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Sissys Reckoning

Sissys Reckoning

By Julia Michelle
an abused stepson sissy returns for a little payback to those who took her life as a boy
Warning. This is a very violent story with extreme cruelty, torture and murder. Stephania is not the typical sissy.

You Are a Meany Chapter 11

Even with Lori not being able to bring up Luke’s petticoat punishment or call him Luka anymore, the next four years was more of the same for Luke. His mom would fall into the same trap of doing what was easy instead of the right course of action from time to time to bring peace. Appeasing Lori came from the frustrated Mother being on autopilot, and not having empathy for all involved. She only thought of herself and Lori. Little sisters were supposed to get on the nerves of their bigger brothers. Luke’s stoic front did not help Alice to have true empathy for the situation.

The Option

The Option
A Short Story
By Maryanne Peters

I did not recognise the name when I was told of my visitor. Although it had been a few years I recognized her as one the victims of the Pickton Prowler, a mass rapist who I had been instrumental in catching. After an exchange of greetings I sat to hear what she had to say.

“I was sorry to hear about your conviction”, she said. “There are many of us who truly appreciate what you did for us. We want to help. In particular Annie Haldane and the Mitchell Sisters want to help.”

Never Wanted To Be A Girl Chp.19

Raven and Clair couldn’t believe the hotel suite they were staying in. Wolfhart, Harris, and Jackal had picked them up and transported them to Augusta, Georgia for the trial. The law firm also assigned four bodyguards to protect her. One guy among her bodyguards looks like he could be the spitting image of the actor who plays Luke Cage from the Netflix series. His partner looked like she should be in high school or college. She stood about five-foot-tall and had a messy pixie cut hairdo.

You Are a Meany Chapter 10

After the beach vacation Fred was interacting a lot more with his family. He made it a point to know exactly what was going on in his home. When the loving father and husband asked about everyone’s day it was not just part of his greeting. He pried if anyone gave short answers. Also, anything out of the ordinary lead to Luke’s Lord Protector to become The Inquisitor. This meddling was going to put a delay on Lori’s revenge on Luke. The Brat Princess still had not forgiven nor forgotten about the transgression the commoner committed against the queen.

You Are a Meany Chapter 9

Most of the time there was no other place in the world where Tom Downey would rather be than the Lincoln Park Bike Park. Going there was special because the bike park was only open weather permitting. His parents would only take him there once a month during the school year and twice in the summer. The trip to the bike park not being common, made everything about the place even more special. To Tom, the expert level BMX course was the best in the world. The bike trail must be the longest and widest Tom had ever seen. Even the wooden picnic benches were comfortable.

You Are a Meany Chapter 8

Summer was the best time of the year for kids, and even with the added stress, for parents having the extra time to be with the kids was a mixed blessing. The kids having time to just be kids added to the parents’ responsibilities. Not one loving parent would complain about the increased difficulty in juggling work-life balance. At the same time, they did know the extra part in their life would add strain to their daily routine.

You Are a Meany Chapter 7

Luke and Lori were feeling anxious when coming home from dinner with Pappi and Memaw. The twins felt uneasy for different reasons. Luke was distressed because he knew his parents were fighting. He felt like the reason was because of him. Everything his mom was saying just to get peace weighed down on him. Words have meaning and those words were taken to heart. Because she never took his side, Luke started feeling he caused whatever went wrong.

The Hero, The Mouse & The Cheshire Pt. 14

Cheshire looks at her family as they sit around at the dining room table. Christine was glowing and Cheshire could guess that Christine has been enjoying herself. It was a good thing that she couldn’t get pregnant, but then again she figures Christine would make a good mother.

She looks at Tizzy and a smile appears on her face. She was so proud of how Tizzy turned out. She had been a scared malnourished, beaten
little boy, who was ready to end it all. Now she was a grown caring woman with a child of her own and a husband.

You Are a Meany Chapter 6

Lori requested that both her mom and her had their lunch on the deck while Luke and her dad were at the bike park. The Brat Princess wanted the time with her mom to be somewhere just as special. The seldom used deck was the perfect venue. It was elevated and had an awning for protection from the weather. Being attached to the sunroom made the deck seem bigger than its actual size was to Lori. The deck’s elevation along with their home being on a hilltop gave a great view of the Mon Valley. This vantage point made Lori feel so important on sitting on the deck.

