after momentarily attracting the attention of a salesgirl, “Well to be totally honest, I didn’t know. I mean even if the old man told me that would happen in the end I would not have believed him. Belief in the ways of magick is quite unrealistic these days. He only said that the outcome could be disastrous or something like that.”

“We’ve had this argument so many times over the past year that it is getting very old, Phoenix,” Justina sighed heavily, “and to be honest with you I am tiring of it. Please don’t make me get another Restraining Order on you. I only want some peace between us. I’m sorry about the statements to the police but they would never have believed the truth even if I could prove it.”

“That is true, I will admit it, and for all the bullshit I am supremely sorry,” Phoenix wiped back a tear that stole it’s way into her eye, “I just wish you were the type that liked girls as well these days. I feel so damned lonely and you are the only one that really knew me at all. Anyone that has met me since then thinks I am a schizophrenic or some sort of basket-case. I never get a chance to just talk to someone anymore. Guys just spend all the time looking down my top and girls always seem to be threatened by me somehow.”

“Well you never asked me before but I do like girls as well, hon,” Justina smirked, “We just never got that far, you were far too freaked out. Trust me; if we’d have gotten past that one little hump we’d have a few more interesting humps.”

“Are you saying that…” Phoenix began haltingly.

“Yes, I’d have gone back out with you in a second!” Justina smiled sincerely, “I loved you for who you were within, not because of what you may or may not have had between the legs.”

A strange warmth sparked in Phoenix’s heart for the first time since she came upon this new life style, “Oh my god and I …”

“Wasted all this time,” Justina finished Phoenix’s sentence for her, “when we could have been living a more interesting life together. You really did turn out looking good enough to totally put me to shame. You are gorgeous and you don’t even have to try! I mean what woman wouldn’t be jealous or threatened by your looks these days! Having been a man yourself you must realize that.”

“Well I can’t and won’t argue there, if I had the choice to look female, I suppose I would naturally want to be as good looking as I could be,” Phoenix smiled slightly shyly, “so if I asked if I could make up with you, you’d have no problems with that?” Phoenix began to beam as that spark of hope in her chest suddenly flared back to life.

Justina’s reply was contained in a sudden hug. Phoenix had never hugged a girl since she had become female. As such she suddenly felt very self conscious about how to place herself in the hug. Despite her best attempts though she was highly aware of how her breasts felt as they pressed up against Justina’s. She shook almost perceptively as she felt a spark of excited electricity go up and down her spine.

Then the reality crashed down upon Phoenix’s thoughts. “But how, I mean I’ve never been with anyone at all like this, be they man, woman or otherwise,” she thought for a moment, “well it might be nice to try something with her if I get the chance but I’m afraid she’d be leading the nasty dance.”

Phoenix jumped as she felt Justina slip a small piece of paper into her bra as they released from their embrace, winking obviously as she straightened up, “Call me later tonight and we can plan a girls’ night out together,” Justina smiled then added, “or two, or three. Hahaha, we can even make a day of shopping, dining, and dancing of it. You know, kick the dust off your ass and have some real fun.”

“That sounds great!” Phoenix responded, totally forgetting every painful moment of the past year, “I will call you later. I need to shower, etcetera.”


Chapter 2:

Phoenix heard the rumours again. She had gotten into the habit of keeping a sharp ear out for any resurfacing of this mysterious shop of intrigue that had been partially responsible for the gender shifted change in her life. If she was going to set things right, her only hope was to have faith that the shop would resurface and she’d have her chance to set things right.

She followed every lead immediately; no matter what time of day it was that she heard it. She didn’t ask for this life but she was bound and determined to correct the injustice she felt that she had been served.

The only plus that happened over the past year was the return of Justina into her life. She saw that as a good sign of things to come. Perhaps they could work things out. Perhaps even return, somehow, by hook or by crook, to boyfriend and girlfriend.

In the past the very idea of two girls together would have gotten her blood pumping but that was back when she was a man. Now that she was a girl herself; she was not too sure about those views of lesbianism. Sure she still had feelings for Justina as she always had, and the post change traumatic legal issues sent her some confusing signals but then she was also dealing with confusing signals from everywhere.

It was during that time that she learned what was considered as a good looking man and what was not. She was quite surprised when she found within herself an attraction to the bad boy types; the very type of man she had been that brought her to this state of affairs.

Yes, the number that Justina gave her was a legitimate phone number and as such, Justina answered promptly when she called.

