Love & Supernova 12 - Pregnant Transgenders


The only thing impossible for a transgender is to be pregnant and have children.

For over fifty years, Betelgeuse VII has been a paradise for transgender people and rare sexual minorities. But the star is dying, preparing to go supernova. The only people who know the truth are the ruling dictator Caligula XIII, its brother Delta, the former dictator Caligula XII and Etna, a transgender from the Pleiades. In secret, they started to terraform a planet around another star, which they named Betelgeuse Savior or Betelgeuse S. But this process needs to be finished within twenty Earth years and requires a lot of money. In order to secure more funds, the dictator deliberately financed the Asteroid Mining Project, supervised by Caligula XII. But still, far more money is needed. Then, Caligula XII, with all people who it hired for 'mining', claimed autonomy and set their homeland on the moon of planet Betelgeuse VII. There, free from the law, from the unchanged constitution of Free State Of Betelgeuse, but still inside the state as a border province, the former dictator started to make money.

It took only one Earth year and many things started to change. The law says that any person willing to undergo surgery, body implants or to use hormones must submit a request and wait for five Earth years to get an approval. However, on the moon, there is no need to wait. All you need is to pay the money and you get your transformation.

Within one year, from the total population of Betelgeuse, over 200 million people, 12% went to the moon, for body transformations. Even more people from other places decided to go there. Requests are by far the most unusual. Some people want to have horns, some request to change their outfit to look more like an animal (for example like a cat or a tiger), to have a tail, to have two mouths or three breasts, a body tattoo or a snake tongue. Money is flowing to the small moon.

By far, the most frequent requests are for gender change. But, not only this. Changing gender through surgery, implants and hormones might be easy, but having a child is very hard, if not impossible. The complete transformation of human organs into the opposite sex, up to the point where you can become pregnant or (for a transgender man) to have functional spermatozoids, is something technology is still lacking. However, many scientists are working on that. The solution might be hidden in human genetics.

Genetic transformation is something that has been experimented since the 2000's. With the use of a virus with limited replication power, a DNA sequence can be added or removed from the human DNA. This is the way scientists used around 2200 to eradicate genetic diseases. Now, the technology is well studied. Is it possible to use this technology to new limits?

With viral DNA technology, it is possible to eradicate metabolic diseases. For example, in case of hemophilia, a disease in which the body is unable to stop bleeding because a protein is lacking correct structure, if you change the genes responsible for producing the key protein, you eradicate the disease. However, if the disease affects the anatomy (for example if someone is born with a fissure between the two ventricles of the heart), changing the DNA will not reverse the process, but the affected genes will not be transmitted to children.

So, is it possible to make a transgender woman, a former man, to have children? Is it possible to make a transgender man, former woman, to have functional sperm?

As for now, it is possible to grow organs in vitro. On Betelgeuse, transgender surgery is done this way: First, embryonic cells are isolated or cloned. Then, with the use of hormones, the required organs are grown. Then, through surgery, these organs are added to the body, which accepts them since they share the same DNA. But this comes with a price. For a transgender woman, former man, artificial ovaries will never produce functional ovules, even if the uterus appears functional and has a similar cycle like that of a woman. Attempts have been made, but embryos usually died or if they survived, they had malformations. The same happens in case of a transgender man, former woman. Testicles will never produce functional spermatozoids or if they will, children almost always have diseases.

Many people who undergone body transformation, want to return to their previous gender. A reversal surgery is possible, but in most cases, the recovery is not complete. Artificially grown organs are not always functional. So, there is a major problem. How could anyone change gender back completely and have children?

On Betelgeuse, children, from a very young age, are learned to go cross-dressing. This comes very natural. In the same way, comes smoking, which occurs from a very young age. To prevent the diseases caused by underage smoking, a genetic vaccine was invented, adapting the lungs and the body for this. But, the cross-dressing problem resulted in something unexpected. Once they reach the age when they are allowed to have surgery, implants and to use hormones, most teens take a very unusual decision. They want to be hermaphrodites, so that they can behave both like men and like women.

To become a hermaphrodite, the same technology is required. The organs of the opposite sex are grown in vitro, then added through surgery. However, the natural organ remains dominant and functional. So, we talk about hermaphrodite men and hermaphrodite women. A hermaphrodite man cannot have children and a hermaphrodite woman cannot have functional sperm. All this comes with a very delicate hormonal balance. An excess from one gender's hormones will affect the opposite sex. Problems are common and people often need to take medicine on a daily basis.

Is there any way to solve this? Is there any way a transgender woman or a hermaphrodite, former man, to have children? Even more, is it possible for a hermaphrodite to make its own children using both its genitals? This is what scientists are trying to find out.

Many tests have been ruled on mice or apes. Nearly all, ended without or with bad results. Female gender is given by the XX pair of chromosomes, while male gender is given by the XY pair. The solution appears to be a different one. Before surgery, a person willing to be a woman, must remove its Y chromosome in all cells with the X one. Then, female genitals must be grown in vitro and added through an implant. Much more difficult is if someone wants to be a man, because only one chromosome of the X pair needs to be transformed into an Y. For a while, this was proven not to be possible, until one day, when a solution was found. The virus that adds and removes genes, gives a signature to each cell (a certain protein), that blocks other viruses to come. Then, it transforms a single X chromosome. The virus self-destructs in a short time, while the signature remains much longer. And then, male organs, grown in vitro, can be added through surgery, which comes with the removal of female organs.

