Adventures of Kim Possible: The Amazon Women 23

23 Amazon States of America Girl School

Lori said “ go and change into new principal Amazon white dress and sandals”. Principal said “ ok I will go into my new dress and sandals is in the gym where the new girls uniforms are put”. Lori said “ yes they are there”. Principal walks out and headed to get her new Amazon dress and sandals as time approached.

The mothers of the children started arrive at school and notice the amazon women there as they approached the school the amazon security was checking evey student as they walked in the school one mother asked “ why the amazon military here at our school”. Marcella said “ you will be told once your child inside”.

The mother took her son who was 5 and in kindergarten and her daughter who was in the fourth grade at school as they walked in they saw only amazon forces in the school complex the parents continued bringing their children into the school they walked into the school hall the fathers were seperated from mother and children.

As all the parents and children sat down in the school hall Lori Barkin walks up to the podium and says “ good morning I am the Amazon education secretary for the prime minster of the Amazon States of America your school has been selected by her majesty our queen to become the first Amazon school for girls only”..

A father yells out “ what do you mean by that?”. Lori ignored him and waited for a woman to ask the question same mother that ask Carly said the same question and Lori said “ as you can see I will not answer to a man they are below us to answer your question this will be all Amazon girls school”.

The mother asks “ where will my son go if this becomes a all girl school”. Lori said “ her majesty has decided that all boys at this school will become girls and Amazon girls and you women will become Amazon women and your husbands will become second class to you”. Another woman asks “ but we have single dads”.

Sianna buts in and says “ they will become Amazon women too this town will now be called Amazon Cascade men will not tell women what to do now we have your sheriff and mayor in custody they will sent to the royal capital of tha Amazon empire and be re-educated and we will implement Amazon law here and your daughters will get a Amazon education”.

The mother of the children said “ my husband left me a few weeks ago and escape from the country”. Sianna said “ we will get him we are getting big any day would like your son and daughter become amazon girls”. The mother said “ yes”. The mother brought her son up to the stage and her daughter”.

Sianna said to the boy and girl “ all you have to do is drink the substance in the glass it will tastes nice”. The boy was first and he drank in front of the whole school he said “ yummy”. The girl drank hers and said “ yum”. Then they both began to change.

The girl became beautiful and strong and the boy became girl and like her sister the new girl said “Mommy I am a beautiful girl now”. Her mother said “ yes you are a beautiful girl”. She looked at Sianna and asks “ may I become like them a Amazon women like my beautiful girls?”. Sianna replies “sure”. Gave her the needle.

After the mother was freed of male influence Sianna asks “ would you like to be the new mayor of Amazon cascade?”. The mother said “ yes I will love that and help in any way for her majesty and the government of Amazon States of America”. The new mayor and her daughters headed from the gym to get their new Amazon uniforms

Once there they were given their new Amazon uniforms and new girl who name was now Heidi said “ I feel so better now being a girl mommy”. Mayor Kendal said “ I am glad baby girl we need to go back and help the others boys in the school become girls like you”. Julia said “ mom I hate boys so much”.

Kendal said “ of course you do Julia your a Amazon girl you beautiful smart and you are better than any boy at this school until they become girls”. The mayor and her daughters return and sat back in their seats. A boy name Neil was Heidi's friend said “ hey buddie does it feel different “. Heidi looked at him in disgust.

Heidi said “ you will find out soon male we girls are better stronger and more beautiful and you will find out when it your turn to become a girl”. The mayor and her daughters watch the next boy go and get the cure and watched the mother get the injection so they will become amazon girl and woman.

The process began slowly every boy and girl in the school took the cure and slowly the girls and boys all became Amazon girls as one by one they were change the mother were done as well soon the whole town of Amazon Cascade was now like in the royal capital of Amazon empire. The man that ask the question was now a woman”.

The Royal Capital of the Amazon Empire

Kim was in her throne room when Alexis walks in and says “ your majesty we have had word from Major pheobe and Captian Sianna they said whole elementary school in Cascade is now all Amazon girls and the mothers are now Amazon women”. Kim said “ good I want the military to stay there”.

