Alexa: The Lost Recordings Vol. 2

Alexa: The Lost Recordings Vol. 2

“Jenny wake up” I yell as I look out the window and see more snow then I have seen in a long time. The weather forecasters had been saying we were going to get some snow, maybe 4 inches, but this was way more than 4 inches. Jenny stumbles over to the window and looks out.

“Holy crap. They said we were supposed to get some snow. I didn’t think this much. I wonder if my dad has a plow guy set up.” Jenny throws on a robe and heads down stairs. I find mine and join her. She begins looking through a book that sat in a drawer near the kitchen phone, while I begin making coffee. I turn on the TV in the kitchen and begin watching the news. Jenny and I decided to give Katie and her new boyfriend, the meathead, some privacy last night so we came out to her parent’s house. They were gone so it was just the two of us in the gigantic house. It had been very romantic. I had made us some dinner, which we shared by candle light and then sat in front of a roaring fire. It was wonderful. But now the snow had come and it appeared we were going to be stuck.

“Well were stuck until at least tomorrow. The plowing company can get here until noon tomorrow at the earliest. What are we going to do? We were supposed to go out with Katie and Danny tonight?’ Jenny says.

“Oh darn! We can’t miss that!” I say sarcastically, which earns me a smack in the butt. “Ow!” I cry out and then begin to play whimper at the pain inflicted by my lover.

“Oh, shut up. He’s been nice to you.” She tells me. “What are they saying on the news?”

I tell her I haven’t heard anything yet so we turn and watch as the blonde-haired weather reporter became the center of the broadcast. “It has been a crazy morning. We didn’t predict this much snow, but we had this surge of moisture up from the gulf and it hit this front moving down from Canada. This is the most snow we have had in 24 hours in 7 years! Here are the totals from around the area.” We see the graphic come up and it shows we have had 14 inches already and it wasn’t over yet! Jenny and I look at each other and get nervous and excited at the same time.

“Looks like were stuck here until tomorrow.” Jenny says.

“Oh darn!” I say sarcastically, as I give Jenny the most sensuous kiss I can attempt. As I break the kiss I ask her. “So, what do you want to do?” A lecherous smile crossing my face

“I can think of a few things.” Jenny says as she returns the kiss and then takes me by the hand and leads me back upstairs

The Return

Jenny came crashing through the door, nearly out of breath. She dropped everything and raced for the bathroom. At first I just thought she was just needing a pee but as she raced by me I saw her hand reach up for her mouth. I instantly dumped my laptop and race after the blonde tornado that had just passed through the living room. I got there just in time to pull her hair back as she lets loose. If I had thought I loved her before, I knew I did now. What greater love is there than holding your girlfriend’s hair back as she emptied her stomach into the toilet. As I held her hair, I felt her face. She was burning up.

After she was done, I made her rinse her mouth out with some water and tried to get her to take some mouthwash to rinse around and get that after-taste out. I helped her to the bedroom where I plopped her down on the bed and began taking her clothes off. “You don’t have to do that Lex. I’ll be fine, just put me under the blankets.” I looked at her and began channeling my mother a bit.

“You will not be fine. You are burning up! I am going to get you changed and then you will go under the covers.” I do just as I had said and got her stripped down to just her panties and pulled her Gopher jersey on her, the whole time trying to keep her propped up. She kept telling me I didn’t have to do this. I lightly took her head in my hands and looked her in the eye. “What kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn’t take care of you?” A little grin came from her face.

“You were already the best, I don’t know if you can reach a higher level. Maybe Angel?” I chuckle at that.

‘Two reasons I ‘m not an Angel. One not good looking enough and two I am American not British.” This brought a slight giggle to Jenny as he wrapped her arms around me as I got her situated in bed. She whispers to me “Well You’re my Angel.” I lay her down and get her covered up. I go back to the bathroom and search for the thermometer. I find it and reach down for the thankfully empty trash can sitting there. I head back and take Jenny’s temp. 103! I start to get a little worried at that point. I make sure the trash can is in its place and head out and look for my phone. I find it and hit speed dial for the one person I know can help me.

“Mom? Hi, I need some help. Jenny’s really sick. She came home from class and threw up. I got her in bed and took her temperature. It’s 103. What can I do to get it down?”

