The School for Transgendered, Cross-Dressers and Teen Babies 6

The school was complete and all it needed was the state of the art computers that were ordered that the board of directors had given the okay for them to get. The state board had sent the funds for them and the order was placed. The shipment was to be there within a week.

There was trouble getting the new computers for the school. Well the day the computer shipment was to be there a call came in from the county board saying we have the computers now but we have some you can have. I was pissed the state paid for the computers for us not only that a federal grant helped get the special codes to make them work as well.

The thing was the computers were useless to the county without the codes. The county had a new school as well but as the computers where set up there they ran into a major problem. They couldn’t get the new computers to work.

The good news was we had insurance on the shipment and a new one was sent with a new set of codes. Again the county stole the shipment of computers only to find out that without the codes they were useless. The state wanted to step in and tell the county that what they are doing was wrong but let the Federal Government take care of it.

They had just the man for the job. A call went out to an ex-fighter pilot named Aaron Casey Elliot. He got the nickname ACE after taking out five enemy fighter jets on seven different missions. He was the best of the best of the best. He even saved a fellow pilot on a mission that no other pilot would touch.

ACE backed his Cab over Peat up to the loading dock after opening the rear doors. The truck looked normal. Nothing stood out just him. He was a tall man and a smile that said “hi how are you”. He was known to give a smile that said “you lose” as well.

Ace saw that the last two loads where stolen by the county police and taken to schools that needed them. He had a set of dice in his hand and rolled a seven and said “lucky me I get my shot at some dumb-dumb police officers”.

With the order of over one thousand computers set to be loaded up Ace gave the go ahead as he checked off each flat he saw something that caught his eye. After every thing was loaded he went to the flat and pulled the tack. He just grinned rolled a second set of dice and it came up snake-eyes. Looking at the load master and said “you lose come with me”.

Ace then lead him to the dark side of the building. He smiled then said “walk, run or hide- because my friend, come morning you will be done”. With five shots fired that sounded like nothing but air going through a potato gun Ace left him with only his calling card the ACE of Spades.

He walked back to his truck got in pulled away got out closed and locked the doors with a lock that couldn’t be picked or cut off. Only one key was made and was in the hand of Ace. He got back in his truck flipped a few switches lights started to flash then go still and pulled out onto the highway.

As he drove along he knew his bullets were special. The bullets read Triple 7 with a spade on the side.
The other thing was when he played cards the game he loved was 21 and he’d win every time. He also carried a small piece of wood in the form of a short paddle shaped baton called a blackjack. He had two ways to send a message.

About thirty miles away from the county line he saw the first sign of trouble he knew to slow down but something told him to put the hammer down. He was thankful that he was a good shot or his luck would have run out a long time ago.

As Ace crashed through the road block there was more trouble and it was worst than the first. He knew the trick and took a back road that the GPS said to take. This track took him around a weight station that he knew was dirty or that it looked dirty from the GPS’s special mapping.

It shows real time pictures and it showed a car he was told to look for from past reports and knew a route that no one knew of. He had to laugh at how dumb the cops were this road was in plan sight but wasn’t taken much so there was no need to travel it.

The school was like thirty miles from him by the time he got back on the main highway. He also knew to look for trouble close to the school. A state trooper was sitting close to the school and Ace didn’t know if he was friend of foe but slowed down and came to a stop.

The trooper saw the truck and knew it was for the new school and directed him to turn around but Ace knew these computers had to go to the school he was at so he crushed the squad car that block his path. The state trooper fired six shots at the back door only to find that it had no effect.

The shots alerted the neighborhood that trouble was about. The county school board had a state cop working for them to stop the past two computer shipments. They said they would stop all trucks and take the computers to other schools and send to old one to this new school.

The amount of computers on this load was the same as the last two and then county could replace computers at three schools with them. The odd thing was there were laptops on each load as well. Those went to the teachers that spanned all the area district schools.

The laptops are for the kids to do their homework and send to strait to the teacher as soon as it’s done.
They’d get it back in two days or so. That and their grades are stored in the master computer in the main office.

Ace got to the area that was set up to unload the truck. Three state troopers came up and tried to take the truck and the computers but four federal agents stopped them in their tracks. The Troopers knew they were in trouble and started talking dropping names left and right just to save their hides.

