Reversals - Ch15


Bright lights and a murmur of women's voices poured into the hall as Pamala opened the beautifully carved door to the treatment room. Julia smiled broadly in anticipation as they entered. It was going to happen here, in this room. She could hardly wait to see it, to watch him get injected, and to see the look in his eyes afterwards.

Julia could see a number of women going about their routines as they made their way further in. Indeed, the world had changed. Women owned this high-tech medical lab from top to bottom. She was sure men had nothing to do with it. It was glorious. Pure female empowerment. She could actually feel all the positive feminine energy surrounding her.

Everything looked to be in pristine condition. White surfaces seemed to be everywhere from the tiles on the floor, to the walls, to the color of the various carts and cabinets scattered about. A couple women were busy running diagnostics on one of the carts nearby while others could been seen behind glass partitions, in side rooms off the main room. In the center of everything, contrasting dramatically with the rest of the room, was a black, reclining, examination couch. It was waiting for Erica.

"Have a seat," Pamala said sweetly.

Erica froze, staring at the couch like it might pounce on him at any moment.

"Stop standing there, Erica," Julia demanded. "Move. Sit."

He shuffled forward and lowered himself down to the edge of the seat, feeling too intimidated to sit fully back.

The room looked even larger and more imposing from there to Erica. Behind the glass partitions, most the eyes seemed trained on him. The nearest side room, parallel to him, featured tiered seating with several women sitting in there staring back at him, practically watching his every move. It was an observation room or medical theater of some form, he decided. The other side room, further back, had computer displays sitting on a long counter with a couple women casually working at them. It looked more like an office or nursing station to him, something he would expect to see at a hospital. It was then he suddenly realized that all the people around, every last one he saw standing or sitting or moving about, was female.

"I'll be back shortly. I need to check on his injection," Pamala said to Julia. Pamala started to walk towards the door leading to the nursing station then stopped and turned back towards Julia, with an amused smirk. "Now, might actually be a good time to... install his little gift," she said with a tiny shrug. She turned back around after that, made her way to the nursing station, and began talking with one of the women working on a computer.

Julia stepped over to Erica and looked down at him with a sadistic glint in her eyes. He looked like a trapped animal, small, petrified, surrounded by his betters, sitting there in a cute, pink, nursing dress. He was looking at all the women around him, trembling, struggling to maintain composure. It felt so oddly satisfying looking at him so weak and pliant, just a simple injection away from starting to fill out the top of his dress. But first, it was time to deal with his bottom half, time to make him pay for his rude, disgusting male habits.

"Erica?" she said pleasingly.

He jerked his head upwards from the couch to look at her. He looked a little pale.

"Remember the other day when I caught you... beating off while I was sleeping?" she asked.

Erica's eyes went wide.

"Remember I told you that it would never happen again?" she said.

Erica slowly nodded as his fear grew.

"Do you remember when I said I was going to cage your puny cock?" she asked, the words hitting Erica's ears like hammers.

His mouth fell open not knowing what to say or even think. He could only nod.

"I have a present for you, Erica," she said pleasantly as she produced the white box Pamala lookalike had given her earlier. "Something to keep that nasty cock of yours out of trouble." She placed it in his lap and smiled. "Open it up."

He lifted the top off the box with trembling fingers. Julia's smiling face encouraged him to explore the contents. Nervously, he started to removed the thick, hinged, ring. Despair flashed across his face and it slipped from his fingers, landing back in the box with a clank.

"Careful, Erica," Julia warned.

He fished it out a second time, holding it up with panicky eyes, turning it over, examining it as gloom settled onto his face. "You... you don't really want me to-"

"Put it on, Erica," Julia commanded firmly.

He looked at her with genuine distress.

"That locks around the base of your little worm and ball sack, Erica. Keep the hinge on the bottom. The slots need to face out."

He didn't move, just sat there quivering slightly.

"We've been all through this, Erica. You said you wanted to obey me, that I wasn't going to have any problems putting a cock cage on you. Right? So, pull up your dress and put that on!"

