Voices Carry by Angela Rasch on Kindle

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A classic of transgender romance now on Kindle

Voices Carry
by Angela Ranch
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with Alleviate Suffering

Voices Carry -
Emmy and her father, Sandy, leave Chicago for a five-day adventure in Canada. They hope to escape from their personal problems during their vacation. When they meet Matt, his needs provide a chance for them to be of service . . . and experience personal growth

To Alleviate Suffering -
Jim and Heather had formed an eight-step pact during high school. Together they would attend Vanderbilt, get married, apply to Yale where they would become surgeons and graduate with honors. They would then return to Nashville and work for the largest hospital in Tennessee, Heather would become Director of Medicine, and Jim would become Chief Surgeon.
All goes according to plan except for one small change. A few months into their years at Yale, Jim decided that a career as an RN would be a much better fit.

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Thank You Mel

Thanks to Rasufelle (Melanie) for another great cover.

One hundred percent of the proceeds go to support BC.


Angela Rasch (Jill M I)

It was a pleasure!

I always enjoy helping with these, and this story holds a special place in my own heart.

Melanie E.