“Oh Dear,” my mother states. “How long has she been like this?” she asks. I tell her that I wasn’t sure and that she seemed OK this morning. “OK. Give her some Tylenol, that will help break the fever. But here is the big thing. Make sure you get fluids in her. Water, Gatorade. Get her some popsicles. Anything.” I tell her thanks for the help. She tells me it is not a problem at all and that she was there if I needed anything.

I go to fridge and grab a bottle of water and head back to check on Jen. I can see she has thrown up again. And I can hear her moan. I give her the water and order her to drink it before I head back into the bathroom and look for some Tylenol. I go through every drawer and can’t find any. I call my mom and ask her if Advil will work. All I can hear is a laugh from her end of the phone, “Yes it will be fine! But do get some Tylenol. I can see you now, playing nurse to Jenny. You probably tore the bathroom apart looking for Tylenol!” I am stunned at the other end of the phone. How did she know that? “I can tell by your silence that is exactly what has happened. When you go and get popsicles, buy some Tylenol. Jenny is lucky to have you being so concerned about her. Good bye ‘Nurse Alexa’” I hear my mother tease me with a giggle as she hangs up the phone. I follow her advice and give Jenny the Advil.

As I am taking the trash can back to the kitchen to wash out, Katie walks in the door. “Katie! Thank god your home. Do you work tonight?” Katie nods and asks what is up. “Jenny is sick again and I need to run to the store and get a few things. Can you keep an eye on her for a bit while I go?” Katie tells me it’s no problem, but that she needs to leave in about an hour. I thank her profusely over and over before heading back into the bedroom. “Jen, honey. I am going to run to the store for a bit, but Katie is here. I you need anything call for her OK?”

Jenny’s little girl voice come back to the surface. “No! Don’t go. Stay and cuddle.” I assure her I will be back. I quickly grab my coat and purse and thank Katie again and race out the door for Cub. While there I am practically running through the aisles grabbing everything I need. Popsicles, Juice pops, Gatorade, Tylenol. Anything I can think of. I get through the check out quickly and hop in my car and head back to the apartment. As I am driving my phone rings in that special ringtone. “Hi mom” I say.

“How’s your patient, Nurse!” my mom says giggling. I try and tell her to relax, but she just comes back it me. “Now you know how I felt when you were sick. It’s hard to see someone you love not feel well. Call me later and let me know how she is.” I hang up and one thing sticks with me, Nurse Alexa. Why would that silly game I played a few weeks ago pop into my head? An ‘evil’ plan forms. Katie will be gone and we haven’t done anything silly for a while plus it will probably put Jenny in a good mood. I race up the stairs and thank Katie again for keeping an eye on her. Just like my mother, Katie can only laugh at me. “With the way you are acting, you would think it was your child.” I look at Katie and tell her it’s more important than my child, it’s my soulmate. Katie responds with an “Aww. So cute. I’ll call when I’m done with work and see if you need anything.” And Katie heads for the door before turning and warning me “And no playing ‘Doctor’. Jenny needs her rest.” I tell her I won’t and tell her goodbye. I giggle to myself acknowledging that she didn’t say no nursing!

I check on Jenny and see she is still a little warm, but resting. I sneak into the dresser and grab what I need and head into the ‘closet’ and find the nurses outfit. I get ready and get a little more daring and pull the zipper on the dress down a little lower than I had before and hike up the skirt. I head into the bathroom and tease up my hair and affix the cap. I head out to the living room and wait. It was maybe 20 minutes later when I hear “Lex. Did you buy popsicles?” I tell her I had. “Can you bring me a cherry one.”

“Sure babe. Anything else?” She tells me no and I put my plan into motion. I go to the freezer and pull out two cherry popsicles, and head to the bedroom. I can’t believe what I am about to do, it is kind of weird but it is just an act. I enter the bedroom and lean up against the wall and try and enjoy one of the popsicles as seductively as I can. It feels naughty but I know I will get the message across. As I am licking the popsicle I look down at my patient and say “Did you need a popsicle Miss Thompson?” I see the mood of my girlfriend go from one of near death to seeing the evil smile I love creep across her face.