Erica dropped his eyes and nodded. Julia was right about all of it. He started to pull his dress up then stopped when he realized all the women in the room with the tiered seating were staring at him, most with satisfied smiles as they looked on. Another man was about to lose his cock to chastity and a powerful woman. Erica couldn't help but stare back at them, scanning each satisfied face, feeling humiliated to the core, paralyzed.

"Strip, Erica!" Julia shouted.

His head snapped back to her in shocked disbelief. "Wh... What?"

"Strip! Now!"

"B... But-"

"But nothing," Julia shouted. "How dare you embarrass me in front of all these womyn! You pathetic little sissy! You're lucky I allow you clothes at all! Now, take that dress off and give it to me!"

Erica slid off the examination couch with his eyes downcast, pouting. He sheepishly pulled the pink nursing dress over his head and handed it to Julia, careful to keep his head down, staring at the floor, at Julia's heels, at anything on the ground lest he see all the women, a dozen or more, laughing at him.

"Maybe next time I tell you to do something you'll be a little more eager to listen," Julia said, jerking a finger at him, stabbing her talon into his chest hard enough to leave a small mark.

He nodded feebly, his cheeks turning red, while muffled laughter from the women watching them echoed around the room.

"Now, I want you to sit down and snap that ring around the base of your cock!" Julia said. "All the way back, behind your little sack," she added.

Erica sat down on the edge of the couch and fumbled around with the ring, taking his time to position it, being careful so nothing would get pinched.

"Remember when I told you that you were going to be the one to lock yourself up? That's what you're doing now, Erica. You're going to imprison your own cock, not me. I'm not forcing you to do it. I might want it, even expect it. But, in the end, you're the one choosing to please me. The choice is always yours, Erica. Remember that! Now, take a good look at your little worm because you're not going to see it again for a long time, maybe a very long time!"

Erica's jaw trembled as he slowly closed the scrotum ring together. He felt a tightness all around as the ring was ready to close completely. His fingers were trembling more by the moment, his palms sweating. Suddenly, a loud snap resonated from the internal locking bolt inside the device, quickly followed by a whine from a tiny torquing motor which further constricted the ring, making it truly impossible to remove without Julia's key. His cock jerked at the imprisonment and began swelling at the thought of surrendering so totally to her.

She smiled smugly, enjoying tremendous satisfaction over the moment, then reached into the white box and withdrew the front half of the device, the prison for his worm, the penile sheath. She handed it to Erica, her long nails scrapping over the heartless metal as he took it.

"Line the tabs up with the slots and press it together," she said.

He turned it over in his hands studying it, his face souring with despair. It made chastity devices he had seen online look like cheap toys, their locks easily removable with simple metal snips. In contrast, this device was a serious piece of bondage tech -- a solid metal housing with internal, unreachable, electronic bolts for locks. Other than the key, power tools might be the only option for getting the thing off and those could prove ruinous to try to use.

"Put it on, Erica, so none of these superior womyn have to look at your disgusting worm anymore."

He nodded subtly, agreeing and began working himself into it. He was semi-erect, deeply excited by Julia's dominance but struggling with shame and fear too. Julia was taking his cock away and doing it in front of strangers! Did she even have any limits anymore? He needed to refuse! Why couldn't he tell her no?! Where was his twisted nature taking him?!

"No more pointing that thing at me without permission," she said, looking at his cock with disgust. "No more jerking yourself off without permission. No more erections, at all, unless I allow it!" Julia declared. "Now, lock yourself up, Erica!"

He groaned inside, agonizing over the dark, exquisite desires Julia had ignited in him. His cock twitched and swelled at the thought that it would soon be little more than a beautiful woman's toy, Julia's plaything, locked away for her amusement, no longer his to control at all. Feeling flush, he struggled to fit his stiffening shaft into the bend of the sheath. Damn his submissive side!

"Hurry up!" Julia demanded.

