Jexy: The Bet

Today in Minneapolis, MN

Jenny and I were cuddled up on the couch watching the Viking-Packer game. Danny and Katie were in the chair as the first of two annual border battles played out. Things had taken an interesting turn when Rodgers went out, but it was still too close to call “Tomorrow is going to suck” Danny groaned. “If the Vikings win I will have to listen to Carter whine that the only reason the Vikes won was because Rodgers was hurt. But at least I’ll get a free lunch out of it. I’ll just have to wear ear plugs.” Jenny laughed at her future brother-in-law. “You actually bet against Aaron Rodgers? What are you crazy?” Danny shot Jenny a look. “Hey, it’s a grudge bet. They make life fun.” Danny said. I nodded at his proclamation and the four of us went back to watching the game.

It was just before halftime when Danny asked if we were going to the game next week. “I think so. Marty needed all the seats for clients this week. Should be a decent game. The Ravens are OK, even if they are losing to the Bears. Their offense sucks but I still get nervous over that defense.” Jenny looked up at me, “Who are they playing next week?” she asked. I told her the Baltimore Ravens and I watched a slightly wicked smile come to her face. She sat up and grabbed her Surface. I watched as she typed out an email and hit send. “What was that all about?” I asked. Jenny just flashed a devious smile. “You will find out.” Jenny said sharing a quick kiss with me before cuddling back into my arms.

Meanwhile in London, England

The two women entered their flat after both having put in another day at work. Luckily both had been on short flights, Paige to Dublin and Jessica to Glasgow. They both had a day off tomorrow and then another five days on. “As sexy as you look in that dress, I can’t wait to get you out of it.” Jessica told her fiancée as the two shared a deep kiss. “Hmm, that sounds good.” And the two quickly moved off to their bedroom where they spent the next 45 minutes getting re-acquainted with each other. They emerged from their room where Paige moved slowly to the sofa while Jessica went to the kitchen. Jessica returned with two glasses of wine and cuddled into her lover, who was on her i-Pad. “Anything interesting on there?” Jessica asked. Paige told her partner yes and showed her the email from the States. Jessica snatched the tablet from Paige’s hand and typed a quick reply. “You are on” was the reply. Paige tried to protest a bit, “The Ravens got beat today by Chicago, who lost to the Vikings last week, right?”

“Yes, that’s true, but there is an old saying ‘Any Given Sunday’ Jess told her skeptical fiancée.

Back in Minneapolis.

The Vikings had just kicked a field goal midway through the fourth quarter to make it a two score game and giving us fans a little breathing room. I high fived Danny as I made my way to the kitchen to get something to drink. As I came back I heard the ding of an incoming email and I watch as Jenny reaches for her Surface. She began bouncing up and down on the couch. I sat back down and Jenny leaned into me. ‘I did it!” She stated excitedly. I became a bit nervous. “What did you do?” I asked guardedly. “I made my first grudge bet. I bet Paige & Jessica on the game next week. Loser must wear the other’s Cheerleader uniform.” I groaned a bit. Jenny had been trying to get me into a Viking Cheerleader outfit since the season started. “You better hope the Vikes win” I told my soulmate. Jenny leaned in and gave me a long, deep kiss that got me going “I win either way” she told me. “If the Vikings win we won the bet and you will be in a good mood. If they lose, I get to see you in a sexy cheerleader outfit.”

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