“I could definitely use THAT” She says as I move over to her and give her a kiss and join her in bed. The popsicles are quickly forgotten while Jenny and I go against Katie’s warning and conduct some ‘medical research’ of our own. Twenty minutes later following my last ‘test’ Jenny and I lay back. I check her temperature again. 102. I tell her that its coming down but she still needed to rest. Jenny giggles. “Like that was rest. Staying in bed sounds like a great idea. Maybe that’s what I need to do, sweat it out.” The two of us can’t stop giggling. I tell her I am going to get her some Gatorade and get up off the bed. As I am entering the living room, Katie comes through the door. I freeze.

“Alexa Marie Quinn! I told you, one, I never wanted to see you in that outfit and two, I told you to leave her alone.” I try and tap dance out of it saying I thought she was at work, so it would be OK. She told me that they didn’t need her tonight. But that wasn’t the worst part, the worst part came through the door a second latter.

My brother stood there. “Christ Alexa. Put on some clothes. And I’m telling Mom!


“She is going to hate this” I tell Jenny as I pull the tan pantyhose up my legs and reach for the orange shorts.

“She will think it is fun!” Jenny says.

Looking at my girlfriend I chuckle. “She will think it is one of our silly games. You’re the one who thinks it is fun.” I tell Jenny. “Geez, in the words of Chandler Bing, could these shorts BE any tighter!”

“I think they look sexy” Jenny tells me as she reaches around me and slides her hand up and down my butt while giving me a deep kiss. We had wanted to do something for Katie for putting up with Jenny and I and all the little games we play. I originally thought of making Jenny her favorite meal of beef stroganoff and having Jenny dress up in one of Katie’s waitress uniforms. Jenny didn’t think that was enough. When we continued into other foods Katie really liked and I had mentioned buffalo wings. The evil glint came into Jenny’s eyes as I could see a plan had already been formed. Of course, I was willing to do anything Jenny came up with but I thought wearing the Hooter’s girls’ outfits was a little crazy. Sure, we had bought them for our own little games, but wearing it for Katie might be crossing the line. But here I was pulling the undersized Hooter’s tank top over my head and enhancing my inserts a little so I looked a little more like some of the waitresses we had seen. Jenny began playing with my hair, teasing it a bit and enhancing my makeup. We put on the white trainers and checked ourselves out in the mirror.

“Well Lex babe, I would say you could definitely get a job at Hooter’s but there is no way I would allow it.” Jenny says as we continue to make sure everything is perfect. I ask her why. ‘I wouldn’t want every guy in the Twin Cities ogling you” She says as she pulls me in again. ‘You are all mine and I am selfish.” She tells me as she gives me another kiss, being careful not to mess up our makeup.

The two of us head to the kitchen and begin the preparations for Katie’s arrival. Jenny and I had discreetly swiped a few items when we went to lunch earlier in the day to make Katie’s experience as close to realistic as you can in a three-bedroom apartment in the middle of Dinkytown. I started in on the chicken wings, washing them off and breading them to be ready for the deep fryer we had purchased earlier at Target. Jenny made sure the menu, salt and pepper shakers and other accoutrements we had ‘obtined’ were at the dinner table of our apartment. Soon we were all set, with the final touch being the Hooter’s name tags we had created. Jenny was using her name but had changed the spelling on hers to ‘Jeni’ while I had been dubbed ‘Lexi’ for the evening.

‘Jeni’ took up station at the front door while I sliced a lime for the Corona we had gotten Katie to enjoy with her wings. It didn’t take long and soon Katie was walking through the door I am not sure which one of us she had seen first but Katie eyes went wide at the sight of ‘Jeni’ and me. ‘Jeni’ began in, her voice raising up an octave and her peppiness going up at least ten-fold. ‘Hi! Welcome to Hooter’s! Just one? Follow me.” As ‘Jeni’ led Katie to her seat two things took place. My girlfriend put a little extra wiggle in her step and my sister broke out into laughter. Katie sat down and was shaking her head, I think in a combination of amusement and confusion. My cue was given and I came out from the kitchen carrying a Corona on a tray with a lime sitting in the bottle’s mouth. I went into the routine that ‘Jeni’ and I had gone earlier.

Attempting to mimic my girlfriend I started in ‘Hi! I’m Lexi! Did you have the Corona?” Katie just nodded, too stunned to say anything. I stood and waited for a second as Katie got control of her laughter. “What can I get you tonight?” I said and Katie, still unable to speak just shrugged her shoulder. ‘A Dozen Wings? Great! Anything else?” I asked and began to turn around. I was stopped by our ‘customer’. Jenny had dropped the wings in when I served the beer and was hoping that this wouldn’t take too long.

