String of Pearls


Miao Ling Grace and Siobhan Llewellyn are seemingly destined to be together. The pair learn later that Grace's brother Cretein and a girl he meets in college, Justine MacNamara, are integral to that destiny in ways that defy mere coincidence.

Though my first installment is easily acceptable to general audiences, later installments will have sections meant for adults only. That is to say:
At times, this story is not safe for work and truly not acceptable reading for those under 18.

Please enjoy my first story on Big Closet and feel free to leave comments of constructive criticism. I won't cry in my tea over some good advice. 8)

- Eclectic Kitty

Neighbourhood Terror to Sissy Pt.5

Chapter 5

At least he didn’t have to wait long for his bus to pull up. Not that it helped with any of his suffering. He vowed right there that he would never visit that store again. There were few people on the bus and yet he felt like all eyes were on him. Passing two girls his age at front he heard some whispers. “What the fuck, I never thought that store would ever have an actual customer.”

Killer Man-Eating Pussies

The title was originally a spam subject, snatched up as part of Malinov's "Exploding Nipples" contest in 1997-1998. I didn't actually write the story until years later, in 2006. Thanks to Denny Wheeler for proof-reading and catching some unfortunate blunders in the original ASSM post.

A Boy visits a Girl for a planned movie and dinner. Things get hot.

Feral Saga Chapter 13 - Treachery

Logan in Crisis

Feral Saga Chapter 13 - Treachery

by Nyssa

A Marvel X-Men Fanfiction starring Wolverine and Jean Grey

The thirst for a life now shattered permeates our thirteenth issue. Logan and Scott have rescued Storm from Sabrettoth’s lair, but at great personal cost. A cost that may soon be felt by Jean just as acutely. Logan must now find a way to move forward, to seize the chance at a life when everything feels as if it has turned to ashes in her mouth. And even with Sabretooth dead, Magneto continues to plot and plan, with mutants seemingly willing to sacrifice their lives for his “cause”. Can Logan hope to overcome her deep emotional wounds to find it in herself to care enough to continue to fight? And exactly what will she fight for?

Feral Saga Chapter 12 - Reckoning (Part 2)

X23_sketch by Jason Metcalf

Feral Saga Chapter 12 - Reckoning (Part 2)

by Nyssa

A Marvel X-Men Fanfiction starring Wolverine and Jean Grey

As we continue the twists of the twelfth issue in part two, Logan and Scott are deep inside Sabretooth’s hideout as they try to rescue Storm. But things are already diverging from their plans. A cloaked ship and a new mutant are also there, adding to the mystery. Unfortunately, Logan has discovered that Don has come on the mission and she now has to worry about him. What will happen when Logan finally encounters Sabretooth?

Feral Saga Chapter 12 - Reckoning (Part 1)

(Image after the break this time because, spoilers)

Feral Saga Chapter 12 - Reckoning (Part 1)

by Nyssa

A Marvel X-Men Fanfiction starring Wolverine and Jean Grey

As we face the twists of the twelfth issue, we have split our tale of reckoning in two, for this part is too big for just one issue. Logan is thrilled to find herself still female, even in the aftermath of the changes wrought by her mutant healing factor and the meddling of Neural Net (and, frankly, Hank). While she never would have suspected the fulfillment and love she could find as a woman, there is a rightness and hope she had never experienced before in her long life, at least what she could remember of it. But now she must quickly learn how to deal with her new self, because thrilled or not, there are still many challenges ahead. Challenges that will affect all of those she loves, and perhaps the world? Magneto and Sabretooth still have Storm and the Uncanny X-Men are still reeling and trying to react with no idea what Magneto is planning.

An unusual consultation

This is a short story based on a dream I had, that was still vividly present in my mind on waking up this morning. It will be part of my NaNoWriMo efforts this year, so it is copyrighted to Monique S ©2019. All of the characters in this are entirely fictional and hopefully do not have any similarity to people living in my surroundings. Should such a similarity exist I apologize up front as it is certainly not intentional.

Feral Saga Chapter 11 - End of an Era


Feral Saga Chapter 11 - End of an Era

by Nyssa

A Marvel X-Men Fanfiction starring Wolverine and Jean Grey

In the elevating, emotionally-charged eleventh issue, we will find out the fate of Logan now that her guiding template has been removed and her mutant healing factor is running rampant. Will Hank’s miscalculation prove fatal? How will her friends carry on without her?

