Bizarre Body Modifications

A House Divided, part 1 of 7

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We used the men’s room — I felt vaguely guilty about that, but I was too embarrassed to use the ladies' room, and we both still looked male, as long as we had clothes on.

A House Divided

by Trismegistus Shandy

Part 1 of 7

Admin Note: This story is one of the rarer forms of tg fiction we have on the site involving species transformation, or half transformations and have come across really strong and hold their own despite the technique. I hope those of you who do not normally read this type of tg story would give this one a try. You will be pleasantly surprised. ~Sephrena.

Five Hertz of Separation (chapters 31-35 of 62)

Alexia returns to her/his original world and adopts a new identity, Lance Mastiff. After recovering the money used to buy the guns, he drives to New York and begins planning to take out The Consortium's CEO. Listed Themes and Elements apply to entire story, Rating to this submission.

Five Hertz of Separation (chapters 26-30 of 62)

The confrontation between Alexia and Opulessa begins. The consequences of Beckwith's reckless behavior are revealed to her. Listed Themes and Elements apply to entire story, Rating to this submission.

Five Hertz of Separation (chapters 21-25 of 62)

Alexia discovers a serious flaw in her plan. Opulessa invites Colonel Willis to see the new additions to her menagerie. Alexia seeks Johnathyn’s help in solving her problem. White and Dupree negotiate. Alexia and Beckwith come to an understanding as the Coven attacks the Palace. Listed Themes and Keywords apply to entire story, rating to this posting

Five Hertz of Separation (chapters 16-20 of 62)

Alexia and company finally reach Glory where she and Dierdra join the Coven. They begin to train and create their own plans for revolution. Alexia and Johnathyn meet Patron Miller and his co-conspirators, she learns the details of his plan and comes to a disturbing conclusion. Schicalli makes his final report and First Minister Dupree springs the trap. Listed Themes and Elements apply to entire story, rating to this posting.

A Goddess Like We

Bought by Demuto

Two starving street urchin refugees are given a chance at living a life of luxury by a corporation desperate for good news. The catch is that publicly they're living as a goddess incarnated by the company as part of their program of creating deific avatars.

Five Hertz of Separation (chapters 11-15 of 62)

Alexia, Johnathyn and Dierdra continue towards Glory, picking up allies as they go. The conspiracy continues to develop but a traitor appears. Both Johnathyn and Alexia have misgivings as to the direction the revolt against the Queen is taking and the decide that they may have to go their own way. Alexia's powers grow but she finds that she does have limits. She also discovers the history of her name and there is hell to pay. Elements and Themes apply to entire story, rating to this posting. I was torn between an R and X rating due to the extreme body modifications and their connection to bestiality. I don't think I have crossed the line but some may be upset.

I was a Porn Star for the FBI

I was a Porn Star for the FBI

by Melanie Brown

Copyright  © 2014 Melanie Brown

Another Melissa Cooper story.

This story is not a part 2 of the original story. However, it is helpful if you've read "I was a Cheerleader for the FBI". -- Ed

Five Hertz of Separation (Chapter 6-10 of 62)

Alex/Alexia continues her journey towards the city of Glory, picking up a mentor along the way and learning more about her new world as her powers develop. She faces several dangers while discovering the inequities that exist for women. She also comes to realize that if she does not learn to control her abilities, she is a danger to all those around her. Genre and Themes apply to entire story, rating to this post.

Now I am Become Death - 2

Now I am Become Death - 2

Thanks to everyone who commented on my first installment of this story. The spped with which kudos flew up was amazing. I hope I'm going to keep up with your expectations with the coming parts.


Now I am Become Death - 1

Omega is the ultimate weapon, a combat cyborg who only exists to hunt down and kill metahumans. She feels no pity, no remorse, and no emotion.
But when you meddle with experimental high tech, you have to take care the software doesn't crash...

FTL-24...Faster Than Life.

FTL-24…Faster Than Life.

