Pillow Talk 5

Pillow Talk
Michele Nylons

Chapter Five – Braciole

The first plate whizzed past Frank Caputo’s right ear and crashed into the wall, closely followed by a second that skimmed off his shoulder and shattered on the floor.

“For fuck sake Michelle if I wanted this fucking drama I’d go home to Benedetta,” Frankie whined, but he was laughing drunkenly.

“Why don’t you then? You can fuck her and Rita Cordova both for all I care!” Michelle threw another plate that flew well wide of Frankie.

She and Rita had agreed that they wouldn’t tell anyone about them being fucked by the two vice squad detectives. There was no agreement when it came to Frankie still fucking Rita after installing Michelle as his goomah.

The more Michelle thought about it the more livid and inflamed she became. If Frankie was fucking Rita, then you could bet that the rest of the girls knew about it, which made Michelle a laughing stock in their eyes.

“Well are you? Are you still fucking Rita Cordova?” Michelle had run out of plates and threw a saucer this time.

“So what if I am? I never said we were exclusive!” Frankie roared.

He turned his back and slipped out the door, slamming it behind him as another saucer crashed into it.

Michelle was dressed in a blue satin-sheath evening gown, black bra, panties and suspenders, black fully-fashioned stockings and blue high heels ready for her evening shift in the Gentleman’s Club. Her makeup, which had been perfect, was now ruined, her eyes blackened by running mascara.

Her tears were not caused by pain or even jealousy; they were tears of anger bought on because Frankie had lied to her, telling her that besides his wife Benedetta, Michelle was the only other woman he was having sex with.

Michelle left the kitchenette and retired to the bedroom to fix her makeup when she heard the front door again. She turned to face the bedroom door and was surprised when Frankie pushed Rita Cordova into the room.

“So you couldn’t keep your mouth shut Rita! And Michelle; you got a temper like a wildcat!” Frankie said firstly to Rita and then Michelle.

Rita glared at Michelle and Michelle shook her head unspeakingly indicating that she hadn’t told Frankie about being ravaged by the detectives in her office.

“So now you know I’ve been fucking both of you!” Frankie had been drinking all afternoon and was in no mood for temper tantrums from his women.

“So Michelle; now you can take your revenge. You can fuck Rita while I watch,” Frankie roared.

“You’re drunk!” Michelle spat and made to walk past him.

Frankie pulled her to him violently.

“Do what I say you puttana!” he pushed Michelle and she stumbled on her heels onto the bed.

“You too cagna!” he called Rita a bitch in Italian and threw her on the bed too.

Rita was also wearing an evening gown; red satin split up one side. The split opened to reveal her long legs sheathed in sheer taupe pantyhose.

“So let’s make things even. Suck her cock!” Frankie said in a drunken drawl.

“Don’t be absurd!” Rita scrambled on the bed, trying to get up.

Frankie pushed the two women back down on the bed. He was a big man and very strong.

“Ok! Enough! Both you bitches do as I say!” he growled.

“I wanna see a show. You both know I got a thing for women wearing nylons so I wanna see my women put on a show just for me!” Frankie snatched up a bottle of bourbon and drank directly from the bottle.

Michelle and Rita looked at each other and realised that Frankie meant business.

Rita nodded her consent to Michelle; they had made out with each other before so what was the difference? Michelle nodded back.

“Ok Frankie. Here is your show,” Michelle took Rita’s hand and placed it on her calf.

Rita drew a sensual line along Michelle’s stocking with a manicured bright-red fingernail.

Rita’s finger traced the backseam to the dark welt at the top of Michelle’s stocking. She lazily circled the silky textured fabric and flicked at the silver garter tab.

“Don’t you find it rather archaic though; wearing stockings?” Rita began to stroke Michelle’s gossamer-sheathed thigh.

Michelle trembled at Rita’s touch.

“But pantyhose can be just as sexy don’t you think?” Rita lifted a toned, translucent-sheathed leg.

Michelle couldn’t resist and reached out to stroke it delicately.

