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Dude Looks Like A Lady

Dixie sits quietly and pretends to read an article on her tablet. What she is doing, is watching how teenage girls and women walk and behave. Ever since she decided to become a girl full time, after spending a week with her friend pretending to be his girlfriend.

Masks 13 - Vic, The Other Half, on Kindle NOW!


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"Oh, you know you love it!" said his Mother, cheerfully. "Anyway, the doctor says you need to stay here longer than originally planned. The good news is, it's because they think you have powers!"

Maks 13 - Vic

Masks 13: The Other Half

Rodford Edmiston
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Pea Pod 3: Give Peas a Chance


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The continuing adventures of Doug Gordon, Queen of Ka'an. (Ka'an in Mayan means Heaven.) Ka'an is actually an alien world populated by women... and a man-eating plant. Well, it is actually male-eating plants that spit out females. Doug and his wives fixed everything, but now Doug must remake a planet... and it seems Ka'an will be remade in his image!

Pea Pod 3

It's the third book in Holly's rollicking adventure story about a man, a plant, a harem - Ka'an!

Lilith's Despair Chapter 12

Lilith and Shar'li, their hearts heavy with concern, sat across from Elizabeth. The room, bathed in the soft glow of the candles, seemed to mirror the flickering shadows of their emotions. The two succubi keenly sensed the lingering sorrow in Elizabeth's eyes, a pain that no amount of vengeance could truly erase. The loss she had endured had carved a profound void in her heart, and while she had managed to reclaim a semblance of justice, the wounds were far from being mere scars.

Genesis Infiltrator

Genesis Infiltrator

The woman's words were a hammer blow. Raped. Mutilated. Left for dead.
Stacy... the image of her friend, vibrant and alive, morphed into a
terrifying possibility - a victim of human trafficking, lost in the
nightmarish underbelly of the world.

A wave of nausea swept over Sasha; a primal scream trapped in her throat
by the leather restraints. "Stacy?" she rasped, her voice cracking.
"What about Stacy?"

Genesis Transformed

Genesis Transformed

Shamefacedly, Shane shuffled into Merle Norman, the cheery chiming of
the doorbell announcing his arrival. He wasn't exactly dressed for the
occasion - his usual ratty t-shirt and ripped jeans felt woefully out of
place amongst the plush waiting area and pastel color scheme. A sheepish
grin tugged at his lips as his gaze landed on Stacy, his best friend,
behind the counter.

Nailed To Changed

Nailed to Change

Timothy slumped in the passenger seat, defeated. Bethany, his best friend since kindergarten, was practically glowing with barely concealed amusement. "So," she chirped, her voice laced with mischief, "ready to become the world's first male connoisseur of nano-gel nail enhancements?"

Bethany, a whirlwind of confidence in a neon green sundress, cackled. "Relax, drama llama. It's the hippest salon in Nashville. They do this new nano-whatever thing that makes your nails invincible."

Space Alien Transformation

Space Alien Transformation

The year was 2075. Steve Austin, once a wide-eyed boy gazing at the
stars, was now a seasoned astronaut, encased in a cryogenic pod aboard
the Icarus I. His destination: Proxima b, a distant speck yearning for
human contact. Steve was humanity's pioneer, hurtling through the abyss
in suspended animation, his only companion the ever-vigilant AI, Anya.

Genetic Gender Experiment

Genetic Gender Experiment

The humid air clung to Elias like a second shirt as he pushed through
the tangled undergrowth. Shanda, his girlfriend, was just ahead, her
laughter a melody in the symphony of cicadas. They were on a secluded
resort vacation, and a poorly marked trail had beckoned them deeper into
the jungle than they'd intended.

The Demon and I Chapter 7

As we ventured through the bustling streets of New York City, the towering Empire State Building and the iconic Chrysler Building rose above us like giants of glass and steel, their mirrored surfaces reflecting the city's chaotic energy below. The air was filled with a symphony of honking horns, bustling crowds, and distant sirens, bouncing off the towering buildings and creating a cacophony of sounds.

The Struggle of Bean Chapter 12

Colonel Decker's response to our report arrived swiftly, outlining the next steps we were to take in light of the situation we had encountered. With his guidance, we formulated a plan to ensure the safety and well-being of the survivors under our care.

"We're to take those in cryo-sleep to the nearest base for further medical treatment and debriefing," I relayed to Mir'tan as we reviewed the Colonel's instructions.

Change of Fate 8

The Day After

In the hushed embrace of the night, Alex and Princess Helena shared moments of intimacy that transcended the boundaries of their newfound union. With each touch and caress, they explored the depths of passion and desire, surrendering to the ecstasy of their connection. As Princess Helena revealed pleasures known only to a woman, Alex eagerly reciprocated, their bodies intertwining in a dance of love and longing.

Change of Fate 7


The Ball

As the Royal Ball approached, anticipation hung heavy in the air, mingling with the scent of perfumes and the rustle of silk. For Alex and her sisters, the culmination of months of preparation was at hand – the moment when they would step into the grand ballroom and present themselves to the Monarchy and the assembled nobility.

Change of Fate 6

Author's note: I got really into this story last week and knocked out three chapters. It was very productive, and I am glad that I was able to really get into the story.

Rule 4: A smile can be the sharpest knife

Rule 5: Silence is louder than any words

This cryptic maxim echoed in Alex's mind as she pondered its meaning. In a world where appearances were everything, and deception lurked behind every smile, she understood the significance of this rule all too well.

I Pretended to Be a Girl and I liked It

Casey wakes up with a killer headache and a sharp pain in the lower part of his back. He felt something sticky on his lips and his face. His eyelids didn’t want to open all the way. He slowly sits up in bed and his head starts spinning.

“Oh, my aching head.” He feels something heavy on his chest and looks down. He had two huge mounds of flesh that were the size of cantaloupes attached to his chest.

Space Queen Chapter 12

The idea of visiting Terra, my home planet, with Minsha filled me with a mix of excitement and trepidation. I knew that it would be a monumental occasion, not only for us personally but also in terms of world politics and societal norms. The prospect of upending the established order and revealing our presence to the entire world was daunting, to say the least.

Prison Dolls - Chapter 4

Prison Dolls  Edited.jpg

Chapter Four - Consequences

Is Bobbie really dead or was it an elaborate hoax? The consequences of Bobbie's assassination in the prison parking lot reverberate through the Siceresso crime family. Allie Katt and her boyfriend arrange a suitable resting place for Bobbie while Tony Siceresso turns against his fellow criminals in the ultimate act of revenge.

Pasties And G-Strings

Pasties And G-Strings

I had been out clubbing again, the only thing that seemed to take my mind off my problems. The problems seemed to be piling up, from my lack of a job to the rent being past due, you name it, and it had gone wrong.

My name is Erin Waldrop, twenty-three years old, a college graduate and in all kinds of trouble. I shouldn’t be going out, since the few remaining dollars I do have vanish quickly at a club. The fact that I had given up hope allowed me to forget why I should save any remaining money I have.

The Demon and I Chapter 6

As the years passed in our secluded mountain sanctuary, time seemed to slip through our fingers like grains of sand. A decade had passed in what felt like the blink of an eye, yet the peace we had enjoyed was now tinged with a sense of unease.

Our recent excursion into town had brought unsettling news – rumors of a cabin with signs of demon activity. It was a stark reminder that even in our remote refuge, danger lurked just beyond the horizon, waiting to disrupt the fragile tranquility we had fought so hard to maintain.


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