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Street Child 2 Chp. 7

Betty wakes-up laying on her back with Karen laying between her legs and using her abdomen for a pillow. They had gone to bed last night after she had breast feed Karen. Karen was still a little upset about what she had told her last night. She knew once Karen drunk her breast milk, it would put her asleep. Which she was right. As soon as Karen finished drinking from her, she had fallen asleep.

Street Child 2 Chp. 6 (updated)

When Betty comes to pick Karen up from work. She tells Betty about the two guys that had stopped in and questioned her. As Karen was talking to Betty. She notices that Betty kept glancing in the rearview mirror.

“Are we being followed?” Karen glances back to see if she could spot who they were.

“Yes, we are. Let’s have a little fun with them.” Betty speeds up and does a little weaving in and out of traffic.

Street Child 2 Chp. 3

It was three days before Christmas and Karen was getting anxious. This was going to be her first real Christmas. She has been living with Betty and sleeping with her ever since Sasha had informed her that he wasn’t going to renew the lease on his apartment. At first it had been a disappointment to her, because even though she was working full time at the paint store, she wasn’t making enough money on her own to pay the rental fee or the bills. Then when Betty had offered to let her stay with her, she jumped at the offer. She was already willing to do whatever Betty asked of her.

The Summer Job

Valerie, Hank, and Bill sign a contract for a summer job on a farm.
For the duration, they will count as indentured labor.
This allows the farm to transform them into the forms needed for the job.

Accidental descent into femininity Chapter 1-3

Accidental descent into femininity

Chapter 1 Background and Recap

I have decided to write a diary, to document what is happening to me. I will have to recap from when it all started, but I am thinking of potentially publishing it anonymously on a TG site. I am hoping in writing this, that others will benefit from my weird life. Anyway, lets start with the recap and probably best to include a bit of background info.

Reversals - Ch13

A successful woman is convinced a female lead marriage is the best path forward and as her career is taking off, her unemployed husband is expected to fill traditional female roles like homemaker and nursing mother. In this chapter... Eric feels compelled to accept difficult truths. (Mature Audience Only Please)

Snow Baby

Harley takes a deep breath of cold air as he enjoyed the ride and all the snow they were passing. He had managed to talk his foster parents into giving their permission to allow him to go skiing with a few guys from school. They brought their girlfriends with them. He was the only one that didn’t have a girlfriend. He was also smaller than his friends. He had flown from Florida to Canada with his friends.

Turnabout Part 15, the finale

The saga of Danny and Jessa comes to a close. Thanks to everyone who's stuck with me and special thanks to Lizzy Bennet, whose input has made this a much better and fuller story than I expected.

Week 33 - the baby was as big as celery, which I found hard to believe. I had, as of my last doctor’s appointment, I had gained twenty-seven pounds and was now a DD cup, which Danny enjoyed. My belly was big enough to have its own zip code.

The Good Samaritan Chapter 3

The Good Samaritan

Chapter 3: Police Involvement

It was a few days later that Dr Beka and Dr Albie said I was going to be allowed to go home. Mom was with me again, she was there as much as her jobs allowed her to be. I was trying to convince her that she needed to quit all except the one she liked doing, and we were arguing about it, when HE knocked on the open door of the room.

Indecent Exposure

Officer Barry White confronts the greatest law breaker of all: a woman breast feeding in public. Things get out of hand as he coincidentally has to deal with the same woman for the same offense all over town. To make matters worse, Officer White faces breast problems of his own.

Reversals - Ch12

A successful woman is convinced a female lead marriage is the best path forward and as her career is taking off, her unemployed husband is expected to fill traditional female roles like homemaker and nursing mother. In this chapter… Samantha comes to dinner and Eric serves.

Reversals - Ch11

A successful woman is convinced a female lead marriage is the best path forward and as her career is taking off, her unemployed husband is expected to fill traditional female roles like homemaker and nursing mother. In this chapter… Eric struggles with new duties while Julia further embraces her dominant side.

Reversals - Ch10

A successful woman is convinced a female lead marriage is the best path forward and as her career is taking off, her unemployed husband is expected to fill traditional female roles like homemaker and nursing mother. In this chapter... Eric is shocked at what Julia did to him but she assures him he really wanted it and explains why.

Jennie's Potty-Training chapter 42

Synopsis. David is punished for what he did to Baby Jennie. Bonnie insists on making it up to the the sissy baby, and Baby Jennie finds she has some decisions to make.

Chapter 42. Decision Time.

Reversals - Ch09

A successful woman is convinced a female lead marriage is the best path forward and as her career is taking off, her unemployed husband is expected to fill traditional female roles like homemaker and nursing mother. In this chapter… Eric makes an important decision that alters his destiny and leaves him changed forever. Be careful what you ask for…

Aunt and Cousin

Jimmy is a typical 7 year old boy, This week he's going to visit his Aunty and cousin Paige. While there though, he discovers something about himself, another part of him, and he loves it.

(This is the first chapter, I will post more if people like this)

Masks 12: Part 1

Masks 12


Rodford Edmiston

Part 1

For a former teacher like Brade, being called to the President's office was accompanied by some interesting emotions. Fortunately, Sievers immediately asked Brade to sit, and in a manner which suggested something far removed from a chewing out.

Masks 11: Part 21

Masks Eleven: Part Twenty-One


Rodford Edmiston

Beat Red finished his briefing of Template on things political, then started in on more productive matters. Much of this was to catch her up on things which had been delayed because of the hectic few weeks following the attack on the President's conference at the mountain lodge. When he got to how Brade had uncovered the location of the lair Energex had been using to store his stolen items, Template gaped.