Chapter 24


“Will you be alright tonight?”
I give her a look and she looks down and she bites her lip a little and she looks back up at me.
“Is that an invitation?” I mouth’s a little dry. I’ve really never and yet at the same time there’s just. There’s just something that’s sweet about Liz…and honestly I’ve never had the whole experience of meeting someone young and having us…well not outside of the Sims and VR-life.
“It is.” She swallows.
I swallow too. “Let me log in where I’ll take you up on that.”
I close my eyes and link to my OBC and tag my I.D. code to hers and then she sort of surprises me by taking my hand and leading me away from the mess and towards quarters and I’m actually a little excited and at the same time a little relieved.
I was worried what after all of this would bring after all.

*And Now…

Snakes and Ladders-34

Snakes and Ladders-34

Chapter 34

*** Shaya…

Things are coming together here in the fortress and it’s taking time doing so but it is happening. It’s slow going and we’re set to get more troops and people in here to take this place apart and to claim things back for the crown and to go over everything.

Wren’s plan is amazing but it’s a lot of work here on our end right now because we have to catalog and count everything here and that’s a task that is going to take a lot of time.

And then there’s the fact that I’m here in command alone and without Bhlaze with me and without my partner here, without the presence of my dragon there’s still the thing that I am still me.

As much as I’m Shaya…as much as I’ve changed and fought to live through the guilt over the things that I did…it’s still there.

Anything Goes, Don't Blink: A TG Mixed Tape

Anything Goes, Don't Blink


Edited by Hutcho

A man wakes up with his wife’s nose. Two girls concoct a scheme to sneak a friend into an Elvish gathering. A dragon hatches and makes a decision that will change a young boy’s life. These are just some of the 14 stories on offer in the biggest Mixed Tape collection yet. Hit play and embark on a journey through time, space and unconventional fantasy, with a full cast of mad scientists, demonic bureaucrats, Time Lords and Ladies, and extraordinary ordinary individuals.

My Super Secret life…Villain-18.

My Super Secret life…Villain-18.

Chapter 18.


Link goes and showers and changes and I get dressed but not as heavily as before but I do pocket several of my toys and tricks for the just in case stuff because who knows what will happen here and stuff but I’m still kind of dressed down. Just my long coat and my combat fatigues and my shirts and hoodie but the hood down and I get some cash and fill several pockets tying TK alarms to them and stuff and Link comes out getting dressed in her usual and we lock up and we head back out into this strange mutant underground city.

*And Now…

FTL-23...Faster Than Life.

FTL-23...Faster Than Life.

Chapter 23

There is a difference between writing a report and then writing a paper on something. The reports come with forms and they want clear answers to questions posted in the forms to prompt you with events and things that were happening.

But to write a paper on something well especially that’s not about a topic that you’re learning about in training or classes.

Fifteen hundred plus years of civilian cut and paste and reference and link to culture did not prepare me for actually trying to sit down and to try and go through all the stuff that I was thinking when I had the idea to use the drones the way that I was doing and to take all that chaos and emotion and to turn it into a tactical paper.

My Super Secret Life…Diamond-11.

My Super Secret Life…Diamond-11.

Chapter 11


The rhino sees me coming and it grins…he’s got sharp teeth?

Okay…definitely a mutation.

He spits a glob of something eww on the pavement. “Ello Poppet come to play hav’s ye.”

I shift to Diamond for and stalk right into fighting range. “Damned skippy, pucker up buttercup.”

And I swing.

*And Now…

The Family that Plays Together, part 05 of 10

There was no reason I should have to put up with all this nonsense just because I was female; Mom and Taylor never took half this long to get ready, even on fancy occasions. (Mom wore her hair short, I reflected, which might be a factor.)

The Family that Plays Together, part 04 of 10

I leaned way over to get a closer look at my reflection, and suddenly there was a splash of water that blinded me for a moment, and something was grappling my arms and shoulders, pulling me down into the water.

My Super Secret Life-35.

My Super Secret Life-35.


I shoot her the occasional glare even though she’s out of it she still shot over a dozen people despite my and Champion’s best efforts.

I didn’t realize how hard I was holding my breath and clenching my jaw until the EMT’s got here.

Sunny kind of surges a bit inside of me because there’s a lot of blood and then I see the cover some people up…like fully up.

I want to cry somewhere…for what? For money?