Alexis said “ yes your majesty and the secret police agents”. Kim said “ I want them back home I have new assignment for them”. Alexis said “ you want them to head to Scotland and see if the woman is for real”. Kim said “ yes Alexis”. Alexis said “ I will send them there straight from Amazon Cascade my queen”.

Kim said “ good I will get ready for Scotland soon and I will be touring our new town of Amazon Cascade”. Alexis said “ secretary Lori has told us that there is a new Amazon mayor name Kendal and the principal there is now a Amazon woman like us now”. Kim said “ I am proud of you Alexis since you became a girl”.

Alexis said “thank you your majesty I love being a Amazon girl from that stupid boy and I will ask the secret police to head to Scotland and that”. Kim said “ I have secret police agents in England I will get them to meet agents Pheobe , Sianna and Marcella in Scotland”.

Alexis said “ yes your majesty I will get agents lieutenant Bonnie and Crystal to meet up with Agents Pheobe , Sianna and Marcella”. Kim said “ I will tour Scotland if it comes under our control but I will be looking forward to going to Amazon Cascade in Idaho”. Alexis said “ yes your majesty”. Alexis left to call the Agents.

Amazon Cascade Idaho

Pheobe . Sianna and Marcella were still in Amazon Cascade since the elementary school became a full Amazon school the new mayor has notice the queen had decided to set up a military base here in Amazon Cascade the new mayor didn't mind at all Sianna walks in and says “ excuse me madam Mayor but Pheobe and Marcella and I have to leave”.

Pheobe asks “ where are we going now?”. Sianna said “ we are meeting up with lieutenant Bonnie and Crystal and I as we are going to Scotland to meet the head of Scotland this Helena Carter”. Phoebe said “ madam Mayor find you need more help you have Sergeant Major Jessie here but you need help contact Alexis”.

Mayor Kendal said “ thank you major Pheobe if I need the secret police again I will inform intelligence centre at the royal capital of Amazon empire and Alexis “. Pheobe said “ good we are now leaving”. Pheobe , Sianna and Marcella left Amazon Cascade and headed out by special hovercraft to Scotland they will arrive there very soon”.

Scotland Great Britain

When the secret police arrived at Edinburgh and waiting there was the head of Scotland minster of the British Parliament and she said “ welcome to Scotland “. Pheobe said “ thank you”. Helena said “ you companions arrived a while ago and are waiting for this meeting to begin here”. Pheobe said “ ok”.

The Amazon secret police agents left and headed to the office where lieutenant Bonne and Crystal were when they go there . Helen said “ I was unsure your queen would send you here”. Sianna said “ ok why do you want from our queen”. Helen said “ I want to split form British Parliament and become a Amazon Nation”.

Bonnie said “ you want leave the British empire to join our empire instead it sounds very weird”. Helena said “I know it does but we want to be part of the Amazon empire and believe in the Amazon way of life”. Sianna ask “what will England think of you decision to leave them and join us”.

Helena says “ we have been with England since we were invade by them over a few hundreds years ago”. Pheobe said “ if we accept you all your women and girls will become Amazon females and free of male influnce”. Helena said “ we will accept that and have all women parliament”.

Edinburgh News Reports Scotland Leaves the British goverment and the British queen to Become a Amazon Nation like Canada, America , Australia and Japan The Queen of England not inpressed and England and Wales will decide what action they will take against the new Amazon Scotland

Pheobe said “ok we will accept you as the new Amazon nation you will be known as Amazon Scotland and be part of her majesty rule”. Helena says “I accept to be part of the Amazon empire” Pheobe put a needle in her neck and she began to change into a better Amazon woman”.

Pheobe told Alexis that it was true that Scoland wanted to join the Amazon Empire as Soon as Pheobe was off the Phone the intelligence centre received a call from the England Wales Prime minster requesting a talk with the queen of the Amazon states of America Alexis has said they will send Prime minster Lily.

London England

The Great Britain Prime minster said “ thank you can you tell me what time she will be calling me”. Alexis said “ her majesty will contact the Prime minster and she will be attending her new nation and speaking to the new Prime Minster of Amazon Scotland Helena Clarke”.

Prime minster of England said “ thank you I will call the new Prime minster of Amazon Scotland will talk to her about keeping our relations going to between this new country of the Amazon Empire”. Alexis said “ thank you you co-operation will be required”.