Erica forced his cock forward, painfully ramming it into the sheath, bending it, the pain increasing as he wriggled it on, conquering his erection to cage what was now Julia's cock. He groaned as the tabs reached the slots in the scrotum ring, his cock bending, struggling against confinement and losing. Julia's eyes were glistening in anticipation. She wet her lips, practically tasting his confinement. The rational side of his mind screamed for him to stop but he pushed all the harder, wriggling his hips, forcing the two parts together.

SNAP! The locking bolts slammed into place, like rivets fusing metal together, sealing the two parts into one.

Julia let out a tiny squeal of delight. She reached out and ran her fingers lovingly over the cool metal sheath, elated that her cock was now locked away. Impulsively, she yanked hard on the sheath.


Erica heard polite applause from the women watching around the room. He suddenly felt a deep burning regret for his stupid rashness. He grabbed at it himself, tugging at the device, looking for a way to remove it, the harder he tugged the more Julia smiled.

"Your cock is mine, Erica." Julia lifted the light gold chain around her neck and retrieved the small digital key nestled between her breasts. She held it towards him to see. "I'm your key holder," she said ominously. "Don't expect me to be a easy with you."

He stopped tugging at the device and just stared at it as an obvious truth settled in. He couldn't see his cock anymore. It was aching inside Julia's metal cage, trapped there, struggling against the confining metal and he couldn't even see it. He felt so completely stupid.

"Right now, that can stay on forever for all I care," Julia said. "Maybe I'll let you play with it... when we get you your first bra," she added with a shrug. "Not sure yet."

Erica winced at the suggestion. His cock still struggling inside against the metal. He grabbed the sheath and tried to straighten out the bend, his hands and fingers quickly trembling from the exertion. He quickly gave up. The sheath didn't even budge.

"I guess you're going to have to get used to peeing sitting down too," Julia said with a snicker, curling her finger downward to match the curve of his cage.

Erica nodded limply in defeat while the women around chatted away about his new status as a sissy in chastity. He could still see his balls at least but they looked stupid hiding behind all the metal. They seemed pointless. It was like he had been neutered. He sat there for some minutes, just staring at the floor, trying to forget everything, occasionally wiping away a stray tear. For the longest time he didn't even realize that Julia had walked away to work with Pamala on a much greater, more permanent, threat to his masculinity.

When she returned, he was still staring at the floor. She walked directly up to him, just inches from he head. Erica immediately recognized the legs and heels, lifting his eyes upwards to see a cruel, satisfied smile dancing across her lips. Whatever she had been up to, he knew it wasn't good, not for him anyway. A few moments later, Pamala joined her side studying a computer tablet which she lifted towards Julia to share.

"Dr. Joyce reviewed the treatment plan and recommended a couple of additional changes."

Erica's eyes went wide as Julia considered the tablet.

"She suggested increasing the number of areolar glands and increasing their base efficiency," Pamala said softly, pointing to some settings on the tablet. "They're the little bumps on the areola, around the nipple," she explained. "They help to keep the nipples properly lubricated for breastfeeding, can also help baby find the nipples for a good latch," she added. "Only downside really... the more glands the less pretty the areola might look."

Julia shrugged then absently jabbed a couple fingers across the tablet. She looked at Erica with an amused smirk.

"You sure you want that many?" Pamala asked.

Julia shrugged with indifference. "He's going to be my wet nurse. I don't want him whining about how much his nipples hurt when he's feeding," she said. "Don't much care how pretty his boobies look."

"Okay, then," Pamala said. "I'm fairly certain we can include the additional retrovirus in today's delivery. I'll... confirm that."

Erica's eyes were so wide now they looked bug like, making him look genuinely panicked. He swallowed hard. "Additional virus? I thought there was only the one," he said with a worried voice. "The one just to make them... function?" he said, gesturing to his chest. "I thought they could stay small too, no bigger than they absolutely have to be to... work."

The two women looked at each other knowingly, grinning, trying not to laugh.

"What?! What aren't you telling me?" Erica asked, distressed.

"Go ahead, tell him," Julia said to Pamala. "Give him the details."