Everyone there looks at me as I scream and boot one of the garbage cans all the way across the tracks and imbeded it into the wall.

*And Now…

The Family that Plays Together, part 02 of 10

I had breasts — well, they’d warned me I might be a girl of some kind. And it was hard to be sure in the dim light, but I thought my skin was darker than it was in my real body. But the really important thing was that below the waist, I wasn’t human at all.

Evanescence 28

Evanescence 28

Chapter 28


“Oh Molly…Molly, nobody has ever loved you!”

(Sob!) I can’t help it…the words hurt so much. Drake/Rapture’s blade hurts even worse…he’s so fast when he cuts my arm, my side. (Pain-scream.)

There’s something on the blade…the cuts burn like acid.

It’s hard to breath immediately.

The blade flashes at me and there’s a shing as Jill catches it on her blade and brings her gun up towards his head.

“Wrong meat sack I loved her!”

*And Now…

The Family that Plays Together, part 01 of 10

Mom and Dad had tried to raise me and Taylor without gender stereotypes. They’d given both of us gender-neutral names, and had me wearing her hand-me-downs, skirts as well as pants and shirts, until I was old enough to rebel against them.

Chamomile Stars

Chamomile Stars.

My name is Steven or was but it’s now officially Stevie Hyatt…not my last name either and I’m married.

The thing here in fleet it’s not husband or wife not legally instead it’s just spouse or as my wedding bracelet says. “Loving spouse.”

My Super Secret Life…Potentials-12 the Start.

My Super Secret Life…Potentials-12 the Start.


How do you explain the stuff you do, feel to someone? Especially to someone that’s been literally inside of you and living in your head. I mean Quinn wasn’t with me that long but he recognized me right off the get go and as strange as Halo is. And all of the other kids and students are pretty odd given everything and everyone it’s also not as odd as me I’ll bet.

It’s really not fair that Quinn can fly either. I might look like I’m in shape but I’m really not.

Because I’m actually a fat kid with super powers and not this tall girl with a nice bust and bum.

My Super Secret life…Villain-17.

My Super Secret life…Villain-17.

Chapter 17.


“And The Guardians?”
“Most countries have a standing army Rook, we have our militia to keep us safe from the surface government that would put us under regulations and boot heels.”
“Wow that’s kind of…” I don’t really have the words. I mean it’s kind of cool and it’s sort of scary when you think what people could do here unrestricted. But they are sort of self-restricted. I look at her. “This, this is where I wish I had actually gone to school and stuff. It’s cool but I don’t know any of the right terms for this.”
Link looks at me and she smiles. “Liberty, Freedom.”
I nod. “Live free or die right?”
The look she gives me it feels like I just nailed it.
So much to do yet, so much to learn.
She switches arms with the stuff she’s carrying and she takes my hand and she holds it as we walk. I’m holding hands with someone after everything that happened and it’s not that strange…not here it’s.
It’s scary but it fits.

*And Now…

Vampyre 9.

Vampyre 9.

Chapter 9.


I rip the leg off a chair and slam it down and he screams as I stake his arrogant French ass through the shoulder and arm joint and into the floor.
I grab another one and full one Nightrage at him pull on all that death is willing to give me. “Where!? Where is Michel!?”
I hear Raine yelling at me telling me not to kill him and I turn to snarl at her and then back and swing the improved stake down and there’s a flash at his wrist as a handgun some small automatic is suddenly there.
He laughs that high pitched nasal almost giggle of his and all I see is muzzle flashes.
I feel the hits and I feel searing pain ripping through me….wood?...silver...?.....

*And Now…




He looks at Justin this time. “Bramblewood.”
“What’s that?”
Justin’s closing books and he’s grabbing new clothes. “It’s one of the major guild houses for those of the craft. This could be really bad if they turned on us.”
“Would they?”
“I wouldn’t have thought so. They’re closer to the druidic types.”
I’m stuffing down barely warmed burgers with liver puree smothered on them with some cheese and I’m over getting dressed and it’s no time to get all girly about being naked in from if them….yes they both looked even during this.
“Okay then mages or not we’re moving out…Tim…you and your lads with us?”
He’s staring at me and I can smell apprehension on him but anger too and his attraction all mixed together.
“Aye…these fuckers are so interested in demons then let’s give them hell.”
I slip my SWAT pants on and my feet into the combat boots using a cantrip to lace and tie them as I get a dark grey sweater on over my sports bra and just grab the leather jacket.
“You got an armory?”
“I grew up in Belfast what d’you think?”