The prime minster arrived at Buckingham palace and said “ your majesty we will have to accept the fact that Scotland is now part of the Amazon empire”. Queen said “ we will accept this for now we do not need to go to war over this”. Prime minster said “ we will need to set up ties now with Amazon Scotland”.

Queen said “ it will be hard to do that Prime minster”. Prime minster said “ I know your majesty they are not fond of men are they”. The queen said “ the Amazon believe that men should be second class people and now they control America , Australia, Japan and Canada , Cyprus and now Scotland”.

Prime minster said “ we will have set up a new border control now with England and Scotland now”. Queen said “ we will relax men coming in but we will have get strict with the women”. Prime minster said “ but some women might not be Amazon women how will we know”.

Queen said “ you will know they are more beautiful than other women and the strength is stronger than men and we will just ask what they think of men”. Prime minster said “ good”. The prime minister left the palace and told the English and Welsh forces to set up a border control now with Scotland .

Some women in the British Army . Navy and Air Force resign and said the were Scottish women and left for Amazon Scotland. Pheobe , Bonnie , Sianna , Crystal and Marcella were at the new Amazon Scottish Parliament with new Amazon Scotland Prime minster Helena Clarke.

They were there converting the politicians of Scotland into Amazon women the new laws were now in affect as from now Helena got a call from the British Prime minster she answered it “ hello”. English PM said “ hello I want to congratulate you in becoming Prime minster and we need to talk”.

Helena said “ about what we have pulled of the Comonweath and British system we are now a Amazon nation and the rule of her majesty the queen of the Amazon women”. English PM said “ we need to talk about border control now since your not part of United Kingdom any more”.

Helena said “ we will have new Amazon warriors there soon and why are you asking me this”. English PM said “ we want assurance from you that any male wishing to leave Scotland for England they can on their free will”. Helena said “ any man can leave they are pathetic gender any way”.

English PM said “ you are now a Amazon women”. Helena said “ yes and you are boring male”. English PM said “ we will talk again soon”. Helena said “ send a woman to talk me next time not pathetic boring male like you”. The British Pm hung up and was shocked the way he was spoken too.

Sianna asks “ what the problem Madam Prime Minster ?”. Helena said “ I just gt a call from the boring male English Prime Minster”. Sianna said “ don't worry one day England will be one of us and you be his boss as prime minster of Amazon Great Britain”. Helena said “ it will be nice for Scotland instead of England”.

Sianna said “one day the whole world will be Amazon and men will be subjacted and will be second class and our queen will rule the world and I am to ask you the queen said you have a special prisoner for us”. Helena said “ yes he is being held by my police officer who is a woman he is member of Global Justice”.

Sianna said “ you have Tim Raikes here”. Helena said “ yes we have been holding him since we began our negoations with your intelligence area under woman name Monique”. Bonnie said “ Monique is her majesty eyes and ears for the empire”.

Helena said “ I am looking forward to meeting queen”. Sianna said “ her majesty will be leaving soon to come here and she will be bringing her partner”. Helena said “ will her sister the princess is coming”.

Sianna said “ maybe we know the defence and intelligence minster coming and my mother justice minster to talk to the prisoner we are holding here”. Pheobe said “ the secret police comissoner is coming with commander Tara and Sergeant Major Jessie is leaving Amazon Cascade for here too”.

Helen asks “ why is sergeant major Jessie coming here to Scotland?”. Pheobe said “ her job is to make sure our new borders is sercure and set up a new Amazon military base and to get soliders there for our security”. Helena said “ I was on the phone by the English Prime minster about border sercurity”.

Sianna said “ they are worried about us in case we invade their country”. Helena said “ I am sure they will on full alet there”. A former female Brittish solider arrive home from her former base in Wales and see how much Scotland has change now since becoming a Amazon country the solider arrive in Endibrough.

The solider is stop by a new Amazon Police officer she tell the officer that she has fully resigned form the Brittish military and she is escorted to the new Scotish parliament and she meet Phoebe and Sianna. Pheobe ask “ why are you back from your Service?”. Solider says “ I resign my commission there”.