Masks 11: Part 20

Masks 11: Part Twenty


Rodford Edmiston

Paul was giving the new arrival a tour of the place. He was also making a point of telling Brade what they didn't know.

"Hell. We still don't know how this place got here. How it was built or by whom. We don't know where most of the stuff in the cases came from. We don't even know how Energex located it."

Masks 11: Part 19

Part Nineteen

"You're going to be all right," said Dr. Thurber. "We got the chelation started in time. However, some of the dioxin has soaked into various tissues where it cannot be easily dislodged. It's a relatively tiny amount, but even that could - Only potentially! - cause trouble."

At least this time she was sitting in an office, and had a robe on over the hospital gown. Unfortunately, neither of those factors were making the news any more palatable.

"So... what does that mean?"

Masks 11: Part 18

Masks 11: Part Eighteen


Rodford Edmiston

Rotary came charging out of the van in an obviously unnecessary hurry, to find Ray and Doro standing there, arms across their chests, glaring at him. He slid to a stop.

"Gee," he quipped, clumsily, after taking a moment to recover. "Thanks for waiting for us!"

"Don't you give me that!" snapped Doro, advancing on the gadgeteer in a menacing fashion. "I hurt all over! From the fight you missed!"

"Well, you should have..."

"Not one more word," said Doro, jabbing a finger in his face.

Masks 11: Part 16

Masks 11: Part Sixteen


Rodford Edmiston

Inside the odd aircraft the hastily assembled team was sitting tensely. They dealt with their tension in different ways.

"What is this thing, anyway?" said Blackjack, looking around uneasily.

"A Coandă Effect airship," said Helen Frye. "As maneuverable as a helicopter, but much quieter and as fast as a business jet."

"Why aren't we there, yet?!" said Die-Ox, sounding much less like a petulant child than a neurotic monster.

Helen leaned closer to Blackjack.

Masks 11: Part 15

Masks 11: Part 14


Rodford Edmiston

Naturally, the red alert came when it was least expected: In the middle of the afternoon.

"Why couldn't they come at Midnight!" raged Template, trying desperately to clean the residual milk from her breasts and put what she had managed to extract in the cooler while simultaneously pulling her costume into place. "Or Dawn! At some reasonable hour! Have they no respect for motherhood?! Damn! I bet I leak through..."

Masks 11: Part 14

Masks 11: Part Fourteen


Rodford Edmiston

As TAL and Tiger were in their guest cottage, packing to leave via the subtrain the next morning, they were interrupted by a knock on the door. They found one of the school security guards there, looking distracted.

"Excuse me," he said, hand to his ear as a message continued. "Principal Hind has asked if you could delay your trip and meet her for lunch, to discus something important."

The two supernaturals looked at each other for a moment. Then both grinned.

Masks 11: Part 5

Masks 11: Part 5


Rodford Edmiston

Template wiped Roy's face and carefully placed the already sleeping baby in the crib. She used the wipe to clean herself, tossed it, then climbed into bed. Karen rolled over to cuddle with her. As usual, Template wore just a pair of panties, while Karen had on panties and an oversized t-shirt. They rolled face to face and hugged. The size-changer thrilled a bit at the intimate awareness there was just a thin layer of fabric between her and the love of her life. Template, though, winced and drew back a bit.

"Tits sore?"

Masks 10: Part 18

Masks 10: Part Eighteen


Rodford Edmiston

Predawn at the besieged island was very late at night at the Intrepid's base. Those working in the Intrepids' Mission Command had - under orders - gotten sleep and meals in shifts so that most of them could be reasonably fresh on duty when Tritonicus was expected to rouse itself.

Masks 10: Part 11

Masks 10: Part 11


Rodford Edmiston

"What do you mean someone stole Tritonicus?" said Eve, tone threatening.

"Uhm, dawn came, and instead of the iceberg with the monster inside they were towing an old barge," said Lori, quickly, actually a bit cowed. "Right now they're trying to track the origin of the barge but with no luck. Submarines and surface ships are looking for the iceberg or the revived monster or even any ship in the area large enough to tow it. So far, nothing."

Masks 10: Part 10

Masks 10: Part Ten


Rodford Edmiston

"I understand your powers were triggered by a blood transfusion," said Template, addressing Brade.

She and Colossa were sitting in beach loungers, in swimsuits and masks, little Roy between them, sleeping peacefully in a baby carrier with a sunshade. Several of the staff were with them, as well as their guest. The proud parents had already gone through the routine fuss over the baby. Template found the expression of social instincts the baby's presence stimulated to be rather unnerving, but Colossa just ate it up.

Masks 10: Part 9

Masks 10: Part Nine


Rodford Edmiston

My apologies for the late post. Yesterday was hectic all the way home from MidAmeriCon II, and once I was home I was really tired.

"Not bad for an nonagenarian, eh?" said Mary Alice, preening.

She now wore shorts and a t-shirt, and her hair was short and black. Without the bulky, old woman clothes and grey wig she looked even larger.

"Ah," said Eve. "Of course. Regeneration."

The principal looked over at the Deacon, who was smiling at the reactions of those who hadn't known ahead of time.

Masks 10: Part 8

Masks X: Part Eight


Rodford Edmiston

After all the work, all the tension, all the death and damage, the end of the problem was almost anticlimactic. Several supers with mind or animal control powers were quickly moved into the area. Those which could contact Tritonicus managed to persuade it to move back to the surface. They lulled it into a somnolent state - not difficult considering its injuries - and then the cold crew went to work.


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