Indeterminate sentence - Jenny & Stacie- Chapter 4 (conclusion)

(This chapter has been posted since April 2018 and has the least amount of reads of all the previous chapters. The last few paragraphs explain how and why our main character became so 'girly'. It's actually a poignant revelation. That explanation begins in the paragraph entitled 'Revelations'. I encourage you to read the final reveal.)


As we slipped on our two inch pumps I told Jackie that a good pair of four inch heels would make our legs look even nicer. We unbuttoned the top two buttons of our blouses and turned to hug each other. The hug evolved into a few kisses with each of us giving a few good natured tugs on each others ‘training wheels’. We broke off our kissing and strode, hand in hand, into the dining area with our ‘goodie bags’. We could catch the last 30 minutes of lunch.

Lunch – Day 25 or was it 35... or maybe 40?

We were freshly fucked and freshly waxed. We approached the lunch table. The entire table of girls turned to look. Stacie and Tracie were already seated. Comments of ‘Wow’, ‘fantastic’ ‘damn, they’re hot’ could be heard. As we got closer Jackie made a point of lifting her skirt to show off her new garter belt and stockings. Her name embroidered on her garter belt was noticed by all. Jackie snapped one of her garter straps for effect, smoothed her skirt and sat down at the table. I sat next to her.”Look, they also have matching gold hoops and manicured, blue nail polish, finger nails just like Stacie and Tracie” said Joan. “These aren’t hoops; these are ‘training wheels’ I replied. Most of the girls looked puzzled. Stacie and Tracie smiled at the inside joke and winked at Jackie and me.

“What do you mean by ‘training wheels’? Damn, you both seem so beautiful and radiant” remarked Fannie. “Those stockings make you look so smooth”. “We were treated to a full body waxing; legs, eyebrows and then the rest of our parts. We won’t need to shave anything for quite a while. We had a Brazilian wax treatment. Having our pubic areas done felt weird” I announced. “We’ll explain about the ‘training wheels’ later or you can ask Stacie or Tracie.”

Fannie pressed further with “How did you get the extra treatment… who did you have to fuck?” Jackie looked around the table and said “Trust me, we earned it. I’m not sure that the results were worth what I had to pay.” She was smirking. “I’ll explain later” I said. Tracie ventured, “Rose will love her goodie bag as they toss in an eight inch silicon dildo… I figure her vibrator will need to go to the shop for repairs soon.” We all laughed.

Lunch was over and everyone was to go for session 18 of voice modulation… where we were being taught how to sound more feminine. Marked improvement was apparent in every one of us; speaking in a feminine sounding voice was becoming second nature. I made sure that Stacie, Tracie and Jackie held back for a few minutes. I wanted to compare notes with the two other girls that had been ‘interviewed’ by Martha.

“How did it go for you two? I see you also got goodie bags but did you have to give Martha a blow job? Did you have a tightness test? Did you have a chance to 69 with each other?” I asked. Tracie seemed surprised “What’s a tightness test? Whatever that is we didn’t do it. Yes, we had to suck off Martha but only I was allowed to bring her to orgasm. She had a hint of some flavor in her sperm that I’ve never experienced before. No, we didn’t 69 each other. I have to tell you, she was hung like a horse and was three inches big. My jaw is still aching!” Stacie chimed in, “Her garter belt was downright beautiful and I think the ‘training wheels’ are a cute idea. I can hardly wait to try them on someone.” She reached over and gave my hoops two gentle tugs.

Jackie replied with “First off, when Miss Diane is naked it looks like she has a snake dropping from her crotch. And she has some real girth too. We did the sucking thing. I was ‘lucky’ to get the ‘gift’ of her seed. I didn’t think I would be hungry for lunch because she came so much. Because Jenny and I were so damn horny she offered us her couch so we could finish each other off. I just think she wanted to watch. And it gave her time to recover from me draining her so she could do the bullshit ‘tightness test’. At least we can check off a couple things off our requirements list. And I get to check off one additional thing from the list.”

I piped up, “Before we could leave she told us that we both had to undergo a tightness test. She poked us both… made us put our hands on her desk, lube her shaft and bend over.” Tracie and Stacie looked surprised. “So why does only Jackie get to check off being fucked off of the list?” I rolled my eyes and hissed “Think about the rules you ditzy girls!” Everyone looked over at Jackie. “That’s how we got the extra wax job. Miss Diane was trying to make up for an ‘accident’. Accident in my ass! That reminds me, I need to swap out tampons. You ladies go ahead and I’ll catch up.” ‘My ass!’ That’s a pretty funny joke when it isn’t YOUR ass.

Jackie made it to the voice training and it was soon time for dinner.