Feral Saga Chapter 10 - Fatal Flaw


Feral Saga Chapter 10 - Fatal Flaw

by Nyssa

A Marvel X-Men Fanfiction starring Wolverine and Jean Grey

In the tenacious tenth issue, Logan will have to make life or death decisions. But each path will mean an end. Will she have the courage to carry on? Has Hank actually figured out how Neural Net transformed Logan and how that is affecting her? And what of Magneto and his plans? Will his ambush of the prisoner convoy be the key to unwinding his schemes or are they already too firmly entrenched for the Uncanny X-Men to defeat?

Feral Saga Chapter 9 - Revelation


Feral Saga Chapter 9 - Revelation

by Nyssa

A Marvel X-Men Fanfiction starring Wolverine and Jean Grey

In the nail-biting ninth issue, Logan will finally face-off against Sabretooth with Storm’s life in the balance. Will it be a fight to the death? Has she actually stopped the ambush on the prisoner transport convoy? If not, can the Uncanny X-Men make it in time to prevent Magneto from recovering his precious helmet and Mystique? What havoc would they wreak together? Logan’s date night certainly hasn’t gone according to plan!

Feral Saga Chapter 8 - Engagement


Feral Saga Chapter 8 - Engagement

by Nyssa

A Marvel X-Men Fanfiction starring Wolverine and Jean Grey

In the enthralling eighth issue, Logan will examine her future now that she has told Don that she wants to leave the X-Men. But will there be time for her to truly examine her feelings or will circumstances cascade towards crisis? Can she move on and find happiness, or will she be drawn into the morass of Magneto’s schemes?

Feral Saga Chapter 7 - Choices


Feral Saga Chapter 7 - Choices

by Nyssa

A Marvel X-Men Fanfiction starring Wolverine and Jean Grey

We return with our sensational seventh issue, with Logan testing the limits of her abilities and trying to figure out her place in the X-Men. But she has a lot of unresolved fears and confusion about who she really is now, and what her memories of Scott mean for her and her relationship with Jean. Now that  Magneto has made his next bold move, can the Uncanny X-Men finally see a plan forming, or is he still several moves ahead?

Feral Saga Chapter 6 - Gathering Storm


Feral Saga Chapter 6 – Gathering Storm

by Nyssa

A Marvel X-Men Fanfiction starring Wolverine and Jean Grey

We return with our sensational sixth issue, with Logan having finally accepted that she is a woman, but possibly having even more questions about who she is and the effect the transformation has had on her powers. Jean seems truly committed to the new Logan, if not exclusively, but does she really know the person who is emerging and has she really dealt with her own demons? And what of Magneto’s grand plan now that the base was discovered to be a ruse with Mystique posing as Magneto? Will the Uncanny X-Men be able to learn what he is up to, or are they too late?

Von der Reiterin zum Missionar

Ich bin nunmehr seit über 5 Jahren mit meiner Freundin zusammen, aber irgendwas hat sich für uns beide immer komisch angefühlt, auch schon vor unserer gemeinsamen Zeit.

Ich war schon immer der eher zurückhaltende und devote Typ und meine Freundin eher durchsetzungsstark und dominant, für die Rollenverteilung von Mann und Frau also genau anders herum.

Mich haben Frauen schon immer fasziniert und so kam es, dass ich irgendwann auf Transgender-Seiten im Internet gelandet bin, wo sich Männer in Frauen "verwandelt" haben, um ihr Äußeres dem Inneren anzupassen.

Feral Saga Chapter 5 - Scents


Feral Saga Chapter 5 – Scents

by Nyssa

A Marvel X-Men Fanfiction starring Wolverine and Jean Grey

In this Special Mega Publication, our frenetic fifth issue, Wolverine, still trying to find a way to deal with a new reality and desires, must go deep into enemy territory to gain vital information about Magneto’s latest gambit! Jean fears she will lose Logan forever, yet must still face the ramifications of her own actions. It seems Magneto’s war on humans will escalate to a massive scale unless the X-Men can foil his plot. But do they really know what is going on?

