Sunday Morning Pantyhose Part 7

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Sunday Morning Pantyhose VII
Tracy Davis

This is a true story of how my Mom feminized me as a teenager. She had caught me wearing her pantyhose the summer before seventh grade. I got the surprise of my life the first Sunday of junior high, when she started encouraging me to wear them -- Tracy

I couldn’t wait for the first concert, but the day finally came. I took a nice long hot bath and shaved my legs nice and smooth. Afterwards, I went into my room and totally disrobed. I got out my new No Nonsense Sheer To Waist Panty Hose that Mom had gotten me and laid the package on the bed, immediately getting an erection when I thought of putting them on. Mom had gotten me some bright pink nail polish too, and I put two coats on my toes, making them look so pretty. After a few minutes to let them dry, I took my new pantyhose out of the package. Gathering them up, I carefully put the toe seam over my toes just like Charlene always did, and then sensually pulled them up my legs. Posing in front of the mirror, I couldn’t believe how sexy my legs looked. I sat back down on the bed and painted my fingernails, lazing around my room while they were drying, crossing and uncrossing my pretty legs in my pantyhose, unable to stop looking at my nyloned legs and feet, and getting aroused every time they touched together and I was conscious that I had hose on.

As I was taking my white turtleneck top off the hanger and was putting it on, I started to get the urge to do my push job. I hadn’t had one for a few days, so I knew it would be really big and take a while. I pranced into the bathroom, pulled down my panty hose, and sat down on the toilet. I sat there trying to go, pushing as hard as I could, but it just wouldn’t budge. Finally I gave up and went over to the sink and put some soap on my finger. I bent my knees slightly and slowly inserted my finger into my butt and felt the tip of a huge rock hard turd. I stood there, thinking about how much it was going to stretch me out when it finally passed. I pulled up my hose, washed my hands, and went back into my room.

I was getting my white slacks out of the closet when Mom knocked on the door. “Sweetie, it’s getting late. Are you almost ready?”

“No, mom, I’m still getting dressed. I did my nails first. I’m just putting my slacks on now.”

I stepped into them and slid them up my smooth pantyhosed legs, enjoying every inch. I stepped into my new white high heeled pumps and put on my red YOA blazer. I opened the door and walked out into the family room. “There,” I said, “How do I look?”

“Oh you look so nice,” she said, after looking me over head to toe. “You look so grown up!”

We put on our coats and headed out to the car. As we were driving to the concert, I started to have stomach cramps, and was holding my stomach to try to relieve them.

“What’s the matter, honey? Aren’t you feeling well?” she asked.

“No,” I said. “I’ve having stomach cramps.”

After a pause, she asked, “Are you nervous, sweetie?”

“No, that’s not it.” I sighed. “I’m constipated. That’s why I was running late, I was in the bathroom trying to do my push job, but I just couldn’t go.”

“Mmmm,” she said. “Is your stool hard?”

“Yes, and really big. I was straining as hard as I could and it still wouldn’t come out. It’s almost like my….. hole is too small for it to come out.”

“Sounds like you need some Correctol. We’ll stop on the way home and get you some.”


The concert went well. When we first got there, I noticed several of the other girls staring at my feet. We started comparing our shoes and telling where we got them. When it was my turn, everyone was looking at my feet, and I said, “Wards, my mom said that since it was winter, nobody would have white shoes in stock so we had to go to their bridal department.”

Lisa said, “Wow, have you got hose on? You look really nice!”

I rotated my ankle, and said, “Oh thanks! They’re No Nonsense Sheer To The Waist.”

“Are those ladie’s slacks?”

“Mmmm-hmmm. We got those at Wards too.”