You Are a Meany Chapter 5

For people who are on banker’s hours, the weekends are great for multiple reasons. The days named after Saturn and the sun are a break from their day to day routines. These days are used to relax from the stress of their life. These days are important to keep a good work/life balance. After having these two days people feel recharged and able to go back to the daily grind of their work. Lastly, after the break there is a reset. A restart to erase little disagreements which need no work other than time away to be amended.

The Puppeteer: Revenge-broker - chapter 08


The Puppeteer-Revengebroker coverart.png
People go about their lives in their own way. Some believe the world is against them. Some believe the world is their's. But when your world has been destroyed, what would you do? What would you pay, to get some part of it back. What would you pay, to balance those scales?
At what price; love? Safety? Sanity? Justice? At what price; Revenge?
*Warning- Does contain hyper-violence*


Sleeping Beauties Chapter 7

Sleeping Beauty.jpg
Chapter Seven – Heads or Tales

The Sleeping Beauty Killer is spiraling out of control. The power and domination that he projects over his family leads him to a very dark place. Penelope decides that drastic action is needed if they are ever going to catch the serial killer. This is the final chapter of this dark tale.

Sleeping Beauties Chapter 6

Sleeping Beauty.jpg
Chapter Six – You didn’t accidentally fuck her did you?

Bradley is interviewed by a beautiful, wily, television reporter who wants more than just the facts that the police are willing to release. Penelope and Bradley's relationship blues come to a turning point. Meanwhile the Sleeping Beauty Killer takes another victim.

Sleeping Beauties Chapter 5

Sleeping Beauty.jpg
Chapter Five – Felicity’s Proposition

The Sleeping Beauty Killer strikes again but this time there is someone who who figures out his identity because of media coverage of the case. Lieutenant Silvia Bickle has to provide an interview to an old flame which turns out to be quite confrontational and Penelope and Bradley are still having problems with their relationship.

You Are a Meany Chapter 4

The kitchen in the Walha’s household smelled of cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and ginger. The kitchen counter was a little bit of a mess. There was some flour, spices and sugar on it. Renee just finished mixing the batter and was pouring the batter in the cake pan. As she was handing the pan to her dad, the first-time baker could not be prouder of herself. Renee was going to be able to say she made the cake when she gave it to Luke.

Devil’s Island

The data block tells me it was an early twentieth century writer called Mark Twain who said ‘History doesn’t repeat itself, but often it rhymes.’ That was before the internet never mind the data block. I came to realise what that implied when it became obvious Julian was not a little boy.

Sleeping Beauties Chapter 3

Sleeping Beauty.jpg
Chapter Three – Teacher’s Pet

Now that the cops realise that they have serial killer on their hands they bring in an FBI profiler who Penelope at first dislikes because she thinks she is losing control of the case. Her drinking causes her more problems but maybe the new guy can help her with that. We get an insight into the serial killer's home life.

Sleeping Beauties Chapter 2

Sleeping Beauty.jpg
Chapter Two – She Devil

Transgender cop Penelope Bishop and her partner Silvia Bickle continue to look for their sex-crazed killer whilst Penelope is battles her own inner demons. The crime scene is unique and frustrating and Penelope hits a new low, even for her.

Sleeping Beauties Chapter 1

Sleeping Beauty.jpg
Chapter One – The Bride Wore White

Transgender cop Penelope Bishop and her partner Silvia Bickle catch a murder case involving a beautiful cocktail waitress murdered in her own home. Penelope is battling her own inner demons but will soon lock horns with a serial killer who has just begun his rampage.

You Are a Meany Chapter 3

Renee Wahla was fearless. When some of her classmates started to cry after finding out they hurt Luke she joined them. They started to cry because they were still learning to control their emotions. Renee, on the other hand, started to cry because she was not going to deny her sadness. She was in control of her emotions, but was never scared of showing them. Renee wearing her heart on her sleeve was the reason why she was Mr. Noth’s favorite student.

Laid Bare - Chapter 6

Chapter Six – Endgame

Adele wrestles with whether to tell Celia what happened to her in the mountain shack and does a little investigative work on her own. Adele and Celia are under pressure to lodge their case as Tammy's health deteriorates. This is the final chapter.