After a series of dates involving movies, (borderline chick flick/adventure movies) and classy dining and dancing it was decided that the 2 girls save some money and move in again together.

Their plans for upcoming Hallowe’en were slightly revamped from previous years, naturally, in that whatever costume one wore, the other would dress accordingly. The theme would be mutually agreed upon by both girls and the outfits would be purchased at the same time in a shopping trip together. This year would be pair of Cat Woman outfits; one, a classic style from the old 60’s Batman series and the other the more racy, sinewy model from the more recent Movie release of Cat Woman starring Halle Berry.


Chapter 3:

Both of them went out that weekend and bought the outfits they were going to wear. Phoenix

Phoenix was beginning to lose faith in finding that strange old shop that Justina’s story clung to so vehemently for the past year. In all the time of Phoenix’s searching for that odd purveyor of odd antiquities, Phoenix gained an interest in the thrift and antique shops and often browsed them during idle times.

She found an interesting string of shops on a side street in a nearby town she’d not visited in years. It was literally a treasure trove of thrift shops, retro trend and antique shops so she spent much of the afternoon the Saturday, just 3 days previous to Hallowe’en they had everything they needed that night from makeup, and perfume to customized gloves.

The gloves for both costumes were creations of Justina’s. Justina always was a real sewing witch that way; she could take a few patches of cloth, some thread, a bit of trim and truly work some amazing magick with them.

There was nothing to do but play the waiting game until the big night so in the meantime she went window shopping in a nearby town.

She went through shop after shop, making the odd purchase of things that caught her eye as she browsed when she came across a place with no visible sign short of a red neon OPEN sign in the window.

As she peered within the window she could see a myriad of items within, from books, a few racks of clothes and assorted one of a kind items. Curious, she entered the store, briefly nodding and smiling at the old man who was standing behind the till reading a newspaper and made her way in.

She made her way past hand held video games, computer software, racks of books, and many shelves of assorted electrical and novelty items, when she came upon a curtained off area in back the main room that had a sign beside it, “Adult area. You must be over 18 to gain entrance here. She smiled inwardly and stepped through the thin curtains.

There were all sorts of adult shop oddities here. Lotions, lubricants, various ingenious toys of any assorted perversion. Normally she never bothered with places like this. In the old days she didn’t want to be seen as some perverted guy that got his jollies in strange ways and as a woman she really didn’t have that much interest in the parts she had gained. She failed to see any sexual interest in the boobs upon her own chest nor of the other areas that demanded her monthly attention.

This time was different. She was alone, in a strange town and no one would know her from Adam, (or rather, Eve.) Then she found them.

Justina and Phoenix only kissed and cuddled for the most part during the early part of their revamped relationship, Phoenix would not have known how to proceed from there with a woman. She simply didn’t understand how sex with another woman was done if you had no penis, but there were a few ideas in the display case in front of her now.

Back as a man, Phoenix had found Justina’s personal toys in the past and pretty well scoffed at them with near disgust. Now however she’d have blushed herself to death if she realized the sparkle that was in her eyes as she visually examined the articles behind the glass.

There were ‘rabbits’, a few dozen different sizes and shapes of dildos and vibrators but there was one item that caught her eye. It was a strange v shaped double header dildo. By design it could position 2 girls’ pelvises directly face to face.

Phoenix smiled despite herself. That thing could help her out sexually at least. Using this thing was sort of like a strap on without the straps.

Chapter 4:

Phoenix’s eyes sparkled as she looked at the odd sex toy with interest. The very idea of substituting this thing for the penis she used to have seemed almost ludicrous, yet somewhat enticing. It was a double dildo with vibrator but was at this very strange v shaped angle. Using her imagination she could picture how it would appear if only one girl used it alone. The other end of the double donger would bear an odd basic resemblance to an erect penis.

It seemed to be just the thing she was searching for with her next encounter with Justina. Justina liked to take control over things these days but then again that was expected as it was like the old master teaching the acolyte, with Phoenix being the acolyte.

“Well, well, Miss,” the grizzled old man behind the counter smiled slyly with what seemed to be strange unsettling twinkle of recognition in his eye, “Will that be all today?”

“Yes, and could you be a dear and box that up for me please?” Phoenix put on her sweetest innocent face and smiled blushing slightly at his obviousness.

“Ahh, so no bras this time?” the old man asked quickly and almost under his breath.