It was Rita’s turn to shudder.

“Mmm. They are very soft and sheer. Are they sheer-to-the-waist?” Michelle's hand disappeared inside the split in Rita’s dress to explore the top of her thighs.

“And satin panties over your pantyhose…I like that too,” Michelle skimmed her fingers across the front of Rita’s panties.

“Yes and you too,” Rita’s fingers delved inside the split in Michelle’s dress and found her black satin and lace panties.

The two coquettes grazed fingers across panties and gazed at each other licentiously.

Michelle scooted over to make room for Rita who crawled across the huge bed and lay beside Michelle; they stared at each other and then Rita reached out gently stroked Michelle’s face.

“Best we do what our old man tells us,” Rita sighed and leaned into Michelle and kissed her.

They touched tongues as their lips pressed together and then pressed their bodies together.

“I didn’t know you were a lesbian,” Michelle whispered in Rita’s ear.

“I am when the woman has a cock,” Rita grinned.

“Jesus! You two are fucking hot!” Frankie gasped.

The women kissed and entwined their legs, rubbing their pelvis’ together whilst unclasping each other’s dresses so they could pull the bodices down. Then they removed each other’s brassieres. Rita had full breasts whilst Michelle’s were small and pert. They pressed their breasts together as their ardour grew and they kissed frenziedly.

“Christ you girls got me going,” Frankie began to undress, almost falling over because he couldn’t take his eyes of Michelle and Rita.

Michelle and Rita caressed each other’s bosoms, Michelle was impressed with the heft of Rita’s pendulous breasts and tweaked her swollen nipple whilst Rita was able to fit all of Michelle’s small breast into her mouth and lap at her teat with the tip of her tongue. Michelle lowered her face to Rita’s chest and suckled on her fat, hard nipples. They both enjoyed the breast-play whilst grinding their groins together and rubbing their legs against each other’s. The room was filled with the sound of whimpers, gasps, slurps and the rustle on nylon on nylon.

Michelle lifted Rita’s face to hers and kissed her, their breasts squeezed together as they hugged and caressed each other.

Hands went exploring under dresses, lazily sliding up nylon-sheathed thighs, caressing and groping as passions peaked. They hiked their dresses up out of the way so that they could access each other’s groins.

Rita slid her fingers along the soft skin above Michelle’s stocking-tops and slipped them inside the leg of her panties. She had been here before and she soon found Michelle’s penis taped between her legs. She ripped away the surgical tape and Michelle gasped in Rita’s mouth as her semi-erect penis sprang free and her testes lowered into her scrotum.

Michelle reciprocated and her fingers slithered inside the leg of Rita’s panties and found that Rita was wet and had saturated the crotch of her pantyhose. Michelle smiled too, and used her finger to trace the outer folds of Rita’s sex. Rita gasped and opened her legs, encouraging Michelle to explore further; she gripped Michelle’s penis and began to improve her erection.

Michelle responded and dug her fingernail into the translucent fabric of Rita’s pantyhose gusset until it parted. She poked her finger in the hole and enlarged it. Without hesitating she pushed her fingers into Rita’s sopping maw and explored the slick folds and contours of her vagina, sliding a finger inside and using her thumb to press on her clitoris.

Rita arched her back and gasped. She gripped Michelle’s now fully tumescent erection and squeezed and then released it. She languidly ran her fingers up and down its length and slid the pad of her forefinger on the fraenulum using the copious amount of pre-ejaculate leaking from Michelle’s cock to lubricate her shaft.

Their kissing became frantic and manic as they pawed at each other. Their bodies were pressed close together with their hands enthusiastically manipulating each other, their sheer-nylon-encased legs entwined and entangled.

Michelle rolled over so that she was straddling Rita, her cock was pressed into Rita’s crotch; rubbing on her soaked cunt through her satin panties. Rita’s raised her hands and held Michelle by the shoulders.

“Put it in her Michelle! Fuck that whore!” Frankie was now naked and stroking his huge cock while he watched his two lovers.