Feral Saga Chapter 4 - New Player


Feral Saga Chapter 4 - New Player

by Nyssa

A Marvel X-Men Fanfiction starring Wolverine and Jean Grey

In this, our fantastical fourth issue, we find the Wolverine dealing with the sensations, emotions, and urges resulting from the transformation process and Jean trying to decide where her love, loyalty, and even anger will lead her! As the Uncanny X-Men continue to adapt, there are new players and new schemes unfolding. Can they respond to this rising level of threat before they are torn apart in a game that they have yet to fully understand?

Feral Saga Chapter 2 - Betrayal


Feral Saga Chapter 2 - Betrayal
by Nyssa

A Marvel X-Men Fanfiction starring Wolverine and Jean Grey

Wolverine is a mystery, even to himself. But he is also a survivor. His incredible healing ability has brought him through crisis after crisis.  A loner, he is learning to be a part of a team - the Uncanny X-Men. With the help of Professor X and Jean Grey he is learning to trust and, in the case of Jean Grey, to love (even if it isn’t returned the way he would hope). But what if everything that has helped him survive, or is now helping him cope is turned against him? If his fragile hold on his very identity is shaken beyond anything he could ever imagine? How will the Wolverine survive when he can’t claw his way out or heal himself? Will rage devour him and lead him into the unending madness of a mindless, desperate wild creature, or is there another way - a way he could never have anticipated? Can he find his way before the X-Men are ripped apart?

Obviously, I do not own any of these characters and have not sought permission to use them. This is simply a fanfiction and should not be considered an official Marvel publication. However, I do retain all rights to my content and do not give permission for this story to be published elsewhere without my express consent.

In this, our second-ever issue, there’s some superhero-style violence and related tension as the action ramps up and plots begin to unfold. The game is afoot (whoops, wrong story)! There’s also people dealing with what just happened and what it means about .. Uhh, nope, sorry - spoilers…

Der Badeanzug, der mein Leben veränderte

Mein Name ist Jess.

Ich bin ein 17 Jahre alter Junge, der einfach durchschnittlich ist.

Ich sehe nicht besonders gut aus und komme bei den Mädchen auch nicht sonderlich gut an.

Was mich allerdings schon immer fasziniert hat, sind Badeanzüge.

Zum Glück weiß nur niemand davon, sonst wäre das Gelächter in der Schule ziemlich groß.

Die Mädchen sehen in ihren Badeanzügen im Schwimmunterricht immer so geil aus, dass ich meine Erektion bei diesem Anblick immer wieder schwer zurückhalten muss.

A Vial Mistake Part 1

A Vial Mistake
E. M. Pisek

     At a bar a man tells of where he and his wife still wished for a family as they approached old age and his wife's beginnings of menopause. The bartender, with different shades of eyes, offers a possible solution.

Halo Cast

Halo Cast


Synopsis: When Josh was wheeled into the emergency room he didn't care what was plugged or poked into him. When his landlady arrived an hour later he was just beginning to wake up and only then did he realize he wasn't riding his bicycle anymore. Then he saw his landlady and remembered he had made her his contact in case of an accident. That's when he also saw the disposable he was tapped into.

Deep Cover - Epilogue






Scott looked over at the mousy brunette seated across from him and sipped his coffee.  It was hard to believe it had been two weeks since he’d seen her last.  She was dressed in a light sundress and sandals and had applied makeup for the first time since Scott knew her.  She adjusted her sunglasses and took a sip of the mocha leaving bright pink lipstick on the rim. 

“This is nice.” 

Deep Cover Chapter 5



Chapter Five



‘I never imagined that I’d be attending my own funeral.’ Rhonda thought looking down at the closed casket.  The funeral home was mostly empty with only a few of Rhonda’s friends from the Agency attending.  Director Cox had acted quickly once news of the events at the prison was public. 

Deep Cover Chapter 4



Chapter Four



Scott looked around at the group.  Ironmonger, Dreadnaught and Vulcan had elected to change into digital camouflage uniforms with Vulcan adding ceramic plates and ballistic cloth body armor to his gear.  Dreadnaught had strapped a .50 Cal to his back along with ammo while Ironmonger had picked an M134 minigun going for a lighter round but greater rate of fire. 

“No extra firepower?”  Ironmonger asked looking at Vulcan. 

Deep Cover Chapter 3



Chapter Three



The rumble of a truck moving past the van woke him and for a moment Scott didn’t know where he was.  Then he remembered yesterday.  He reached up and felt the soft flesh on his chest.  Fatalistically he slid a hand between his legs and found his sensitive feminine sex.