“Excuse me?” Phoenix spun around to look at the old man.

“We have a fine selection of lingerie back there as well for your special night, “ he smiled almost innocently but there was something in his manner that seemed to goad at Phoenix’s subconscious.

“Is there any especially odd properties about this, umm, product?” Phoenix ventured, “I mean anything of an unusual nature, well outside of the obvious I mean.”

“Well there could be but that all depends upon the two lovers involved, “the old man replied, “They say that sex is pure magick. With the right mindset and sincerity, you could literally create, and not only life itself but things you wish for. The Ways of the Wise refer to that as Sex Magic” The old man winked knowingly, “So this could definitely help to treat your little problem as well my dear.”

Phoenix smiled, and packed the object away in her shopping bag of clothes and assorted items, barely taking notice of the no return policy sign by the cash register, “thank you very much my dear sir!”

“Glad to see you again too dear!” the old man smiled as he bowed low in mock courtesan manner.

“I must ask you a question before I go, but you speak to me as if you know me, have we ever met before?” Phoenix asked pausing at the door.

“Alas no milady. But a with a face like yours, no man would quickly forget yours,” he smiled as he picked up his newspaper.

Now she was confused but she suddenly suspected this was that store that Justina got that bra from. That shop had never been seen at all since Justina came upon it, and then it seemed as by chance that Phoenix came upon it tucked away in a dark recessed doorway to an alleyway.

Chapter 5:

Unlike the previous year, Phoenix and Justina didn’t have a party in mind to go to. The idea this time was for them to hit as many clubs as they could all night long and attempt to each get deep into character as Cat Woman.

Phoenix never really learned how to just let go at parties in the old days, especially if anyone knew him. He’d always be the stoic drunk off to the side boasting and making his hollow claims to fame back in the old days. Now if she came across someone like that she’d be more likely to just roll her eyes and ignore that type of guy as a total loser.

She often found that as a woman she’d have never actually had anything to do with a man like the one she had been. She was dead sure of that. Phoenix London as a man was an irritant to the sense of social tastes she had developed over the past year.

In their bar hopping as ‘Cat Woman twins from different times’ Phoenix saw more than a few guys in the bars that could easily have been candidates for Loser of the Year award that she as a man could have easily won many times before.

She inwardly sighed as she peered across the top of her Margarita. Why did it seem so plain and easy to see where he went wrong now? She did notice her new habit of foresight seemed to have a positive influence on life. Her life was far more ordered and not as given to flights of fancy as she had been in the past.

“How the hell was it that I had missed all that before?” she asked Justina on the dance floor, “Whatever bullshit I was spewing out before actually felt like much of it was the truth, but you know as well as I know. Men sure can be full of it that way!”

“Finally,” Justina giggled as she replied, “you can see things from my perspective. I always hoped you would someday but I never thought how much it would take to get you thinking along my lines.” Justina playfully gave Phoenix the obvious once over; pun and insinuation was often their favourite vocal games.

“Yeah I suppose once I learned to relax and accept it all that things got easier to deal with,” Phoenix replied. “I had quite of bit of excessive garbage luggage.”

Justina tilted her head slightly and smiled teasingly, “Happier now are we?”

“Ha-ha,” Phoenix shook her head to clear the new margarita generated cobwebs settling into her head, “Yeah I suppose I am damn it!”

Phoenix then took a chance there on the dance floor and whispered into Justina’s ear, “I picked up something interesting to celebrate my first anniversary of my new life. I am sure we can both enjoy it very deeply. Ha-ha!”

Chapter 6:

(I won’t go into detail here as I don’t write of sexual activities. Albeit said, however there were some repeated ‘trading of interests’ with Phoenix’s new toy that night. Eventually Phoenix feels her first orgasm as a woman. During this exchange neither person could help but to briefly think of a certain night with the two of them together as man and woman lovers as they were used to. It’s only a fleeting feeling and it is gone as fast as it appeared. Or was it?)

Phoenix felt an odd change within her. She squeezed her eyes tight in her fantasy but she felt that something felt different within her as well as with her body as well. She felt charged up and alive suddenly, and things seemed like she had been doing this for years.

“Almost,” she heard her partner whisper, “So close,”

She then felt her lover’s hips thrust forward into her and then it sunk in… That voice sounded strangely familiar. Hauntingly familiar.

It was Phoenix’s old voice. The voice of a man that was missing from the face of the world for just under a year.