The problem with hermaphrodite people is far more complex. They want to have both a penis and a vagina, both ovaries and testicles, breasts (visible, but smaller then those of real women) and facial hair (mustache and beard). Scientists tried to work with a solution for this. Finally, they found it. They copied some of the genes from the Y chromosome and added them on the X, but this was not enough. Much more work needed to be done. They had to remove some genes and write others. Many rats died during these experiments. Finally, they found a solution. What they created is the Z chromosome. With the help of a virus, all X and Y chromosomes are transformed into a ZZ pair. This allows hermaphrodites to have both functional ovules and functional spermatozoids, with an uterus that can support a pregnancy.

Further experiments on rats showed very strange results. Combining a male (XY) with a hermaphrodite (ZZ), you get two unusual babies: intersex females (XZ) and super-males (YZ). Intersex females are sterile hermaphrodites, with both organs, but with the look of a female. Super-males are also sterile, look like males and have exaggerated male features. It was also proven that super-males, despite their strong muscular force, have a very low intellect. If, however, you combine a female (XX) with a hermaphrodite (ZZ), you get only intersex females (XZ). On the other hand, you can combine a hermaphrodite with another one and you will only get hermaphrodites (ZZ).

The experiments proved that, if you use the gender changing vaccine for a newborn, transformation will be nearly complete. However, if you somehow inject the vaccine into an embryo, results are excellent.

With these amazing results, in just an Earth year, on the moon of Betelgeuse VII, production of gender vaccines started. For the first time in history, transgender people could have their own children, without the need for an adoption. The vaccines are:

Female to male (XX to XY);

Male to female (XY to XX);

Female to herm (XX to ZZ);

Male to herm (XY to ZZ);

Herm to female (ZZ to XX);

Herm to male (ZZ to XY).

Each vaccine is sold for the sum of 4200 BC (Betelgeuse Credits) for adults and teens, 3150 BC for children, 2100 BC for babies and 1050 BC for embryos. In addition, for those who want to change gender, the cost of growing organs from embryotic or cloned cells is between 3500 and 6000 BC. The cost of surgery is between 4000 and 5500 BC. Additional costs are with hotel and transportation, but they don't exceed 100 BC for residents of Betelgeuse VII. For those who come from other places in the galaxy, transport costs might exceed 7000 BC.

Soon after this, many transgender people started to have children. A thing considered impossible, is no longer a dream. With genetic engineering, body transformation is now complete. The first two children born with this technology are Julia and Angela Northern. Julia is born from Etna, the transgender woman who immigrated from the Pleiades. Its father is unknown, the sperm came from a gene bank. Etna opted for Julia to be a hermaphrodite and used the female to herm vaccine when it was still an embryo. Angela Northern is the child of Delta, the ruling dictator's brother, which is a hermaphrodite and provided its own sperm for itself; Angela is also a hermaphrodite.

The fact that Etna and Delta decided to test the new technology made many people to trust it.

However, this is not the only kind of genetic surgery practiced on the moon of Betelgeuse VII. Here, scientists try anything that can bring money in. For example, they clone organs: hearts, livers, kidneys, anything, for prices that vary from 3000 to 15000 BC. This is very cheap compared to other places. Even arms and feet can be customary made. Anything, for money.

There is something else. Criminals, wanted in the whole galaxy, come here for plastic surgery and DNA modifications. For sums up to a few millions BC, they are transformed. Fingerprints, dental prints, ocular images, DNA and bioenergy signatures can be modified. Many corrupt politicians, trying to escape from justice, come to this place.

Money is flowing towards the small moon, both from the planet and from the outer world.


In the same time, Caligula XII, the ruling dictator of the moon and former dictator of Betelgeuse VII, is collecting 40% of the income. With this money, it buys lots of equipment and many cargo spaceships from the planet. All this is used to terraform the new planet, Betelgeuse S. Nobody must know about this yet. What cannot be produced here, is imported from the Empire Of The Pleiades, which is hiding all this from the rest of the world, for bribery. No worker from Betelgeuse goes to the new planet. All workers are slaves purchased from UV Ceti, which have no idea where they are. Their supervisors are employed from the Pleiades.

Everything is going just as planned. In this way, Betelgeuse S will be terraformed within 20 Earth years, before the star will explode. All the funds are being allocated in advance. Two years have passed since Caligula XIII took power, only three more Earth years will pass until new elections. In this little time, all the funds must be secured. When time will come, all population from the moon will relocate to the new planet. And when it will be terraformed and habitable, everyone from Betelgeuse will be invited to come.

In the main time, Betelgeuse gave some warning signs. Unknown by many, there is a neutrino telescope in the forbidden building. The ruling dictator, Caligula XIII, comes there every day and looks at the data. The star has ceased fusing carbon in its core. Now, the large, inert core, is slowly contracting. Neon fusion will ignite soon. But before that, there are a few small steps. First, nitrogen was fused, now fluorine. These two elements are in small amounts inside a star, but they exist. They fuse via photodisintegration. Hit by an energetic gamma ray, one atom loses a proton, a neutron or an alpha particle (helium nuclei) which merges with another atom. Nitrogen is usually lost during carbon fusion, but what little survives, is transformed into carbon and oxygen, while carbon instantly fuses. Fluorine is more stable. It is transformed usually into oxygen and neon. These reactions don't produce much energy and given the small amounts of these elements, it cannot oppose core contraction. It only delays the death of the star by very little.

Caligula XIII sits near the neutrino telescope, smoking and looking at the data. These small flashes are just a warning of what is to come. Within years, neon fusion will occur. The energy released will restore the equilibrium of the star for a short period of time. Once neon is exhausted, oxygen will fuse and will give another additional year. Then, a series of flashes will try to counterbalance the inevitable: sodium fusion, magnesium fusion and finally silicon fusion. However, things are settled. When the last silicon atom in the core will be fused into iron, there will be nothing else, able to sustain the core from collapsing. The supernova will come and will destroy everything.

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