Nothing new or exciting. The enhanced femininity that the ‘special’ makeovers did for our appearances and deportment was noticed and appreciated by all. Comments about Miss Diane’s massive appendage and Martha’s girth were of great interest as was what a Brazilian wax feels like. I found my private parts being rubbed in search of stubble. Oh, the price of popularity!
Staff member Cindy brought out the most recent Score card. “Here ladies’ take a look. It’s time to pick up the pace. I’m also giving you the new dress code. It begins in two days. Your wardrobes will be updated soon.”

Score card #2

Oral --- Anal --- Vibrator

Rather than bore you (or brag) about everyone’s score, our count in all categories were dramatically higher than on our first Score Card. The special pharmaceuticals we have been consuming for so long were definitely making their presence know. Our inhibitions were almost non-existent and our libidos were off the charts. Thoroughbred stud horses are chaste by comparison to us. Life had evolved into a prolonged rutting season. There were no complaints. We were all skilled, and willing, male lesbians by now. We could start our own sorority!

As had become the custom, after a passage of time, the Program would increase their expectations of us. When we had become comfortable and proficient with a certain degree of our femininity the Program would up the ante. Pantyhose evolved to garter belts and stockings; Two inch heels became three inch. They wanted us to expand our girlishness. Toward that end we were given a new dress code after dinner.


New dress code effective immediately:

Everyone has progressed and so must your clothing. Heels will be an inch taller and their heels will be narrower. You’ve graduated from pantyhose to garter belts and real stockings.

Monday thru Friday lingerie: garter belts & nylon stockings (no pantyhose), boy shorts, French cut, thong or tap pant panties.

Monday thru Friday clothing: Dresses with a hem six inches, or less, above your knee. No skirts.

Weekends: short shorts with an inseam of 5 inches or less, leggings, mini skirt, sun dresses, one piece rompers, skirt and blouse, skorts with 5 inch inseam maximum, crop tops

At all times: complete makeup including lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, perfume, earrings, anklet, necklace, no less than one bracelet, 2 rings minimum, push up bra, with enhancements, that are at least a B cup (enhancements waived when you reach a natural B cup or larger).

Nail polish: Toes and finger nails must both be painted. Blue and other colors other than red are now permitted. Take advantage of the nail salon we are now providing.

Footwear will now have 3 inches heels: Kitten or pump heel styles. The wider court shoe heel worn previously is no longer an option. It’s time to learn to walk in real heels like other women. Your new shoes are in your room. Be careful.

Hair: No more wigs. Your hair is long enough to be styled. You’ll be scheduled to the beauticians soon. Layered bob, various pixie styles, bangs are some of your options. Check out the Dolly Parton options. Pony tails or longer hair styles when your hair length allows it. Beauticians are available for you on the weekends and will help you select highlights or hair color.

Sleepwear: Just as before - baby dolls, satin pajama set, Shorty night gown or a chemise. There will be no sleeping in the nude.


The days were all the same yet different at the same time. The learning was constant and so was the sex. Intimate details and techniques were shared.

Breakfast a few days later

Immediately after breakfast I was summoned to Miss Diane’s office and Jackie was told to report to Martha’s office. It was another ‘special’ one on one evaluation meeting. As before sex acts were required of us. About three hours later we met, by chance, at a pair of beauty chairs. Jackie noticed that Jenny’s gold necklace was now sporting a diamond on ring. Seeing this Jackie held up her necklace and wiggled a similar ring on her necklace that held a ruby. As we were sitting down Jackie asked “Leg wax?” I slight grinned and said “Nope, another Brazilian.” “Jackie leaned over, and in a loud whisper, said “Me too!”

As we were being attended to Jackie said “Nice ruby earrings.” “Yeah” I replied, “Those pearls look good on you.” Continuing, I quipped, “Do you know what this means since it came from Miss Diane?” pointing to my new rubies. I grinned and said, “It means I’m a better fuck!” That gave us a good laugh.

Everything had been waxed smooth, pubes, eyebrows, armpits and legs. We were minutes from getting out of the chair when Matron came in. She had what appeared to be a lunch box in her hand. “Please remain seated ladies. There’s something I want to give you both. You ladies have excelled in every category. It is my pleasure to give you each a second ear piercing.” While reclined the Matron inserted the proper stones in her gun and shortly we had two additional gems ear studs just above where the initial holes were. We both had ruby AND pearl earrings; dual piercings. We both exited our chairs and stood.

Displaying the most emotion we had ever seen, Matron gave us both a polite hug. Matron cupped each of our breasts and gave them a significant fondling. Nipples grew rigid. “Before I leave I have new C cup balconette demi-bras for each of you. It’s obvious that you need them. I hope you like peach color. Victoria’s Secret of course. Additional new bras are already in your dressers. Hand me your old bras, please.” We, by now were so well practiced in donning and removing our bras, that we only need one hand to reach behind our backs and snap out of our bra’s. We hung the old bras on the beauty chairs and put our arms into the new ones. Matron made sure to personally hook them up. She gave our straps a playful snap and gave us each a butt rub. If I didn’t know better I’d think she was hitting on us! “Good luck.” Matron turned and left.


