One Final Gift

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One Final Gift

©2017 — Foxxe Wilder

Two friends stand before a casket. One says a tearful final farewell to a beloved parent while one stands near for comfort.
(inspired by the recent loss of a loved one. I have long revealed my true self but sadly, some wait too long.)

Daniel Sands looked at the body of the woman in the coffin. She was elderly, regal and held an aura which, even within death's repose, that compelled one to come to trust that face without question or fear. His mother passed away before he could reveal his inner self to her. He had long wished he could confide in her but all the stories he had heard from other peoples' attempts over the past few years ended so badly for most.

He never got to know the woman that had raised her for so many years. She was a mother, a symbol of the management of the household, and discipline. Sure, she was a compassionate mother but very strict in many ways. Because he personally rejected
authority just on general principle, he failed to see the rest of the woman who laid to rest before him.

Sighing, he looked towards his best friend, Anneka, beside him, "I never had a chance to tell her about the real me, Anneka. I couldn't tell her about the daughter she's always had. To her I was a son."

Anneka smiled and stroked his cheek gently, "It's okay Daniel, I'm sure she would have accepted you as who you really are. After all, you might be very surprised what is behind many people's faces. Many children don't learn that the real person behind their parent's identity. We're taught to see them more as authoritarian as opposed to just people."

"I know," Daniel said, "but now she's gone and I've waited too long."

"Perhaps you would feel better if you told her now," Anneka smiled, "you know, sort of like post mortem confession - to help you relieve yourself of the guilt you may feel over not telling her."

Daniel leaned over and kissed his mother's forehead for the final time and whispered, "Mom, I'm sorry but I have to be honest with you. Even now. I'm sorry that it took so long for me to tell you but, I've been feeling that I'm living a lie for many years of my life. I've never felt right as a boy and now I honestly believe that I've always been a girl in my heart. I needed for you to know but I've left it for far too long. I wish I could have told you before because I could have used your help and support. I'm sorry I waited for so long, Mom."

Anneka took the sobbing sibling into her arms, embracing tenderly trying her best to console her friend.

For almost a full ten minutes the two friends stood there hugging each other in solemn silence.

Finally, Danielle straightened up and with a painful, forced smile and a tear she bade a final farewell to the old man in the casket.

"So how do you feel now, Danielle?," Anneka asked as she wiped a tear away.

"Much better thank you," Danielle sniffled, "In fact, I feel like a new woman."

= * End? *=

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My Apologies

I know it's very short and a rather blunt subject but I got the muse tonight and she only painted a single scene.

Short and sweet! I liked it

Short and sweet! I liked it it could be worth expanding if you so choose. But sometimes the muse only wants a short one :)


All I had in mind was a short scene involving the 2 funeral attendees and the body itself. There was nothing else to the idea. I realize that the ending is extremely subtle and some might have to read it a few times to get the gist of it.

For those who have an active imagination, you might consider this as a brief tale from "The Twilight Zone". :)