"At last count, we had twenty-seven packages scheduled for delivery today," Pamala said.

Erica's face went blank as he tried to absorb the information.

"That's twenty-seven, specifically targeted, retroviral packages, all in your injection for today," Pamala said, "not one."

Erica shook his head a couple times in denial, not wanting to believe what he had heard. His face twisted up as he wrapped his arms protectively around himself. He began rocking slightly, back-and-forth.

Pamala glared at him. "Maybe we shouldn't have said anything," she said to Julia with concern. She watched him more closely for a few seconds then stepped back a few feet, tugging Julia along with her. "This type of reaction... can be concerning," she said quietly. "I have seen it a few times before and I must tell you, it didn't end well," she said.

"I don't understand," Julia said.

Pamala looked at her soberly. "It's simple enough to administer AGen, Julia, little more than placing the nozzle of a jet injector firmly against his body and depressing a trigger. But, the protocol is for him to self-inject," she said. "It is important for you to understand that we won't force the injection on him. It's going to be up to you to get... compliance."

Julia nodded, deeply embarrassed by Erica's sudden posturing.

"You need to talk with him," Pamala said flatly. "I... need to check on the prep work. Assuming we're not wasting our time today," she muttered. Pamala spun away and disappeared, back through the door leading to the nursing station.

Erica was still rocking, eyes closed, looking like he was in some self-induced trance, making Julia more angry by the moment.

"Don't you dare mess this up, Erica," she hissed. She began pacing back and forth, fuming, pondering on how to calm Erica down.

As Julia paced, a women from the back of the room began rolling a cart towards them. A computer display and video camera were mounted to a post on the cart, the display at eye level, while the camera rested in a motorized mount on top. The woman stopped several feet in front of Erica, positioned the display in front of him, and plugged it into an outlet as Julia watched.

"What's that for?" Julia asked caustically.

The woman sneered back at her and said nothing as she walked away.

Julia groaned inwardly. "This is not how this day was supposed to go," Julia hissed to herself.

The display flickered to life as a computer in the cart established a video connection to a remote lab. A woman's face suddenly filled the display. Julia's heart skipped a beat. It was Dr. Joyce. On the larger screen, closer-up, Dr. Joyce looked even more imposing and severe than Julia remembered, like her face was made of stone, cut and weathered by time, growing more coarse, more harsh, with each passing year.

Julia took a deep breath and let it out slowly as the camera on the post moved, adjusting itself downward to focus on Erica. He seemed to be in his own world, oblivious. Dr. Joyce's eyes tightened ever so slightly as she stared intently at his antics. She stayed on him for a time, evaluating him, making Julia all the more nervous. Erica was ruining everything!

Without warning, the camera began moving again, this time panning towards Julia. When her body passed into the frame, it stopped. The lens then slid upwards, only stopping when the camera finally centered on her face. Julia flashed an awkward smile towards the roving eye, hoping to dispel her growing sense of dread. It didn't work.

"We seem to have a problem, Ms. Grant," Dr. Joyce said flatly, managing to make it sound like an accusation. "We had assumed that you would have better control over your... male by now." Dr. Joyce stared at Julia with an unnerving, penetrating, glare like she was preparing to pronounce final judgement. "We find this situation very disappointing, Ms. Grant."

Julia pursed her lips tightly, drawing a haggard breath in through her nose, not wanting to say the wrong thing. "This... it's something new," Julia said. "I'm sure he's just... upset right now and nervous."

Dr. Joyce's eyes narrowed ever so slightly, signaling her disapproval. "The behavior he's exhibiting is far more than simple nervousness, Ms. Grant," Dr. Joyce explained.

"It'll be fine," Julia assured her. "You can just give him the shot anyway. I can deal with him afterwards. It won't be a problem."

Dr. Joyce leaned closer to the camera. "What would you have us do? Restrain him if he resists, Ms. Grant? Perhaps have a security team tie him down so we can administer the injection?"

Julia wasn't sure what to say. None of this was going like she thought it would. "If that's what it takes... yes," Julia responded.

