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My Husband, My Weekend Lesbian Lover

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A chance encounter presents a woman with the opportunity to shape a man into her ideal lover and husband. After they are married, a couple of events lead to a rekindling of her unfulfilled sexual desires from her college days. Unable to act directly, she drafts her unsuspecting husband into helping her live out those desires.

My Husband, My Weekend Lesbian Lover

By Zylux

Copyright © 2014 Zylux
All Rights Reserved.

The Pirate Captain's Girl

Captain Kathrine Wheeler is the terror of the seven seas join her in a thrilling adventure of daring, swashbuckling, and piracy. Will romance blow the young captain off course or will she stay true to her love them and leave them past.

Changing Dynamics


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When the judge made the final pronouncement of divorce, I had to fight back tears. I knew it was coming, had seen the writing on the wall for a while…but I still wish it wouldn’t have had to happen. The final settlement was good (much too good according to my lawyer)... no matter what happened I would never want for anything in my life. I held back my tears as I had been hoping to continue to live as man(ish) and wife, but I didn’t despair too much because our deepest relationship would never be over…after all, no mistress would willingly give up their most beloved slave girl.

Changing Dynamics


The Change

When I look back it's hard to say when I first noticed what was happening. After all, it was not some sudden and very obvious thing, it happened very gradually at first.

I think the first thing I noticed was that I was getting the beginnings of the dreaded "man boobs". For a very long time I was in denial of course, but eventually I reached a point where I could not avoid it.

The Demon and I Chapter 5

A beautifully d d3ac897b-935c-4eac-85c9-f88b374616d8.png

As we continued our preparations for the battles ahead, Adriana and I recognized the importance of honing my skills with Lucifer's Scythe despite the inherent dangers it posed. With that in mind, we crafted an imitation scythe to serve as a training tool, allowing me to familiarize myself with the weapon's style and techniques.

The Demon and I Chapter 4

Author's note: I finally finished up my next chapter of the Demon and I. I now have a better idea of where I am going to take this story.

As I gathered Kaen's hidden cash, the weight of our decision to leave weighed heavily on me. The condo, once a sanctuary, now felt like a trap. Adriana and I were now thrust into the middle of the war between heaven and hell. It was time to escape the grip of this war, where we were not enemies of both sides.

Enhancement Suits

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Diva Dismayed 24

Diva Dismayed: Chapter 24 – Revelations
The following day I was walking back from college with Alice, and we became entangled in one of those deep conversations that I dreaded. I never knew where they might lead, and I disliked having to lie my way out of making some admission or other.

“Thank goodness, today is my last day” she exclaimed.

I had no idea what she could be talking about. “Last day?”

“Of my period, silly. What did you think I meant?”

A Needed Change - Part Four

A Needed Change - Part Four

After demonstrating ‘the kiss’ to Steph, I hung around for a bit, chatting to her mostly while Rich just channel surfed, but we ended up painting each others nails with a nude polish and I absolutely loved it. It seemed to make my fingers look longer and I ended up staying the night, sleeping on a futon in a borrowed tee shirt and shorts.

A Needed Change - Part Two

A Needed Change - Part two

On Saturday I had no plans, and knowing it would be busy out I had no desire to go out there either. I made myself some French toast for breakfast and just sat about relaxing, wearing a simple cotton dress and just hung out really. While walking from one room to another I passed the intercom which buzzed, and without thinking I picked it up, cursing myself for doing it as I said hello.

“Beck, is that you?”

A Needed Change - Part One

A needed change - Part 1

I sat there and looked at the surprise on her face. I think she was expecting me to be nervous, not do what I just did, but I wanted to show her I was serious and it was the easiest way I could think of to prove it. I took hold of the end, pulling it back and looked at her, then I did it again, taking my hands away and waggling my eyebrows at her. I hoped she could see I was smiling, but instead I saw the door open and her boyfriend, Rich stand there looking at me.

Driven from Normal. (Extra A.I. Images)

Precision driver Simon McKenzie’s work week started reasonably normal with a job in Queenstown, New Zealand, driving a vehicle for a new TV ad being filmed there.

After only a few days, and a series of events that seemed to quickly snowball, the 23 year old found himself standing in a bar waiting for his new girlfriend to arrive… But, what wasn’t normal, is that it's him wearing who's little black cocktail dress…

Driven from Normal. (Extra A.I. Images)

Love Story - Chapter 9.6

I was overwhelmed with sensations all over my body.

There was a pull on my scalp where my wife's hands were pulling my braids. My lips felt buttery and smooth and velvety from the lipstick. I could feel my wife's soft lips on mine, her tongue in my mouth, kissing me deeply, smearing my lipstick.

