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The School for Transgendered, Cross-Dressers and Teen Babies 6

(More crimes that Carol Shaw had committed come up. Plus ACE is reunited with his son that wants to be a girl and he gets his other daughter back.)

New Chapters to the Little Boy-Girl Saga

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New chapters will be posted for School for Transgendered, My Brother is My She-Male Twin. Plus four new stories.

Eddie The She-Male Lesbian, The Little Orphan Boy-Girl, Just Our Luck and The Single Father with Four Daughters

I'll be going back and fixing the main story and some links to the others.

Little Boy-Girl 35 a Father’s Secret

A can of worms is opens when Mr. Davis secret is reveled.
Note this starts before the School Trouble Started.

School for Transgendered, Cross-Dressing and Diapered Kids set up

Brothers Tell All 1-3

This is a story about two brothers one the apple of their dad’s eye and the other who got his name from his dad’s baseball hero (A baseball player named Hank Aaron) but the name doesn’t fit him now.

Happy Teen Babies Part 9.0 the New Girls & Happy Teen Babies 1 Part 9.5 Bobby and the Gang

Note. Kelly is now dressing like a girl by his self and has a girlfriend that loves it.
Charlie still acts up and faces even more girl time.

Bobby/Bobbie and his/her sister attend a sleepover.

Happy Teen Babies Part 6 The Awaking of Celeste

This story Is truly part of the Little Boy-Girl Universes only if I knew how to link the stories. Little Girl-Boy is also linked to the story as well.

Happy Teen Babies Part 4 Lonely Girl 2 Jackson discovers Lacey

This chapter takes place at the same time as Davis kids got a new family and started a new life.
Jackson learned a lesson about picking on someone special.

Happy Teen Babies Part 2 Lonely Girl "Clair"

Months after the funeral the Stevens got a letter from the court system stating that Clair should live with them the Wills instead. In court Clair Will name was changed to Clair Stevens after Cindy and Jay Sr. showed the courts that they were to be the legal guardians of Clair and not her so called aunts and uncles. Stating that they had no kids close to Clair’s age where they had a son the same age to the day as her. The aunts and uncles tried to get the money and were told that the money was Clair’s now because it was in a trust that she could cash out at twenty-one.

Happy Teen Babies Part 1 The Bad News Hits

Clair Wills was a happy child that had it all except for one thing. Was another girl to play games with? She did have a boy named Jay Stevens to play with but he was a boy. She made do with that on rainy days because Jay was stuck inside as well. She had tons of dolls and stuffed animals she only kept a few at the Stevens home. The bulk of her dolls and stuffed animals were at her house. Fifty dolls and over one hundred stuffed animals in all. Jay had one stuffed animal that Clair gave him because she had two that were the same.

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I'm a Special Olympic Athlete. My key sports are Bowling and Swimming. I also play Golf. I've won gold medals in all three. Most of my gold medals are from swimming.

Little Boy-Girl Saga came about from a girlfriend four years ago. That was the start. Ashley's side of the saga was with the help of a sister. The rest came to me as I went.

Understanding an Authors Style

I have been working on the Little Boy-Girl Saga for over a year. I use Microsoft Word when I write and I do use the spell check. Plus it will tell me if I need to add or remove words. IF YOU CAN'T UNDERSTAND MY STYLE THEN MY STORIES ARE NOT FOR YOU. That's how I feel when someone doesn't read the saga from the start. I truly work hard on my stories. It hurts me when people don't get my style I give people good reviews if I like a story and if I don't I keep it to myself.

Little Boy-Girl 2 the New Girl Part 4 Roberta 1

I went back and reworked this chapter so it's easier to read.

This chapter is about six kids that got kicked out of their Schools. Only to find out no other Schools will take them in. That’s until his mom finds the newest school in the county. That just might change their behavior.
With having to wear diapers and dresses.

Note this story sets up the next chapter
Little Boy-Girl 1 Chapter 31

Little Boy-Girl/Girl-Boy the Flash Backs

The stories in the segment are from the kids lives before and while in the group home.
Then how they fell and how happy they are now.

I know this is odd but this is my outlook on things

Little Boy-Girl 2

This story looks at the other Trans-Girls and brings their new life to light. Riley and Mackenzie start things and we'll look back at some of the others in the story. Then look at how they get along with the other Trans-Girls. Then we show what happens to a new bully that has to go to the new school and has to wear the girls uniform.

Little Boy-Girl/Girl-Boy Tales

The stories in this segment are mainly about the kids. The problems they have dealt with and the aftermath. Then the Happy Family they become in the end. It starts with Jamie and will end with Kayla Ray. Flash Backs will finish with Kayla Ray.

Little Boy-Girl 2 the New Girl Part 1 Mackenzie's Story

A new girl shows up. Born Mack Alan Bolder III but now goes by Mackenzie Alice Bolder. She came out to her mom at the age of four. Anna was trying to do her best trying to raise her son until he came out as a girl.

Note the events take place after the summer dance

Little Girl-Boy 4 & Little Boy-Girl 29 a New School Year

Ashley now a boy gets to know Jamie the girl.

Ashley meets a long lost aunt and is confused when he is called young lady.

This is the first crossover between three stories. The third one is Little Boy-Girl Mackenzie's story


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