Deep Cover Chapter 2



Chapter Two



Scott normally didn’t care much about how he looked, well excluding the week he’d spent as “Rhonda,” but tonight he knew that he needed to look his best.  His light brown hair was slicked back and the designer black jeans and shirt were intended to show off his athletic build. 

High School Reunion: Bromance on Pacific Crest Trail – Chapter 2 of 3


Connie replied, “I’m looking forward to getting to our campsite too. My nipples are on high beam and are tenting my bra. Too bad I didn’t bring my underwire push up bra or I’d show you some real cleavage.”

Bonnie discreetly repositioned his penis to make walking easier. That action by Bonnie made Connie smile. It seemed as if they both had a fresh bounce in their steps; an urgency to reach camp.

With Connie’s help Bonnie began a slow and considerate penetration. It felt warm, snug, comforting and long overdue.



100 (49).jpg

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to locations, persons living or dead is purely coincidental. There is also sex between consenting partners over the age of 18 which may include sexual fetish elements and role-playing. As always I write this for your enjoyment. A comment if able would be greatly appreciated. Hugs Mary Beth.

TG Techie: Chapter 47: Hell of a Rig

Hell of a Rig

Mom and I sat in the living room to eat the pizza. Pizza is not really a family dinner food. Pizza demands to be eaten while you watch a movie or something. But we aren’t really a TV family. I mean we have a TV… somewhere. I hooked the PS4 up to it so that mom could watch Netflix. But mom watches Netflix while she knits, reads a book, and listens to political podcasts. You can’t really add a piece of pizza to that.

TG Techie: Chapter 46: Evidence


Breathe in. Slowly. Slowly. Breathe. I kept my eyes closed but I sat up. When I opened them Bree handed me a flask. I pulled, not because I wanted to but because that seemed like the thing you did when someone put a flask in your hands. And I coughed, because it was straight whiskey. And I handed it back.

I smoothed the bodice of my dress down. I ran my fingers through my hair and messed it up.

Well that was every calming mechanism I had that I knew of, I turned to Autumn, “Can I have a cigarette?”

TG Techie: Chapter 45: The Basement

The Basement

That sentence set off a 40 minute conversation among those that were on. And because Discord has a phone app that was everyone except Sarah and Big Davey who just weren’t as connected as they should be. I hedged on the alien thing for a little bit. Yes I really did know an alien, would you all like to meet it because it can happen. No, I didn’t have any proof of the alien. No I was pretty sure he wasn’t running the government. No it wasn’t Q, whoever that was.

TG Techie: Chapter 44: Arrangements


I wish that I had blanked out how the rest of that school day went. I haven’t. The two of us got the headset all fixed up, made a compelling back story with character development, three act structure, and tragedy. Then we didn’t use any of it because people looked at my tail, saw the safety pin, and figured it out.

Everyone asked if they could touch it, and by everyone I mean two people. I explained why they could not and they didn’t. Crisis (nominally) averted.

TG Techie: Chapter 43: Tail


I rolled out of bed, and checked to see if I had a penis that morning. That morning I didn’t. Score. Wait, no. That meant is was still a girl. Yeah, but a girl without a penis.

Out of the shower I stood in front of my closet and stared for a long time at The Outfit. I could have worn The Outfit a long time ago. I had not for one simple reason. Ever seen Lysistrata? That reason. Probably a worse problem in a dress than in a toga though.

TG Techie: Chapter 42: Happy Little Trees


Mom dropped me behind the stage, and I felt the first cramp right as I got out of the car. That may explain a little of Autumn’s behavior today. Synchronization may be a very stupid good idea.

I was ten minutes late, and would have missed the meeting. Gwen needed mom’s signature on some stuff. My ears felt sore, and heavy. That was because there were little tyrannosaurs biting them of course. Goddamn it.

TG Techie: Chapter 41: Piercing



“So what?”

“So are we going to talk about it?”

“Talk about what?” This was a text conversation I’m considerately putting into conversation form, between Big Davey and me. I was zoning out and trying not to remember the way his lips closed over the head of my phantom dick, while I browsed instagram. My phantom dick had not made an appearance in the two days since it had been sucked to completion. In the time since I had told no one and while it filled my fantasies I wasn’t eager to talk about it.