Pheobe said “ you have a lot of military experience and you will make a good Amazon Warrior so we will make you the Commander of the Scottish Amazon militay here”. Solider said “ I will be in charge of the secret police here”.

Phoebe said “ yes but you will under the command of lieutenant colonel Veronica she control all the military in any Amazon countries including here but her majesty will tell your prime mintser here some news”. Solider said “ ok”. Solider was given the needle and she was changed into a Amazon women”.

The Brittish government decide to have an emergency meeting about Scotland defection and concerns that Wales is considering joining Scotland as well the U.N. security council has accepted that Scoland has left the United Kingdom to become a member of the Amazon Empire 3yrs after Br-exit happen.

Kim was happy that Scotland was now part of her empire now Kim was looking forward to touring Scotland ,Veronica arrives and says “ your majesty with our new military base established in Amazon Cascade I will be able to send Sergeant Major Jessie to Amazon Scotland”. Kim said “ ok Veronica”.

Kim was very happy witt Alexis and Veronica now they are girls now she was happy with Veronica performance now as lieutenant colonel of her Amazon forces. Kim was extremley happy with Alexis since becoming Alexis from that stupid male name Wade she has been brilliant in her job.

Kelly walks in and says “ your majesty we have spoken to UN Security Council and they have accepted Scotland and Cyprus as part of the Amazon Empire”. Kim said “ good I need you leave soon for Scotland I will be heading there very soon and they have now got a Scottish military commander”.

Kelly said “ lieutenant colonel Veronica will be happy over that your Majesty”. Kim said “ I hope so Kelly and I will be sending defence minster Dr Betty as well”. Kelly said “ with your tour coming your Majesty will her highness Princess Shego and her highness Princess Misha will be comig with you”.

Kim said “ my girlfriend is coming but I am unsure about my baby sister if Misha wants to come it her choice with school now back for her”. Leslie said “ ok” Kim was heading to a room when Veronica came up and said “ your majesty we have found some more Middleton Cheerleaders”.

Kim said “ good put in the special area and I will have Bonnie and Hope look after them later”. Veronica said “ good you Majesty and I have deployed Seregeant major Jessie to Amazon Scotland she will stay there as we decide if we will invade England”.

Kim said “ it would be nice to have Amazon United Kingdom in our empire now”. Monique walks up to Kim and Veronica and says “ we have now Tim Raikes as our prisoner he is being held in the special Section in Endinburgh and new Prime minster has lived up to her side of the Bargain”.

Kim said “ she has I will inform her as part of her new responsibility will be to appoint a secretary for Cyprus as it wil be under Prime minster Helena Clake responsibility now”. Kelly said “ what about Tim Raikes your majesty as the minster of Cyprus”.

Shego over here the conversation and says “ what about commisoner Kate as the minster and make Sianna the deputy secret police comissoner she has the expreince now with Amazon Cascade and now Scotland “.

Kim said “the idea has it merrits I will inform Kate she is new Cyprus secretary and Lady Gaianna as secret police commissioner”. Kelly said “Major Pheobe will be upset that she was over looked for this promotion”

Kim said “I think she will be happy for Sianna will be deputy I have a funny feeling they will become more than friends an if so the law for lesbian relationship is very casual about it”. Kelly asks “why?”.

Shego said “ does her majesty have to answer that stupid question Kelly work it out I am her girlfriend so you think her majesty cares if your daughter and her BFF become girlfriends I don't think so as long they are not in love with stupid men”. Kelly said “ oh ok I under stand now your highness”.

Shego said “ good you have to understand if a Amazon women want be in love with another woman it her choice but if she wants marry a man she will most probbaly not now causee we hate that fucking gender but it will not be stop and if they are married before the wife is free she will have a choice not be with him”.

Kelly said “ I understand now your highness as justice minster and in charge of the law for the Amazon Empire I will make sure if a Amazon woman wants a divorce she will get it”. Shego said “ if the wife want her husband to become a woman because he is very influenced man in his job we will consider it”.

Kelly said “ it is against Amazon law for a man to own a any assets now they are only workers now or contruction worker for the empire”. Shego said “ yes if man still owns their business the empire can take from them and the man can jail time or even slavery for 7 months to 5yrs”.

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