Dr. Joyce rolled her eyes. Clearly, it wasn't what she wanted to hear. Julia's heart sank. Somehow, despite how terrible Dr. Joyce made her feel, getting the vile woman's approval surprisingly mattered to Julia.

"I can appreciate the commitment, Ms. Grant. Males can be difficult to rule at times, their unbridled, childish natures a constant irritant," Dr. Joyce said. "However, violence often begets violence. It's the way men have largely governed for millennia. It's a failed approach. As womyn we have far more sophisticated and elegant tools at our disposal. Nature has equipped us with the power to beguile the weaker sex, to bend them to our will. Properly trained, males will do nearly anything to please us, often for little more than an approving smile or kind word." Dr. Joyce took a deep breath as she continued to stare at Julia through the display. "You clearly have ample feminine charms at your disposal, Ms. Grant. There should be no need for something as crude as physical coercion or violence."

Julia nodded earnestly. "I understand. Really, I do. I've come a long way with Erica. It'll get done," she said. "I am not expecting problems from him," she emphasized.

Dr. Joyce cocked an eyebrow of apprehension, then returned to the ridged, deadpan glare she had moments before. "Seems like we already have problems, Ms. Grant." Her face turned to stone again, leaving Julia feeling uneasy. "You will not be given a second chance after today," Dr. Joyce added.

"I... understand," Julia said contritely, shifting her attention back to Erica with a hate filled glare.

He was sitting there much as before, hunched over, arms wrapped, eyes closed, looking miserable, still deeply upset and brooding. He had, at least, finally stopped the incessant rocking. Julia dug her long nails into her palms trying to calm down, vowing that he would pay for the embarrassment he had caused her. They were so close and now... this?! If Erica refused the injection it would ruin everything!

"What are you doing, Erica?" Julia asked, her voice filled with constrained rage while she struggled to keep herself from screaming.

He shrank back with a shutter, then slowly raised his eyes to look at her.

"I need an answer, Erica."

"I... I want to do this for you... I just..." His voice was strained and reedy. Tears welled up in Erica's eyes as he shrugged. "If I did this, what... who... am I going to really... be?"

Julia reached out and grasped him by the chin, then tilted his head up to force him to look fully into her eyes. She closed the distance between them, lowering her face to his. Her eyes were smoldering, deeply erotic, her lashes batting at him like scores of dark little whips. "We've been through all of this before, Erica," she said. "What are you?"

Erica swallowed hard, knowing what Julia wanted to hear. He shuttered. "Wife... and homemaker," he responded as her eyes burned into him.

"What else?"

His chin trembled. He felt light headed as he spoke. "M... Mother."

"That's what you're going to be," Julia said decisively. "There's no mystery here," she added, tossing his chin away in disgust.

Erica dipped his head downward, crestfallen, not knowing what else to possibly say.

Dr. Joyce looked on, her camera squarely fixed on him now, watching the drama unfold. Julia was certain that behind that impassive visage, Dr. Joyce had a sharp, coldly calculating mind. Pleasing her might prove difficult, she decided. Julia's opportunity came sooner than expected.

The women in the observation room began to stir, a few of them even walked up to the glass for a better view, focusing their full attention on Erica. Julia thought it odd at first, unclear on what all the excitement was about, until she saw Pamala approaching with a tray in her hands. Erica's eyes went wide the moment he saw her as panic set in. A couple women began chuckling, while the others looked on eagerly, waiting to see how Erica would react.

Pamala placed the tray down on a nearby cart and wheeled it over, leaving it next to Erica where he could reach it. On the shiny, stainless steel tray, sat a hypospray.

"Time for your... enhancements," Pamala said pleasantly with a warming smile.

Erica didn't move.

"You should consider yourself very fortunate," Pamala said. "You're about to become a new type of man. A more nurturing, better kind of man. You should take pride in that."

His eyes fixed on the hypospray. He inched away from it, like it might suddenly jump off the tray and bite him.

Julia gritted her teeth at his ill-mannered retreat.