TG Techie: Chapter 40: Funnel Cake

Funnel Cake

I woke up at 8 AM the next morning feeling great. This hangover thing was a piece of piss, I didn’t know what everyone else was complaining about. My head didn’t even hurt. I checked my email, screwed around online for a half an hour, and figured I might as well go back to bed.


TG Techie: Chapter 39: [XXX] Fantasy


Big Davey lead me through the party, a deeply mussed Misty. No one whipped out a camera to show our mutual walk of shame. And in any case my debauching was going to be much less news worthy than the videos that had already been taking.

Like right now through the patio I could see a bunch of people, phones out, shooting the impromptu pool party. As predicted, the casual drinkers and hangers out had gone home, and this was the point where the serious teen aged alcoholics would be blacking out. Best capture the party with your pocket memory.

Sold, Chapter 1

I’ve had this story floating around in my head for a while now. This could be chapter one or simply a little taste. Y’all will just have to let me know.


“Yes, mom. I’ve heard the story before, maybe a hundred times. I remember that both of you emigrated from Poland twenty years ago hoping to find a new life in America.”

TG Techie: Chapter 38: [XXX] Blowee


It was later. The world was a long way away from wherever I was at that second. It was like looking at everything through a wide angle lens. Even my hands were several feet away from me. Only they were right there too.

TG Techie: Chapter 37: Drinks


“Then she stabs his hand with a pen and says ‘Trade you, gun for pen!’” Autumn was explaining her costume. It was leather (well, vinyl) and purple and pink. She’d had Rachel’s help adapting it from a motorcycle jacket, a ski mask, and a one piece swimsuit. She was unhappy that she hadn’t got the boots done in time for Halloween, but was looking forward to finishing them over winter break. Or spring break. In time for Comic Con anyway.

TG Techie: Chapter 36: Penis



It was a week later. I had sucked 5 dicks. I had been eaten out 4 times. One of those times Bree had put her thumb just over my pucker and I had squirmed until she took it away. Then at night I still thought about it. I had been finger banged once. It occupied the majority of my fantasies now.

Then I woke up with a penis in my hand.

It was mine.

TG Techie: Chapter 35: Post Mortem

Post Mortem


This seems as good a time as any for a feelings check, Aisling. I was laying—Bree in my arms—in a dazed stupor. Around 90% was feeling of afterglow like the trinity site. 10% of me was trying not to panic.

I counted the ways one could experience oral sex, and decided that, of 8, I had experienced 3 in one day. The oppourtunity to cross of “as female, recieving male,” was present all around me. If I hadn’t orgasmed so hard my tonails hurt still, I might try to get an even 50%.

TG Techie: Chapter 34: [XXX] Blowjob



Bree was waiting for us when we got back to the stage. She caught my eye and put a finger to her lips. Everyone was looking over Autumn’s drawings on the wall.

“So is that everything we need?” Susan was asking.

I put the tapes and the square back where I found them, while Autumn went over and looked at the list Susan had in her hand. Her cheeks were still a little flushed, and there was dust in her hair and on the seat of her pants. “Are these the miscellaneous flats?”

Susan mmm-hm’d.

Godmother Chp. 1

"Henry, I got a new assignment for you," my boss told me, slamming a small stack of papers down on my desk, "You ever hear of the 'Godmother'?" I gave him a nod to confirm. "Great, that makes things easy," he said, already turning to leave, "See you tomorrow."

It can happen to the best of us

It can happen to the best of us.

I was never very lucky with my family. My parents, while intellectuals, due to financial problems sank slowly into alcoholism. On top of that I had two older half sisters, both already married, who thought themselves fit to give advice. The eldest, Ruth, actually told me at one point I needed and exorcist.
Being a Rock & Roll roady, into astrology and a transgender woman never sat well with them and even my younger brother, who was a real acid-head, broke contact with me in the end. The only one I got along with reasonably OK was the younger of my two sisters, Bärbel, even though she was married to a professor, who was teaching teachers at university level and was, in my uneducated opinion, a total failure in respect of the eduction of his own child, my nephew Christian.

Click Bait Fate 3


“Wow! My entire face looks better. I love what you did with my eyes.” His hand involuntarily fingered his earrings. He leaned over and gave Jackie a gentle kiss. “Thank you” he said. Jackie returned his kiss with more ardor and said “I’m glad you came over today Mike; it makes me feel pleasantly slutty too.” Jackie tweaked Mike’s panties and kissed him again.


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