When it was my turn to perform, I walked across the floor after they announced my name and I could feel everyone’s eyes on me and I hoped they wouldn’t laugh at a boy in high heels. It felt like I had to walk a mile to get to the organ. I was reminding myself to walk heel-to-toe like a girl, and trying to remember the first few notes of my music so I could get started. You could hear my high heels clicking across the floor as I walked and I could feel my slacks sliding over my panty hose and I got a HUGE hard on. I was so glad the blazer was buttoned so no one could see it! I could barely keep my mind on playing, and I was so relieved when I was done. I walked back to my chair, heels clicking all the way, and sat down and crossed my legs, feeling SO girly.


After the concert, we had our business meeting in another room of the nursing home. The other girls took off their heels, and so did I. I felt so grown up because I had sandalfoot hose on, and most of the other girls were wearing reinforced toe. I sat next to Joanne, the youngest member of our group. She had a long white skirt on, and reinforced toe pantyhose with white sandals. I noticed her staring at my feet in hose, and after the meeting, when we were talking about other things, she said, “You look really nice. I’ve never seen a boy wear nylons before.” After a pause, she asked me, “Have you got pantyhose on or just knee-highs?”

I said in my most grown-up voice, “I always wear pantyhose with dress slacks so they slide over my legs better and I look smooth, since I don’t have to wear underwear then. They stay up better than knee-highs too. I have to wear sheer-to-the-waist with these white slacks so the panty part wouldn’t show through.”

“You’re lucky,” Joanne said. “My mom just gets me the cheap ones from K-Mart. I couldn’t wear my mom’s. She has to have queen size,” she giggled. “These always are falling down around my ankles and I’m always pulling them up. Yours always look so nice. I never see you pulling yours up.”

“My mom gets me No Nonsense,” I said. “If you want better quality ones, why don’t you buy them on your own?”

“That’s a good idea,” she said. “I guess I could take my babysitting money to the store and get my own.”

Lisa, another one of the girls, had gone to ask her mother a question about our next concert. When she came back in the room, her face was red with embarrassment.

“Lisa, are you OK?” I asked.

She whispered angrily, “You can’t believe what our moms were talking about!”

Joanne and I looked at each other, and Joanne asked, “What were they saying?”

Lisa hissed, “They were talking about what they give us when we’re constipated! I was SO embarrassed!”

Now it was my turn to blush. “Well,” I said, “that’s probably my fault.”

“Why?” Lisa asked.

“Well, on the way over here, I had told my mom I was having stomach cramps because I couldn’t have a BM.”

Joanne smiled and said, “Well, actually, I’ve been having problems too. On the way over here, Mom said that she’s giving me an enema as soon as we get home. So what does your mom give you, Lisa?”

Lisa blushed harder and looked down at her lap. “Ex-Lax. She gave me some last night,” she whispered, and then giggling, said, “Well, I guess THAT’s why they were talking about it!” We all laughed!


On the way home, we stopped at the drugstore. Standing there in the laxative aisle, there were a couple of teenage girls that saw us, and were staring at my feet in my high heels and hose. Mom took some Correctol off the shelf and handed it to me.

She said, “You’re so thin and delicate, you’ll have to take a woman’s laxative. Correctol is really gentle and it also has a stool softener. It’ll make you need to have a BM without giving you cramps, and it’ll help a hard BM pass through your bottom easier without hurting.”

“That’s good,” I said, grimacing. “When I was trying to go earlier today my stool was so big and hard.”

Mom reached down and picked up a Fleet Enema. “Do you want me to get you a Fleet as well? That way you can get relief as soon as we get home.”

“Yes, please,” I said.

She asked, “How long has it been since you’re had a BM?”

I thought a moment, and then said, “Three days, I think.”

We walked past the girls again on the way to the checkout, with our high heels clicking and a box of Correctol in my hand, and a Fleet Enema in Mom’s. I heard them giggling, and then one said, “Oh my GOD,” and they all started laughing. I felt my face turn red, but I just kept walking heel-to-toe and ignored them. They didn’t faze Mom at all. My erection was so big I could hardly walk. I looked down and was glad to see the blazer was buttoned and covering it up.