‘Wait. Come here Lexi.” Katie says to me playfully she reaches up and grabs my breast. ‘Did we have a little growth spurt while I was at class Lexi?” Katie began to giggle as I playfully slapped her hand and warned her not to touch. Katie was not the only one giggling over the sudden increase in my breast size as I could hear Miss Thompson howling away in the kitchen. I went back into the kitchen where I playfully slap Jeni’s hands and chastise for touching a co-worker. I make my way back to the kitchen where I pull the wings from the deep fryer and place them a large bowl where I toss them, mixing in the buffalo sauce we had picked up at restaurant earlier in the day. I dump them into a basket we had ‘acquired’ on our lunch excursion and handed it to ‘Jeni’ to serve to our customer. Katie seems to be enjoying the service as both “Jeni’ and ‘Lexi’ bring her another Corona and check on her. As Katie looks at the two of us ‘waitresses’ standing there, one arm wrapped around the other’s waist, Katie thanks us.

“Don’t thank us. This is a ‘Thank You’ to you Katie.” Jenny states. “We owe you a lot for standing by the two of us through all the crap that is going on around the two of us. Your support has been tremendous. ‘Lexi’ and I would be nowhere without you”

“Aw, thanks guys, but you really didn’t need to dress up for me. I am sure that three will be some ‘serving’ going on later in the back room.” Jenny and I just giggle and hug each other and give each other a kiss. However, we are interrupted. “And I will say “Lexi’ does make a hot waitress. Too bad she doesn’t work there.” Katie jokes. Jenny tells her the same thing she told me earlier. “No way, I am the only one who gets to eye this girl up. I’m not sharing!”

‘Good, because you might have some completion Jenny if she did.” Katie says.

“I’m glad you took the outfits for the fun they are meant to be.” I tell my sister as I quickly head back to the kitchen. I grab the matching outfit we had purchased. “Because we bought one for you too.” I tell Katie as I hand her the Hooter’s outfit, complete with a name tag that read ‘Kati’
I sat on the couch, trying to get through Hemingway’s ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’ for about the 500th time in life. Why teachers and professors keep assigning this book is beyond me. Everyone loves this book, but for me it was a death march. When Jenny came through the door and said “Grab your purse, were going shopping” I was out of there in a flash. Anything to get away from ‘Papa’. I grab my purse and jacket and was moving so fast I had Jenny in hysterics. “Hate Hemingway that much?” She asked.

“You’ll never know.” I respond. “As much as I love some of his other works, that books depresses the shit out of me. So where are we going? Get Sarah some more commissions?” I ask with a grin.

“Nope. We are going shopping for dancewear” Jenny tells me with a grin.

“Why are we shopping for dancewear? Wait! You didn’t, did you?”

A big grin comes across my girlfriend’s face “Yep! Starting Friday morning you and I are taking ballet lessons!”

“Friday’s? Shoot can’t do it. I have classes plus I have my meetings with Debbie. Wish I could help but golly, I am booked.” I say, knowing that Jenny know the truth.

“You meet with Debs at 11 and you don’t have class until 1. You can squeeze an 8 AM dance lesson into your schedule. Come on, it will be fun.” Jenny tells me, and then goes in for the kill shot. Adopting her little girl voice and giving me the doe eye’s. “Pwlease” she says. I know I am sunk as we make or way to her car.

Twenty minutes later, we are parked on Grand Avenue in St. Paul in front of Grand Jetè, a dancewear store. Jenny leads me in. On the whole ride over she kept telling what fun it was going to be and by the time we got to the store she had me excited. We enter the store and I begin checking out the various leotards. Jenny thought it would be cute if we bought matching leotards. After several minutes of discussion, we decide on a three-quarter sleeve black leotard with an open back. The sleeves were made of mesh. I was lucky enough to try it on to see if we had chosen the right size. As I slipped on the leo, I felt I had died and gone to heaven. Jenny came in to the changing room and checked me out. I instantly realized we were going to have an issue. “We have to get something to cover THAT up!” She says giggling as she points to my lower half. Other than the obvious issue, it felt perfect. We decided to also get a black tank with had the same mesh around the arm openings. We then proceed to find a small skirt that would help take care of the ‘problem’ we had discovered. We grabbed a few pairs of pink tights to go along with our leotards and then picked out some shoes.