Arriving at the lunch table late, because of our ‘beauty’ session, it was quickly noticed by the others that we both were double pierced and had new gem studs. We received a modest round of applause. Jackie piped up “Yes, we both got waxed again… in more ways than one!” “The things a girl will do just to get a free wax job” was tossed out by Joan. “Sure hope your knees aren’t sore” was Tracie’s comment. “Better not leave a puddle on the bench” said Rose. There was a lot of good natured finger pointing (some middle fingers to!).

Weeks became months

All the months we have been held should not to be construed as a raging fuck fest. Actual learning took place. In addition to the carnal aspect The Program also offered classes that included: Sociology of Sex Roles, anti-discrimination training, anger management, contributions of women in science and business, famous female inventors, gender sensitivity, female voice training, and a variety of similar courses to aid in our enlightenment.

To help provide the girls with a more feminine sounding voice, Adam’s apple reductions and tracheal ‘shaves’ were provided to the ladies that wanted them. No one turned them down. Additionally, The Program would provide us all with new State ID cards, with a photo of our newly feminine selves, so we could cash checks, travel and get on with our lives. The IDs would indicate gender as male. We would not be allowed to leave until our new IDs arrived. If anyone wanted to make ‘the final leap’ and transition to a fully functioning female that was up to each girl. We four wanted to remain ‘Chicks with Dicks’.

Mannerisms, deportment, attitudes and sex had become automatically feminine. Some did prefer to be the ‘bottom’. Hair styles, makeup and clothing choices became more sophisticated and sexy. Blow jobs became increasingly superb. Most of the girls had adopted my tampon technique even when there had been no sex.

They ‘Fabulous Four’ had decided to get matching ankle tattoos when we got out. We decided on a delicate, but colorful, humming bird. We were anxious to have them soon.

We ‘fledglings’ were trying out our ‘wings’. Somewhere, over the months, I had my shoulder length hair dyed platinum blonde, Jackie went red head. She really looked hot. It suited her well. Our ‘fluttering’ and desire to fly free had increased. We all were nervous. It would soon be time to leave The Nest. Key decisions had to be made.

Leaving the Nest – post breakfast

Our entire group of ladies would be leaving The Nest at the same time we were told. We all had ‘graduated’. Perhaps the threats of being held longer were false; perhaps a new group of trainees needed our space. It didn’t matter. We were all going to be able to resume our previous lives… if we wanted too. All the details would be told to us at any moment. WE were waiting for our new State IDs to arrive.

Leaving the Nest – post lunch: the IDs arrived!

A make shift living room had been put together a few weeks ago in the corner of the dayroom. It consisted of two coffee tables, eight chairs and some side tables. A large Persian rug and a couple of lamps completed the area. It was a comfortable place to kick your heels off, put your feet up and relax.

Stacie and I walked into the dayroom having just consummated our need for each other. We both were smiling ear-to-ear and were proudly holding our new State ID cards. We made our way over to join our friends, Jackie and Rose, who were already relaxing in the corner lounge. We plopped ourselves into a chair.

‘So what are you going to do now?’ was the topic among the Fabulous Four.

Rose began. “I know I don’t want to go back to living as a male. Maybe I’ll go back to school. Based upon my experience here speech pathology or audiology seems interesting. I would be helping people. It would be better than a boring office job.”

Stacie piped up next. “I really don’t want to go back to an accounting job. I was hoping to open a bed and breakfast place or maybe a transitional safe zone for wayward or troubled young cross-dressers. Jenny and I have thought about going into business together. We certainly have the experience!” We all chuckled and nodded our heads in the affirmative. Stacie continued. “Before I came here I had a few acquaintances… now I feel I have three good FRIENDS.” We paused and let that concept sink in. It was a touching moment. “What about you, Jackie?”

Jackie took a moment to think and flipped her hair back in a most feminine way and began her story. “For some strange reason I like this place. Not at first, but it has brought some order to my life and it put me in touch with my feminine self. For that I will always be grateful. I have heard that Martha is leaving The Nest to join her girlfriend somewhere in California. Hollywood area I think. I’ve already made a formal application with Matron. I think I could really help the new ‘girls in training’ headed our way. It would also provide an income, a roof over my head and a source for some beautiful clothes. And of course there might be some ‘tightness tests’ to administer.”

The girls turned their heads toward me and waited for my response.