“Yes put it in me Michelle,” Rita groaned.

Michelle eased aside the crotch of Rita’s panties and pressed forward, her glans parted Rita’s labia and pressed against her hooded clitoris.

Rita rose on her haunches pushing up; she wanted that hard cock inside her. She was so excited to have the beautiful young woman with the hard cock lying on top of her, about to penetrate her.

Michelle smiled down at Rita, she enjoyed teasing Rita, rubbing the tip of penis on Rita’s engorged clitoris but Michelle too wanted release.

She pressed her haunches forward and her cock slid inside Rita’s sopping, buttery vagina. She lay between Rita’s legs and pushed it in all the way so that her pubic bone pressed on Rita’s pubis, stimulating her clitoris while her shaft inched slowly back and forth inside Rita’s tight sheath.

Michelle heard the bedsprings creak and then felt the bed sag behind her. Then she felt Frankie's hands on her waist as he hunched down over her, his cock slipped inside her panties exploring her crevice, searching for her sphincter.

Frankie groaned as his long, thick, hard cock slid inside Michelle’s anus. Michelle grunted as her ass was filled with hot throbbing cock.

She lowered her face to Rita’s as Frankie entered her.

Michelle and Rita kissed; their moans stifled by crushed lips and slavering tongues. Rita lifted her legs and locked them around Michelle's waist so she could raise herself and grind her mound against Michelle and encourage her to thrust her cock in out of her vagina. She wanted to be fucked.

“Fuck me you bitch! Fuck me!” Rita gasped.

Frankie gripped Rita’s ankles as he squatted behind Michelle, his cock buried in her tight ass.

Michelle slowly eased her phallus in and out of Rita’s tight juicy passage; Rita’s nylon-sheathed legs scoured her flanks encouraging her, her highheels raked Michelle’s side. Michelle responded and fucked Rita with long hard strokes, extracting her glans to Rita’s entrance and then thrusting inside her, smashing their pubis together.

Frankie got into sync with Michelle and thrust forward on Michelle’s backstroke as she fucked Rita. Michelle was feeling sexual excitement and sensuality like she had never experienced in her life. Her cock was buried deep in Rita’s tight, slick cunt whilst her anus was filled with Frankie's enormous throbbing cock.

The three lovers rutted and fucked each other, encouraging and goading each other with their mouths, their legs, their bodies and their sex. Rita’s vagina rippled with exquisite sensations of pleasure as Michelle fucked her, her clitoris was palpitating with sensual delight. Frankie's cock was sheathed by Michelle’s tight anus, pressing against her prostate. Their orgasms were building like a volcano about to erupt.

Michelle sensed Rita’s urgency as she bucked and wriggled beneath her, clinging to her like a boat in a storm. She could also feel Frankie quicken the pace as he fucked her hard and fast and sensed her own orgasm building. The feel of Rita’s silky legs on her skin, the pressure of Frankie's phallus on her prostate and stretched sphincter, her own panties caressing her scrotum intensified the sensations she felt from her throbbing penis as it pounded away at Rita’s slick tight hole.

The three lovers clung to each other and fucked, oblivious to the world around them. Rita came first, screaming obscenities as she scratched and pawed at Michelle, forcing her mound against Michelle’s pubis. Her cunt quivered and rippled; incredible feelings of pleasure surged through her vagina as Michelle’s cock pulsed and swelled, spewing forth a torrent of hot semen deep inside her.

Frankie came next, barely hanging onto Michelle as she writhed and bucked beneath him. His cock quivered and ejaculated his scalding issue deep inside Michelle’s anus.

Michelle clung to Rita, driving her down into the bed as she swivelled her hips and ground herself against her pubis, emptying herself as Frankie emptied himself inside her. She gasped and groaned with the intensity of her orgasm as her cock convulsed and her anus constricted and sent shockwaves of pleasure through her body whilst milking Frankie of the last of his seed.

The three lust-ravaged lovers lay gratified and exhausted in a tangled heap.