Three names stood out the most and the biggest name was Carol Shaw. She was already facing death and had nothing to lose. She was good at finding ways to get information out but wasn’t smart enough to know who she was dealing with.

A new case was filed against Shaw and she was to see a judge come morning on these charges. The state of Alabama found out what she had done from two kids that were taken from their dads in Tennessee. She also was facing charges in Florida, Georgia and Missouri. She wouldn’t like the out come because the charges were all kidnapping charges. Shaw’s goose was cooked.

Ace helped unload the truck and had given the lock and key to the School’s Board director. As Ace handed the keys to Mr. Davis and said “I knew the real Carol Shaw. She was a nice lady worked as a school teacher when I was a kid. She was 25 at the time I had her and my kids had her as well.”

Ace went on to say “she called me by my full name. Aaron Casey Elliot is that you. I said Yes Miss Shaw. I ran a check on Ace and his name came up as he said. I knew the Carol Shaw that was in prison was in her mid to late 40s, and the one he remembered was in her mid to late 50s to early 60s or older by now.

After more digging the name Elizabeth came up with a SSN XXX-XX-XXXX. The Carol Shaw that was in an Alaskan prison had the same name and number. Ace later told me that the Shaw he knew loved kids no matter if they were a girl trapped in a boy’s body or a boy trapped in a girl’s body. Ace said something that really shocked me. He said “my son is Transgendered”. I knew what happened right then and there. The Carol Elizabeth Shaw he knew was killed by the one in prison and stole her name and kidnapped Aaron Casey Elliot Jr. better known as Erin-Lynn Casey Elliot female.

I knew Ace wanted his children back and the only way was to search the files that we found that Shaw had and found the name Aaron Casey Elliot Jr. and where he was taken to. It was a small town in New York City.

Aaron Casey Elliot Jr. was adopted by a family that only had boys. The Grayson’s where a well known family in the New York City area. They had so much pull they had cops in their back pocket.

Knowing the paper work I had was missing one signature and it was Aaron Casey Elliot Sr. and the one I saw wasn’t his wife’s Lynn’s. It was a fake because ACE told me his first wife had dies while giving birth to his daughter Janet Lee Elliot. I knew this was kidnapping and had to do something to help ACE.

ACE and I made the trip up to New York City. The odd thing was the address I had was not what I had expected. I told Aaron Sr. to sit tight and I’d see what I could find. That’s when I heard what sounded like a shotgun loading a shell into the barrel. I told the person I was a federal agent and to put the gun down. The voice said “I know that”. “I also know why you are here and you aren’t getting the boy you hear”.

I said “the paper work isn’t up to date and the adoption isn’t final so Aaron has to come with me so we can get it worked out. It was at that time six police cars pulled up and asked what was going one. I showed my badge and stated my business.

I was told to leave town and not to return it was at that time an FBI agent showed up and told the police to stand down and what was going on. Stating this was an ongoing invitation. It was the invitation into the other activities of Carol Shaw who was facing more charges and if anyone who interfered would face the same charges as well.

The head officer said my sister did no wrong she was helping those boy be real men and the ones who failed were killed. Dan Hall said “you just busted this case wide open here in the state of New York. It was at that time the other officers shot and killed the one who blew the whistle.

It was at that time that the remaining officers where down holding the shoulder of their gun hands. ACE just smiled and said “snake eyes you lose”. The man with the shotgun pointed the gun at ACE but another shot was fired with a slightly softer voice that sounded like a girls voice said the same thing ACE said.

ACE was happy to have his child back in his arms. Aaron Casey Elliot Jr. said “daddy I missed you so much that mean lady forced mom to sign those papers and then she killed her and said if I said anything I’d be next.

Aaron Casey Elliot Jr. male had his name changed to Erin-Lynn Casey Elliot female. Father and his two daughters walked out of the court house to start a new life. ACE said “I’ve driven my last load and would like a more stable job were I can be with my daughters and keep them safe”.

The phony Carol Elizabeth Shaw was put to death within a year. At the time of the fake Carol Elizabeth Shaw was executed. It was big news and it told any other case worker that tried to do what she did the same outcome will happen. The news also showed us just how dangerous she really was. I hope the Devil give her what she truly deserves.

Nine other case workers where found to be dirty along with nine teachers and were fired and then black listed never to work in the states again. Even Canada said no to them working in their Country.

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