Texas Two-Step by Angela Rasch on Kindle

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Another great sports story from Angela Rasch on Kindle from DopplerPress!

Texas Two-Step cover

Orphaned, Angel has to move to live with his uncle. Even though a standout athlete in Illinois, he's having trouble finding a place to fit in Pecos. Angel played soccer back in the Midwest, but that isn’t even an option in this gridiron-crazed, West Texas town. He gets a job in a Dairy Queen, but it seems mostly due to a misunderstanding and his life goes off in a new direction....

Texas Two-Step

by Angela Rasch

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Another Favorite

I kind of wished Doppler did an anthology of Angela's sports themed stories. This one, Baseball Annie, Basketball is Life and Swifter, Higher, Stronger. I think this one may be the best of the four. If you haven't read it or the others buy them and you'll agree.

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I reviewed Texas Two Step on Amazon

I reviewed Texas Two Step on Amazon where the review really will make a difference. Aided by the simple instructions on where to click on the book page to start the review, I did my best to post a spoiler-less review listing the many reasons that I enjoyed the book. I listed the book's many strengths to leave a 5 star review. Mine is one of the ones identified as Kindle Customer since I actually bought the book on kindle (even though I used my IRL Amazon Login to create the review.)

It is a duty to the community to post good reviews so that ordinary people get the right idea about the positive aspects of TG fiction in the world outside this site. We see many bigots and detractors in the outside world. Let us not be the one who shoots a sister in friendly fire then leaves that sister to die doing the real enemy's work for them. Unthinking words hurt! Let us be ever thoughtful and build our sisters up in the eyes of the outside world and to the sisterhood at this friendly place to write and read TG fiction.

Jo Dora Webster

Bought it

I bought it, I read it, I liked it and as I remember at the moment, thought it could use a sequel.

Read This!

Absolutely one of Angie's best stories.

Melanie E.