*And Now…………

My Super Secret Life…Diamond-10.

My Super Secret Life…Diamond-10.

Chapter 10

The music’s loud and there’s all these people and I’m getting it. The bump and grind sort of stuff…moving hips and as a girl there’s this side to side thing I’m picking up. It’s like swaying as I walk but more, different and it really helps that I’m getting help from some of the other kids there.

It’s happening here than at my old school…even with this meta/anthro? Avari alien…a girl with blue eyes and white sort of spiked hair that’s actually feathers with her hands on my hips and smiling at me and shouting over the blasting music. “Like this!”

It’s not sexual but just she’s actually will just to show me.

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 5

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 5

Chapter 5


She gets up. “You’ll see Chrissy now it’s time to do our duty.”


She grins at me. “We serve the people not the other way around.”

I look as Nicole is heading off with the men into what looks like the fields and Taylor’s opening the forage that we did like we’re a market cart for the women of the houses and then Hawk tosses me a bundle of firewood.

And I don’t think we’re getting paid for any of this either?

*And Now…

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 4

Sixteen Feet of Steel Chapter 4

Chapter 4


He calls from the campfire. “As common as the come Chris. I’m just a poor peasant lad that earns is bread being useful.”

“Oh…no trade?”

“None that stuck to me I’m afraid I’m just too much a drifter for that.”

“Oh…no offense but they trust to that?”

He laughs. “I’m Keep born Chrissy; they’re all family to me.”


Nicole’s tipping back a skin and was drinking when she looks at me and she laugh-chokes and spits wine through her nose.


*And Now…

Snakes and Ladders-31

Snakes and Ladders-31

Chapter 31


“You’re expecting the guilds to co-operate?”
“Yes and no, we get the information in secret, we offer good clean coin for it and we don’t charge them or even get in the way of them doing business.”
“You won’t, why?”
“Because the guilds are part of the kingdom too, because we need an underground economy as much as the real one and the people will not do better if Lyam takes the throne and imposes his laws on everyone.”
Ryann gives me the look he did in the cells.
“Right, then you have me with you.”
“Good, because this will become a whole lot larger than it sounds before we’re done.”
I move to the door when I hear the knock and let them in with his clothes and the writing equipment and he’s changing as I’m laying stuff out.
“We should get started…”
I turned and he dropped the towel at his waist and is getting into the clothes they brought.
Apparently he’s not bashful.

*And Now…

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-33

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-33

Chapter 33


“Okay, this is just like breathing and meditating only you inhale…and as you do you feel the new breath, the new life and energy it provides your body coming in….hold it…and as you do and you feel the strain in your body as the air is running out and getting bad you picture inside of you all the things that you have inside of you clogging you up coming off of you like steam…and exhale it all out and release it…another breath…hold…and like steam…that incoming air and life it brings is refreshing and washing it all out of you and just like air it goes to all the cells…and exhale…”

FTL-22...Faster Than Life.

FTL-22...Faster Than Life.

Chapter 22


Our launch alert goes off as our fighters take to the skies and while not very faithful after my past and home I cross myself, kiss two fingers and touch the bottom of my screens.

“Godspeed everyone.”

*And Now…

FTL-21...Faster Than Life.

FTL-21... Faster Than Life.


My watch commander stops talking as the mines I’m passing more too and then we see them change…mechanical bug like legs slip out of the body and so does a head with a semi-human face only with a mouth like a shark would have and it pops out pincer like arms but with some kind of weapons instead of claws and there’s these beetle shell like bug casings that pop open to free up better thrusters.
There’s a burst of blue weapons fire and my drone goes white and I switch to others and I can see the mines all shifting and all changing and turning around and coming at our drones and we’re losing them fast.
My last drone the last thing I seen on the cameras was one of these shark-beetle things eating the camera…looked like it was coming to take a bite out of me.
I’m answered by our main bridge instead as the alert for battle stations goes off.