"There's no needle," Pamala said, trying to encourage him. "You'll barely feel it."

The device looked intimidating, like some type of exotic gun made of white plastic, with a transparent cylinder for a muzzle that delivered retroviruses in a pressurized stream though a tiny bore hole. Even more menacing was the shinny stainless steel trigger below the barrel and the glass ampule sticking straight up from the grip. Erica imagined millions of tiny, feminizing, viral agents in the clear liquid of the ampule, swimming around, eagerly waiting to find their way into a male host.

Erica shook his head, eyes filled with fright, then quickly looked to Julia for mercy. "No. Please, no. Please... don't ask this of me. I'll do... anything else for you... just... not this," he begged.

Julia was beside herself with embarrassment, frustration, and rage. She turned her back on Erica expecting to half strangle him in a fit of fury if she looked at him a moment longer. Pamala's lookalike casually walked forward to stand next to Pamala. Side by side, they looked like matching bookends, except for the color of their uniforms, with disappointment and regret equally clear on both their faces.

"Do what they tell you, Erica," Julia half-yelled over her shoulder, digging her nails into her palms, trying to find a way to calm down.

"All you need to do," Pamala instructed, "is place the injector firmly against your arm and pull the trigger. Really, nothing to it."

Erica shook his head again, refusing. A few tears rolled down his cheeks. He shivered with misery and bent over, unwilling to look any of the women in the eyes. "I... can't..." His voice was a strained whisper, barely loud enough to hear.

Everything Julia had worked for was disappearing right before her eyes because of Erica! It was outrageous! How dare he do this! She suddenly flung back around to face Erica, her rage seething inside. She picked up the injector and shoved it in his hands without saying a word, her eyes aflame. They stared at each other in silence.

"What if I can't ever hide them?!" he asked suddenly as another tear rolled down his cheek. "I'd be some half-man... sissy... woman thing... forever! And everybody would know!" He shuttered again. "I don't want that," he said forcefully, gathering some courage. "I never wanted to be girly, not once in my whole life. I'm not like that! Never! I... I can't even imagine carrying around... tits! The very idea...! And you said you'd never force me to do something I didn't want to do. I... I don't want to do this!"

He dropped the injector back on the tray with a loud clank. "You can punish me... anyway you want," he said remorsefully, dropping his head down submissively. "I'm expecting something... severe... for disobeying."

Julia's lips twisted into a perverse scowl at his defiance, at the continuing betrayal and humiliation. She could only imagine how she looked to everybody, what they thought of her. Samantha would be utterly disappointed in her too, every hope and plan gone!

"I'm sorry," Erica said softly.

Julia's eyes suddenly darted over to the tray, her eyes fixed on the hypospray.

"I... just... can't," he said.

The words echoed in Julia's mind as her dreams of having a compliant man-wife began to fade. Her temples pounded away with his new betrayal, this pathetic refusal. She felt sick. The room seemed to fade into the distance. There was only the tray, the hypospray, the ampule. When her hand flashed towards the tray she didn't even recognize it as her own. Julia picked up the injector, slammed it into Eric's ribs, and pulled the trigger.

He sat bolt upright in shock, locking eyes with Julia as he rubbed his side.

She came back into herself, unfazed by what she had just done. She plucked the ampule off the injector, holding it up for everybody to see, her fingers still trembling with rage. Empty. She smiled at Erica cruelly, thrilled beyond measure at what she had just done to him. There was no way a simple man was going to be allowed to spoil her plans ever again, certainly not a submissive worm of a man like Erica.

He sat there seemingly in shock, his mouth open and moving but with no words coming out, only unintelligible noises, like he had lost the power of speech. His eyes drifted downwards, towards his chest. He could feel his tiny nipples already stiffening into hard little buds. Were they growing so soon?!

"Take a good look, Erica. Very soon, you're not going to look like a man at all," Julia enthused.

A couple of the women in the observation room began applauding, the rest smiling in approval over Julia's actions. Pamala and her lookalike were smiling as well, clearly pleased.