Frankie's erection finally became recumbent and he extracted it from Michelle’s anus. A stream of his semen followed and dribbled from her sphincter. He slid her panties back into place to absorb his ejaculate. With a little difficulty Frankie extricated himself from the girl-sandwich and lay down on the bed beside them and reached for his cigarettes.

Michelle rolled off Rita, slipping the gusset of Rita’s panties back into place to soak up the spend dribbling from her cunt.

She lay beside Frankie and took the offered cigarette and passed it on to Rita. Michelle took another cigarette and the three of them lay side by side panting with exhaustion and coming down from their respective orgasms as they smoked.

“Well that was different,” Michelle suddenly guffawed.

Rita reached out and playfully spanked Michelle’s thigh.

“I guess that’s one word for it,” she snorted.

Frankie had fallen asleep and Michelle extracted the cigarette from his fingers and stubbed it out. Then she stubbed out her own and then took Rita’s and stubbed it out too.

Michelle and Rita looked at each other and suddenly burst out laughing. The laughing stopped as they reached for each other once again.

“These are the latest wiretaps that the FBI gave me,” Linda said, inserting the cassette into her cheap cassette player.

Michelle was at Linda’s catching up and updating her on the Frankie situation. She had not told Linda about the vice squad cops ravaging her and Rita and definitely not told her about her recent menage au trois.

“It’s a wiretap conversation between Vincent ‘Vinnie’ Boccia and Nicky ‘The Wop’ Angelini. Interestingly not only are they talking about Frank Caputo, they are also taking about you,” Linda pressed play on her cassette player.

Michelle raised her brows and listened.

Vinnie: ‘You see that finocchio Frankie has a femminielli fronting at the club now?’

Nicky: ‘Jeez…if he wasn’t a Capo and pulling in big, Lilo would have had that fanuc clipped ages ago’

Vinnie: ‘I tell you what though. I saw that maricǒn cooze walking down at the Point last week. She was wearing those hotpants with the sheer calze autoreggenti.. you know.. the nylons and the fuck-me shoes. That cooze has great legs and a tight ass. I’d like to stick my braciole in that.. aha’

Nicky: ‘I’ll give you that she’s very pretty for a travisto. She’s got those lips.. you know.. full and red.. I’d like her to suck on my bischero for a while’

Vinnie: ‘What about her braciole? You think she has a big one? Do you think she sticks it in Frankie?’

Nicky: ‘Madre mia! Fuggedaboutit!”

Vinnie: ‘So enough about the cooze. What about the thing with Frankie?’

Nicky: ‘The Boss gave the go ahead but he wants his taste’

Vinnie: ‘Ok I’ll see you at the place and we can work it out’

‘Click.’ The line went dead.

“So what does all that mean? “ Michelle looked at Linda questioningly.

“Are they going to hit Frankie?” the panic was evident in Michelle’s voice.

“Hey! Don’t worry about that, you heard what they said, Carmine Galante won’t approve a hit on Frankie while Frankie is the family’s biggest earner,” Linda soothed Michelle.

“But it sounds like Rusty Rastelli is stirring up trouble from inside prison. Lilo took over as Boss when Rusty went down but Rusty still has some guys in the family that are very loyal to him.”

“The FBI think Rusty has sanctioned Nicky and Vinnie to hit one of Frankie's businesses; my guess is it will be your bordello,” Linda explained.

“It’s a Gentleman’s Club,” Michelle corrected.

“Whatever,” Linda blew out her cheeks exasperated.

“So what do I do now Linda? I can’t warn Frankie about the robbery because he will want to know where I got the information. I’m supposed to be a dumb goomah and brothel keeper,” Michelle sounded agitated.

“It’s a Gentleman’s Club,” Linda replied sarcastically.

Michelle rolled her eyes.

“The FBI wants you to up the ante. They see a possible advantage if the Bonanno family starts infighting,” Linda said hesitantly.

She registered the shock on Michelle’s face.

“They figure that if you can get Vincent Boccia or Nicky Angelini keen on you, that you can encourage dissension and instability in the Family,” Linda whispered apprehensively.