Laid Bare - Chapter 3

Chapter Three – Pretty Pink Panties

Adele meets the town's hunky sheriff who is one of the few people in town to offer her assistance. He takes her dancing at the Lazy Ace Saloon and afterwards things get hot.

Undercover Girl - Chapter 19

Undercover Girl – Chapter Nineteen

By Katherine Day

(Copyright 2019)

(Child welfare worker Marcus, now growing more comfortable as a woman named Miranda, is excited over renewing the relationship with his onetime Lesbian girlfriend. Meanwhile, he is in hiding from the gangsters of a suspected child trafficking ring.)

You Are a Meany Chapter 2

The next day at school was the first of many of the worst days ever of Luke’s life. Even with Lori being told not to tell anyone at school, she could not wait to share. Lori betrayed her brother and told everyone right after their mom dropped them off at the bus stop. As soon as the Brat Princess closed the car door, she opened her mouth and with joy in her voice Lori said “Luke likes wearing dresses.”

You Are a Meany Chapter 1

Alice Zahn was a stay at home Mom, but that did not mean she did not have a job. She worked from home part time as a reservation specialist for a chain of resorts. The job met her needs. It allowed her to bring in some money while being a stay at home parent. Feeling like she contributed economically to the household and having a parent whose primary focus was the kids were important to Alice.

Consent - Chapter 6

Chapter Six – The Verdict

Adele's case takes one final twist before the judge hands it to the jury for a verdict but it's after the verdict is rendered that the truth is revealed. It will be left for the reader to decide the true verdict.

I Shot The Sheriff

I Shot The Sheriff

It was the first Halloween I was allowed to go trick or treating without my brother. I was going with a number of my school friends and one of their mother's so mom thought it would be ok. Andy had a new part-time job after school and couldn't get off until late. He blamed himself for everything that happened.

It's My Party & I'll Cry if I Want To ~ Part 2

Janey had woken up with a problem. A HUGE problem! On Halloween Night she'd performed a magic spell that she hoped would turn her into a beautiful girl that the boy she was hopelessly infatuated would want to date, and it had. But her transformation had come with a tragic deformity that dashed all her hopes of ever becoming Bobby's Girl! To make matters worse her parents didn't recognize her now + had refused to believe she was their daughter, and called the cops on her, and now Janey was in jail for tresspassing + possibly some far more serious charges. This was a disaster---a complete and utter cock-up!---and she just knew her life was over...

Or was it?

The Sequel to BOBBY'S GIRL,

Part Two: Jailtime For Janey
Laika Pupkino ~ 2019

NOTE: IT'S MY PARTY + I'LL CRY IF I WANT TO is a direct sequel to my short 2009 Halloween story BOBBY'S GIRL, which you really need to read first, in order to avoid massive + possibly life threatening spoilers. Here is a link to BOBBY'S GIRL:

Consent - Chapter 5

Chapter Five – You Can Bin Them or Keep Them

The trial takes a twist when a shocking revelation causes the judge to consider ordering a mistrial. Meanwhile Peter Duffy finds Adele alone in her office late at night and tries his luck with her.

Overly Familiar

Overly Familiar

Kody Williams tries to get into the panties of the wrong Witch on Halloween and his mistakes will change his life forever.

Disclaimer: This is all Dottie's fault that I wrote something so short and silly. Talia wasn't there and had nothing to do with this, she swears it. snerk

Consent - Chapter 3

Chapter Three – Do You Love Me?

Transgender lawyer Adele and her cis female partner Celia are preparing to litigate a sexual assault case against four prominent businessmen. Adele's law firm would rather she didn't and they task her with bringing a new client on board using whatever skills she must. The new client provides Adele with some pertinent evidence for her case.

Consent - Chapter 2

Chapter Two – Not Tonight Cowboy

Transgendered Lawyer Adele Edwards is intent on obtaining justice for a young woman who claims she was forced to have sex with four men. She's so obsessed that she sends her best friend and lover to do whatever is necessary to get the case file. She even lies to the Partners at her law firm to hide her intent, she will not settle, she wants her day in court.


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