Most of all, my body was contracting pleasantly, an after effect of the waves of pleasure that had washed all over me, centered in my groin.

I had leaked - that's right, leaked cum, which was pooled beneath us, on the floor.

"Wow, honey", she smirked at me, "You really are a woman"

Your New Little Sister

Sky is struggling to find a job, so he stays with his best friend Kelsey, but while she's away, he indulges in crossdressing and wearing diapers... until his best friend returns earlier than expected and finds her new baby sister! How will she respond, and what does this mean for their relationship?

Love Story - Chapter 9.5

Love Story - Chapter 9.3

It was the weekend after our agreed on week was over. Every day of the next seven days and more, the cage on on me.

It was easy to clean, while still on. It wasn't visible from my trousers. It helped me tuck and get a smooth front. Best of all, it wasn't uncomfortable or painful during normal wear. It actually felt very secure.

But, every morning, it felt like my dick was in a very tight tube. I never could sleep in with the cage on. Every morning, I took a cold shower.

Love Story - Chapter 9.2

I was woken the next day, by the most excruciating erection I ever had. Or tried to have. I was still locked in the damn cage.

I looked around the room for the key. I searched the flat, but I couldn't find the key.

Finally, I went to wake my wife, to find her woken up, due to all the noise I may or may not have made. She smiled and it looked like she knew exactly what was going on with me.

She came to me and gave me a slow kiss, which made me curl my toes, "Frustrated much?"

Love Story - Chapter 9.1

The next day she teased me relentlessly.

I did not dignify her teasing my a reply, but the memory of last night bought an unexpected feeling of acceptance. It felt like for the first time I was in my body.

"Look at you squirm. Your face is all red. Looks like your face enjoyed it more than you did!", she teased.

I kept my focus on the coffee cup. It was an interesting cup. Plain, but interesting.

"You looked really feminine in pigtails. They suit you. You should wear pigtails more often than that boring ponytail"

Love Story - Chapter 9

"How does it feel to be a woman?"

It was a beautiful morning and we were sitting in the balcony, taking in the view with a cup of coffee.

She had been unusually quite. She's not a chatterbox, but she usually has something to say. If nothing else, she will drop a teasing remark or two.

So to bring her out of the flunk, I asked her, "How does it feel to be a woman?"

She seemed to register that I was talking and looked at me, "Hmmm, what was that?"

"Honey, how does it feel to be a woman? Or rather what's the difference between me and you?"

Love Story - Chapter 7

Next day was our weekly off.

After breakfast, we were getting ready to go shopping for weekly groceries.

Just as we got into the mall, she said, "Maybe you should have your ears pierced here at the shop, since we are here anyways"

I replied, "What's on your mind?"

"Like I said, I wouldn't mind if you wore earrings and had long hair. Come on, let's get it done already"

She grabbed me by my arm and led me to the piercing shop in the mall. The artist approached my wife, thinking she was the one who wanted the piercing.

Stand-in Wife Part 2

This story contains crossdressing and sex. If you don't like sex stories, please don't read it.

I had a few sleepless nights after my encounter with Rob. I woke up from a dream where I was in an old TV ad. The Shake and vac woman was dancing in her heels and skirt, hovering up Shake and vac. She had my face. I remember seeing the ad on Youtube. She looked like a typical 1980's housewife. I found her a turn-on. The thing is, I didn't want to have her, I think I wanted to be her.

The Demon and I Chapter 2

Author's note: I have been asked by several of my readers to continue on with this story. I went through my old documents and found the notes I had made for chapter 2 before I lost all motivation to do anything. I started writing this at the beginning of my deepest depression. I just couldn't focus on anything or find the motivation to do anything. I am in a better place now and I hope that I can complete this story that so many people liked.

S(m)ister Wife

As soon as I woke up I knew something had happened. I felt the warm embrace of sleep slowly slip away. My mind tried to make sense of where I was. A hotel? I didn't remember getting there.

My head felt so heavy. I had almost no strength, this wasn't right. I tried to recall last night. I had been driving through the corn belt region of the midwestern United States. It had long been an ambition of mine to drive from Canada to Mexico.

Shroom Dungeon - First Delve (8/9)

Slowly, Tiberius is getting the hang of things.
One year ago he joined the adventurers Conway, Debtar, and Sinea as a freshly baked mage.
His new friends had been generous with their advice and friendship.
But when the topic of Shroom Dungeon is brought up, they are unusually mum about any details.
They agree on one thing quickly. It was time for Tiberius to delve into Shroom Dungeon.
A dungeon yet undefeated. A place to lose yourself.

Stories set in Shroom Dungeon deal with sexual themes.
Sometimes explicit. Reader discretion is advised.


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