Michelle looked appalled and aghast.

“You’re fucking joking right! The deal we have is that I report pillow talk and anything else that I pick from Frankie or the wiseguys that use the Club. The fucking Feebs now want me to betray Frankie and start a fucking war? Are they kidding?” Michelle was stupefied.

“I won’t do it!” Michelle spat petulantly.

“They ain’t giving you a choice doll. They want you feeding information to Vincent and Nicky so that they take a stab at Frankie's Gentlemen’s Club. Then they want Frankie to find out who robbed him and then the whole Bonanno Family will likely go to mattresses,” Linda conveyed the FBI’s instructions.

“Fuck no!” Michelle was adamant.

“The Feebs say you do it or it’s off to Lewisburg Penitentiary. They say they’ll indict you under RICO; say that you were briefed as an undercover operative not to participate in criminal activity but that you willingly did so,” Linda took Michelle’s hand in hers.

“They’re serious Michelle. They threw in the usual threat about exposing you as a trans woman to the inmates,” Linda murmured.

“Or even worse; expose you to the Mob as an informant.”

“Those fuckers!”

“So I betray Frankie to Vinnie and Nicky and then I betray Vinnie and Nicky to Frankie. A double, double cross; and try not to get caught in the crossfire,” Michelle lit a cigarette.

“Hey! Who’s to say either of those two knuckleheads will even be interested in me?” Michelle smiled pragmatically.

And that was where it all started to go wrong.

‘The Place’ referred to by Vinnie Boccia turned out to be the Toyland Social Club run by Nicholas ‘Glasses’ Marangello, a Bonanno soldier loyal to Rusty Rastelli.

The FBI had Toyland under surveillance and a wiretap in place. They fed information to Michelle though Linda Gordon and advised of a forthcoming meet with Vinnie Boccia and Nicky Angelini.

Michelle nervously prepared herself. She arranged for Rita Cordova to look after the Club while she went out to supposedly get her hair done.

Michelle wore a red A-line skirt that showed off her long legs clad in taupe control-top pantyhose; her feet shod in white cork platforms. A white satin blouse, white satin and lace bra and panty set completed the ensemble. She put on cosmetics, dark eye makeup and bright red lipstick to match her skirt. She accessorised, brushed her hair, put on a lightweight red bolero jacket, picked up her purse and stepped out.

Michelle was nervous and kept looking around, not that she was likely know if she were being followed; she had no counter-surveillance skills. She also didn’t have much in the way of a plan; just get noticed by Vinnie or Nicky and hopefully they would engage with her somehow so she could ingratiate herself.

All knew was that the two wiseguys knew who she was.

She could have taken a cab to the club that was located at 94 Hester Street downtown but at this hour of the day it was actually faster to take the subway.

She boarded a car at Hunts Point Avenue taking the Pelham Bay Park line to Canal Street. The ride took about half an hour and she nervously kept sweeping her skirt under her legs so she wouldn’t sweat on the vinyl seat. A middle-aged businessman sitting across from her deliberately missed his stop so he could stare at her legs and the occasional panty peek. Michelle was oblivious.

Her heart was racing as she walked through China Town along Hester Street to the Toyland Social Club. She had been informed that Nicky Glasses only used the club for business; even though she was Frank Caputo’s goomah there was no way she was getting inside. It also didn’t help that although she was a stunning young woman; she was still a travisto.

Michelle saw that there was a small coffeehouse across the street in Little Italy so she took a seat at an outside table and ordered espresso. She chain-smoked as she sat there watching the Social Club; she could see that there were men inside but couldn’t see who they were.

She opened her purse and looked at the pictures of Vincent Boccia and Nicky Angelini and looked back across the street. Sure enough Vinnie came outside with Nicky Angelini in tow. They stopped and began to get into an earnest conversation both lighting up cigarettes to cover their mouths as they did.

Michelle’s heart was hammering in her chest but this was her chance. She stood up and went inside the coffeehouse and ordered another espresso and then came outside. She deliberately tripped and upturned the little metal table and the chair. They crashed to the pavement with a clattering cacophony that turned every head nearby her way.