The stoic Dr. Joyce seemed unmoved though, her stoney face the same as before, until Erica began moaning and crying. Immediately, the corners of Dr. Joyce's mouth ticked up with satisfaction.

Julia smiled back at her, entirely pleased with herself.

"Well done, Ms. Grant," Dr. Joyce said evenly. The display went blank a moment later as the video feed was cut.

Julia stared at the blank screen, still smiling, the unusual image of a pleased Dr. Joyce still fixed in her mind as Pamala approached. She touched Julia on the shoulder to get her attention.

"You impressed mother," she said. "That's quite an accomplishment, Julia. Well, done."

"Mother?" Julia asked.

Pamala smiled with amusement. "It's what we call her," she said, broadening her smile.

Face to face with Pamala, the image of Dr. Joyce still fixed in her mind, Julia suddenly realized that the two shared the exact same beauty mark on their cheeks, the same one that Pamala lookalike also had. It suddenly hit Julia like a bolt of lightning, she became immediately convinced that she was talking with one of Dr. Joyces' clones!

"I believe she was impressed at how you handled Erica's rebellion," Pamala said. "Getting a smile from her is... rare."

Julia grinned awkwardly at Pamala, nodding, accepting the praise, but wasn't sure how she was supposed to feel around a clone of Dr. Joyce. The type of science they were wielding was on the frightening side. Still, so long as they helped transform Erica into the obedient, sissified, man-wife that Julia wanted, whatever they were doing was fine with her.

"When you're ready, let me know," Pamala said. "His training vest should be ready shortly. We can get him properly dressed, go over a few things with you, and then let you go for today."

"Thank you," Julia said politely.

Pamala smiled gracefully, then walked to the nursing station to attend to Erica's training vest.

With the injection now over, most the other women had left. Nobody was much interested in Erica any longer. The major drama was over, the male had lost. He looked miserable, broken. He had rolled onto his side on the medical couch into a type of fetal position with his legs drawn up and his feet dangling off the edge on the couch. He was trembling.

"Why?" he asked with a thin voice.

She sneered at him with disgust and contempt. That he had dared oppose her was outrageous beyond belief. "We both knew where this was headed, Erica," she said. "Be honest with yourself, you can't really deny me anything. You would have injected yourself... eventually. We just ran out of time for your... games. I did what needed to be done."

Erica shifted around to look at her, shaking his head in denial, not wanting to accept the truth.

Julia shrugged with indifference. "Doesn't really matter what you think. All of this started with your lies anyway. Every bit of it. You jeopardized our lives and the lives of my babies. This is the price of your deceit and betrayal," Julia said. "Really, you should be thanking me.

"Thanking you?!"

"Yes. I've given you an opportunity to make amends and to stay with me. You should be grateful," Julia said, glaring at him.

"Grateful? But... I... You said I always had a choice!" Erica exclaimed. "I didn't want this!"

Julia's face took on a graver aspect as she leaned over him, her breath hot in his ear. "Try this then, I did it because I wanted to," she whispered. "I did it because I can," she added. "You're a spineless, weak, submissive, sissy and I want to make you suffer for it," she hissed.

A shutter ran up Erica's spine.

"Besides, I've come to enjoy putting you under my heel and I have no intention of letting you go," she said.

Erica's cock twitched painfully in it's new prison.

"You're so twisted and pathetic I think you're enjoying it as much as I am," she said.

The room went quiet for a bit while they stared at each other.

"What you did was wrong," he finally whispered to her.

"I don't care," she said caustically.

Julia straightened up and smiled wickedly at her broken man-toy before walking away to find Pamala.

Erica's stomach churned as he slowly dropped his feet to the floor, genuinely distraught and terrified for his future. He watched her walking away, his cock pushing painfully against the metal encasing it as he stared at the bewitching motion of her hips and ass. The sound of her heels was practically music to his ears. His hart sank as he realized she was almost certainly right about all of it, about everything. He bit his lip to keep it from trembling. No question about it, he was in a great deal of trouble.

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