We raced home and changed into our new leotards and tights and slipped on our shoes. Jenny put on some music and began showing me a few steps. It seemed like every time I did something I was getting more and more excited and soon I knew how those little girls must have felt before their first lesson. Jenny couldn’t stop laughing at my excitement. “I don’t think I have ever seen you this excited. I bet you don’t take that leo off until I make you.”

Just as I was about to answer my better half, Katie walks in and takes one look at us. “Oh god, what are you two up to now? This isn’t some ‘Black Swan’ game, is it?” We assure Katie it isn’t.

“Jenny signed us up for ballet lessons!” I tell my ‘sister’ “I can’t wait to start!” I am jumping up and down I am so excited. Katie begins laughing at me.

“Settle down there little girl. When are your lessons? I may have to come just to watch you two.” Katie says as she heads to her room to change. As Katie leaves, Jenny come up to me and gives me a kiss.

‘Hey Lex, that Black Swan thing sounds kind of fun. Want to go try it?” Jenny asks with her evil grin on her face.

“Sure” I reply. “But who is Mila and who is Natalie?”

“Hey Katie” Danny said as his new girlfriend answered the door. He would have tried to sneak in a kiss, except for the person standing next to him.

“Hey Danny, Hi Charlotte” Katie said as she invited in the two members of the Quinn family came in. “I am so glad you could come Charlotte. Mr. Thompson was asking if you were going to make it. “

“I wouldn’t miss this. It was so nice being invited to a big charity function for the Thompson Foundation.” Charlotte said, the excitement easily discernable. Katie laughed while Danny told his mother to settle down. “Just watch it young man.” Charlotte told her middle child before asking where the other two residents of the apartment were. Katie informed them that they were already down at the Event Hall. The evening was a Casino night and Jenny and Alexa were working as waitresses tonight. Marty Thompson had invited everyone to the party when the Quinn’s and Marty had Dinner with the girls the other night.

“We should get going. You ready?” Katie asked. Charlotte said she needed to make a pit stop, which allowed Katie and Danny to share a quick kiss. “Danny I need to warn you about tonight” Katie started to say before Charlotte showed back up in the room. As the three made their way down to the minivan, Danny tried to get Katie to finish what she was trying to say, but every time Katie started to say something, Charlotte would turn and say something to the two. The whole ride down to the Event Hall was the same. The three were greeted by Marty Thompson in the lobby of the Hall.

“Charlotte.” He exclaimed. “So glad you could make it. Hi Katie, Danny” He said as he extended a hand to Katie’s boyfriend. “Have you seen the girls?” Marty asked.

Katie handled the question, with a smirk “No we haven’t. Since they are working tonight, they are probably inside. We should go in.” She waved towards the door as Marty and Charlotte led the way. The various table games of Black Jack and Roulette and Poker were set up around the room and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, that is when the shit hit the fan.

Before Katie could warn Danny what he was about to witness, Jenny’s two roommates appeared. “Oh, Christ you two! What the hell are you wearing!” Danny said. Charlotte spun around to lecture her son but noticed Marty standing there, mouth open and shaking his head and Katie giggling away. Charlotte spun back around and saw what was causing all the reaction.

“Alexa Marie Quinn! What are you wearing!” Charlotte asked her daughter.

“What? This is the uniform for the waitresses tonight.” Alexa explained, as she reached over for her fellow waitress/girlfriend standing next to her. Jenny’s father started to say something but the words would not come out as he looked at his daughter and her girlfriend standing there in full Playboy Bunny outfits. ‘What do you think Marty? Don’t we look good?” Alexa asked. Marty was still speechless. Charlotte tried to avert her eyes and Katie just laughed away. Danny tried to urge Alexa and Jenny to cover up.

“Shut up Danny, we will not cover up. We look good; besides it is for charity.” Jenny told Danny.

Marty finally was able to pull it together. “Jenny I don’t get it. Whose idea was it to put the waitresses in these costumes.?” Jenny and Alexa just giggled as their parents tried to deal with the look. The answer to Marty’s question came quickly.

‘I did” came the response from behind Marty. “I wanted to see if I could give my son a heart attack. Looks like I came close.”

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