*And Now…

The Archmage and the Coin of Abraxis

The Archmage of the Grand court is over two thousand years old and there are very few things that he has done that he regrets. The biggest is the Coin of Abraxis and the trail of sex crazed men and women with amazing bodies that it has left behind.

Twice Removed... 0

Xing was different, he also had problems. Orphaned, suffering from gender dysphoria and slowly dying he had little hope for the future until he met the alien Khella Phar. She could give him everything he wanted and all it would cost him was his humanity.


Twice Removed
First Contact

I turned away from the mirror and closed my eyes tight, trying to push the image of that reflection from my mind. “Easier to adjust!?” I screamed. “I’m a freak! You stripped me of my humanity and changed my gender without my consent! How is that supposed to be easy to adjust to?!”

My Super Secret Life...Scarlet-17.

My Super Secret Life…Scarlet-17.

Chapter 17


He gets up and pulls a knife and comes at me and I switch my bolt to a ball of shield and think rubber and fire whacking him between the eyes with a “rubber” energy bullet laying him cold.

I lower the shields and say to the people here. “Every please just remain calm the police will be here to arrest this man and to take your statements.
The squad van isn’t too far behind either.

That’s something that we’ve got here that home you’d never see and that’s the police have an entire force of guys that all they do is come and take and transport the perps and log in the arresting officers badges and all the reports and stuff is filed at the end of their shifts and the actual officers on patrol go back on patrol instead of having to run in the crooks.
I just get my badge scanned in and leave them to it when I get another call of officer down.

I give the guys a nod and they just point go and I blast off into the night sky.

*And Now…

My Super Secret Life...Villain-16.

My Super Secret life…Villain-16.

Chapter 16


She leads me inside I look around and it’s stalls and some shops like a mini-mall upside but in the middle is more like a flea market and most of its tools and combat styled gear ranging from ganger looking stuff to old military surplus and even some new stuff.

“Welcome to Sassy’s market mate!” She puts on a horrible accent but she’s smiling.


“Aye like a play off the S.A.S. from the commonwealth colonies luv.”

I roll my eyes. “Okay let shop for some toys.”

“Oi luvy those kinds of things are sold somewhere’s else.”

“Ha-ha-ha very funny Link…oooh are those grenades!”

*And Now…

The Maiden of Bronze Chapter 5 Part 2

The Maiden of Bronze

Chapter 5 Part 2

Doc Savage and Pat Savage are the Property of Street and Smith. Introducing a future time line inspired by Doc Savage.

By: Desiree

I am most Grateful to The Twins, Rae and Jess as they have stayed by me.

Morphic Adaptation Unit: Sams Revenge

Morphic Adaptation Unit: Sam's Revenge

A man finds a strange alien device, and after tinkering a bit, discovers that it allows him to change his body. He comes up with a great idea to get back at a friend.

NOTE: This is a repost of a story from another site. This is the original MAU story, and as such, some background info is included in the prologue.


The Maiden of Bronze Chapter 5 Part 1

The Maiden of Bronze

Chapter 5 Part 1

Doc Savage and Pat Savage are the Property of Street and Smith. Introducing a future time line inspired by Doc Savage.

By: Desiree

I am most Grateful to my Beloved Jasmine as she has been a most wonderful muse.
I am probably being over cautious on my Cautions, but due to my psychological Condition my views are probably a lot warped compared to most other people. Love and Light to You All.

Don't Blame Me I'm A Martian-32

Don’t Blame Me I’m A Martian-32


I look at Cheyenne.

“Can we talk?”

Mom looks at me as dad’s passing her a towel. “You two are not hooking up you got that! Dylan you’re not going through three girls this summer.”


I turn red and Shy nods and gets a plate of whatever and takes me by the hand.

“Sure…let’s go where we can just sit and talk.”

We leave but pass Kaylee who’s biting her lip and heading towards the house for her own breakfast.

Hoo-boy I can feel mom revving up even as Shy’s leading me away.

*And Now…


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