Andy and Dawn by Angela Rasch on DopplerPress

What would you do for your career? What would you do for your best friend?

Andy and Dawn
by Angela Rasch
A DopplerPress Original
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Andrea Leonard believes that television is where great actors go to die. A star of stage and screen, she fervently objects when her agent wants her to take the lead role in a television series.

Don Champp's life is in neutral. He isn't sure what he wants to do with his future, or what he wants to be... or who. When an agent tells him they have the perfect role for him, he takes the card and tries out for the part without any expectation of it turning into something more.

Both Andrea and Don's attitudes change when they start working on the show. The scripts work. The chemistry works. They have something special, and they know it.

When the sponsor contacts the studio and wants to make a change, everyone is nervous.

Is Don brave enough to wear skirts instead of pants if it means a successful career on screen? Or, perhaps, even more?