I lost a bet - part 1

I lost a bet playing cards with two girl friends of mine. The one who was going to lose would have to get a full makeover to the opposite sex for one whole day. I lost although being in the lead at first. It was frustrating. That evening the girls gave me a girl name Amy. Sexy Amy they said. I thought I would never look good as a girl. I was an ok looking guy but a woman? No way, I thought to myself. As night came I dreaded the thought of gowing through with the transformation I was about to endure the following day.

My two friends were so happy. They set up an appointment for me at a fancy salon downtown for the following day, in the morning.

The next day came. My friends were at the front door with a car honking and telling me to come down. I was driven by my friends to the salon. As they drove me I felt a little sick to my stomach. "I can't go throuh with this guys", I said out loud. The girls turned to me and laughed saying "A bet is a bet, you're not backing out on this now!" I was afraid they'd say that.

We arrived at the salon, entered the front door and we were greeted by a middle-aged woman that looked like she had seen a lot of fancy transformations during her life time. "Appointment for missy Amy", she smiled while taking a short look at me from head to toe. I felt so nervous. My friends had big smiles on their faces. I was rather angry and scared at the same time.

I was given a chair to sit in. My two friends came to me and said:"Ok, let's get you to waxing!"

WAXING!?!, I yelled. "Yes yes", my friends said. "Come on!"

I got waxed all over my body and got a slight tan. The waxing hurt a lot and having my friends laughing next to me was not helping either. Also they joked about how dark my tan was. I remember afterwards touching my clean shaven body and feeling actually a little good about it, especially down there.

My friends then went out shopping for dresses while I waited at the salon. They sent me all sort of pictures with them in the dresses or skirts they chose. After an hour I finally decided on what I should wear and they drove back with my choice.

I was dressed in a corsette and a bra was added with padding that made me have a sort of a C cup size, basically it looked like I had breasts. Then a dress was laid over me. It was a long dark and sparkly crystal dress with cleveage showing. It was tight and gave me a feminine silouete. I remember checking myself out in the mirror and feeling really nice when I sensed the outfit touching my smooth body.

My friends chose the nail polish and colours to be used "You should try this one out!". I got fake nails added. My fingernails and toe nails got painted a bright yellow with a semi-permanent substance over them. It was a pain waiting for them to dry out. I did enjoy how they came out though I felt it was a lot of time waiting to get them done.

Then it was time for my hair to get done.
I had shoulder length dark hair that I wore in a pony tail mostly. Once at the salon I got my hair shampoed and then came the makeover. My friends suggested all sort of things like getting a bob or a lob haircut, blonde hair, pixie cuts, perms, rollers, you name it. In the end I got a layered haircut framing my face and also received long side swept bangs. My hair was also coloured to chocolate brown with blonde highlights. I could barely see my eyes due to not being used to the bangs. Hairspray was added and my hair got puffed in the crown and back. I found it a little hard to get used to the bangs getting in my face but I did have to admit they looked hot on me. I was getting a little hard by then. My friends said: "here, try this for your fringe" and they put a pink hair clip to keep the bangs out of my face. It looked very cute on me, I had to admit.

Then came the makeup. I got foundation on, pink blush and smokey eyes with a touch of blue and green. My lips were bright red and contour was added to my jaw line and chin. I was fitted with false eyelashes which looked great but were difficult to get used to at first. Then dark mascara was put on me and also dark eye liner and a litlle white made my eyes pop out in a fem way. I was given green contacts to change from my simple brown eyes. I looked really feminine. The makeup completed my feminine face, I looked really girly and party ready.

I was given high heels to wear. I also received a two hour training on female posture and how to talk and sound like a woman. "One foot, then the other...sit up straight!" yelled my instructor. It was tough work but the results were noticeable.

If you looked at me closely you would have sworn I was the real deal, an actual woman. Not even my own mother would have recognised me.

My fiends then booked a photo shoot for me and I reluctantly went along with it and was hit on by one of the photographers. "What are you doing tonight, gorgeous?", the photographer asked...and one of my friends sayed "Nothing" and basically said yes to me going on a date with him later that evening before I even got a chance to reply.

I do have to admit that being so pretty made me feel good inside but I felt scared about the date. My two girl friends reasured me it wa going to be fine, just "remember to act and sound like a woman, and please let your bangs out of the hair clip as it makes you look much more feminine". I let my bangs down and tried to get used to them, kept blowing them away from my face or tried brushing them to the side with my hand. I dreaded the thought of what was gonna happen but a bet was a bet...

It was the evening of my first date as a woman and my heart was beating like crazy...

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