Vinnie looked over and she saw a look of recognition cross his face as he tapped Nicky on the shoulder. He pointed her way and said something to Nicky.

Michelle made a show of trying to right the table, bending over, giving the whole street a glimpse of her luscious thighs. The propitiator of the coffeehouse came to the door and was about to assist when Vinnie and Nicky arrived on scene.

“Bellissimo! If it isn’t Frankie's lovely business associate! I’ve seen you at the Businessman’s Club. Let me help you,” Frankie made a big deal of picking up the table and Nicky picked up the chair and made a fuss of dusting off the seat.

“Please be seated,” Nicky made a flourish.

Michelle smiled her most beatific smile and sat down, smoothing her skirt under her, crossing her ankles and straightening her hem across her thighs. She saw that the two mobsters liked what they saw.

They dragged over a couple of chairs.

“Frank Caputo is a friend of ours,” Nicky beamed, using the euphemism that signalled that they knew that Frank was a made guy and that they too were connected.

“Well any friend of Frankie's is a friend of mine,” Michelle beamed.

The waiter put down Michelle’s coffee and a clean ashtray; Vinnie pointed at the glass of espresso and looked questioningly at Michelle.

“Oh yes! Please, please join me,” she smiled widely, showing off her full red lips and white teeth.

She remembered what Nicky had said about having Michelle ‘suck on his bischero’.

“I'm Michelle Clooney,” she offered her hand to each in turn to kiss the back of.

“I’m Vincent Boccia and this is Nicky Angelini,” Vinnie smiled back at her.

“So how is Francis? I haven’t seen him for a while; he’s always busy with the Gentlemen’s Club and that nightclub that he owns on the other side of town,” Nicky grinned.

“Oh he’s fine and I don’t know about the nightclub, but the Gentlemen’s Club is humming along just fine,” Michelle reached into her purse and took out a Marlboro Menthol.

Both of the wiseguys scrambled for their lighters.

If Frankie had heard her tell these gentlemen that his Club was humming along he would have slapped her around. She had been told to never discuss his business with anyone. But Michelle was deliberately trying to entice the two mobsters to rob the place by baiting the trap.

Vinnie lit Michelle’s cigarette and gave Nicky a knowing look.

“So as well as being Frankie's comare you’re also the boss at the Gentlemen’s Club?” Vinnie grinned.

“Oh I wouldn’t say I’m the boss; I’m the hostess,” Michelle grinned.

Vinnie looked at Nicky meaningfully and nodded. Nicky nodded back at him and stood.

“I gotta take care of that thing,” Nicky said to Vinnie.

“Scuse; I got urgent business,” Nicky smiled at Michelle and hurried away.

“So what brings you downtown Michelle?” Vinnie asked.

“The shopping is better in Manhattan; you get classier clothes and shoes,” Michelle beamed back.

“Well you obviously haven’t shopped yet. My Cynthia always comes back loaded with shopping bags and parcels when she hits the stores,” Vinnie grinned.

“So your place must be doing real good if you’re out shopping the big end of town?” Vinnie lit his own cigarette.

“Oh we are more than getting by,” Michelle wanted Vinnie to think that she was a ditz with no discretion and a big mouth.

They made small talk for about ten minutes and then, Michelle happy that she had baited the trap, made to leave, throwing five dollars on the table to pay for her coffee.

“Well I better go and spend a load of Frankie's money,” Michelle smiled vapidly.

“Here. Let me help you princess,” Frankie helped Michelle up.

He took her by the elbow and she was surprised when he didn’t let go and started leading her to the curb.

“Its fine thanks Vincent; I’ll just walk a few blocks to…”

Michelle never got to finish her sentence.

A big black Ford LTD pulled up to the curb with a squeal of brakes. The trunk popped.

Vinnie quickly looked up and down the street. He opened the trunk of the LTD, flipped Michelle into it and slammed it closed.

To be continued

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