I had been subconsciously playing with my double earrings. “I’m inclined to go along with Stacie’s idea. I think there’s a real need for a user friendly transitional environment. Younger cross-dressers are lost and confused. I think Stacie and I could help them get through a rough spot in their lives. In terms of adult cross-dressers I think we would get a LOT of referrals from The Nest, especially if we had someone on the inside.” I winked at Jackie and continued with: “For me it would be a labor of love. We could take advantage of the halfway housing offered us by The Nest which would save us almost a year’s rent. We could apply the amount we saved to our new business. Maybe The Nest would help us get it up and running, rent us a place on their compound.”

We four smiled at each other and leaned forward to grab hands, making a friendship circle. We held our grip awhile and with a final squeeze, let go and leaned back in our chairs. Contentment seemed to ooze from us all. A couple minutes went by and I loudly cleared my throat. I wanted their full attention.


“I have something I want to share with you. We’ve become special (and very intimate) friends as we’ve gone through the program. On more than one occasion you, and several others, have asked ‘How does she know about all these things?’ Two things in particular: my use of tampons and how I made crotch control panties from old pantyhose. Do you remember? “I sure do!” said Stacie. “I wondered where you got your expertise with eyeliner.” “There were a few other things that seemed odd” tossed in Jackie. I softly giggled and leaned forward in my chair to continue.

“My father taught me everything I know about make-up, lingerie and women’s clothes, and with my mother’s approval! Dad had been a cross-dresser since he was five or six. When I was four or five he’d sit me on his stocking covered knee and I’d watch him apply his make-up or nail polish. I would play with all his tubes and bottles of lipstick, nail polish, perfume, etc. I’d say ‘gimme gimme’ and he’d apply a light shade of lipstick on me, paint my nails or maybe run a mascara wand on my lashes. I can still remember the delicious tastes and smells. He’d ask me to hand him his bra or hose and I’d go get them. Knowing what I now know those activities are considered ‘girly’.”

“Mom didn’t mind any of it. She used to help dad with his dressing and make-up sometimes and eventually with me. In fact she gave me my first set of panties and a nylon sleep set for Christmas at age five; she gave me my first makeover at age seven. I’d started dressing as a girl at home at age six. They had my ears pierced at ten. I was wearing stud earrings in public then. At home I wore hoops or chandeliers and I always wore them on long car trip vacations. I still love their feel on my cheeks. I always wore age appropriate girl clothes and looked forward to birthdays and Christmas.”

“Mom was the one to show me how to properly shave my legs and it was dad that rolled my very first set of nylons up to my very first garter belt. It was our family secret.” I took a deep breath, leaned back in my chair, took a sip of water and continued.

“Mom was a would-be artist, painter and poet and thought that all the femininity would inspire my artistic side. Dad was a mid level office manager and always shaved his legs, wore lingerie under his suits and sport jackets. He taught me to wear an A cup starter bra under a T-shirt in order to go unnoticed. Shear, ‘nude toe’ hose and nylon tap pants were natural to me. We just never spoke about it or flaunted our ‘hobby’ to anyone.”

“Sex was never a part of any of this. I did learn, personally, how lingerie can cause erections and ‘wet spots’. Dad showed me the advantage that a panty liner provided. I know you’re wondering about my knowledge of tampons. I think it was when I was fifteen. I had been diagnosed with a severe form of IBS and diverticulitis. I was having problems with anal control; rectal leakage was a problem. Mom came up with the tampon solution. The thin panty liner Kotex, with wings, was dad’s inspiration. I have used them both frequently. Two years later I didn’t need either of those items but I was fully experienced in their use. I remember being extremely embarrassed when I lost the string to my tampon once. I thought I’d have to go the ER to have it located and removed. It took both of my parents to find and remove it. Dad kept pushing it deeper! As a side note, should this ever happen to you, an enema or two should flush it out. “

“Considering all that I just told you I hope you can see the irony of me being assigned to this program. I’m pretty sure I have the high femininity profile The Program was looking for.” I began to softly cry.

I had stopped speaking and the girls went silent as they tried to absorb what they had just been told. Tears were running down my cheeks. Tears were running down everyone’s cheeks. It took a couple minutes but all the girls stood up and silently motioned me to rise. Stacie, Rose and Jackie stepped over to me and created a four person hug. We were all quietly crying. Rose was going through a lot of tissues. It was a very tender moment.

Stacie went for a solo hug and kissed me tenderly on the lips. “I knew there was something. Thanks for trusting us so much as to share this. I couldn’t have had a better roommate or a better business partner.” Giving me another smooch she stepped back and let Jackie have her own moment with me.

Jackie and I embraced firmly and enjoyed the personal kind of kiss that only a lover could give. Jackie wiped her own tears and then, while holding my head gently in her hands, used her thumbs to remove the tears from my cheeks. “Damn, I love you!” Jackie said. You would never be able to find a happier group of male lesbians anywhere.

In a remote video monitoring room Miss Diane smiled, shook her head and laughed.

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