Phoenix’s eyes snapped open and she found that her sexual partner was now the old male Phoenix, her old male body! Panicking slightly she looked down to see his entire nudity apparent in front of her save for one part and that was apparently within her.

As she peered down at their union, she noticed there were also new changes on her. Her breasts did not look the same; they were slightly smaller and somewhat different. There was a navel ring in her belly that was not there before as well as the small tattoo of a tiny butterfly just off to the side of the centre of her bikini line, a tattoo small enough to be hidden by tiniest of bikinis. She recognized it. The tattoo and navel ring were definitely Justina’s.

Her thoughts were then shattered by a sudden flurry of emotion and motion, at the end of which, the form of Phoenix’s male identity rolled over, she felt his manhood sliding out as he pulled away.

“I don’t believe it,” she trembled slightly as she barely whispered feeling emotions and incredible sensations flooding her mind all at once, “this is not the way I thought it would be. “

“But then things rarely go the way you expect do they?” the new Phoenix muttered.

Justina smiled and nodded, “Too true, the Fates can often have a very strange sense of humour.”

Justina thought back with an effort. There was that sign in the shop that stated in block bold letters, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. That made sense. Magick was a one way trip. You can’t go back, but sometimes you could curve the path of the pitch.

So, apparently Phoenix could not return to his old body after all, but apparently Justina could and had. That left the persona of Justina free, according to the rules of the Great Balance of Life, to become her own. It sort of made sense in a strange sort of way.

She suspected that the double donger did have some minor role in this; she was almost sure of it, but now it was no where to be found. It was like it had totally vanished.

Now Phoenix London, the man, was back in the world. That life now belonged to someone else. Phoenix felt her consciousness in regards to that life fade away, subtly shifting over to the identity of Justina, being the face she saw in the mirror now.

She smiled as she gazed into the new Phoenix’s eyes. Then bringing herself out of her trance like state, she lightly brushed the coarse dark hair aside and she smiled.

“You know we have such odd names.” she giggled, “Phoenix London? No wonder you think you are such hot stuff fella! But then Justina Sage is an odd one too. Justice and wisdom.”

“If you say so, my dear,” Phoenix’s voice responded, “But I think Justina London would suit you far better.”

Justina’s eyes sparkled with tears of joy, and she replied holding back her joy a bit, “Yes, I agree,” she kissed him fully, “Mrs. Justina London sounds just fine to me.”

The End


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A bit confusing

Jezzi Stewart's picture

So since it seems there is a total physical and mental swap, do they both now think that all that happened was that Phoenix changed back into a boy? That might be confusing if they remembered which sides of the bed they fell asleep on and realized they woke on the other.

BE a lady!


Actually I was going to include the incident with the bra as mentioned in the 1st story, so the new Phoenix could quickly dismiss it as a 'bad idea' (towards the end) but I thought better of it (insinutating a possible circular story).

To clear things up, Phoenix became female but could not change back due to the 'no refund' issue, so the sex magick created the answer neither asked for nor expected.

For me to make it too circular would play with timelines too much and there are just too many argumentive geeks out there to risk such things. :)

So the idea is that the spirit of Phoenix was taught his lesson and Justina was taught hers, (for seeking revenge in the 1st place).

I have long been a believer that the spirit within is the one that carries karma, not the body or identity. As Justina, Phoenix does not have the memories of Phoenix, and similarly with Justina being Phoenix. I do admit that it is merely insinuated that Justina makes a better Phoenix than the original. >;D


It was predictable but I enjoyed it.


None planned but that would seem to be the ultimate karma. lol

confusing and difficult to swallow

licorice's picture

I don't meant he magic, I more mean 'hey you totally fucked up my life and destroyed my identity. LET'S DATE AND HAVE SEX!" that's really, really hard to believe in my opinion. Beyond that I got very confused. It seemed like the author wanted a happy ending and was willing to do some pretty unrealistic writing gymnastics to accomplish that.

So Phoenix thinks

Daphne Xu's picture

So Phoenix is now Justina and thinks she was always Justina, while Justina now thinks he is and always was Phoenix? That's one magical way to wipe away traces of the magic. How do we know that's not happening all the time, even now?

On the other hand, I do think that Phoenix, as a girl who remembered being a man, might still have been a bit upset at Justina. But then maybe that's why he got the magical double-ended device in the first place.

-- Daphne Xu