When we got home, Mom said, “Take off your blazer and your slacks, but leave your hose on.” I stepped out of my pumps and went into my room. I took off my blazer and hung it up, then slid my sheer slacks down and off my legs. As I was hanging them up, Mom came into my room with the Fleet Enema in her hand. “You’re old enough to learn to give yourself an enema,” she said. “Pull down your pantyhose and lay on your left side,” she directed.

I stretched out on the bed, my rock-hard erection clearly on display. “Bend your right knee up partway to help open up your bottom.” I did, and she sat down next to me and handed me the enema. I opened the box and took it out. “First, remove the cover,” she said. As I did, she said, “Pant like a puppy dog to relax your muscles. Now carefully insert the tip up into your bottom. Point the tip towards your belly button as you do.” It slid easily into my bottom.

“Okay,” I said.

“Now squeeze the bottle to put the water up into you.” I did, and you could hear the water gurgling up into me. I was afraid I was going to ejaculate. “Now pull it back out and put the cover back on the tip.” I withdrew it, and saw the tip was brown from my poop before I put the cover back on it.

“Now just lay there for a little bit and let it work.” She smiled at me and stroked my hair while I laid there.

After a minute, I felt a cramp. “Oooh,” I said, “I think I feel something.”

“Wait till you have to go really bad,” she said. All of a sudden I felt like I had to go. I pinched my bottom together to hold it. The urge receded, then got strong again, then got REALLY strong. I said, “I think I better get in the bathroom.”

I jumped up, quickly stepped back into my white pumps, and ran to the bathroom, followed by Mom. I settled on the toilet and relaxed my muscles, and water started coming out of me. A few seconds later my stool was ready to come out. I bore down and it finally slid out of me and splashed into the toilet. I bore down some more and pushed what felt like a gallon of water out of me. I sighed and relaxed. Mom sat down on the tub and sat there for a while as the rest of the water dribbled out of me. Finally she said, “Ready for me to wipe?”

“Yes,” I said, and leaned forward so she had access. It took several times to get me clean. Finally she flushed and I stood up and pulled up my nylons.

I went back in my room and put jeans on over my hose, leaving my white turtleneck on. After having heels on all day, I found myself walking heel-to-toe up on the balls of my feet, even after taking them off. I started exaggerating it whenever I walked. It felt so prissy and girly when I walked that way! I went back out into the family room where Mom was reading the paper. I sat down in the chair, feeling so empty and relieved.

“Wow, I really feel better,” I said.

“I bet you do, after as much as you pooped. Now you know why you can’t let yourself go when you’re constipated.”

I lounged around the house the rest of the evening like that, getting aroused every time I looked down at my feet and nail polished toes in my sandalfoot hose.


Later that night, I heard my mom talking to my sister-in-law on the phone. “You should see our janeboy! He’s in this Young Organist’s group with a bunch of girls. They all wear white skirts and white high heeled pumps. I got him white high heeled pumps like the other girls, a pair of Misses’ sheer white slacks, and sheer to the waist pantyhose to wear under them so the panty wouldn’t show through.”

“Oh that’s so precious!”

“He painted his toenails, and you should see his feet when he has sandalfoot hose on. His feet are gorgeous! They were having a business meeting after the concert today, and he took his heels off along with all the other girls. He had the prettiest feet there! I heard one of the girls ask him if he had pantyhose on or just knee-highs! You should have heard him tell that he always wears pantyhose when he dresses up. And then guess what we did?”

“I had to get our little janeboy a laxative! Today on the way to the concert he was complaining that he was constipated. He hadn’t been able to go for four days and really needed help. After the concert we stopped at Osco Drug on the way home and I got him some Correctol. When we were standing there in the laxative aisle I told him he needed a woman’s laxative because he was so thin and delicate. I think he had an erection! There were a couple of teenage girls standing there that were staring at his high heels and giggling! I also got him a Fleet Enema, he said that his stool was really hard, and after we came home I showed him how to give it to himself.”

“I bet he was embarrassed! That’s so neat that you’re still janeing him!”

To be continued..............

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